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[What is broth] How to make broth _ How to make broth

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Newbies in the kitchen may often see the broth as an ingredient in recipes, and they don't know what it is. Stock soup is a common auxiliary ingredient in cooking. It is a concentrated version of soup stock. It is often used for soup and cooking. As long as the soup is added to the dish, the taste will become very rich. Depending on the dish, the broth used for seasoning is also different. From the perspective of raw materials, the broth includes chicken broth, beef broth, fish broth, and some vegetarian broth. Nowadays, there are also packed paste stock soups in supermarkets, which can directly cook delicious soups, which is the first choice for many white-collar workers to make soup ingredients. In the end, what are the secrets of the deliciousness of the broth and what kind of nutritional value does it have?
What is broth
Broth, also known as fresh soup, is an auxiliary ingredient commonly used in cooking. From a morphological point of view, broth is a soup that freezes to a cream. Today, broth has become an indispensable condiment in people's cooking. Basically, as long as it can be used where water is used, it is often replaced with broth, and the taste of the dishes suddenly becomes much more delicious. The broth is an auxiliary cooking ingredient and is also made from a variety of ingredients. Common broths include chicken broth, beef broth, fish broth, and some vegetarian broths. These broths are made from old hens, chicken bones, pigeons, pork bones, Yaozhu, rock sugar, white pepper grains, longan meat, ginger, etc. as the main ingredients. The soup stock seems to be nothing, but It is the concentrated essence of these nutritional ingredients.
Folk Lu cuisine and Cantonese cuisine are the most commonly used broth. Lu cuisine is characterized by "freshness", and broth is the main source of flavor of Lu cuisine. Cantonese cuisine also pays great attention to the health effects of food. Therefore, various health herbs are often added to make broth, which is also very delicious. In fact, people often eat high-end foods such as shark fins and abalones in high-end restaurants. They are not very fresh. They mainly use broth to draw out the deliciousness of the ingredients. This method is called "hanging fresh". Now, due to the improvement of the quality of life of the boss's surname, many people also pay attention to the taste and nutrition when cooking home-cooked dishes. The soup has also become a "secret weapon" for cooking in many people's homes.
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Types of stock
Due to the different raw materials for making broth, daily broth is mainly divided into two categories, one is meat broth and the other is vegetarian broth. In addition, from the perspective of the soup form of the soup, the soup can be divided into three categories: wool soup, milk soup, and clear soup. The variety of broth is so rich that it can fully satisfy the taste and nutritional needs of different people. No wonder it is so popular! What are the characteristics of these types of broth?
The meat broth, as the name suggests, is a broth made from meat as a ingredient, and the vegetarian broth can satisfy the taste buds of those who are vegetarian. Common broths include chicken broth, pork bone broth, beef broth, fish broth, and so on; vegetarian broths are often cooked with soy beans, carrots, celery, and mushrooms.
Maotang is the most commonly used broth in restaurants. Generally, it is continuously boiled and continuously hydrated. The raw materials are chicken bones, duck bones, pork bones, minced meat, pig skin, etc. They are mainly boiled in cold water, defrosted, put onion ginger wine, and boiled for a few hours on low heat, which is relatively "rough".
Milk soup is a milky white soup that people often see. The milk soup is made of chicken and duck pork bones, pork claws, pork elbow, pork belly, pigeons and other ingredients that can easily whiten the soup. Hot water before boiling, boil in cold water and boil, remove foam, add onion ginger wine, slowly roll To soup thick.
The clear soup is divided into two types: ordinary clear soup and refined clear soup:
Ordinary broth is selected from old hens, partly lean pork, boiled with hot water and boiled in cold water, boiled, simmered, put onion ginger wine, and then reduced to low heat, keep the soup noodles slightly open, and flip the small blisters. If it is too hot, it will be cooked into a white milk soup. If it is too low, the fresh flavor will not be strong.
Refined broth is first filtered by gauze, chopped chicken breast into minced meat, soaked in ginger wine and water for a while, wrapped in chicken gauze with gauze and put in the broth, heated and stirred. Cook over low heat to keep the soup from rolling. After the turbid suspended matter in the soup is absorbed by the chicken velvet, remove the chicken velvet. This refining process is called "hanging soup", which is the best in soup and is often used in the production of high-end dishes. ...
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The practice of broth
The broth is well-prepared, rich in ingredients, delicious, and nutritious. It is an excellent seasoning for dishes. There are also many types of soup stocks, and the natural methods of different soup stocks are different, but the basic cooking methods are similar, except that the raw materials are not the same, and the processing methods are different. In order to meet the needs of everyone's different tastes, here are a few common broth practices for everyone. If you love thick soup, learn it quickly!
Meat and bone broth: Prepare one boiled bone, one ginger, 5g white peppercorns, and 10g longan meat. Prepare a pot of boiling water. Put the pork bones under the hot water for half a minute, lift it, rinse it under running water, and set aside; beat the longan shell and peel the flesh for use; prepare an appropriate amount of boiling water into the soup pot (about (I ca n’t make a big bone), add pork bones, ginger slices, longan meat and peppercorns, boil on high heat; after boiling, remove the foam that floats on the surface, and cook on low heat for 4 hours.
Pork bone broth: Wash the pork bones, bones, and spines into large pieces. Put the soup in a boiling water pot to remove the bloody taste. After removing it, put it in a soup pot with boiling water, add onion segments, and ginger. Cook for 3 to 4 hours.
Chicken broth: Rinse the chicken rack thoroughly, immerse it in a boiling water pot, add it to the soup pot, add an appropriate amount of water and boil, turn to low heat and simmer for 2 hours, add a few pieces of ginger to taste, and continue cooking until the soup is thick Skim the oil slick when it is delicious.
Beef bone broth: Wash the beef bone and cut into large pieces. Put the soup in a boiling water pot to remove the blood. After removing it, put it in a soup pot with boiling water, add the green onion and ginger, and boil it. Cook for 4 to 5 hours. Boil until the soup is creamy and thick.
Smoked bone broth: Wash the calf bones to remove excess oil, chop them into the oven, roast them to brown, then put the roasted beef bones into a boiling water pot, add fragrant leaves, thyme, cloves, and tangerine peel. Turn to low heat and cook for 3 to 4 hours. Skim the noodles and strain them with gauze. ...
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Usage of broth
The broth can be made at home, or you can buy broth in the supermarket if you find it troublesome. In order to facilitate the use of people, finished food supplements such as soup stocks have also come into being. Many people do n’t know how to use it after buying soup or homemade soup. The following briefly introduces the usage of common broth. In fact, broth can be used to cook delicious dishes such as soup dish, vegetables, shark fin, rice, clay fin, claypot rice, etc. As long as you use the broth, the dishes you cook will become extremely delicious.
Pork bone broth can be used to make various soups. You only need to take a proper amount of broth, add water and boil it, and it can also be used directly as a basic flavor to flavor. Chicken broth can be used to make vegetarian soups. Depending on your taste, you can add fresh soup in other soups. Beef bone broth can be used to make a variety of meat soups, or you can use beef tendon or miscellaneous meat with ginger, ginger, and beef slices to replace beef bone broth. Mushroom broth is mainly used in soups to enhance flavor and color. Generally, it is not used alone. Instead, it is added with seasonings. As long as you master the above-mentioned methods of making bone soup soup base, you can flexibly use it when you cook the soup. You can change the water to soup stock for soups that were originally made by adding water. However, do n’t mix it arbitrarily, such as beef or burdock, you can add beef bone broth, which has a strong flavor. If you add other broth, it may lead to confusion. In addition, the broth can also be used to cook noodles, which will instantly give a bowl of ordinary noodles the taste of Japanese thick soup ramen!
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Nutritional value of broth
The broth is a high-grade cooking soup, because most of it is made from various nutrient-rich ingredients, so the broth has a high nutritional value. The soup stock contains a variety of fresh substances such as nucleotides, flavor amino acids, organic acids, peptides, and nitrogen-containing organic substances from the ingredients of the soup. It is also because of the combined flavor of these umami ingredients and other flavoring substances that the broth has a unique fragrance. Because it has both nutrition and taste, the stock is difficult to replace with many commercially available condiments. Due to different materials, the nutrition and efficacy of broth are naturally different.
Bone soup: The special nutrients and collagen in bone soup can promote microcirculation, so it has an anti-aging effect. The 50-59-year-old decade is a turning period of the human microcirculation from prosperity to decline, and bones age quickly. Drinking bone soup during this period often receives effects that are difficult to achieve with drugs.
Chicken soup: Chicken soup contains some water-soluble small molecule substances. The main effect of drinking chicken soup is to nourish qi and lungs, regulate immunity, and prevent colds.
Pork soup: Pork nourish kidneys and nourish blood, nourish yin and moisturize; Pork soup can slowly supplement the anxiety, dry cough, constipation and dystocia caused by insufficient fluid.
Beef soup: beef has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing qi and blood, strengthening bones and bones, and eliminating edema.
Mutton soup: Mutton soup contains very high protein and rich vitamins, which is used to treat the spleen and stomach, and is used to treat nausea, body weight loss, and chills caused by spleen and stomach deficiency.
Fish soup: Fish soup contains a special fatty acid, which has anti-inflammatory effects, can treat pulmonary respiratory inflammation, prevent asthma attacks, and is most effective for children with asthma.
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