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Authenticity of Top Ten Famous Teas in China

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As we all know, the top ten famous teas in China are:
West Lake Longjing
2. Dongting Biluochun
3. Huangshan Maofeng
4. Lushan Clouds
5. Lu'an Guapian
6. Junshan Silver Needle
7. Xinyang Maojian
8. Wuyi Rock Tea
9. Anxi Tieguanyin
10. Qimen Black Tea
But at present, in order to obtain huge profits in the process of tea circulation, some unscrupulous merchants often mix their eyes with false eyes, in order to be false. This has brought various doubts to consumers in the process of purchasing tea. The finest teas in fact have unique characteristics. Today we will mainly elaborate.
I. West Lake Longjing:
1. Identify the bagged West Lake Longjing anti-counterfeiting mark, origin, production date, QS standard number.
2. Longjing in the West Lake production area is basically hand-fried, while most Longjings in the field are machine-fried and the color is green, which looks more beautiful than the authentic West Lake Longjing.
3. Smell the fragrance. The tender fragrance of Longjing in West Lake has a clear fragrance, while the flavor of Zhejiang Longjing is more mellow, with a bit of machine-made firework flavor.
4. Look at the soup color, West Lake Longjing is a bit clearer, and the color is partial goose yellow.
5. Taste, the entrance of West Lake Longjing returns to Gan, but Zhejiang Longjing tastes a bit astringent.
6. The soaked tea leaves also feel different, Longjing in West Lake is clear and full, and the leaves in Zhejiang Longjing are soft and steamed.
Second, Dongting Biluochun
1. Full body hair: The finished Biluochun tea is covered by Baihao, and the downy hair is close to the tea leaves.
2. Copper wire strip: It means that the snail spring tea strips are tight and firm, they sink quickly when brewing, and do not float on the water.
3. Bee leg: refers to the shape of Biluochun tea, which is one of the important characteristics to distinguish the true and false Biluochun from the quality of processing technology.
4. The internal characteristics of Dongting Biluochun tea are usually described as "one tender and three fresh".
"One tender" is particularly delicate buds and leaves, each 500 grams of Biluochun tea contains more than 50,000 to 60,000 buds, the buds are small, and the buds have not yet developed.
"Sanxian" refers to bright colors, strong aromas and delicious flavors. Vigorous color means that Biluochun tea not only has a silvery green color and dazzling appearance, but also its tea soup is clear and bright, and its leaves are tender and bright. The fragrant and fresh flavor refers to the aroma of Biluochun tea, which has a strong floral fragrance in the clear tea fragrance, which is fascinating and intoxicating. Flavor alcohol means that there is another kind of sweet fruity taste in the refreshing tea flavor of Biluochun tea, which makes people drink a lot and have endless aftertaste.
Third, Huangshan Maofeng
1. In appearance: the shape is delicate and slightly curly, the buds are thick and even, with sharp edges, the shape is a bit like "sparrow tongue", and the leaves are golden yellow. The fake Huangshan Maofeng tea is ocher.
2. From the color: tender green oily, fresh aroma, clear water, apricot yellow, bright, mellow, sweet, the bottom of the leaves buds, thick and bright. The fake Huangshan Maofeng tastes bitter, and the bottom of the leaves is not flowering.
Lushan Clouds
Lushan cloud and mist picking standard is one bud and one leaf unfolding, the length is no more than 5 cm, its characteristics are strong buds and leaves, exposed, white color, green and fragrant, such as blue, deep flavor, fresh and sweet, resistant to brewing, bright soup color, Aftertaste after drinking.
Five, Luan Gua Pian
1. In appearance: each piece of Lu'an melon has no buds and stems, and the leaves are green and smooth, slightly overlapping, resembling melon seeds, and the water is green. False ones are bitter and yellow.
6. Junshan Silver Needle
1. From the appearance: Junshan Yinzhen's finished tea bud head is strong, uniform in size, the tea bud is golden yellow on the inside, the outer layer is completely exposed, and the package is solid. After brewing, you can see the tea buds gradually erect, floating up and down, and there are crystal bubbles on the bud tips.
Seven, Xinyang Maojian
1. Look at the appearance. First, hold a handful of tea with both hands, place it on the nose, and inhale the aroma of the tea deeply. The first is to see if it has the aroma of cooked chestnuts; the second is to distinguish the level of the aroma; the third is to smell the purity of the aroma. Any high aroma and positive smell must be high-quality tea. Next, grab a handful of tea and spread it on a white paper to see the color, tenderness, stripe and thickness of dry tea. Where the color is uniform, the tenderness is high, the cords are tight, the thickness is consistent, and the finest tea is the best.
2. Wet look at the essence. Wet look is the evaluation of the soup. Open soup is commonly known as making tea or making tea. Generally take 3-5 grams of tea first, put it into a white porcelain cup, and then pour about 200 ml of boiling water with moderate boiling. After opening the soup, you should first smell the aroma, then look at the soup color, taste the taste first, and then evaluate the bottom of the leaf.
(1) Smell the aroma. After brewing the tea in the cup, immediately pour out the tea soup, put the tea cup with the bottom of the leaf, and send it to the nose for sniffing. The smell of the tea is pure and pure, and makes people feel relaxed and happy, it can be considered good tea .
(2) Look at soup color. Watching the soup should be done in a timely manner. Generally, after brewing tea leaves for 3-5 minutes, pour out the tea soup in the cup into another bowl, immediately before and after sniffing the aroma. As for the superior tea leaves, the soup should be light green or yellow green, and it should be clear but not turbid, bright and clear.
(3) Taste it. Taste is distinguished by human taste organs. It is generally believed that green tea tea soup is strong and refreshing and belongs to the finest green tea; if it is bland and astringent, it is mostly coarse old green tea.
(4) Comment on the bottom of the leaf. Evaluate the bottom of the leaves left after the tea is brewed to remove the soup, look at the old, tender, whole, color, uniform, soft and hard and other conditions to determine the quality of the quality, and should also pay attention to the presence of other doping.
Eight, Wuyi Rock Tea
1. From the appearance: Wuyi rock tea is thick, tight, and even, with twisted bars, commonly known as "dragonfly head", and leaves with frog skin-like grit;
2. From the color of the soup: the color of the soup is orange-yellow, the leaves are evenly bright, the edges are vermilion or red spots, the central mesophyll is yellow-green, the veins are pale yellow, and the bubble is resistant. The fake tea started to taste light, lacking flavor and dull color.
Nine, Anxi Tieguanyin
1. Guanguan: The high-quality "Tieguanyin" tea bar is curly, sturdy, and heavy. It has the shape of a green-stemmed green-bellied dragonfly head, fresh color, sand green, red dots, and frost on the leaf surface. Look at the color of tea: all black is definitely low-level Tieguanyin; reddish black is medium-end Tieguanyin; black-green is high-grade Tieguanyin; color is oil-black-green-green is premium Tieguanyin. Tea tasting is good or bad.
2. Listen: The fine tea leaves are tighter than ordinary tea leaves. The leaves are heavy. Take a small amount of tea and put it in the teapot. You can hear the sound of "Dangdang". The sound is crisp, followed by the dumb.
3. Color check: The soup color is golden, rich and clear. After the tea brewing tuxedo is opened, the bottom of the leaf is thick and bright. One of the characteristics of the "Tieguanyin" tea is the outer curvature of the back of the leaf, which has a silk surface gloss. This is the top, and the soup is dark red.
4. Smell the fragrance: The fine "Tieguanyin" tea soup is full of fragrance, open the end cup lightly, with a unique aroma that is fragrant and tangy, and lasting, making people feel refreshed. Tieguanyin tea has different fragrances, such as light fragrance, clear fragrance and strong fragrance. The original flavor can distinguish the quality of tea.
5. Pinyun: The ancients had the wonderful saying of "not taste the nectar, first smell the holy mystic fragrance". Take a sip, turn the tongue slightly, and you can feel the tea is mellow and sweet; slowly swallow, the sweetness is dense, and the flavor is endless. As for the unique "Guanyin rhyme", what should be interpreted? So far the tea people haven't been able to say clearly, so they have to leave it to later generations, which is the charm of Anxi's "Tieguanyin". The tea is pure and bitter, and Ding Tieguanyin tea is good or bad. If the tea is bitter, it is definitely not good tea. If the tea is sweet, it can be said to be good tea. If the tea is pure and green, it can be said to be good tea. Your feelings can tell whether he is good or bad.
Ten, Qimen black tea
The strips are tight and slender, the golden buds are exposed, the fronts are beautiful, and the color is dark. The soup is red and bright, and the bottom of the leaves is bright and red. The fragrance is fragrant, full-bodied and long-lasting, like apple and orchid fragrance. Fake Qimen black tea generally contains artificial coloring, which is bitter and light, and the shape of the leaves is uneven.

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