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A hole opens, the meridians are all connected!

Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:46:34

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One point, twelve meridians
Today, I will introduce to you a "health exercise" that can open up the 12 meridians of the human body, which is easy to learn! How to do it? It is to rub the soles of the feet with the palm of your hand. There is a point on the sole of the foot called "Yongquan Point". The main kidney of this point is often rubbed and massaged to strengthen the kidneys.
In addition to rubbing, you can also beat
A Yongquan Point opens up the twelve meridians
Yongquan points can help open the twelve meridians. So you have to rub it at night.
1. Gently tap the Yongquan point to pass through the meridian, which can help you expand blood vessels, promote skin blood circulation, speed up the discharge of toxins, and reduce blood viscosity.
2. Active Kidney Meridian Qi, Guben Peiyuan, prolong life, have sufficient kidney essence, ears and eyes, normal development, strong sexual function, strong waist and knees are not soft and so on.
3. Adjuvant treatment of neurasthenia, women's disease, insomnia, hypertension, dizziness, anxiety, diabetes, allergic rhinitis, menopausal disorders, yang deficiency, kidney disease, etc.
4. Relief helps to treat head pain, dizziness, vertigo, sore throat, dry tongue, unfavorable urination, difficult stool, pediatric convulsion, hot feet, epilepsy, fainting, etc.
5. It also has good health effects for senile asthma, weakness in waist and legs, deafness, tinnitus, etc.
Before going to bed every night, you can rub the Yongquan points and rub your feet for about 20 minutes. It is advisable to heat your feet. Can relieve fatigue and help sleep. In addition to rubbing the soles of the feet every day, you can also massage your ears before going to bed or watch TV, or rub your face, or comb your hair with a comb, which have good health care.
I am giving you a few words and hope everyone remembers that it will definitely help your life.
The first sentence: staying up late is not responsible for yourself
The second sentence: Xiaoyong is the main one, and big one eats less. Have meals, eat vegetables, not greedy
The third sentence: sports do not compare, just suit yourself

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