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What about these "little meat balls" growing on the neck?

Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:46:19

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Will these "little meat balls" grow on your neck? Small meat balls do not necessarily affect your health, but they will definitely make you beautiful and make your appearance much less!
The neck is exposed all year round, and it is easy to be cold, and cold to freeze. Viruses, bacteria, and toxins easily accumulate on the neck after it has invaded the human body, so small meatballs, acne, and sore throat have appeared. Other areas that are easy to rub and loose may also be seen, such as underarms, knee sockets, etc. Most people think that this kind of panel disease can only be treated at the hospital. In fact, there is a safe and natural treatment method, which can easily eliminate these "small meat balls" at home.
In addition to alcohol or peroxide treatment, "Apple Cider Vinegar" also works well! The main method is to soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply it to the epidermal meat, 2-3 times a day. After at least a week, the meat ball will start to change color, then become darker, and finally fall off.
The technique of this method is to press the cotton balls while rubbing the skin with cotton balls to ensure that the apple cider vinegar inside is squeezed out and the meat balls are thoroughly soaked in apple cider vinegar. It should be noted that vinegar is acidic and may cause a slight itching and tingling sensation, but this sensation will be lost after a few minutes. You can also dilute apple cider vinegar before use and moisten it with a cotton ball to reduce this discomfort.
Another function of apple cider vinegar is to point moles. As long as the wet cotton ball is placed on the moles with breathable tape, the moles will disappear quickly.

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