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Excellent Paella in Hebei

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

In foreign countries, when it comes to bacon, it is highly regarded that Eastern Europe and Poland are top quality. It is unknown that Huai'an County, Hebei (on the Great Wall, formerly the junction of Jisui and Sui, on the Beijing-Taiyuan railway line) is the bacon in Chaigou Fortress. The fragrance is perfect. The bacon made by counties such as Pingjiang in the northeast of Mufu District of Hunan is also very famous, but they are all cured with bacon and smoked. The thickness of the bacon is thin. The quality of the bacon is not as thick as that of Chaigou. This is the relationship between raising pigs. The domestic pig breeding pigs have a small range of activities. They sleep when they eat, and it is easy to grow. Inside and outside the Great Wall, pigs are raised. Some are like cattle and sheep. Large pigs are allowed to run freely. The amount of exercise is large, but the muscle is very developed and strong, so it is like a Polish pig on the basis. In addition, the bacon in Chaigou is not marinated, but marinated with soaking. It is air-dried, and then smoked with pine branches, pine solids (sometimes called "Pine Towers") and sawdust of pine wood, so the bacon comes out, the red is translucent, the aroma is striking and the taste is delicious. The local workshop said that in the pre-Qing Dynasty, every year the goods were pre-ordered by the local magistrates and paid tribute to the emperor. They were not patrons in the local area and they could not supply them, so their fame outside was not loud. It was true. In the early days of the Japanese invasion of China (1938--1939), I was doing anti-enemy work in the area of the South Exit. I only tasted this taste at the banquet of the local administrative commissioner. People who are famous for my delicious food do not know it. Counterfeit. Later, I got a gift. It is really like an arched wall. I do n’t want to use this client easily unless I have good friends. I do n’t know if there is any product yet?
Donkey ball hot pot is a winter home-style dish, not too expensive, but the taste is extremely delicious and worth introducing. In the counties of Hebei University, and even in Beijing, there are several restaurants that are more sophisticated. This is the problem of ingredients, and the taste is rarely different. The donkey meat shabu-shabu in Jinan, Shandong is to take it fresh and tender. In these places, donkey meat is used to make meatballs. Once fried with oil, it has the characteristics of outer coke and tenderness. The hot pot is braised in broth and topped with mushroom bamboo shoots, which can be said to be fresh and fresh, and has a wonderful taste. The folks make hot pots by buying ready-made fried meatballs from a donkey meat shop. This kind of meatballs are minced meat cut from the meat shop. After being chopped, they are fried and sold. In those years, it was impossible to keep it fresh, which was also a method of preservation. The family members use Chinese cabbage, vermicelli, and iced tofu in a hot pot. The taste is not less than that of the restaurant, and it is economical.
Baoding Prefecture ate blood-filled dumplings that existed before the Anti-Japanese War (1937). It is said that after the Japanese invaders occupied North China, they were banned from eating blood (Japanese animals still do not eat animal blood). Blood-filled dumplings are coagulated with chicken blood (when killing chickens and ducks with half a bowl of saline to collect blood, it will naturally form blood clots), cut into thin pieces, and add shrimp, cabbage, carrots, fungus, coriander, etc. The steamed dumplings wrapped in dumplings are no less delicious than meat dumplings or other kinds of vegetarian dumplings. It is the most economical enjoyment for households and working people.
Wowotou is considered a staple food in rural Beijing, and it's all cornmeal. Wowotou, a chestnut powder in Beijing, is named by the Empress Dowager Cixi (discussed in the Beijing Food Festival), but the taste is not as good as the persimmon wowot of Baoding. In northern Hebei province, rural areas like to grow date persimmons (there is "the peach is three apricots and four years are five years old, the date is the money"). Jujubes are not astringent when they are eaten raw. Therefore, as soon as the season arrives, the output can only be stored in dried persimmons. At this time, most people use it to pinch wotou with cornmeal. It is just a thick liquid of cooked persimmons mixed with a thick liquid like honey. It has better adhesion. The steamed wootou is sweet and soft with a delicate fragrance. It ’s delicious to eat, which makes it the best staple food in the countryside.
Fried rice cakes are fried with yellow rice flour and glutinous rice flour, which is similar to the wolf mountain cake. However, the wolf mountain cake is hard and solid, and it is best to use stewed rice to make it more palatable. The outer layer is crispy and the meat is sweet and smooth. It is often praised as a tail food on the feast. At that time, Dr. Yan Panghui served as the ambassador to foreign countries, and often used this fried cake to treat VIPs of various countries. Some people called it "ambassador cake". It is the name in the diplomatic circle. Not much is known in society.

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