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8 delicious powder shops, delicious to cry!

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1. Jinling Old Store
Per capita: ¥ 16
Recommendation: Hot and Sour Chicken Meal
Address: No. 157, South Huangxing Road (next to the south gate of the fourth gate)
Recommended reason: I haven't come in to eat after passing N times. Today I tried the waist pollen recommended on TV. The taste is not bad, and the taste is not heavy, because I prefer the lighter taste. What makes me feel good is that the owner of the store is super super good, and the hygiene is also very good. It's right next to the four gates of the south gate.
2.Zunyi Lamb Noodles (Shuguang Road)
Per capita: $ 13
Recommendation: Mutton
Address: At the intersection of Renmin Middle Road and Shuguang Middle Road
Recommended reason: There are not many snacks in Guizhou in Changsha. This lamb powder soup is rich in soup and the meat powder is boiled, which is comparable to Huaxi beef powder. There is clear soup powder, the lamb is very fragrant! You can add side dishes, the pig's blood is very tender, and free kimchi can be eaten, and the chicken wings are very delicious!
3.Luo Dingji Snail Powder (Wanglu Store)
Per capita: ¥ 7
Recommendation: Snail powder
Address: Beside Wangluqiao Student Apartment, Hubei North Campus (Intersection of Jinxing Road and Fenglin Road)
Recommended reason: This is the best snail powder I have ever eaten in Changsha, so delicious! Specially went many times. Sour bamboo shoots are authentic, fried yuba is crispy and fragrant, and snail soup is delicious.
4.Jin Fanshijia
Per capita: ¥ 15
Recommendation: Beef Stew
Address: Behind Tianhan Grand Theater, Middle Furong Road
Recommended reason: There are not many places in Changsha to eat stewed noodles. This one is quite good. The beef stew powder is very large and the beef is real. It is enough for two people and the taste of the soup is very authentic. There are also various fried noodles and side dishes to order. The environment is average.
5.Duck Old Fan Club
Per capita: ¥ 9
Recommendation: Laoya Fan Soup
Address: Taotao Snack Street, No.434 Pedestrian Street, South Huangxing Road
Recommended reason: Changsha people who are used to eating hot and sour noodles and Changde rice noodles, it is good to come here to try the light duck blood fans! Add tofu, coriander and duck blood, fresh soup flavor, full of aroma. If you feel too light, you can also adjust the peppers yourself, and eat a large bowl of hot belly, so comfortable!
6. Yijia Fresh Lamb Powder
Per capita: ¥ 8
Recommendation: Mutton
Address: Changsha West Bus Station, No. 49, Fenglin Third Road (near Yulan Road)
Recommended reason: Changsha lamb noodles are also delicious at the Yijia Fresh Lamb Noodle Shop at Hexi Bus West Station. It is popular in the early morning and it is lively. The powder is smooth, the lamb is skinny, and the soup is delicious. Oh great!
7, killing powder
Per capita: ¥ 8
Recommendation: Pork powder
Address: Shuguang Road Bus Xincun Bus Station Hou Community goes straight in and there are two fan shops, the second one is
Recommended reason: People nearby call this shop the legendary Changsha Killing Fan Store. Open until noon every day, there are a lot of people waiting in line to eat noodles! There is no place in the store to squat on the street to eat! The soup base is made from pork bones and beef stocks, and the rice noodles are all handmade! Tastes so good
8.Unknown Fan Store (osmanthus store)
Per capita: ¥ 8
Recommendation: Pork powder
Address: 378 Guihua Road, Yuhua District
Recommended reason: Wuming Fandian has long been famous! The first time I went to eat it, it tasted really good. The fried sauce powder of this fried sauce powder is very solid. You can also eat bamboo shoots and mushrooms in the sauce. Still delicious! of!
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