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Do n’t like cafeteria meals, take a box lunch

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It's warm, isn't it that the baby who doesn't like to eat in the cafeteria starts to get excited and wants to make a box lunch for himself? But isn't it? It seems that the meals you make yourself are more pleasing to the eye, and you can rest assured that you are eating such beautiful bento, and you will feel good working all day. Do n’t be a bento, come and learn
Ingredients: One bowl of hot rice, one slice of cheese, one carrot, two eggs, one home-cooked dish, and one seaweed
Production Method:
1. Ingredients are ready
2. Boil the peas in water
3. The rice is spread on the plastic wrap, and the center can put the dishes they like to eat as the filling, and the mustard and pork floss can be used.
4. Gather up first, then reshape, round, cylindrical can be as you like
5. Cut seaweed into strips, cut out the lace with tooth scissors, and then wrap the rice. The joints can be glued with a little water.
6. Cut out a cat head and a small fish with cheese slices and carrot slices, respectively.
7. Egg spread cake, rolled into rolls and strung with toothpicks
8. Prepare a home-cooked meal
9. Spread the lettuce on the lower layer first, then cover with a layer of home-cooked vegetables, separated by egg rolls
10, put the rice balls in order
11. Put cats and fish in the right place and decorate with peas
Tips: If you do n’t like cold food, you can use a microwave oven before eating. You can choose a lunch box that can be microwaved.
It's hot. It's so beautiful and cute. Make a quick lunch and prepare a working meal for the family. It's really beautiful!
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