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Braised Pork Recipe with Sauce-Food Production Technology-Food Forum-Powered by Discuz!
Braised Pork Recipe with Sauce-Food Production Technology-Food Forum-Powered by Discuz! Raw Material Formula Pig Raw Material 100kg White Sugar 4kg Grain Wine 3kg Anise 0.2kg Cinnamon 0.2kg Red Koji 0.8kg Soy Sauce 2kg Fine Salt 3kg MSG 0.2kg 1 kg of ginger, 2 kg of shallots, production method 1. Raw materials.
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Let meat products have a better color and fragrance-New Rural Business Network
Let meat products have a better color and flavor-Coloring materials for meat products in Xinnong Rural Commercial Network. Coloring materials for food can be divided into two categories: natural pigments and synthetic pigments. Edible natural pigments are mainly chlorophyll, carotenoids, curcumin, beet red, monascus pigments, shellac pigments and caramel pigments. The use of edible natural pigments is safe and not restricted by dosage, which is the development direction of colorants. Synthetic pigments are more commonly used. Compared with natural pigments, they have brighter colors, stronger fastness, stable properties, and stronger tinting power ...
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I. Classification of meat flavors: according to processing technology: synthetic meat flavors, mixed meat flavors, thermal reaction conditioning flavors; by flavor shape: liquid flavor, powder flavor, paste flavor; by flavor: pork Flavor, Chicken Flavor, Beef Flavor, Lamb Flavor, Seafood Flavor and Flavor of Flavored Meat (Vegetarian Meat) Flavor; Divided by Flavor Flavor: Braised Meat Flavor, Roast Meat Flavor, Stewed Flavor, Broth Flavor, Sauce Flavor, Pure natural meat flavor, spicy flavor, spicy flavor. 2.Mix ...
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Making dishes and seasonings makes sense
Stir-fried pork first with wine, sugar and cabbage before vinegar, then salt. Add order: sugar, wine, vinegar, salt, soy sauce. Add order: cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, salt. Soybean oil and rapeseed oil are used for cooking. In order to reduce the loss of vitamins in vegetables, salt should be cooked after cooking. Peanut oil is used for cooking. Since peanut oil is easily contaminated by Aspergillus flavus, salt fryers should be placed first. This can greatly reduce the aflatoxin; if you use emu oil for cooking, you can put half of the salt first to remove the residual organochlorine pesticides in emu oil ...
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You will be pleasantly surprised at the touch of a mouse! Absolutely! Absolutely! Absolutely!
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Jingwu duck neck, absolutely taste duck neck, Jiu Jiu Ya's production process is open_ 真情 Interactive_ Huangchuan Forum
3 pork bones, chicken bones into soup bucket, add water, add cooking wine, ginger, green onions, boil on a hot fire, remove the foam, and boil for 5 hours on a low fire to make 20 kg of fresh soup . Dried Chili Festival, Dried Chili Peppers, Green Onions, Chinese Herbs and Spices: Take a clean brine bucket, put it in a washed bamboo hedge, add spices, including oil and A ingredients, add fresh soup, boil on high heat, heat on low heat for 30 minutes, adjust Such as material B, boil over low heat, remove the bag, and become brine. The brine bucket is boiled with high heat, and boiled on medium heat after entering the duck neck, about 3 ...
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Public version of gourmet recipes (such as fish rot, fish ball. Roast duck. Brine. Braised ....-"Life Channel"-"Special ...
Public version of gourmet recipes (such as fish rot, fish ball. Roast duck. Brine. Braised ....-"Life Channel"-"special ... pretty brine 40 pounds anise 4 two, tangerine half two, three Chen 1 two , Two fragrant leaves, one two peppercorns, two two licorice roots, six grass fruits, one two white buckles, two half cinnamon, two half small gingers, five two gingers, two half cloves, and two Luo Han Guo. 2 pounds of garlic, 1 pound of onion, 1 pound of parsley, 1 pound of celery, 5 green peppers each. Raw smoked fish sauce flower carving 2 each, salt 8 two rock sugar 2.5 pounds Luzhou old handcuffs 3 two, old soy sauce 3 Two lives ...
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The role of spices Alibaba wangchenyu1688's blog BLOG
The role of spices Alibaba wangchenyu1688's blog BLOG is definitely useful to you. The rules of spices 1.o6 j4 d9 E8 c * e6 d 2. The spices themselves have some odors and bitterness. Before use, you must think about removing these odors and bitterness , The aromatic flavor contains less odor and bitterness, soaked in water can remove most of the odor, and bitter fragrance contains more impurities and odor, so generally use liquor soaking, because ** has Dissolution and osmosis ...
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The secret method of authentic brine soup 2
The secret method of authentic brine soup
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100,000 novice why cooking
When the dishes are close to maturity, pour the adjusted powder sauce into the pot to make the marinade thicker and increase the adhesion of the marinade to the raw materials, thereby increasing the powderiness and concentration of the soup and improving the color and taste of the dishes . Putting salt first can make the salty taste penetrate into the raw material, and at the same time, the salt and the protein in the raw material form a "hydration layer", which can keep the moisture in the raw material to a minimum or almost no loss. 11 Before pouring out the spoon, it is often necessary to pour a little oil.
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Spices common sense-BBQ Mala Tang technical training log-NetEase Blog
Spices common sense-Diary of barbecue spicy technology training-Netease blog Spice common sense. If you add spices to your cooking dishes, and make the eater feel fragrant and delicious, but you can't tell what spices are in the dishes, then this is the best use of spices, to reach this level, First of all, it is necessary to understand that the spice is made of plant seeds, flower buds, leaves, stems, root blocks, etc., or its extracts, which have a pungent flavor, give food a flavor, increase appetite, and help eliminate ...
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10 Tips for Interpersonal Relationships
10 Tips on Interpersonal Relationships. The so-called "three glasses of alcohol" means that if one does not drink alcohol, interpersonal relationships are not easy to handle. The so-called "five party friends" means "five parties in the southeast and northwest", you cannot exclude friends, you never know what kind of friends you need, and to what extent you want to associate with what kind of people. Metrics, but you can't exclude dating him. We all know that "Liu Chu Qishan" is all about ...
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Quick recipes for brine and soy sauce-Chef Online-51.COM-New Group
Quick recipe for brine and soy sauce-Chef Online-51.COM-New Group. Quickly produce brine and emu oil recipes. Put the soup, spice bag, sugar color and the raw materials to be braised together. In the process of brazing, add 30 grams of salt, 15 grams of chicken essence, 20 grams of ginger, 25 grams of pepper, and 50 grams. Dried Chaotian pepper and 20 grams of cooking wine (can change the proportion of seasoning according to personal taste), boil and store after each use of brine (or keep it fresh, or boil one at normal temperature every day ...
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Introduction of halogen package materials-Aike
Zanthoxylum: It is spicy and spicy at noon, and has the effect of increasing aroma, eliminating greasiness, and removing fishy smell. It can add fragrance with oily scent. Smell: Spicy taste, specific aroma, can cure diarrhea and vomiting, headache and toothache, have the effect of removing cold. Fragrant aconite: scent is aromatic, taste bitter and pungent, and has the effects of regulating menstruation, analgesics, regulating qi and relieving depression. Shannai: It has a strong fragrance, a spicy taste, and has the effects of relieving cold and warmth, and digesting and relieving pain. White Cardamom: The seeds have a strong aroma, spicy taste, and have the effects of warming the stomach and relieving hangovers.
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Meat product seasoning and flavouring technology_Meat Processing_Shandong Food Network www.sdcate.com
Meat flavoring and flavouring technology_Meat Processing_Shandong Food Network www.sdcate.com In the production of meat products, no matter which way you add spices and flavors, they are the main ingredients of condiments. Divided by flavor: pork flavor, chicken flavor, beef flavor, lamb flavor, seafood flavor and imitation meat (vegetarian) flavor flavor; flavor classification: braised pork flavor, roasted meat flavor, stewed meat flavor, broth flavor , Sauce flavor, pure natural meat flavor, spicy flavor, spicy flavor ...
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Spices Stickers (Welcome Stickers)
Spices Stickers (Welcome Stickers)-Food Production Technology-Food Forum-Powered by Di ... Pepper: Spicy and spicy, it has the functions of flavor enhancement, degreasing and deodorization, and the oil can be used to add aroma. Attachments: You need to be logged in to download or view attachments. Gansong: Spicy flavor is a commonly used flavoring for marinade, especially for beef and mutton. Rows of grass: Its spicy spice has a special aromatic taste and is a common flavoring raw material in the use of Sichuan-style red brine. Sichuan pepper: ...
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Main spices for all kinds of meat
Main spices suitable for all kinds of meats_ 好 美 乐 食品 _ 中国 博客 The main spices suitable for all kinds of meats. The one-step Shenzhu "King of Spices" series is a combination of pure natural spices, Sichuan stew, sauce stew, traditional stew, spicy stew, spicy stew, Daokou roast chicken stew, and leisure stew. One Step Chef is carefully formulated based on Sichuan Zhongshuji's many years of experience and effective results. It will continuously innovate raw materials, innovative seasoning, and innovative dishes ...
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The best bitter flavoring to remove odors Oriental Food Network | Oriental Food Media
Bitter spices are the best to remove odors. Oriental Food Network | Oriental Foods Media has a special type of spices. This is the bitter spices. From the meaning of the word, these spices have bitterness, except for the front. In addition to the cardamom introduced, there are tangerine peel, grass fruit, Amomum villosum, Shannai, Baiji and so on. In addition to the commonly used spices such as star anise, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, and cardamom, you can also use bitter-spices such as tangerine peel, grass fruit, Amomum villosum, Shannai, Paeonia lactiflora, to conceal, kill, and suppress the bad smell of meat ...
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Chongqing brine recipe
Halogen material. After the brine is made from a certain amount of raw materials, the fragrance in the brine will gradually weaken, so the flavor is not rich. The first is to prepare a certain amount of raw brine in advance and add it while being brined, so that the halogenated raw materials can maintain their five flavors. There is a layer of oil slick on the brine, which has a certain protective effect on the brine, but the objects are dual in nature. 7. The brine must be boiled and stored after each marinating food. If the brine becomes more and more lumpy, chicken blood (a ...
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Halogen formulation and halogen method?
-Resolved-search and ask Paeonia serrata, star anise, white peppercorns, cinnamon, licorice, bougainvillea, anise, fruit row grass, sage, pepper, ammonium, seasoning are the same salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken, sugar, stalk, ginger, onion, wine, broth. One...
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Gives an attractive aroma to meat products
Give meat products an attractive aroma. 1. Incense: The meat itself is deodorized, deodorized, refined, and tasted. Different meat products require different spices, so how to choose the right spices plays a key role in producing delicious and high-quality meat products. The so-called natural spices are the ingredients that are extracted or decomposed from natural raw materials (animals and plants), and then made into spices. Spices compatible with different meat qualities: 1) beef: pepper, fruity, cinnamon, ...
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25 classic success stories of "Superman"
A truly great person, others will feel it from his good deeds. The epitaph is not as good as good. No one can educate another person. Those who lack enthusiasm have no clear goals. Unless you want to, no one can destroy your confidence in anything. 19. Fear. Don't hesitate because of fear, move forward to eliminate it. Faith overcomes fear. Leave your fear to yourself, others have fears of others. Those who fear poverty will never be rich. Some people accumulate money in exchange for wealth ...
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59 kinds of perfect recipes for rice [59P]
59 kinds of rice perfect practice Daquan [59P] 1. Soy sauce sauerkraut pork fried rice. 5. Pour a little oil into the pan and cook until 50% of the heat is poured into the rice and stir-fry. To avoid the rice sticking to the pan, reduce the heat and add a little salt to make the rice spread. If the rice is too hard, pour a little water and stir-fry. . 3. Heat the wok, add the onion to stir-fry, add the diced carrots, stir fry for a while, then add the fried chicken, shrimp, and crushed eggs, stir well, then add the rice and keep turning Stir-fry, stir-fry the rice and place in diced green pepper ...
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The princes and envoys of seasoning _ page 3-Tianhe Health Network-andrology, gynecology, parenting, sex, psychology, plastic surgery, weight loss, medicine, urgent ...
(A) Five-spice type is composed of five kinds of spices, such as peppercorn, clove, star anise, fennel, cinnamon, etc., but it should be adjusted according to the different raw materials. 〈C〉 Spicy braised flavor type: The main seasoning is used to mix with sweet and fried spices. For example: using pork belly as the main raw material to make braised pork, cinnamon, nutmeg, and star anise should be used as the main seasoning ingredients. Use fish as the main raw material to make braised fish. The main color should be sugar, cinnamon, star anise ...
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Beef: Pepper, Allspice, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Onion, Ginger, Coriander, Onion, Cardamom, Nutmeg Clothing; Lamb: Pepper, Nutmeg and Clothing, Allspice, Clove, Cinnamon, Sage, Laurel, Ginger, coriander, oregano; fish: pepper, ginger, onion, garlic, nutmeg, cilantro, celery seed, allspice, mustard seed. Fish and shellfish: garlic, shallots, bay laurel, tangerine peel, thyme; nutmeg and clothing, bay laurel, followed by cloves, allspice, onion, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, sage, adzuki bean ...
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Method and recipe of stewed vegetables
Method and recipe of stewed vegetables
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Knowledge of Spices-Meat Encyclopedia-China Meat Technology Forum-Meat Network | Meat Additives | Food Additives | Meat ...
After spraying and drying the emulsified spices, the solid spices are formed by being embedded in a film. / I & G9 n7 I8 Q2 z / C3 A '' y9 N '' g Spices can be divided into the following three categories based on the chemical nature of their spicy ingredients: 3 j) `1 Q6 L.] 9 D # z7 e- F6 {Amides (Unscented spice): The spiciness component is an amide non-volatile compound. The strong pungent irritated part when eating is limited to the mucous membrane in the mouth, like pepper, pepper, etc. p ...
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Nature and Matching of Edible Spices-Food Court [Hotel Department]-51.COM-New Group
Nature and matching of food spices-Food court [Hotel Department]-51.COM-New group of 5,000 grams of boiled bones, 2500 grams of chicken racks, 2500 grams of beef bones, 25 kilograms of water.
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The Secret of Brine Fragrance-[Precious Secret Formula]-[Cooking Network] Chinese Cooking Network: Professional Chef Communication Forum | Chef ...
The Secret of Brine Fragrance-[The Secret Recipe]-[Cooking Network] Chinese Culinary Network: The Professional Chefs Communication Forum | Chef Discussion ... The Secret of Brine Fragrance. I have been operating braised meat for many years, and the summary is as follows: 5 \ 9 k5 k4] $ Q # a3 k & F! | There are two kinds of brine flavors. One is the original flavor of the package. It depends on whether the formula of your package is pure. : | '' q- v / J1 b is the additive. The content hidden in this post requires a reply before you can browse the common pastes such as chicken paste, beef paste, ...
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Chaozhou brine brine recipe and production-Questions and Answers-馋猫 美食 网 Food, Chef, Specialty Raw Materials-Power ...
Chaozhou brine brine recipe and production-Questions & Answers-Cat Food, Food, Chef, Specialty Raw Materials-Power ... Materials: Keel 8 kg, Stick bone 5 kg, Fan bone 3 kg, Old chicken 1 red meat . Finally, fry 3 fragrant and put in brine.
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Can the sugar and pigment match the good color?
<br> <br> lo popular dish, but also because it has a common endearing color gravy red and white halogen halogen points, use them Stewed finished color will have red and white in others, red The seasoning of brine is mainly soy sauce, sugar color, red meat rice juice pigment, etc. The finished product made with it is brown and red, which is suitable for halogenated livestock and poultry offal, game, beef, duck, etc. Master Preparation. <br> <br> making gravy dish called lo ...
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Commonly used brine in Hunan cuisine kitchen ---- easy to bring out the compound flavor-Chef Notes-Sohu Blog
The common method and precautions of brine in Hunan cuisine kitchen. Add 70 pounds of water to the soup bucket, put the raw material C, cook on high heat for 30 minutes and turn to low heat, and boil until 3/5 of the soup in the soup bucket is removed. Put raw material A in a wok again, stir-fry the spice oil, and drain. Put the spice oil and two wrapped spice packs together in a soup bucket over low heat for 60 minutes. After the raw materials are put into the marinating pot, the brine is boiled in a high fire, braised in a low fire, and the fire is stopped in a timely manner to soak the raw materials into the flavor, remove the heat and cold after draining ...
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Exquisite duck neck brine formula worth 20,000— 《Chinese Chef》 —2009 Issue 8—Longyuan Journal
The delicate duck neck brine formula is worth 20,000— "Chinese Chef" —No.8, 2009—Longyuan Journal Net Luo Wei Narrator: The medicinal materials in the traditional Chinese medicine package will volatilize a part of the flavor when boiling the brine, so it is necessary to make raw materials for brine. Add a medicine pack and pepper, pepper, etc. once to make up for the volatile aroma. After using the braised soup once, the amount of broth will be reduced by a certain amount. The braised soup bucket will have a scale. Before the next braising, first add fresh water to make the braised soup reach the specified scale, and then re-feed and adjust according to the amount of braised raw materials ...
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List of Lutang Soup Formulas and Additives_ 博 文 资讯 _Nanning Huike Food & Spice Factory_Enterprise Blog
List of Lutang Soup Formulas and Additives_ 博 文 资讯 _Nanning Huike Food & Spice Factory_Enterprise Blog. King of Lu Xiang. Special color for sauce.
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Wuhan Jingwu duck neck (professional and accurate formula analysis), making method
<br> Materials for marinating: <br> 1 bag of spices, 250 grams of dried peppers, 100--200 grams of pepper, 20 grams of No. 1 essence, 30 grams of No. 2 essence, 10 grams of No. 3 essence, and 20 grams of sodium nitrite 450 grams of salt, 350 grams of MSG, 150 grams of chicken essence, 2 grams of No. 2 pigment, and 10 grams of color protectant. <br> <br> <br> attached: halogen variety of accessories Stewed duck time: <br> 1, duck (duck), duck leg, duck cavity: <br> fire to boil, marinating time not more than 30 minutes ...
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