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Hard goods! Where to go for supper in Suzhou? Hurry up and watch!

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Suzhou Broadwood: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Playing in Suzhou + No-Tricks. Listening may lead to serious consequences such as unexpected promotion, salary increase, finding male (female) friends, pregnancy, etc. Minors, please listen carefully with your parents.
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Editor Su Su: Mild otaku, moderate eating, warm men. I fell asleep on the floor and lived in the hallway; I could kneel down on the motherboard and make up clothes; I repaired the computer and the refrigerator on the back; I played badly and fought too much;
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Yamen BBQ
Per capita: $ 72
Address: Opposite to Huating Building, No.28 Labor Road, Gusu District, Suzhou
Recommended because of one of the most famous barbecue restaurants in Suzhou. The favorite food for barbecue is chicken wings and crispy bones. The chicken wings are grilled very well, they won't be burnt or raw, the taste is quite good. They often come over when they meet with colleagues, they order more, the boss will Give side dishes, the attitude is quite good.
2 Little Northeast BBQ
Per capita: $ 44
Address: No. 46, Baita West Road, Gusu District, Suzhou (Intersection of Pishi Street)
Recommended reason: I have never seen a master who grilled so carefully. This barbecue is very full, separate ovens for different sizes, separate meat, seafood and vegetables. The fan used seems to be the large fan on the construction site, which is much stronger than the banana fan of ordinary barbecue stalls. The grilled chicken wings are crispy and tender, sweet and delicious. The beef and mutton skewers are thoroughly grilled. Paired with beer, it is delicious for a supper.
3 Ah Hao BBQ
Time: 16: 30-3: 00
Per capita: ¥ 35
Address: No.197 Pishi Street (Guqian Street), Gusu District, Suzhou
Recommended reason: Every time I come for supper at night, this Pishi street is regarded as supper all the way and there are many snacks along the way. However, this restaurant is still delicious and grilled properly. He likes the roasted whole eggplants of his family the most. The fragrance is soft and the garlic taste is very delicious. And grilled wings are also good.
4 Little Pier Seafood Grill
Time: 17: 00-2: 00
Per capita: $ 76
Address: Building 2, White Collar Square, No. 218, Suhua Road, Park (at the intersection of Suya Road)
Recommended reason: The small pier should be regarded as the old name for seafood stalls in Suzhou. The environment is generally soaring, but the boss is super enthusiastic. Roasted oysters are often eaten and taste good. The oysters are relatively fresh. Grilled scallops must be ordered every time. After grilling the scallops, the taste is Q.
5 things to say about westward barbecue
Time: 11: 00-02: 00
Per capita: 70 yuan
Address: Suzhou Performing Arts Center Phase 2 (East Coast), Gusu District (Building C, No. 523 Jingde Road)
Recommended reason: Here are all the colorful graffiti walls of Journey to the West. There are handsome guys who sing at night, but this is really a barbecue restaurant!
6 Nights Maozi Northeast Seafood Grill
Time: 4:30 PM to 3:30 AM
Per capita: 55 yuan
Address: No. 25, North Banyan Street, Park District (near Louyu Sports Center)
Recommended reason: Chairman Mao is everywhere in the store, and I can't find a reason for not being here.
Chongqing Dezhuang Hot Pot
Time: 9: 30-04: 30
Per capita: ¥ 82
Address: 198 Linton Road, Gusu District, Suzhou
Recommended reason: "very authentic" Chongqing hot pot. The tripe is crunchy, the beef sauce is smooth and tender, Dezhuang soup is rich in nutrition and tastes good, and the sauce is also very selective.
2 Fragrant World
Time: 11: 00-22: 00
Per capita: 110 yuan
Address: South Plaza, F101, Jinji Lake Commercial Plaza, Wangdun Road
Recommended reason: a very authentic hot pot restaurant, hot pot in summer.
Bar 1
Time: 7: 00-1: 00
Per capita: 200 yuan
Address: West Building, Linghua Digital City, 688 Zhuhui Road (next to Workers' Palace of Culture)
Recommended reason: It is relatively famous in Suzhou, and the decoration is very personal.
2 Baidu Bar
Time: 21: 00-04: 00
Per capita: 173 yuan
Address: 1st floor, Zhuhui Commercial Building, 208 Zhuhui Road (near Nanyuan Road)
Recommended reason: Suzhou old bar
Time: 20: 00--05: 00
Per capita: 400 yuan
Address: Xuanmiao Square, 818 Ganjiang East Road, Pingjiang District (next to No. 1 Locust House)
Recommended reason: One of the most famous brands in the legend. It has a very popular atmosphere and has foreign actors and DJs.
4 Pandora 3D Bar
Time: 20: 00--04: 00
Per capita: 400 yuan
Address: Behind Jiaqiao Bridge Platform, 1755 Renmin Road, Gusu District (near Beisi Temple Tower)
(Close view of Qianjie Street)
Recommended reason: handsome guys and beautiful women gather, the performance is also very good!
5 Locust House One / Locust
Time: Open after 8pm
Per capita: 180 yuan
Address: Building 3, Xuanmiao Plaza, 818 Ganjiang East Road, Gusu District (close to Qianqian Park)
Recommended reason: good environment, a lot of theme activities, the atmosphere is not bad!
6 Harry's Bar
Time: 15: 00-02: 00
Per capita: 80 yuan
Address: Room 102, No. 13, Ligongdi Phase III, Jinjihu Avenue, Industrial Park
Recommended reason: Tiger beer kegs are excellent, there are many foreigners, and the park has more distinctive bars.
7 troubled times
Time: 20: 00-05: 00
Per capita: 80 yuan
Address: 441 Shiquan Street
Recommended reason: For men in troubled times in Nanjing, only men need to buy tickets.
8 Backstreet Bar
Time: 21: 00-03: 00
Per capita: 60 yuan
Address: 171 Fenghuang Street, Gusu District
Recommended reason: It was opened by a local owner of original music in Suzhou. Clear it, there are performances.
9Papaya & Haven Lounge
Time: 16: 00-02: 00
Per capita: 106 yuan
1st Floor, Ruibeiting Hotel, Room 101, Block E, Phase III, Ligongdi Park (near Ruibeiting Hotel)
Recommended reason: nice environment, very quiet, with private rooms.
Western food 1Nouveau cowhouse
Time: 10: 30-01: 30
Per capita: 75 yuan
Address: 3rd Floor, East China Digital City, No. 688 Zhuhui Road (Worker's Culture Palace)
Recommended reason: late-night western food, you can try.
2 Ganis Indian Restaurant (Ganish Jazz Bar)
Time: Restaurant: 11: 30--14: 00
17: 30--22: 00
Bar: 11: 00--01: 00
Per capita: 137 yuan
Address: Industrial Park
Moonlight Pier C3 (near the Science and Technology Center)
Recommended reason: A strong petty bourgeoisie near Moonlight Pier.
3Emma's Club
Monday to Thursday: 17: 00-07: 00 Friday to Sunday: 17: 00-21: 00
Per capita: 51 yuan
Address: Rong Creative Park, 26 Baita East Road, Gusu District (near Rubik's Cube Cafe)
Recommended reason: Both the external environment and the store environment have feel ~
4Kempinski Grand Hotel Prana
Time: 24 hours
Per capita: 127 yuan
Address: 2 / F, Kempinski Hotel, No. 1 Guobin Road, Park (near Jinji Lake Avenue)
Recommended reason: Bolina, a five-star hotel, set a package, free beer to drink, eat to death!
Snack 1 Yemen Yaoji Soy Milk
Time: Open 24 hours
Per capita: ¥ 7
Address: No. 122 Xizhong City, Gusu District, Suzhou (Laoyamen City Gate)
Recommended reason: Needless to say, this restaurant is famous for its signature salty soy milk and lotus leaf buns. A very low-key Suzhou shop with a very inconspicuous facade. It is open 24 hours a day. I often drive BMW for supper. The taste of soy milk, fritters, and sesame seeds are very traditional Suzhou flavor. Salted soy milk is the best to drink, thick and delicious, with many ingredients in it, such as shrimp crust and oil churros, etc.
2 Liyin Chaoshan Casserole Congee
Time: Open 24 hours
Per capita: 65 yuan
Address: 2F, No. 547 Shiquan Street (Fenghuangjiekou)
Recommended reason: porridge with Cantonese-style dim sum, so that the supper is no longer heavy and fresh.
1 other Apan bone soup shop
Time: 10:00 to 4:00 the next day
Per capita: $ 55
Address: 1320 East Ring Road, Suzhou Industrial Park
Recommended reason: If you like bone soup, you must not miss it. Big bones and louver are cooked into white soup, which is delicious and light. Give you gloves to rub your bones. The meat on it is delicious. Then light the cooking pot and put it in hot, nutritious and delicious. Even after eating, sometimes the mouth feels dry, and I feel like I have added a lot of MSG. Louver is really delicious.
2 Oyster House
Time: 11: 00-14: 00
17: 00-02: 30
Per capita: $ 76
Address: 30 Yueyuan Street, Wuzhong District
Reasons for recommendation: Affordable prices and great taste have led to popularity; the cold grated pork meat is very creative, and its signature grilled oysters and cheese baked sweet potatoes. The taste of grilled oyster scallops is okay, chicken wings and shiitake are also good; a potato shred is very good, it is finely cut, and the knife is good; there is also a porridge that is very cost-effective, and the taste is good. Drink porridge.
3 howling
Time: Open until 4:00 AM
Per capita: ¥ 58
Address: 21 Huaihai Street, High-tech Zone (near Shishan Road)
Recommended reason: specialty dry pot. This store is very kind and has a large amount, and the cold skin of this store is really delicious.
4 late night cafeteria
Time: 18: 30-2: 30
Per capita: 60 yuan
Address: No. 19 Guanxiufang, Gusu District (near Nanlin Hotel)
Recommended reason: Although the shop is small, the food is amazing! Friends who like Japanese food must try it.
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