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Three minutes to the world (2017.4.18. Tuesday. Lunar March 22)

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headline News
China ’s “Ocean VI” returned from Antarctica, with a 232-day range of nearly 70,000 kilometers. It has successfully completed the missions of deep-sea geology, ocean mineral resources, and Antarctic scientific expeditions, effectively improving China's comprehensive marine geological survey capabilities.
A. Domestic News
1) Xi Jinping made important instructions for promoting “two studies, one doing”: grasping the “key minority”, consolidating grass-roots branches, and ensuring that the majority of party members will lead by example and play a vanguard role; Liu Yunshan attended and promoted the “two studies, one doing” learning and education normalization system Workshop
2) The Xinhua News Agency's "Study in Progress" column launched Xin Shiping's comment: Purify the political ecology to seize the "key minority";
3) [Anti-corruption] The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection cracked tigers, and Zhang Hua, the former head of the Central Inspection Team, was investigated; Central Organization Department: Xiang Junbo was dismissed for serious violation of discipline, and Chen Wenhui temporarily replaced the CIRC; Chen Shiqu served as deputy of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security Director, Weibo has nearly 7 million fans; an official of the Food and Drug Administration took a bribe and "borrowed" 300,000 yuan to buy a villa;
4) "Tianzhou-1" will be launched in Wenchang, Hainan from April 20th to 24th;
5) The launch of the documentary "Chinese Plants That Change the World" and the launch of the 2019 Beijing World Garden Image Ambassadors;
6) General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine: 18 batches of smartphones have hidden security risks and can be maliciously controlled;
7) A park in Chengdu consumed 1,500 rolls of toilet paper in 7 days, and the hand sanitizer box was unloaded; more than 20 people involved in gangs in Henan rushed to the government and were arrested under siege to public security organs; a passenger car crashed into the river in Guizhou, causing 10 deaths, 5 injuries, and 4 missing 8 people missing in Baihe, Shaanxi;
8) [Military] Xu Fengyuan appeared as the leader of Hunan Province, and served as the Political Department of the 40th Army; the F-20 fighter aircraft finally did not need to be stuck by the Russian card: China disclosed that the turbofan 15 is about to go on a test flight; Shaanxi ’s pulsation production line was officially opened, Yun-20 Expecting to "dump dumplings";
9) [Hong Kong and Macao] Track World Championships ended in Hong Kong, Australia became a winner of the medal; Hong Kong Dance Troupe enters England with the dance drama "Mulan";
10) [Taiwan] Wu Dunyi and Hao Longbin have successively responded to the rumors of "KMT chairman election bribery": he (Zhan Qixian) has to speak up, otherwise he will be misunderstood into 6 candidates except he has become a suspect, which is very immoral; Taiwan For the first time, the mainland mother-child fishing vessel was seized and 21 crew members were returned to the investigation office.
B. International News
①The Australian media said that Australia was following the US in a vague way to confront China. In the process of rising to become the world's largest trading country and manufacturing country, China was actually surrounded by a large number of US military bases.
② The spread of "the crisis on the Korean peninsula" led to a sharp increase in sales of Korean gold bars. In addition, in the context of the unstable international situation, the continued rise in gold prices is also a major factor driving up the sales of gold bars.
③ In the early morning (17th) local British time, the London police received a report that a suspected toxic substance burn occurred at a nightclub in east London. According to the BBC, at least 12 people have been injured in the incident. Fortunately, the wounded are not life-threatening.
C. Financial Securities
① The National Bureau of Statistics released macroeconomic data such as gross domestic product (GDP) in the first quarter of this year. According to preliminary calculations, the gross domestic product in the first quarter was 18.86 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.9% at comparable prices.
② Yuan Tongli, Secretary of the Interim Party Committee of Xiong'an New District, Hebei, said that to prevent real estate “besieged cities” and other problems in Xiong'an New District, it is necessary to strengthen policy research and actively explore innovation in land, finance, finance and investment.
③Foreign media said: Faced with aggressive offensive pricing and marketing actions by Chinese mobile phone manufacturers with large budgets, India ’s domestic mobile phone manufacturers ’market share has declined significantly. In this case, Indian mobile phone manufacturers have begun to seek help from the country ’s government. .
D. Entertainment and sports
① Ms. Yang Jie, director and producer of the 86th Edition Journey to the West, died on April 15 at the age of 88. It is reported that Yang Jie has won the "Outstanding Contribution Award" of the first Chinese TV Drama Directors Working Committee.
② Recently, Chelsea's 2-0 victory not only allowed Manchester United to take a solid step on the road to continue to impact the top four, but also has a significant impact on the Premier League title structure. The Premier League's title fight has entered its most exciting moment.
E. Social life
① The key is to produce 17 tons per hectare. This is the latest progress of the fifth period of super hybrid rice cultivation disclosed by Yuan Longping, the "father of Chinese hybrid rice" at the first China (Sanya) International Rice Forum held recently. The goal can be achieved with 90% certainty.
② Newspapers in Learning Times stated that the governance of "village tyrants" must eradicate their social soil, and the government should actively guide farmers to organize in response to the problem of individual farmers' loose sand.
F. Health Tips
According to a survey released by the National Cancer Research Center of Japan, people who eat mackerel, saury, sardines and other blue-backed fish and eels often have a risk of liver cancer compared with people who do not eat these fish. 40% lower.
G. Today in history
① Today 99 years ago,
April 18, 1918 (the eighth day of the third month of the lunar calendar),
Mao Zedong, Cai Hesen and others founded Xinmin School in Changsha
② Today 58 years ago,
April 18, 1959 (March 11 on the lunar calendar),
Liu Shaoqi Elected as President
③ April 18, 2014
(Lunar March 19th),
Listing on Sina Weibo
④ April 18, 2014
(Lunar March 19th),
U.S. lunar probe self-destructs at high speed
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