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New Year Special | The 12 Best Streets in China (2)

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Manjushri Temple | Chengdu
When mentioning snacks, not mentioning Chengdu, the people of the whole country disagreed. The speech did not mention emerging snack streets such as Jinli and Kuanzhai Alley, but Wenshuyuan.
Wenshuyuan is a very old area in Chengdu. Of course, the snacks in it are all old-fashioned, and the food is very authentic.
Dongzikou's second old jellyfish, 39 Wenshuyuan Street, has a long history. From the appearance of its tiled bungalows and crumbling ceilings, it is known that it is an absolutely antique-class old shop.
The main jelly powder is: white jelly powder, yellow jelly powder, as well as the cold noodles, sweet water surface, cold noodles spicy, jelly powder, sweet water surface is sweet and slightly spicy, all flavors are wonderful.
Traditional pastry
"Wangsuyuan" next to Wenshuyuan, as long as it is crispy, please order it, everything is delicious! The status of Wensuyuan in the eyes of Chengdu people can be seen from the long queues that have not been interrupted every day. The variety of dim sum is fresh, delicious. The production team believes that the cakes in Wensuyuan are the best in Chengdu. Hemp cake, this evaluation is really not bragging. The crust is crispy and the lard is fragrant.
Long Chao Shou
At 19 Wenshuyuan Street, Long Shoushou is no stranger to the people of Chengdu. Large chunks of Shou Shou, layered skins, and large pieces of meat can not be eaten in one bite, so they are satisfied. Long Shou Shou also has many flavors, the most authentic is Shou Shou Shou. The soup base stewed with chicken soup and bones, plus hand-made noodles and meat fillings made with secret sauces, all work together perfectly, plus the right time, the Long Chao Shou at the table is the best.
Bell dumplings
All pork stuffing is used, no other fresh vegetables are added. When served, topped with special red oil, slightly sweet and salty, spicy and unique. The bell dumplings are also divided into red and original flavors. The original flavor is relatively light, but the flavor is not exciting enough, so the red flavor is the most popular.
The red oil bell dumplings are also very particular about how to eat. When you first serve the dish, you must first check whether it is hot or not. If it is hot, wait until it is eaten, because when it is cooled, the dumplings will shrink and absorb the sauce. Dumplings, wait for cold food and you will find it tastes better.
Wenshuyuan is located on Wenshuyuan Street, only 10 minutes away from Luoma City Shopping Center. It can be reached by buses such as 16, 55 and 64.
Kuai Street | Beijing
Here is the original "ghost market" of old Beijing-an early bazaar mainly selling groceries and fruits. It opened in the middle of the night, and it broke out at dawn. The stall owner lit it with kerosene lamps. "Ghost market". Since the 1990s, Qiongjie has been reorganized to become the number one food street in Beijing.
Gourmet King has a lot of affection for Jiujie. This spicy food street has been growing up with Gourmet King for over 20 years. Swirling fonts, red lanterns, chicken-blooded folks, and spicy flavors. All powerful logo symbols form a nearly violent gastronomic grammar and also form a unique street aesthetic. Today's Qiongjie has become a Beijing symbol featuring "red" and "spicy".
What's the best in Jiujie? Everyone in Beijing knows: Ma Xiao!
There are two old restaurants in Wujie Street to resist the salute. Walking east, there is the elegant Huajiayiyuan, and there is Hu Da Restaurant in the west. Today, more and more gourmet restaurants are joining the battle of crayfish.
And Jiujie is also the vane of Beijing's civilian cuisine. What's popular on Jiu Street will soon spread to the whole city.
■ Pouting Frog
Since the 1990s, Jiujie has produced several rounds of fashion in the food industry. The earliest red lamb, sauerkraut fish, and then boiled fish, Wanzhou grilled fish, pinnacled frog, spicy duck neck ...
They walked out of Qiong Street and led each other in Beijing for three or five years.
It is also this one-kilometer street, which has attracted the hot temptation and the boiling fish town, the red hole hot pot, Xiaolin hot pot, and the haha mirror duck neck.
Daoxiang Village is basically a national treasure-level dim sum shop in China.
Dim Sum Gift Box ▲
Beef tongue, the king of word-of-mouth of Daoxiang Village, has a salty and sweet taste, and the meringue on the outside just woke up and fell off.
There are many jujube products. There are about three kinds of jujubes sold in the store for a long time: jujube cakes, jujube cakes, and butter jujube cakes.
Sour beans are super delicious too! There is no need to cook a pot of noodles, and you can eat a big bowl with sour beans!
"Puff pastry", matcha crisp, egg yolk crisp, and taro crisp, all have the same shape as a ball, bright colors, excellent choice of food box, and taste good.
In Daoxiang Village, there are limited specials during the solar terms, and occasionally cooked food, most of them are snacks. For example, when there is rain, there are rainwater Wangchun cakes, panlong cakes, sun cakes on spring equinox, and Qingming.
Qiu Street is located in Dongzhimen, East Second Ring Road, Beijing. Take No. 107 under the Drum Tower, or take No. 815 and No. 24 and get off at the small street in Dongzhimen, or take No. 674 to Beixinqiao. Take Metro Line 5 and get off at Beixinqiao, or take Metro Line 2 under Dongzhimen.
Tunxi Old Street | Huangshan
Anhui is really delicious! Tunxi Old Street is at the foot of Huangshan in Anhui, with beautiful emblem-like buildings everywhere. This old street since the Ming Dynasty carries almost all the traditional food of Huangshan.
Green Tofu
On the tofu covered with white hair, fry it and just listen to the sound of "Dora". For a moment, the tofu and white hair are fried into a burnt yellow, like tiger skin, fragrant, and the taste is even more delicious. Famous Chinese and foreign dishes. No wonder some people say: "Sunday snacks, Mao Tofu, long for Huizhou people."
Stink catfish
Stinkfish is a traditional dish in Huizhou. Like stinky tofu, stinky sturgeon is also a "shell of honey". After washing, fry it in hot oil and cook it on a low heat. It is not only odorless, but also incredibly delicious. It continues to be a popular dish. You can try this dish on the first floor of Lao Cai.
Plum dried vegetable okonomiyaki
Stir in fine white flour and vegetarian oil, choose tender and dried vegetables and fatty meat as the filling, sprinkle the sesame seeds, then put them in a special stove, paste them on the wall of the stove, bake them out, and take a small piece as a snack for the trip ,It could not be better.
Xiao Yan
The Anhui version of the small salamander, the salamander is very small, soaked in the broth only, it is very delicious. The boiled boiled dumplings are in the "chopsticks". A few decades ago, the boiled boiled dumplings were all sold and sold in the streets.
Tunxi Old Street is in the center of Tunxi District, Huangshan City. Get off at the Chinese Medicine Hospital Station.
Hefang Street | Hangzhou
Speaking of Hangzhou, you might think of West Lake vinegar fish. And this Hangzhou representative dish comes from this delicious street we are talking about today: Hefang Street.
Hefang Street is also known as Qinghefang. It is a well-known historical district in Hangzhou. It is also one of the more well-preserved historical districts in Hangzhou. It is also a food street. Southern Song cakes, aunt cakes, glutinous rice mochi, sweet-scented osmanthus moon cakes, Dingsheng cakes, sesame paste, rice noodles, eight-treasure porridge, raw fried, popped noodles ... there are so many snacks here!
Shrimp Burmese Noodle
When it comes to Hangzhou's most distinctive noodles, it's none other than Pianerchuan. What I want to recommend today is shrimp noodle soup. Shrimp burst noodles is a famous traditional Han flavor in Kuiyuan, a century-old restaurant in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. It uses refined white flour, boneless sturgeon and fresh river shrimp as raw materials. Delicately cooked on multiple courses, the noodles are smooth, the shrimps are white, the anchovies are crisp, and the aftertaste is endless.
Dingsheng cake
Legend has it that the people in the Southern Song Dynasty were specially made for Han Jiajun's expedition to encourage soldiers. The cake had the word "Ding Sheng" and was later called "Ding Sheng Cake". The soft rice noodles sandwich the sweet red bean paste, which is very delicious.
Braised Spring Onion
The scallion bun stew is very northern. It is wrapped in strips and scallions in noodle cakes, and then roasted or fried in an iron pan until the spring cakes are crispy and yellow.
Hefang Street is located at the foot of Wu Shan. It starts from Jiangcheng Road in the east, and goes to Jianguo South Road in the west and north of Vietnam.
Chaiyuan | Qingdao
The Chai Chai Yuan on Qingdao Zhongshan Road is a must-try food street for anyone new to Qingdao, and it is also the earliest food street in Qingdao.
It is surrounded by the streets of Zhongshan Road, Beijing Road, Hebei Road, and Tianjin Road in a "herringbone" shape. Zhongshan Road is connected to the east end, Beijing Road to the north, and Hebei Road to the west. The main street is mostly restaurants, in addition to famous restaurants such as Yuan Huitang, Lijia Dumpling House, and Zhangjia Tanzi Meat, there are also many humble small rice shops, candy shops, and bookstores.
Sister Wang barbecue, opposite the Zhongshan Road police station. A must-visit barbecue restaurant in Qingdao. The grilled meat is rich in variety, and the squid head is divided into squid head, squid claw, squid teeth, etc. All parts are quite Q, plus the restaurant's secret dipping sauce, the taste is first-rate. Lamb kebabs, grilled chicken hearts, meat tendons, and crispy bones are also a must. Then you need a glass of freshly drafted beer and eat while drinking, feeling "very comfortable".
Come to Qingdao, of course, Qingdao beer with seafood snacks! Deep-fried various sea crabs, tender and delicious grilled squid, steamed sea urchins, shellfish, etc ...
Catfish dumplings
Qingdao people's favorite dumpling taste, Chinese New Year's son-in-law must bring anchovies to see his father-in-law, this dish is also difficult to eat outside Shandong. Anchovy dumplings are fresh and fragrant, so it is to chop the fatty anchovy meat and a part of the fat pork, and add a little chives to wrap. Because the fish in the south are inherently fat, they have no material basis for this dish.
Sheshan Cola
Laoshan Cola is not easy to buy in places other than Qingdao. Except for the first taste of Chinese medicine, most people feel that it is much sweeter than other Coca-Cola. The delicious and Pepsi sweetness comes from sucrose. But the sweetness of Laoshan Cola comes from traditional Chinese medicines such as jujube, white peony, Amomum villosum. Her sweetness has a strong traditional flavor.
Enter from the east gate of Zhongshan Road. There is a bronze statue at the entrance, which is easy to find.
Ningxia Night Market | Taipei
Taiwan's night market, do you want to say Shilin Night Market? Weak, there are too many articles about Shilin Night Market on the Internet. The foodie wants to recommend Ningxia Night Market!
Ningxia Night Market is one of the few night markets in Taipei where street vendors are concentrated in the middle of the road. It is located at the section of Taipei's Minsheng West Road to Nanjing West Road and is about 400 meters long. It gathers many traditional Taiwanese snacks.
Large intestines with small intestines, big sausages, sweet and not spicy, noodles, chicken chops, fried pancakes, frogs laying eggs, lemon love jade ... all kinds of snacks that are tempting in Taiwanese drama can be eaten here, and they are the most popular Positive!
As the most popular food in Ningxia Night Market, Liu Yazai, egg yolk taro cakes and crispy taro balls are very hot. You must try it. But at least half an hour each time. !!
Taiwanese cuisine
Similar to the seafood seafood stalls in the mainland, they can be seen almost everywhere. Generally, they are called 100, and most dishes are NT $ 100. The Hakka small stir-fried, deep-fried bun, fried egg, and fried fish chin are very delicious. Such stores are generally open after 17:00, sitting in the store enjoying the street view of Taipei, drinking Taiwanese beer, eating seafood and frying hot, I feel very good, be sure to try it.
Between the MRT Zhongshan Station and the MRT Shuanglian Station, on Ningxia Road.
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? New Year Special | The 12 Best Streets in China (Part 1)
? Your favorite big white rabbit toffee has become a fashion trend, do you know?
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