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The practice of bacon (2)

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The practice of bacon (2) in detail
Updated on: 2015-4-15 05:45:01
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Bacon (2) Introduction and Features
The texture is soft, the meat is delicious, and the fat is not greasy.
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Dishes taste savory
Main process smoked
Details of ingredients
Pork ribs (pork belly) 2500 g
Marinade 4000 g salt 50 g
50 g ginger and 5 g ginger
2 g white peppercorns 250 g
Detailed steps for the practice of bacon (2)
1. Cut into pieces and soak: Pick the pork out of the remaining hair, cut into 500-gram pieces, and soak the meat in the tank (soak in clear water for seven or eight hours in winter, or three or four hours in summer) to make the blood water soak.
2. Marinade: Put brine into the pot, add onion, ginger, salt, pepper, boil and remove any foam, then add pork, cook for half an hour on high heat, and simmer for half an hour on low heat.
3. Smoke: Put white sugar in the pot and the bottom of the pot, put the sugar on a bamboo stand, remove the meat and put it on a bamboo stand, heat on the fire, smoke the sugar, smoke for five or six minutes, then remove the meat and hang it in a ventilated place Ready.
4. Preservation: Cover the pot tightly when smoked to prevent the loss of sugar smoke. The smoked meat can be stored for one week in summer and one month in winter without deterioration.

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