澳门足球陪率hg622.com [A little information] How many delicious noodle restaurants in Tianjin have been hidden in Jiaojiao? (Yidianzixun.com)

[A little information] How many delicious noodle restaurants in Tianjin have been hidden in Jiaojiao? (Yidianzixun.com)

Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:45:48

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

The name of the restaurant comes from the Bible. It is recommended to use bowls of noodles in the summer and oil or noodles in the winter.
Clear soup ramen, the soup is clear, and the noodles are strong.
The traditional flavor of zongzi noodles is really a big bowl, and there are a lot of noodles. They are very vigorous and taste good.
Per capita: 14 yuan
Phone: 18202658110
Address: 57 Jintang Road, Hedong District (downstairs at Super 8 Hotel)
Any noodles, hundred-year-old noodles, ecstasy noodles, black bean noodles, black pepper noodles, and Baimei chopped pepper noodles have their own characteristics.
Whatever you want, the taste is not casual!
Ecstasy noodles, with some fried sauce flavor.
Per capita: 26 yuan
Phone: 022-58829699
Address: 1st floor, e-house, Nanyuan, Bohai Building, No. 277-279 Heping Road, Heping District
The boss is Japanese, and the ingredients and methods are very authentic. The noodles are very muscular. The signature miso ramen, the soup is delicious, the pork roast is thick and fragrant.
Per capita: 41 yuan
Phone: 022-27837660
Address: 6th Floor, Block B, International Shopping Mall, 211 Nanjing Road, Heping District
The noodles are rough, a bit like udon noodles, chewy and recommended by the Whole Foods. The ribs noodles are recommended. The ribs are crispy, very flavorful, sweet and not so salty ~
Per capita: 23 yuan
Phone: 022-23303077
Address: Intersection of Xikang Road and Munan Road in Heping District
Small restaurant to eat alone. Eggs and milk are added to the flour for a clean environment and unique taste.
The signature meat sauce noodle meat sauce is good, with hemp pepper, the taste is cool!
The environment is clean and the soup is rich. The main point is that you can add ramen for free. The soup is more mellow. The beef ramen is really delicious. The beef slices inside are fragrant and tender.
There are many choices for the thickness of the noodles. The amount is large and affordable, the beef is chewy, the soup is delicious, and the red pepper oil has appetite.
The beef is delicious, soft and glutinous. It has no flavor of spices. It is completely fresh and has glutinous meat.
Per capita: 19 yuan
Phone: 18812509687
Address: The bottom merchant of Ande Apartment, No. 49 Yongan Road, Hexi District
The decoration is simple, the tableware is exquisite, and the taste of the surface is strong. The beef cutlets from his family are really real cutlets. They are big, full and full of ingredients. The taste of tomatoes is very strong. Each noodle can be wrapped in soup and has a strong taste.
Per capita: 17 yuan
Phone: 18222100241
Address: Floor A1061, Building 2, Chengji Center, Changsha Road, Heping District
Good quality and low price, fried noodles have a sweet taste. Pour vinegar and pepper to taste better.
Per capita: 11 yuan
Address: 23 Yueyang Road, Heping District (near Changsha Road)
The Yibin noodles with braised egg and spicy noodles are spicy and smooth.
Per capita: 37 yuan
Phone: 13902160171
Address: No. 16 at the bottom of building 3, Hongye Apartment, Nankai District
The beef chow mein is a big bowl, and three girls eat a bowl! In addition, the soup of beef noodles can be continued indefinitely, and it is quite refreshing with his potato shreds.
Per capita: 31 yuan
Phone: 15722077096
Address: Building 1, Fengyuanli, Wangdingdi, Hongqi South Road, Nankai District
Beef noodles still have that taste. The meat in this house gives a lot, the one with soup and water.
Per capita: 23 yuan
Phone: 022-27335865
Address: Next to Wumart Hypermarket, 15 Dongma Road, Nankai District
Beef noodle
It's really a big bowl! The flavor of the soup is strong, the noodles are strong, the bean curd is delicious, so delicious!
Per capita: 6 yuan
This is a small noodle shop. However, what Xiaochao Bacteria recommends is his family ’s dry and fatty intestine noodles. His family ’s fatty intestines are different from others. They are pre-marinated, processed cleanly, and flavorful. The root noodles can be dipped in juice.
Per capita: 20 yuan
Phone: 13952011683
Address: No. 16 Dafeng Road, Hongqiao District
Auntie noodles
Special seafood noodles, a bowl of noodles reminds us of the happy noodles that we used to eat at home when we were young.
Per capita: 7 yuan
Phone: 18920681559
Address: Bottom Store, Building A, Xin'an Garden, No. 138 Dongma Road, Nankai District
The ecstasy noodles of his family have bacon, yellow bell pepper, bitter chrysanthemum, and sour and spicy flavors.
I like the comic decoration style very much. The noodles are really creative.

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