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Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Into the Kidney Meridian, One Prescription at the Same Time, Kidney Yin and Kidney Yang)

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Gender: Male
Age: Now between 20 and 30 years old.
Cause: Anal prolapse occurred at the age of five. Has a history of masturbation and masturbation till now.
Symptoms: It is winter and the weather is very cold. I feel cold in both ears without a hat when I go out.
The waist cannot feel warmth. The small nails on both hands do not have a crescent. The night before the medicine, the penis can barely erect, but it is more difficult to be firm and durable without lifting it! Easily provoked by erotic pictures!
In addition, you must wear four clothes when going out. Only when taking the bus, there is heating in the compartment, so immediately feel the body and limbs are very warm, if there are a lot of people in the car and crowded, you feel that the Yintang point and the nose and upper lip are warm!
Prescription: 12 grams of psoralen, 12 grams of mulberry seeds, 12 grams of epimedium, 10 grams of Morinda officinalis, 20 grams of dodder seeds, 10 grams of diarrhea, 10 grams of atractylodes root, 9 grams of Amomum villosum (next), 9 grams of cinnamon , Cooked 30 grams.
——Treatment purpose: Yin and Yang of kidney qi are nourished at the same time. Mulberry seed treatment of lumbar bone, Epimedium psoralen, Morinda officinalis treatment endocrine system, Cuscuta eyesight, (Zixie, Atractylodes, Amomum, the three medicines are to dampen dampness), (Cinnamon, Psoralea Zhuangdantian), Shudi Treatment of mental illness. Bone (bone) is mainly composed of bone tissue (including osteocytes, collagen fibers, matrix, etc.). Adults have 206 bones. Bone has metabolic activities and growth and development processes, and has the ability to repair and regenerate after trauma, so bone is an organ. According to its part in the body, it can be divided into trunk bone, skull bone and limb bone. The former two are collectively referred to as the central axis bone, and the limb bones include upper limb bones and lower limb bones.
Osseous tissue is composed of several cellular components and a large number of calcified interstitial cells.
Feedback after taking the medicine: After each warm taking, the whole body extremities are very warm in less than one minute! Go to bed now! After the service, there must be more farts in the daytime, about one hour or farts every other hour, but the sound is very fine, basically no sound of farts! In addition, during the medication, the weather was cold, and a phenomenon was found during the day: except for the thumb, the fingers of the other four fingers and the two fingers of the two fingers (the skin on the opposite side of the nail) were wrinkled and rough-just Wrinkles are noticeable like the liquid that has been soaked in both hands.
The day after taking the first dose was very cold in the daytime, and the limbs were found to be cold, but the waist suddenly felt very warm-the degree of warmth could be maintained for 24 hours. Of course, the second dose was taken the following evening. In addition, both ears will feel very cold when the weather is cold, but since the day after the first dose of medicine was taken in the cold weather during the day, the ears only feel slightly cold, not the ears. cold!
The day after taking the second dose was very cold during the day, and the limbs were still cold, but the waist still felt warm-the warmth could be maintained for 24 hours. Of course, the third dose was taken the evening of the next day. In addition, I also feel that the area near the qi sea hole of the stomach (I don't know if it is called: the lower abdomen) is very warm and even warm!
After taking the third dose in the afternoon of the next day, I suddenly noticed that the small fingernails on the right hand ranged from no crescent (small white semicircle) to a crescent with a thickness of one millimeter! (Carnations and yellow osmanthus make tea or grind into powder to eat, and men and women can grow crescents; those with poor spleen and stomach function can add Puer tea. If the party participates in red dates, they can make their thumbs grow crescent!)
The fourth day after taking the fourth dose, I felt cold in my limbs all day, and suddenly realized in the afternoon that I might only eat three at noon. Without meals, I could not let the spleen and stomach blood from the meal and warm the body. I ate two large bowls of rice right after 18 o'clock in the evening, but I still felt my upper limbs warm until 22 o'clock (not every meal is difficult to warm my limbs as in the previous few days, of course, the body's warmth can also keep warm when hungry), The lower limbs are only the knees, calves, and feet are cold!
The fifth dose tonight! ——As a result, I did n’t take it. By daytime, I found that the “crescent” with little nails had not disappeared because I stopped taking this medicine. In addition, during the day, my limbs were not as cold as during the medication a few days ago. . It's not warm or cold! Not hot! The limbs did not feel any special temperature during the day. It's just a bit worth noting: due to stopping a dose, it is easy to make the penis erect when you see pornographic pictures, but during the previous few days of taking medicine-when you see pornographic pictures, it is not easy to make the penis erect, without prostitution, even through thoughts Let the penis erect or contract to normal state immediately!
Later, it was introduced to men who have only two thumbs and small crescents to take this prescription: "12 grams of psoralen, 12 grams of mulberry seeds, 10 grams of Morinda officinalis, 12 grams of epimedium, 20 grams of dodder, and 10 grams of diarrhea. , 10 grams of Cangzhu, 9 grams of Amomum villosum, 9 grams of cinnamon, and 30 grams of cooked land. ", And found that taking the first dose is likely to cause fiery symptoms (thirst, cleft lip, hard stool, yellow urine), so add Yuzhu and Cork and Cistanche are 10 grams each. In addition, one dose is usually taken in two days-fried once a day. Consecutively taking seven or eight doses found that small crescents continued to grow!
In addition, Epimedium and Heshouwu can also be interchanged, and Cangzhu and Baizhu can also be interchanged. Those with blood stasis and wind evil plus "Chuanxiong 10 ~ 20 grams".
As for the prescription for women's crescent: 30 grams of cooked land, 12 grams of psoralen, 12 grams of Shouwu, 20 grams of Ziheche, 12 grams of Eucommia ulmoides, 12 grams of Bupleurum, 10 grams of cimicaria, 10 grams of mulberry, and white peony 10 grams, 9 grams of cinnamon, 9 grams of amomum (next 5 minutes), decoction. Those with insufficient kidney yang are 10 grams or 20 grams in Gazayuanzi. Hepatic and spleen discords changed Amomum to Guangmuxiang-also 5 minutes later. Fire in the kidney and add Zhimu 20 grams.
Recipe for men's penis to grow from short to 18 cm: 30 grams of cooked ground, 20 grams of cinnamon, 20 grams of dodder, 15 grams of purple river car, 15 grams of Eucommia ulmoides, 12 grams of psoralea, 12 grams of mulberry, Morinda citrifolia 10 grams a day, 12 grams of epimedium, 10 grams of diarrhea, 10 grams of Atractylodes, 9 grams of Amomum villosum (next 5 minutes), decoction.
Original Address: fart fart people know what's different diseases of the disease: True Light
"The fart is proud, and the fart raises his hand to protest. This is the great significance of fart ..." People often encounter the embarrassment of farting in life, but fart knows whether we have a disease! Fart knows the disease, what's wrong with different people farting?
The fart originates from the air that is swallowed by our saliva or food. Some of it is expelled from the stomach by snoring, and the remaining air enters the intestine and becomes the main source of fart. The main components of air are nitrogen and oxygen. The air in the stomach enters the intestine, and the oxygen in it is absorbed, and the remaining nitrogen becomes one of the main components of the fart intact. Studies have pointed out that exhaust is a normal phenomenon, and the human intestine is constantly peristaltic. As long as peristalsis exists, gas will be discharged from the anus. The amount of exhaust is related to the strength of the digestive function. A normal person exhausts 5-10 times a day and will emit a total of about 500 ml of gas.
Why fart
The first is the air swallowed by the person; the second is the gas produced in the gastrointestinal tract; the third is the gas penetrated by the blood. Some of these gases are absorbed by the blood and discharged through the lungs, and the rest are expelled from the anus by farting.
The main components of these gases include oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane. Nitrogen does not have any smell, and it does not smell. If the fart smells, it is an internal problem of the body, which is caused by intestinal corruption. It is mainly caused by indole, hydrogen sulfide, etc. During the digestion of the human body, after the food is digested by the stomach, the residue is sent to the large intestine and decomposed into stool by the action of bacteria. At this time, the gas is contaminated, so from Stink farts are discharged from the anus.
Old man farting
The elderly have a lot of farts, at least one thing can be explained: if there is a problem with digestive function, in this case, you should reduce your food intake the next day to allow the digestive tract to rest and recover. If there is a lot of farts and there is often a bad smell, then It indicates that the protein diet has eaten too much, and the burden on the stomach and the stomach is too heavy. It should be reduced or immediately changed to a vegetarian diet to prevent the occurrence of gastrointestinal diseases.
Pediatric fart or hiccups are constant, and there is a sour smell, which is a symptom of indigestion, and you should reduce your food intake; if you fart intermittently, but no odor, it is mostly caused by intestinal motility caused by hunger after gastrointestinal emptying This situation reminds parents that their children are hungry and should be fed in time. More farts and more feces, often caused by children eating more broad beans, peas, potato and other foods, at this time should reduce foods with high starch content.
Patient farting
People with liver, biliary tract, gastrointestinal and pancreatic diseases also have a lot of farts. Eating peanuts or legumes is easy to fart. As the saying goes, "one bean, one fart, ten beans, one play", this is Because it contains specific carbohydrates that the small intestine cannot digest, it produces hydrogen, methane and other gases after the large intestine acts. Cabbage, bowl beans, cauliflower, onions, pumpkins, radishes, and sweet potatoes are all vegetables that make the large intestine "angry". Farting is inevitable.
Farting is the basis of illness
The baby must fart 10 seconds after birth, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous. If the intestines are not ventilated or farted, they may get "intestinal obstruction" and "intussusception". Adults have farts and they feel bloated. Patients usually fart for 6 to 24 hours after surgery. If the fart is passed, the intestinal function is restored. The patient can eat and the patient will feel comfortable. If the patient does not fart for 24 hours after surgery, it will indicate that the intestine is blocked, the intestinal cavity is flat, and the incision is difficult. endure.
Experts remind that if you have abdominal distension, you can massage your abdomen with your hands to promote intestinal peristalsis, which will help the discharge of fart and eliminate the discomfort of flatulence. People often say that "there is something to talk about, and the fart to let go" is not nonsense. The fart that is carried back into the large intestine will be absorbed by the intestinal wall and enter the blood, which is harmful to the human body, so it is better to let the fart out quickly.
The mystery of half moon marks on nails!
(1) What is a half moon mark
1. At one-fifth of the bottom of the nail, a white arc-shaped mark appeared. This is the half-moon mark, and some people call it a little sun; others call it a small crescent.
Nail half-moon marks are the boundary between yin and yang meridians and are representative of the essence of the human body, so they are also called health circles.
The development of semilunar marks is affected by nutrition, environment, and physical fitness. When the digestive and absorption function is good, the semilunar marks will be blurred, reduced, or even disappeared.
The condition of the semilunar marks shows information about human health.
2. The nail is the junction of the yin and yang channels. The nail bed is rich in blood vessels and nerve endings, and it is a window for observing the changes in the human blood circulation. "The Emperor's Internal Classics" speaks; "Yin and Yang Jiaotai lively, the basics of the Twelve Classics." Therefore, the half moon mark of nails, also known as the health circle, is a representative of the essence of the human body. The development of semilunar marks is deeply affected by nutrition, environment, and physical fitness. When the digestive and absorption functions are not good, the semilunar marks will be blurred, reduced, or even disappeared. Therefore, the half moon marks can reflect the human body's righteousness and inferiority, inferred disease, and prognosis.
(B) the role of semilunar marks
Traditional Chinese medicine says: Qi is not attributed to the liver as blood, blood is attributed to the kidney as essence, and essence is not attributed to the bone as marrow.
This is the origin of the essence. The essence is where vitality is. The importance of the semi-lunar marks is because the information displayed is the state of essence.
Half moon marks are the window of the essence of the human body. The change of the half moon mark is like an oil meter on a car, it will praise the human body; when is full of "oil", when is "oil" at what time, and when is there no "oil"; it can also praise what the body adds "oil". So essence is a high-level energy substance with life information in the human body. It is the root of metaplastic energy. The role of vitality:
1. Support the whole body with internal organs.
2. Promote the normal operation of qi, blood, and internal organs.
3. Resist external evils (immune function).
4. Long-life anti-aging substance.
5. Genetic material.
There is a saying in TCM: people who are strong enough, people who are weak are sick, people who are young are old, people are dead.
This shows that the essence of vitality is important. In daily life, timely recovery of energy and energy, good health, beneficial
To our health. When energy is low, the important supplement is protein first.
"It's not enough to make up for it," TCM said.
That is to say, supplement protein. Good quality protein is neutral, such as milk, eggs, beans, fish, black food (every black kidney), seed food, embryonic food and so on. After one month of persistence, you can see the half-moon marks appear, showing a certain recovery in energy.
You can grow crescents by eating the following foods often: shiitake mushrooms, kelp, black fungus, potatoes (also called potatoes), peanuts, spinach, pumpkin, carrots, broccoli, broccoli flowers, corn kernels, green vegetables (also called oil cabbage ), Lotus root, taro, coriander! Sesame oil, black sesame, white sesame, soy beans, black beans, green beans, green beans, white beans, red beans, red beans, kidney beans, peas, sweet potatoes, yam, tomatoes. Eggs can replenish physical strength and resist fatigue. Shanghai Qing's pakchoi and white lotus seeds (you can add eight soybeans and red dates at the same time-remove the jujube nucleus). Boil soup and drink can treat the pain or stiffness of joints. Beans for kidney.
Governing the knee joint: Shanghai green cabbage and white lotus seeds.
Calcium: Chestnuts, eggs, spinach. Treatment of lumbar pain: shiitake mushrooms, kelp.
Treatment of various vision disorders: carrots, peanuts, pumpkins.
Treatment of chapped lips: coix kernels, peanuts, soybeans, pumpkin.
You can also feel bloating when eating or drinking small amounts of food: potato (also called: potato), sweet potato, white radish, celery.
(Three) normal half moon marks
1. Quantity The number of half-moon marks should be 8-10 in both hands.
2. Morphology The area of the half-moon marks accounts for one fifth of the nails.
3. Color Half moon marks are milky white, the whiter the better, the stronger the energy.
(D) abnormal half moon marks
1. Less half-moon marks The less half-moon marks, the worse the energy, the colder the constitution, that is, weak immunity, cold hands and feet.
2.Three types of abnormal semilunar marks
① Cold bottom type-the less the semi-moon marks, the colder the colder type.
The cold type indicates that the body is weak in yang and the cold is more vigorous.
Such people have low organs and viscera, slow blood and fatigue, fatigue, fatigue, weakness, poor absorption, pale skin, cold hands and feet, terrors, drowsiness, easy colds, repeated colds, slow energy decline and physical decline , And even stagnation of phlegm, stagnation of blood and blood stasis, nodules of phlegm, easy to produce tumors.
② Hot bottom type-Those who have half moon marks on their little fingers are all hot type.
People with hot type have half-moon marks larger than one fifth of their nails.
The increase in half-moon marks indicates that the yang in the human body is more vigorous, the viscera functions are stronger, and the physical fitness is better. However, in the case of illness, the yang is too strong. Such people have hyperviscosity and can see blushing, irritability, irritability, constipation, irritability, dry mouth, large appetite, not cold, active, and even blood pressure High blood sugar, high risk of stroke.
③ Cold and hot staggered type-Those who have half-moon marks whose borders are blurry and whose color gradually approaches the color of the nail body are cold and hot staggered or yin-yang disorder.
Early stage: The edge of the half moon mark is not clear, such as shining.
Medium-term: Half-moon marks begin to shrink.
Late stage: Half moon marks gradually decrease and disappear.
3.Half-moon mark area
① The area of the semilunar mark is less than one fifth of the nail, which means that the energy is insufficient and the gastrointestinal absorption capacity is poor.
If the semilunar marks suddenly become dark, narrow, and disappear, they often suffer from wasting diseases, tumors, and bleeding.
Before the child has not developed, there is no half-moon mark.
Adults have too much night life and sexual life, and the half moon marks will disappear, and it will be difficult to grow.
② When the semilunar marks are greater than one fifth, most of them are myocardial hypertrophy, which is susceptible to diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, and stroke.
4.The color of half moon marks
①Milk-white means normal, this kind of person has strong energy, good physique and physical and mental health.
②Gray—Indicates weakness, which affects the operation of the digestive and absorbing functions of the spleen and stomach, and easily causes anemia and fatigue.
③Pink——unclear color with nail body, which means that the function of viscera is decreased, physical exertion is too large, and it is easy to cause diseases such as diabetes and onychomycosis.
④ Purple-easy to cause poor blood circulation of the heart and brain blood vessels, insufficient blood and oxygen supply, easy to dizziness, headache, and cerebral arteriosclerosis.
⑤ Black-more common in severe heart disease, tumors or long-term medication caused by drugs and heavy metal poisoning.
(E) Relationship between half moon marks and five fingers
1. Half-moon mark of thumb-connected lung and spleen.
When it is pink, it indicates that the pancreas is dysfunctional, prone to colds, repeated colds, fatigue, and severe diabetes.
2, index finger half moon marks-related to the stomach.
When it is pink, it means that the circulation of the stomach and large intestine is poor, and the appetite is naturally reduced.
Does white crescent on human fingernails represent nutrition?
3, the middle finger half moon marks-related to the pericardium, consciousness.
When it is pink, it means that you are overstretched, prone to dizziness, headache, unclear thinking, brain upset, insomnia, and dreaming.
4, ring finger half moon marks-related endocrine.
When it is pink, it means that the trifocal meridian running on the ring finger is abnormal, it is easy to lose physical fitness, yin and yang disorders, and people are prone to an unspeakable discomfort. Women will have gynecological diseases such as irregular menstruation.
5, the little finger half moon marks-related to the heart and kidneys.
The little finger is generally difficult to grow half-moon marks. When it appears, it is mostly fever. When red, it is susceptible to severe heart disease.
As long as you watch carefully, you will find that some people will have a white half-moon under the nail, but some people don't. What is it called? Is it good or not? Unfortunately, many people don't pay much attention to this vitally important signal.
How to view health through your nails
1. Longitudinal lines of nail plate
Long Nails-Neurasthenia
Several prominent vertical lines on the nails are a symbol of long-term nervous breakdown and aging. Chuanxiong can eliminate vertical and vertical lines.
easy to appear:
Neurasthenia, long-term insomnia, multiple dreams, easy to wake up, and difficulty falling asleep.
Wasting diseases, physical overdrafts (such as physical and mental fatigue syndrome).
Poor immune function and easy to catch cold.
2.Stripes of nail plate
Thick stripes, indicating a serious illness
Nails with many and thin stripes are more common in chronic chronic digestive diseases. If you do not pay attention to your diet, you will experience symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea.
3.Spots of nails
Bruising spots—Symptoms of impaired blood circulation in the brain.
The appearance of the right fingernail usually indicates a problem with the left brain.
Nail white spots-indigestion, one or more white spots appear on the nails:
Adults often see liver function metabolism or impairment, especially chronic hepatitis B patients.
Children are more common with gastrointestinal stagnation, indigestion or worm accumulation or calcium deficiency
Habitual constipation, long-term gastrointestinal disorders may also appear punctiform white spots.
4.Press your nails
Generally speaking, a fast recovery means normal, and a slow recovery indicates a problem in the body.
Press the tip of the other nail with one hand for 3 seconds, then let go after seeing the nails white. Observe the speed of blood circulation recovery under the 5 fingernail beds. If it is reddish immediately, it means health, which means that blood circulation is smooth and internal organs Lively. If one finger has poor blood circulation, it is related to the visceral problem associated with that finger.
5. Half Moon Mark-Normal
Half-moon marks on 8-10 fingers of both hands.
Half-moon marks account for 1/5 of nails;
The color of the half moon marks is milky white. The whiter the better, the stronger the energy.
6. Half moon marks-abnormal
1> Cold bottom type
No half moon marks are cold bottom type.
Fewer meniscus marks indicate poorer energy. This type of person has low visceral function, slow blood flow, easy fatigue, fatigue, and poor absorption function, pale skin, cold hands and feet, palpitations, drowsiness, easy cold, repeated Cold, energy decline, physical decline, and even stagnation of phlegm, stagnation of blood and blood stasis, wet nodules, tumors.
2> Hot bottom
Even the little finger also has half-moon marks, the increase of half-moon marks are all hot bottom type.
This type of person's internal organs are strong and have good physical fitness. However, in pathological conditions, the yang is too strong and the viscera is hyperactive. Visible blush, irritability, irritability, constipation, irritability, dry mouth, large appetite, not afraid of cold, active, even high blood pressure, high blood sugar, stroke.
3> Alternative cold and heat (yin and yang disorder type)
The boundary of the half moon mark is blurred, and the color gradually approaches the color of the nail body, which is a cold-heat staggered type or a yin-yang disorder type. The alternation of cold and heat indicates that there is a change of yin and yang in the human body. The change of cold and heat may vary depending on the maintenance.
The so-called "sophisticated and strong people (half-moon marks), weak people's disease (discoloration of half-moon marks), fewer people old (less than half-moon marks), perfect death." People without half moon marks need to nourish their bodies quickly, even if they are temporarily free of illness. Especially when there are only half-moon marks on the thumb, the body is telling you that you have used "primer oil", and you need to add "oil" quickly!
Health advice: replenishment of energy depends on high-quality neutral proteins, such as milk, eggs, beans, fish and black foods, seed foods, embryonic foods. As long as nutrition is guaranteed and maintenance is maintained, it usually takes about one and a half months. A fingernail grows out, usually the thumb first, then the index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger. However, you should usually pay attention to rest. If you stay up late for a long time and the night life is excessive, the half moon marks will disappear quickly.
How to observe health
1, feel hot
The main heart and kidney yin deficiency, irritability, fire, insomnia, nervousness of dreams.
2, feel cold
Spleen and Kidney Yang Deficiency. Frail and cold, poor digestion and absorption.
3. Feels wet
The main heart and spleen are deficient. Easily tired and tired. The sweaty palms are mostly spleen and stomach heat, hot heart, psychological stress, and nervousness.
4, feel dry
The main lung and spleen suffer from both losses. Dry skin and cold.
5, feel warm and moist
The five internal organs reconcile and are in good health.
6, feel sticky
Main endocrine disorders, especially in people with diabetes.
Prescription: 30 grams of white silkworm, 30 grams of Zhimu, 10 grams of red ginseng, 15 grams of Ophiopogon, 10 grams of Schisandra chinensis, 15 grams of rehmannia glutinosa, 12 grams of angelica, 12 grams of cooked flakes.
Method: Decoction, take one dose daily.
Efficacy: Bushen Shengjing, Fuyang Yangyin.
Indications: The man is tired of intercourse, his waist and legs are weak, and he is dizzy. This is an ancestral secret recipe.
20 grams of Cuscuta, 12 grams of Psoralea, 12 grams of Mulberry Seeds, 12 grams of Epimedium, 10 grams of Morinda officinalis, 10 grams of Yuzhu, 10 grams of Cork, 10 grams of Cistanche, 10 grams of Astragalus, 10 grams of Atractylodes , 9 grams of Amomum villosum, 9 grams of cinnamon, 30 grams of cooked land-this prescription can make men's long leg hair, long arm hair, long pubic hair and other body hair, but not long hair. If you add 10 grams of evening primrose and 20 grams of rosemary, you can grow hair (prescription for long hair: 20 grams of dodder, 20 grams of rosemary, 10 grams of primrose, 12 grams of psoralea, 12 grams of mulberry, Epimedium 12 grams, Morinda officinalis 10 grams, Yuzhu 10 grams, Cork 10 grams, Cistanche 10 grams, Alisma 10 grams, Atractylodes 10 grams, Amomum villosum 9 grams, Cinnamon 9 grams, 30 grams of ripe land. Yes Blood deficiency plus 10 grams of forget-me-not; sputum evidence plus 10 grams of bamboo; those with wet evidence plus 10 grams of aconite.)! Eclipta, evening primrose, forget-me-not, etc. can make bald hair grow quickly. 酉 辰 酉 五 辰!
Nail yellowing treatment prescription: 20 grams of windproof, 15 grams of yam, 15 grams of patchouli, 10 grams of astragalus, 10 grams of tangerine peel, 10 grams of white cardamom, 5 dried shiitake mushrooms, 2 dried squid, boil soup and drink together.
Prescription: 20 grams of Cuscuta, 12 grams of Psoralea, 12 grams of Mulberry Seeds, 12 grams of Epimedium, 12 grams of Shouwu, 10 grams of Morinda officinalis, 10 grams of Atractylodes, 10 grams of Pinellia ternata, 10 grams of Prunella vulgaris, 10 grams of diarrhea, 10 grams of atractylodes root, 9 grams of amomum villosum (next), 9 grams of cinnamon, 30 grams of cooked ground, decoction.
Antai's prescription: 30 grams of Codonopsis chinensis, 25 grams of Cuscuta chinensis, 15 grams of Guangchen peel, 15 grams of Zhuru, 10 grams of Puhuang, 10 grams of Angelica sinensis, 10 grams of blood vine, 5 grams of chrysanthemum, 5 grams of coriander shell, Shuijianbi, this prescription can be taken in the third trimester of pregnancy.
Long-term stay up all night and insomnia: 10 grams of white Poria, 10 grams of Polygala, 10 grams of black mulberry, study at the end. The cougher adds mulberry leaves. 30 grams of white silkworm, 30 grams of gauntlet, 25 grams of black mulberry, 15 grams of polygala, 10 grams of yam, decoction, to treat the symptoms caused by the habits of staying up late.
Antiperspirant prescription: 5 grams of hibiscus, 5 grams of patchouli, 5 grams of patchouli, 5 grams of windproof, decoction. 5 grams of honeysuckle, 10 grams of patchouli, 5 grams of patchouli, 5 grams of windproof, decoction. Dogwood 5 grams, purslane 5 grams, decoction. 5 grams of windproof, 5 grams of dogwood, 2 dried shiitake mushrooms, boiled together and drink to stop sweat.
Indications for menopausal low back pain and dizziness: 60 grams of cooked land, 40 grams of white peony, 20 grams of angelica, 20 grams of chuanxiong, 20 grams of red peony, 10 grams of solitary living, 10 grams of diarrhea, and decoction.
The prescription for the elderly to grow their teeth: Luoshenhua 10 grams, North Hawthorn 10 grams. Add 5 grams of Schisandra chinensis. Kidney yin deficiency plus cooked 5 grams. Blood stasis plus 3 grams of Chuanxiong and 3 grams of Baiji. Roselle 10 g, North Hawthorn 10 g, Mulberry 10 g, Ligustrum lucidum 10 g, Panax notoginseng 10 g, Licorice 10 g, Korean ginseng 10 g, Chuanxiong 5 g, decoction, two hours after meal Start to drink, take one dose in the morning, at noon and evening, take one dose a day, and then see the teeth grow out for one month.
10 grams of panax notoginseng, 10 grams of licorice root, 10 grams of Korean ginseng, and 5 grams of chuanxiong are ground together into a powder. After 7 days of serving, the nails can be changed from white to pink and the vertical lines on the nails can be eliminated.
20 grams of cooked land, 20 grams of schisandra, 20 grams of raspberries, 20 grams of chuanxiong, 20 grams of zedoary rhizomes, 20 grams of codonopsis, 20 grams of atractylodes roots, 20 grams of licorice root, water decoction-attending fever in the palms of the hands and feet, acid in both sides Dreaming of occasional insomnia, pain in the head, weakness, lack of appetite for meals, spitting and milky sputum coming out of the throat.
Recipes that make men's bodies better and better: 10 grams of trichosanthin, 5 grams of pueraria root, 5 grams of Morinda officinalis, 5 grams of Achyranthes bidentata, 5 grams of peach kernels, 5 grams of dogwood, 5 grams of cistanche, 5 grams of ripe ground, and 5 grams of bellflower , 5 grams of coriander shell, 5 grams of Bupleurum, 5 grams of Codonopsis pilosula, and 5 grams of Rhododendron angustifolia, decoction, noontime serving. 5 grams of trichosanthin, 10 grams of kudzu root, 10 grams of Morinda officinalis, 10 grams of Achyranthes bidentata, 10 grams of peach kernels, 10 grams of dogwood, 10 grams of cistanche, 10 grams of ripe land, 10 grams of bellflower, 10 grams of coriander shells, 10 grams of firewood, 10 grams of Codonopsis chinensis and 10 grams of Rhizoma glabra, decoction, sub-time.
Men's penis changes from small to large, from hanging down to lifting, from soft to hard, from cold to hot. Chinese medicinal materials that harden after penis erection: Unused Cuscuta chinensis, Wulingzhi, Cork, Trichosanthin, Ophiopogon, Ginseng, Yuzhu, Bone Broken Tonic, Sanling, Xiancao, Psoralea, Continuum, Galla, Astragalus, Angelica, Cistanche. Cork 20, trichosanthin 10, kelp 50 grams, drink soup, efficacy: harden after penile erection.
Recipe for men's penis to grow from short to 18 cm: 30 grams of cooked ground, 20 grams of cinnamon, 20 grams of dodder, 15 grams of purple river car, 15 grams of Eucommia ulmoides, 12 grams of psoralea, 12 grams of mulberry, Morinda citrifolia 10 grams a day, 12 grams of epimedium, 10 grams of diarrhea, 10 grams of Atractylodes, 9 grams of Amomum villosum (next 5 minutes), decoction. 572 noon
Ancient prescriptions: Cistanche, stalactite, snake bed, Polygala, continuum, yam, and velvet antler.
Method and usage: Soak it in rice wine for more than seven days and take it twice daily.
Function: If the mating effect is increased, the snake bed will be doubled; the firmness will be doubled; if you want to grow up, the deer antler will be doubled; the amount of ejaculation will be doubled.
Prescription for erecting the penis for 6 hours: Cistanche deserticola 10 g, Huai yam 10 g, Snake bed 10 g, Polygala 10 g, continuity 20 g, mulberry seed 20 g, epimedium 20 g-attending impotence. Premature ejaculation plus Evodia corna, Asarum. Blood stasis and kidney yang deficiency plus frankincense, panax notoginseng powder, cork, Chuanxiong, Puhuang.
Recipe for penis intercourse for 2 hours without ejaculation: 25 grams of Schisandra chinensis, 20 grams of Cuscuta chinensis, 15 grams of Ziheche, 15 grams of walnut kernels, 10 grams of Huai yam, 10 grams of American ginseng, 10 grams of Zhimu, 10 grams of astragalus, decoction Service-attends premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission.
A prescription for making your penis masturbate for 5 minutes without ejaculation: 25 grams of Schisandra chinensis, 20 grams of Cuscuta chinensis, 15 grams of Ziheche, 15 grams of walnut kernels, 10 grams of Chinese yam, 10 grams of American ginseng, 10 grams of Zhimu, 10 grams of astragalus, Evodia rutaecarpa 10 grams, Asarum 5 grams, decoction 10 red J red 9 black dice, starting at 15 pm, this medicine soup 9 black 5 plum 9 red dice, first buy three doses, one dose per day .
Recipe for penis erection for 4 hours without ejaculation: 25 grams of Schisandra chinensis, 20 grams of continuity, 20 grams of mulberry seeds, 20 grams of epimedium, 20 grams of dodder seeds, 15 grams of purple river carp, 15 grams of walnut kernels, 10 grams of cistanche , 10 grams of yam, 10 grams of snake bed, 10 grams of Polygala, 10 grams of American ginseng, 10 grams of Zhimu, 10 grams of astragalus, 10 grams of atractylodes, 10 grams of Guangchen peel, 10 grams of patchouli (next 5 minutes), water Decoction, treating impotence, premature ejaculation, K side, 9 plums, A red, and the next day.
10 grams of hibiscus flower and 10 grams of acanthopanax senticosus—that is, equal amounts of flour plus a small spoon of herbal fiber and peptide algae nutrition powder and mixed together to take out the father's smoking addiction J59 and 231 in the morning. 10 grams of hibiscus flower, 10 grams of acanthopanax senticosus, 10 grams of myrtle peas, 10 grams of white grass root, decoction, people with a major smoking addiction can quit smoking addiction 368 extension Division 312! For those who have been smoking for more than 50 years, add 15 grams of Panax notoginseng powder, 15 grams of Cistanche deserticum, and 15 grams of Polygonatum sibiricum. Anti-alcohol addiction: Hibiscus, patchouli, patchouli, mint leaves, drink KA3 Xinhai together with wine.
30 grams of cooked land, 12 grams of psoralen, 12 grams of mulberry seeds, 10 grams of Morinda officinalis, 12 grams of epimedium, 10 grams of atractylodes, 10 grams of atractylodes, 15 grams of nutmeg, 15 grams of panax notoginseng, 10 grams of cork, 5 grams of Ligusticum chuanxiong, 5 grams of Puhuang, 5 grams of Amomum villosum (later),
Prescriptions for deepening in upper lip people: 10 grams of ume, 10 grams of continuity, 10 grams of Cynomorium, 10 grams of Tribulus terrestris, 10 grams of Golden Dog Ridge, 10 grams of Xiangjiapi, 10 grams of licorice root, 10 grams of green peel, chicken inside 10 grams of gold, decoction.
Prescription for repairing neurons in the nervous system: 20 grams of Shouwu, 20 grams of horse arrows, 10 grams of stretched grass, 10 grams of Xiangjiapi, 5 grams of Chuanxiong, decoction.
Boil soup: 10 grams of Acanthopanax senticosus, 10 grams of Achyranthes bidentata, 10 grams of Rhododendron vine, one or two black sesame seeds (30 grams), one dried squid, attending the left lower limb weakness certificate.
I used tonics with caution before, but now I feel I need to do it or I need to do it. For example, the patient Yao, who had yin deficiency, dampness, heat, dry eyes, pain all over his body, sores on his ears, got irritated with a bit of meat, toothache, and bleeding gums. The symptoms of Yin medicine and damp heat were obviously relieved, but the person was obviously thin, the stomach was cold, and the lower limbs were cold and painful. Because I had taken other doctor's medicine in the past, the whole body was uncomfortable with a supplement, and the pain in the two threatened, so I never dared to give him Tonic. Later, he found a doctor and prescribed a recipe for strengthening the spleen and nourishing yin, which was very effective. After the medicine, the abdomen became deflated, the odor was exhausted, and the stomach was no longer afraid of cold. After eight doses, he gained 20 pounds. My teeth no longer hurt, my legs are no longer cold, and I'm actually filled. Yao has a good relationship with me, and came again today to show me the doctor's prescription. The prescription is simple: 15 grams of Pseudostellaria heterophylla, 15 grams of Poria cocos, 12 grams of Achyranthes bidentata, 12 grams of kudzu root, 15 grams of yam, 10 grams of green peel, 10 grams of chicken internal gold, 12 grams of zhimu, 15 grams of jujube, 12 grams of jujube , 10 grams of raw land, 10 grams of cooked land, 10 grams of atractylodes, 6 grams of licorice, 10 grams of trichosanthin, really taught. Of course, he could be replenished after I used Tongluo and dampness for a while, but it also gave me a lesson. In the clinic, I must be aware of constant changes and adaptability. The patient is my teacher and the peer is my teacher.
Again, "Knowing its depths but not its depths is still unknown; knowing its partiality but not its completeness is unknown." There is no limit to learning, and I am far behind. Increase body weight: The efficacy of Zhimu and trichosanthin. After drinking yam, barley, lotus seeds, black rice, black beans, black sesame, and porridge made together, my hair turned black. White hair becomes black hair: Mulberry leaves are used with black rice.
The prescription of waist and knee weakness, weakness of legs and feet, paralysis of lower limbs: 12 grams of Chuanxiong, 12 grams of Achyranthes bidentata, 10 grams of Morinda officinalis, 10 grams of Epimedium, 10 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, 10 grams of walking horse arrow, Luo Shiteng 10 grams, 10 grams of hellebore, 3 grams of ephedra (bottom), 9 grams of cinnamon, 9 grams of antlers cream, and 30 grams of ripe land. Those with sputum add 10 grams of Suzi.
Eucommia kidney and strengthening waist soup (for one or two people) Application: People with waist and knee soreness, weakness of lower limbs, fear of cold and other symptoms. (One dollar is three grams, 50 grams is one or two) Materials: Dog ridge 3 dollars, Niu Dali 4 dollars, Eucommia 3 dollars, pregnant Achyranthes 3 dollars, Codonopsis 4 dollars, Morinda 3 dollars, Black beans one or two , Pig spine half a catty.
20 grams of cork, 10 grams of bougainvillea, 10 grams of habitat, 10 grams of diarrhea, 10 grams of schisandra, 10 grams of lisianthus, 10 grams of cimicaria, 10 grams of stone calamus, decoction, the pain of the body will move from top to bottom -Next to the wrist or ankle.
20 grams of ume, 15 grams of mulberry, 15 grams of Zhimu, 15 grams of astragalus, 10 grams of white peony, 10 grams of angelica, 10 grams of cooked land, 10 grams of chuanxiong, 3 grams of bellflower, decoction
20 grams of ume, 15 grams of mulberry, 15 grams of zhimu, 15 grams of astragalus, 10 grams of white peony, 10 grams of angelica, 10 grams of cooked land, 10 grams of chuanxiong, 3 grams of bellflower, 10 grams of flax kernels, 10 grams of sesame seeds, decoction Serving-treatment of constipation in the elderly.
20 grams of windproof, 15 grams of psoralea, 10 grams of cooked ground, 10 grams of snake bed, 10 grams of cloth leaves, 10 grams of nutmeg, 10 grams of raw licorice, 5 grams of dried ginger, 3 grams of magnolia, and jujube, Shuijianbi-Angelica 10 grams, Alisma 10 grams,
30 grams of cooked land, 15 grams of psoralen, 20 grams of nutmeg, 6 grams of magnolia, 5 grams of peony peel, 10 grams of cistanche, 10 grams of mangosteen, decoction-enhancing the function of human body to absorb nutrients. 1089 Ding Ugly.
外洗而主治1岁的小宝宝长热痱的药方:生地100克、小蓟50克、蜂房30克、薄荷30克(后下)7黑6红8方丁巳日。 ,
一种用于治疗腰痛、骨质疏松、腰肌劳损和腰椎病的中药组合物,包括按重量份计的以下组分: 熟地7-22 山茱萸5-15 巴戟天5-15 肉苁蓉5-15 破故纸4-15 狗脊5-15 杜仲5-15 枸杞子5-15 续断5-15 骨碎补4-15 生地5-15 知母5-15。
(1) 丹参活血调经。
(2) 杜仲补肝肾,强筋骨。
(3) 巴戟温补肾阳,强筋骨,祛风湿。 壮腰补肾汤(一至二人量)
(1) 杜仲补肝肾,强筋骨。
(2) 杞子补益肝肾,益精明目。
(3) 玉竹养阴润肺,养胃生津。
(4) 龙眼肉补益心脾,养血安神。 强筋骨汤水
(1) 杜仲补益肝肾,强筋骨。
(2) 狗脊祛风湿,补肝肾,强筋骨。
(3) 牛大力补虚益肾,理劳疗损。
(4) 千斤拔壮骨健腰,活络纾筋。
(5) 怀牛膝补肝肾,强筋骨。 强筋骨汤水
(1) 杜仲补肝肾,强筋骨。
(2) 怀牛膝补肝肾,强筋骨,活血祛瘀。
(3) 巴戟温补肾阳,强筋骨,祛风湿。
(4) 狗脊补肝肾,强腰膝,祛风湿。
(5) 牛大力补虚益肾,理劳疗损。
(6) 党参补中益气。
(7) 乌豆补肾益阴,健脾利湿。 补肾汤水
(1) 芡实健脾止泻,益肾固精,祛湿止带。
(2) 合桃肉补肾强腰。
(3) 淮山补脾养胃,益肺补肾,养阴生津,止泻固精。
(4) 太子蔘健脾补肺,益气生津。
(5) 陈皮理气健脾,燥湿化痰。

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