www3344.hg.com A large wave of Chinese cuisine gathers in Shanghai City God Temple ___ Pasta Culture Festival opens in Yu Garden

A large wave of Chinese cuisine gathers in Shanghai City God Temple ___ Pasta Culture Festival opens in Yu Garden

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A large wave of Chinese food gathered in Shanghai City God Temple
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This week, the All-Noodle Food Festival opens in Yuyuan Garden! Xiao Bian came to the scene as a pasta control to check it out for everyone!
The scene is just like the arena. Food from various places such as Jin, Anhui, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places are gathered here to compete for beauty. The types of pasta include buns, siu mai, dumplings, flatbread, noodles, etc., which are enough to dazzle everyone.
In addition to a lot of delicious food, I think the most important thing is to watch live performances from chefs everywhere!
Shao Yongfeng Hemp Cake
As an intangible cultural heritage, Shao Yongfeng's hemp cakes are not only full of food, but also eye-catching. One of the most amazing is the special process of hemp. It is said that there are no more than 50 people in this craft in the country. Baiguo, salt and pepper, sesame and other flavors, thin skin and more heart, sweet but not greasy.
Crab Yellow Soup Bun
Have eaten sack cakes, I believe everyone must be thirsty. Here we recommend two special "drinks" for everyone!
(1) Jingjiang Crab Soup Soup
The first one to highly recommend is Jingjiang Crab Soup Soup, which has a history of more than 200 years. You can see that the skin of each soup package is thin like paper. With a straw, Xiaobian can enjoy the mellow but not greasy, and the soup filled with crab and meat is also the most wonderful moment of this food.
(2) Hong Kong Style Crab Soup Soup
The second recommended is Hong Kong-style crab soup soup. Speaking of different things, they use different vegetables in the noodles, so what is presented to us is these colorful soups and delicacies. The soup is not full of delicious meaty scent. With the embellishment of vegetables, the greasy feeling disappears, leaving a slight sweet and natural flavor.
Li Liangui Bacon Flatbread
As a traditional flavor snack in Jilin Province, it must be the best choice for meat control friends. The bacon is made from more than 10 kinds of Chinese medicine, and the big pie is made by boiling the broth with flour and spices. Serve with spring onion, noodle sauce, and meat. If you take a bite of the crispy and salty crust, you will feel the fragrant spleen ~
Huang Gui Persimmon Cake
As a specialty of Shaanxi, Huanggui persimmon cake is made from Huojing persimmon in Lintong. Mix the good persimmons into the flour, and the kneaded and patted by the master repeatedly to form a smooth and delicate pasta. The sweetness and softness of the persimmon are not impressed in the mouth, and it even exudes the faint fragrance of osmanthus, which can be described as the dual enjoyment of taste and smell.
Indian flying cake
This is the only exotic cuisine ~ Here you can enjoy the unique skills of authentic Indian masters performing flying cakes for us. A piece of flat, thick dough, rotating on the hand of the master, vacated, dancing at the highest point, and gently slipping into it. Add onion oil, eggs, bananas, durian, a very exotic exotic food handed to you by the Indian master.
Spicy Crab & Sauce
When it comes to noodles, you must think of extremely delicious seafood noodles, and Tianluo and crab are the most reliable companions for a bowl of seafood noodles. The spicy crabs are moderately spicy, and the sweetness of the crabs is accompanied by the more delicious peppers and green peppers, which stimulate the appetite. Tianluo is cooked with a special sauce for a long time. The thick and sweet sauce is tightly locked by Tianluo's meat, which is unforgettable. When the two are in friction with the noodles, the spicy flavor of the crab meat and the sweetness of the snail meat make the noodles reflect a different taste of the sea.
Yunnan stone sharpened rice
In the noisy flow of people, a small piece of "Xanaduyuan" was suddenly found. In sharp contrast to the fast-paced flow of people, the stone mill slowly moved, and the old man put carefully selected rice into the mill mouth with a bamboo spoon. Soon, the crystal clear rice juice flowed out from the narrow mouth, placed on the plate, and did not look carefully, thinking it was a flawless round jade.
Three fresh bean skins
Soybean skin can be said to be an early favorite of Wuhan people. The fragrant sticky rice is wrapped with fresh bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms and diced tofu. The bean curd covered the rice like a quilt. The fragrance of shiitake mushrooms, the refreshing taste of fresh bamboo shoots, and the savory freshness of diced tofu are tightly wrapped in glutinous rice and tofu. In the end, the fresh eggs were laid on the bean skin, which was completed early to support the Wuhan people's hard and busy day.
It can be said that Xiao Bian showed you only a small part of the whole event this time ~ It may be really delicious pasta that makes you cry. Of course, you still need to explore it by yourself! ~
All-Inclusive Pasta Culture Festival
Time: From now until the 16th 9: 00-18: 00
Address: Central Square of Yuyuan Tourist Mall
Transportation: Line 3, Yuyuan Station, Exit 10

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