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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

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It was all right at night, and I read Lu Wenfu's "Gourmet" again to see how the gourmet eats noodles: "For example, you sit in Zhu Hongxing's shop:" Hey! Have a bowl of noodles. "Paotang gave a little meal, followed by shouting loudly:" Come, XX face a bowl. "Why did Paotang have a little meal? He is waiting for you to tell me how to eat: hard noodles, rotten noodles, wide soup, tight soups, and mixed noodles; heavy greens (add more garlic leaves), avoid greens (don't put garlic) (Leaf), heavy oil (add more oil), light point (less oil), heavy pouring lightly (more noodles, less toppings), heavy pouring light noodles (more toppings, less noodles), crossing the bridge- The toppings should not be covered on the noodle bowl. They should be placed on another plate and chopped with chopsticks when eating, as if they ran to your mouth through a stone arch bridge ... If it is Zhu Ziye's shop to Zhu Hongxing As soon as you sit inside, you will hear the running hall shouting a series of incisions: "Come, stir-fry a bowl of shrimp, make soup wide, re-green, re-pouring to cross the bridge, be firm! Gourmets value "head soup noodles." Thousands of bowls of noodles, one pot of soup. If a thousand bowls are served, the noodle soup will be mushy, and the noodles that come out will be less refreshing, slippery, and have a noodle soup. This is what It ’s true. Even people like me who do n’t eat noodles are used to it. I ca n’t keep up with the soup noodles. Even if the bowl of noodles is eight o’clock in the morning, the soup must be wide, hard noodles, green and cross the bridge. It ’s not delicious. , Next time I will never patronize again, anyway, there are many noodle restaurants in Suzhou. Old people talk about the noodle restaurants in Suzhou, and they are full of joy. On one occasion, Suzhou commentary introduced Suzhou noodles: fried meat noodles from Huang Tianyuan, and noodles with meat near Jinshuitai. The braised duck noodles in Songhelou and the white sugar hoofed noodles that are revitalized are the culinary blessings of Zhu Ziye. However, as the times progress, gourmets will no longer go to the noodle restaurant to perform tooth festivals, and the improved noodles in the restaurant will have more new patterns , Decent and clean. Suzhou City is now described as a part-time city. Suzhou people work for foreigners and foreigners work for Suzhou people. The more and more noodle restaurants open, the fewer old Suzhou there are, and the more taste Comes duller-that's left to People eat it. Today, the ancestors' leftover gadgets have been stripped away by half of the franchise fee, utilities, rent, and wages, leaving only the assembly line operations. The owner of the noodle shop is a Suzhou person who never shows up. Most of the noodles are from outsiders. If you want thousands of bowls of noodles a day, you can still manage them. The meat noodles are made by everyone, and the taste is the same. If you are not hungry for three meals, it is recommended not to ask for trouble. However, there are still some to try. The fried pork in Dongwu Noodle House is quite authentic. If you are tired of noodles, you can also try Huang Tianyuan's fried steamed buns and big scallions. The small scallions at Luyang Scallop Shop are also a must. But you must try it first, do n’t just recognize the brand. The same brand has a bad taste. There are three noodle restaurants near my house. I am a gourmet and go out to find food every day. Which one eats which. Zhu Hongxing's meat noodles, which is good for occasional eating. Soochow noodle restaurant, gluten-fighting, fast-food, authentic shredded pork, green, cross the bridge; Huang Tianyuan's noodle toppings are only suitable for pigs, but its It ’s me Favorite, reminds me of my mother ’s dumplings when I was a kid. I do n’t want to panic for three days. I bring a bowl of ravioli, do n’t put shredded eggs, put more green onions. The juice is thick and thick. The soup should be tasted lightly, stewed overnight with hoofs and fresh lake soup. This bowl of ravioli is topped with half-baked pork, packed in a small dish, dry and wet, soft and hard, and more A little, eat together, you can stretch your pores, sweat beads exudate from your hair, you don't need to eat meat all day, there is no food in your belly. Gourmets have gone to the big hotel, the small noodle shop is gone The patrons' taste is getting worse and worse. No matter which noodle shop's kitchen can't be seen, it can't stand it. The millennium old pit has thousands of years of ash, everywhere is wet, oil and water are not clear, vegetables, soup. I do n’t dare to go to the noodle shop again. Those young men who are noodles and stir-fried in the field have messy and long hair. I ’m worried that I did n’t see a single hair that day. I had to “come home” and pack the noodles home to take care of myself. Soochow The price of noodles is not cheap. It opens late in the morning and closes early in the evening. Son, when the surface uneven, pleasant to eat, must catch up with the guys in a good mood. Huang Tianyuan is closest to my house several times. I stood at the door and looked in through the glass window. I wanted to eat or not. The tables in the lobby were dirty and broken, and the ceiling was peeled. I do n’t know when the white ash on it fell into your bowl. The nectar master ’s sentient beings are going to hit your eye. The head of each master is issued by the shop in a unified way. When he comes to everyone, he always refuses to accept it. The top and bottom of the line are white, with oil and sweat stains on it, like a landscape painting, telling you the history of the noodle shop. The mask of Master Noodles is always upturned. It is estimated that the big head and the small frame are out of shape, or the heat is blown up. Master Sheng Jian, while living in his hands, grumbled with the master next to him. The porter kept strolling around the hall, always holding onions and garlic in his hands, dragging the bucket around. In the corner, there are several masters resting, like a monk in the set, looking across a few tables, looking out, maybe still thinking about what happened last night, the cigarette burned in the hand, the gray pillar does not bounce or fall, the whole The look of a Rodin thinker. Make you respectfully. The aunt ’s trousers for packing dishes have not been lowered yet. It is estimated that they just came up from the field, like three days without waking up, staring blankly at the feet of the diner in the lobby, probably leaking when the diner is paying for the money The next two. The guests at this table are gone, leaving a messy table, the master will not go to clean up immediately. The master has studied co-ordination, and when the mess is much better, as long as he cleans up all the chopsticks, and finally holds a stack of dishes and chopsticks like an acrobat, slowly walks past you. Don't stare at others, if you see her spitting unattended anywhere, you can only say that you are rare and weird. Attached: Legendary Suzhou snacks Gusu snacks are famous, sweet and soft. Raw fried steamed buns with yellow shell and tiger claws twisted with sticks. Lasagne, egg stone coat, flat cake fritters tofu paddle. The scallion oil rolls and scallion oil cakes are all economical and appreciated. Mushrooms, vegetables, bean paste, steamed buns and meat buns. Liuyilou went to buy yeast, and he took a bite out of the oil. Tea eggs, cooked rice dumplings, large and small dumplings plus soup. Tall ginger buns and gingerbread cookies are cheap and full. Sesame paste, sweet potato tartare, oil dumpling and white sugar dumplings. Chicken and duck blood soup with tofu flowers, spring rolls yakisoba. The glutinous rice noodles are sandwiched, and the toppings are picked by themselves. The dumpling dumplings are fragrant and sweet, sweet-scented osmanthus cakes. Stir-fried tofu with rice balls and radish buns. Honey cake party cake head cake, lard rice cake sugar rice cake. Dumplings, hemp balls, pilose balls, double-brewed dumplings and pumpkin balls. Sake brewed with sweet wine, Dingsheng cake and plum cake. Tuk Tuk Tuk Tuk sells sugar porridge. Red bean dumplings are nutritious, and meat dumplings are delicious and salty. Chicken head rice, lotus root lotus root, sugar fried chestnut osmanthus fragrance. Jujube hemp cake is a specialty, and the marinated tofu is famous.

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