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Lectures on the Golden Mean 02 (2) 03 (1)

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

The front is a strong culture, a education completed by a person. As mentioned earlier, the most interesting strength of the South and the strength of the North, we all know that the personality of the northerners of the southerners is indeed different. For example, this section of the book is experiencing a problem. We have been in Taiwan for more than 30 years. Provincial? Native of this province? It seems that the boundaries are very clear. When I meet other people from other provinces, where are they? Shandong people. The northerners scolded us southerners: the southern barbarians, the southerners heard: northerners, mules. Hear from Sichuan: Sichuan rat, mouse. Hunan: Hunan mule. Jiangxi people: Jiangxi old watch. People of Hubei: Jiuhou bird of Hubei. There are nicknames in various places. Jiangxi people met the Luoting people: the old people of Luoting people. The old lady was hard to hear and couldn't tell the taste. Anyway, there is no place everywhere, Cantonese. We went to Guangdong including Taiwanese after we went there: Wai Jiangao. Arrived in Sichuan: the soles of the feet. We are all at his feet, Sichuan is very high at his feet.
This is a big question. What is it? The Chinese nation is very interesting. It ’s okay to eat a full meal. As long as you sit there, a village neighbor is separated by a river. The people on the front bank are different from the people on the back bank. Shore. The east is different from the west. It ’s okay to eat a full meal. But there is one thing. The Chinese nation is different. It ’s fun to be full and have nothing to do. It ’s like a fight between brothers and sisters. Nothing can be called to make a living. Otherwise, it ’s boring all day long. When it comes to a country and a nation encounters a major event, these issues are abandoned, and there is no such thing at all.
Especially when I met abroad: Japanese? Chinese people? Chinese, okay, fellow villagers come to my house. These problems, but you said that there is no problem, a document clearly reflects that during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period, the southerners and the northerners were different. Then you are looking at this nation. This is a big problem. You have to write a monograph and at least several episodes of your doctoral dissertation. Employed in history, Shandong came out, Shanxi came out. For example, the historical record supervisor Ma Qian wrote: "The Qin and Jin Dynasties, the Qin and Jin People are more treacherous." The weak families all came from Qin and Jin, at that time, during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods. This cannot be said now.
This way, this problem has been troubled in every era. It was very obvious until the Song Dynasty. Song Taizu Zhao Kuang erected a monument, which was not allowed to be seen. Which son was in position as emperor could be opened to see: Do not use Nan people as prime minister. Southerners are not allowed to be prime ministers. What is the reason for this? That's serious, Nan people are not allowed as prime minister. As a result, the first Southerner of the Song Dynasty was the prime minister, and the Jiangxian: Wang Anshi, historically, it started to make the world mess. Which monk Zhao Kuangyin taught him and which Taoist priests taught him do not know. Therefore, Chinese history has almost become a theorem. The people of the North, the Yellow River, and the Central Plains presided over one thing. The people of the South assisted, and the world was peaceful.
Southerners have a different taste, and their cultural ideas are absolutely brilliant. You see, Lao Tzu, Zhuang Tzu, and Zen Buddhism have always come from the south. Most of them are out of ten. Thought and culture are extremely intelligent. That tolerant, generous and tolerant, and tolerant of everything, the South is inferior to the North. Divided up in detail, each place has its own personality. So, all the way down, you have watched Manqing enter the border for three hundred years, and have been in trouble for half a day, academically and politically. From Kangxi to the Guangxu era, he has always been a scholar of the South, forming two major barriers with scholars of the North. However, with more than 300 years of politics and culture in the Manchu dynasty, the North was in power, and the South was a famous person and a poet. After Qianlong, Jiaqing, and Xianfeng, the power of the southerners rose, and the world was in chaos, almost indifferent.
Later, in the early years of the Qing Dynasty, there was a scholar, who was one of the world's officials: Gu Tinglin, he wrote a book "The Book of Diseases in the Kingdom of the Kingdom of the World", a great book. It is about the practical skills of the world. Gu Zuyu made a "Minutes of Reading History, Fang Yu," which combined Chinese history and geography to study this country and leave it to future generations. If you want to build a country and how to make this country rich and powerful, these two books must be read. One is Gu Tinglin's "Guixi Disease Book of the World County", and Gu Zuyu's "Minutes in Reading History". Therefore, when we are young, these two books must be read and kept, which is called Er Gu Quan Shu. The old ancient culture company publishing house wanted to come up with such a book. Everywhere I went to see it personally. I investigated his nationality, locality, and personality in various places.
The second question, why do people form a character? This is a wonderful study. Humans are plants, animals, minerals, and people. So, calling characters is different. When it comes to which provinces and regions have more beautiful characters, Qingxiu is Qingxiu, and rough is rough. Roughness has a rough style, and Qingxiu has a clear taste. The taste is different from the style. The taste can only be seen, and the style can really do something. Therefore, in terms of phase law, it is said that the southerner and the northerner, or the northerner and the southerner, are all noble people, and they are all great. This principle means the personality of the North and the South, the personality of the East and West, and even the personality of each region and each person. For example, in this province, I also read a lot of books and planted poisonous books. When I arrived in this province, I also asked, where are the southerners different from the northerners? Those old men from the province I came to are now more than ninety live. He said: Yes, the south looks down on the north, the people in the south look scared in the north. People in the north see Wenshan District as the most terrible place. Wenshan District is the area around Xindian, which is different.
I said: Where is the best? Chiayi in the south, but the Japanese look down on Chiayi. The Japanese are called Chiayi: swear words. What's the point? Anti-Japanese heroes, when the Japanese ruled, they resisted the Japanese the most, and that was the most swearing Chiayi people. It is just such a little place, but also has different personality in the southeast and northwest regions. Therefore, I was educated by these old friends in this province. Based on the faces and personalities of these students, ten or seven or eight were right. Based on this, you will know that personality is different. The South is also strong, strong and cunning. Studying this position in such a small place has different personalities and even looks special. So, therefore, characters are almost the same as physics.
Either fruit or vegetable, especially if you eat Chinese medicine, you know what Chinese medicine says, it ’s from Sichuan, it ’s sweet, it ’s from Gansu, Gan wolfberry, Gansu ’s best, not sweet The meaning is not to say that sweet wolfberry is delicious, there are wolfberry everywhere, but in Gansu, the effect of medicinal preparation is not great, it is not strong qi, or sweet qiji is "strong qi." Chuan Huanglian, not Sichuan's not so bitter, a little bit bitter, that's meaningless. Huai yam must be in the Huai Shi area of the Yangtze River. The yam is delicious in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The yam here eats like taro, and sometimes it is as hard as a stone. Everywhere sweet potatoes come to this place, so sweet potatoes also vary from region to region. Therefore, this article is a simple and piecemeal introduction to this. It is not a detailed study. The detailed study of this article has a lot of problems, including a lot of knowledge. I just told my classmates to study this article. Problems of historical culture, historical philosophy, and historical politics, then you must read the two books just mentioned, and carefully study the "Book of Diseases of the Kingdom of the World", each province, each county, each He has studied the regions.
Gu Tinglin read books, he read thousands of books, he also traveled all over the country, because he was determined to overthrow the Manchu dynasty and restore China's Ming Dynasty. Therefore, scholars, he did not come out to be an official in his lifetime, but he was very clever. Manqing could not allow him not to surrender or to be an official. His descendants and grandchildren went to be officials in Manqing and followed the Emperor Kangxi. . Therefore, he will not be forced to surrender, and he will never surrender. Studying this person is a historical philosophy, plus his knowledge and writings are all about national economy and people's livelihood. Academic writings are very famous, Gu Tinglin. That is to say, why do you add this paragraph to the golden mean? This is all about moral cultivation. You young people should know this, and why it is very interesting to add this paragraph to Ziluo Qiang. Because we now read ancient books, especially history books, let Song Ru circle him, circle him section by section, it seems to become a slogan, a clause. In fact, "University" and "The Doctrine of the Mean" are coherent articles, there is no separation in the middle, and chapters and sections are divided by posterity.
Therefore, in the habitual article, here is a climax. This climax also explains something. Those who practice learning to write ancient texts know that this climax indicates that if one wants to learn spirituality, or to learn, moral, and want to complete, he must Strong will, strong personality, the elder husband can do such a thing. The spirit of history is here, why do we think so, you will know when you see the next chapter.
Zi Yue: Su Yin, acting strangely, there is a saying in later generations: Wu Fu is the one. The gentleman obeys the way, and quits halfway; Wufu can already die. The gentleman relies on the golden mean, he never knows without regret, but the Holy One can do it.
The above mentioned first is to be strong, firm, hard-hearted, persevering, and big-husband-like, and to be able to say that we can learn to practice. Therefore, we have therefore quoted Confucius words to explain, Su Yin, strange behavior, these are two nouns. We now see the index of a certain book on the street, right? This name phrase was borrowed from Confucius. The so-called books sold on the street are indexed by the Thirteen Classics, and now the posters use this quote, and the quotes they used were not used in the past, "A Dream of Red Mansions", probably you haven't read them. The book is called Hong Lou Meng Suyin. Now index it is a reference book, check which sentence and which word of this book are there. Some ancient books use this Suyin, that is to say, the author of this book and the true meaning of this book are specially taken out, that is called Suyin. There is such a difference, Su Yin is different from the index.
But here is Su Yin, that's not the meaning. It is something that a person does. From researching things to very weird places, in modern words, they are called horns. After a scholar has drilled the horns of his horns, he has formed a special personality, which is very weird. The second type: Su Yin, acting strangely, that behavior is special. In Chinese history, making Su Yin acting strangely is another problem. Find a lot of historically hidden characters and strange characters. For example, the famous modern people: Qi Baishi, the one who engraved the stamp, would draw, and sometimes it ’s strange to do it, that's also the artist, Mingshi. Once in Beijing, a very important person asked him to engrave a stamp. Usually he does n’t engrav it. He is willing to engrave a stamp for you. Then that person sent someone to give a hundred dollars for nutrition, which is now equivalent to one thousand dollars. At a glance, one hundred yuan, the maid sent him the money: tipping you for a ride.
Most people watch strange things, there are many strange and weird people, you have a lot of these characters in history. We have a friend who has been a minister here. He is dead now. He was so poor that he did n’t have any food. He ran to a friend to borrow 2,000 yuan. He did n’t go to the restaurant for a long time. One person called a bottle of wine. He had n’t smoked for a long time. He took another pack of cigarettes. After they were brought in, the wine was also opened, and the good wine was drunk. “What food to eat?” What kind of things are good for you? "Eat them for a total of five or six hundred, and then take out two thousand:" What about tobacco and alcohol? " "I'll give you a tip for that much." I still have no money when I get home. You said he was weird, and he was used to it. He did the same. He didn't ask how much the tip was, and it was one of the blame.
There are many strange people. In the past, some literati learned well. Of course, that strange behavior is even more strange than me. Look at the painter, Ni Yunlin of the Ming Dynasty. Nothing in his garden should be touched. Not much to keep friends. One day, a friend was very good with him. He stayed with him for one night. The friend slept until midnight and coughed. He heard it and did not fall asleep all night: I do n’t know where the sputum is. After waiting for a friend to leave early in the morning, he asked the maid to get up from the bed, but he couldn't find all the places. The tree leaves in front of the window were found one by one, but they were not found at last. Already. I don't know where the sputum is. Ni Yunlin is so strange. Later, when a very powerful person asked him to draw a picture, he would never paint, otherwise he would kill him, and then he fled. After fleeing, he encountered the chaos between the Ming and Qing dynasties, and he was caught by others. Then, hit him and let him admit that it is Ni Yunlin. As long as you admit that you are Ni Yunlin, you let him go. You just didn't say a word, and you were half-dead. Then there was no way to see if he let him go again. Others asked him: why don't you cry? He said that it was cheesy and not elegant anymore (laughter).
There has been a lot of this kind of weirdo in history. It is very famous. It was very famous in the Northern and Southern Dynasties. Yuan Ji was a good forge, Yuan Shi was a good man. But strange people are famous, famous. Seven wise men in the bamboo forest in history, every sage has every strange. It's strange and weird, it's weird chicken, it's salty and weird to eat Sichuan food. Therefore, Confucius said: Su Yin, acting strangely, there are stories in later generations, a person has learned, really learned and very ordinary, very ordinary, bland. With a little talent, be smart, it must be weird. This kind of posterity is described in the later generations. Later generations are famous in history and literature, but it is not the right way. Confucius said, "I am the only one who will do this." I will never do it. This so-called Confucius is fame and fortune to most people. For example, the Yuan Dynasty in the Jin Dynasty: if you don't shed a hundred centuries, you will stink for thousands of years. People always keep their names in history, and do not leave Fangbaishi, and they are famous for scolding them for thousands of years. Such a strange behavior, Confucius said, I will not do this, I will never do it.
This is a typical, a norm. The second kind is better. I have worked hard on morals and learning throughout my life. Young people are committed to practice, follow the path, and learn everywhere. But after studying for a long time, he was thirty or fifty years old, and he was forty or fifty years old, and he could n’t repair any fruit. If the fruit could n’t be cultivated, he would lose it halfway. If he did n’t do it, it would change. Such a person has no beginning and no end. No, Confucius said, I, personally, I would never do this, nor do I. So what does a real person, an so-called intellectual, a scholar, a scholar, and an educated person, do as an individual? All learning, in order to achieve the state of internal cultivation, internality, and Tao, must depend on the mean. Inseparable from spiritual practice, inseparable from morality, without knowing it without regret, it is hidden for life, no one in the world knows you, no one knows you, and no one knows you are moral and learned.
Changing a word in the Book of Changes means that you do n’t see the world without seeing you, do n’t get bored, and never get bored, as Confucius said. I have never heard of you in my life, no one has known you in my life, I have no regrets, and I have used it very well, but in the Yi Jing, the original narrative of Confucius is better, no blame, no worries. Therefore, we look at Confucius' cultivation, his knowledge, and one of the Analects of Confucius also says: People do n’t know and do n’t hesitate, and there is no gentleman. Do not hesitate, not bored, think I am such a great person, you do not understand me, frown when you see people: you stupid people, I am a contemporary saint, I am a contemporary talent. Therefore, people are unaware of it and have no troubles to be able to get a person who has completed education and a person who has received advanced education. Without these two words, I came to Japan more than ten years ago, the same professor, I asked about your academic changes after the war, and he picked up a pen and wrote "a lot of people", he is an old professor of Chinese is very good , The two of us took a look and smiled. He's ridiculous, he doesn't have much ability. There are many people, and the true cultivation never sees and regrets. Confucius added a conclusion: Only the Holy One can do it. Only those who have internal cultivation can do it. What about internal spiritual practice? Ordinary and bland. I feel that it is not more remarkable than anyone else. In this way, the state-owned road is not blocked. Completely personal. The way of learning is here. This section together shows a norm, standard for one's learning, reasoning, and accomplishment. The state of preaching is as follows:
The gentleman's way is hidden and hidden. The foolishness of a couple can go with them, even to the utmost, although the saints also have no idea. Couples are not good, they can do it, and even so, although the saints can't do it. The world is so big that people still regret it. Therefore, gentlemen have a large language, and the world can't break it.
This place is truly modest. The Golden Mean book, Zi Sizhuan, the entire book describes Confucius's knowledge, morals, academic thinking, and establishes the name of the Golden Mean. The doctrine of the golden mean is the doctrine of the world. The doctrine of the golden mean speaks of the metaphysical body, and the true function of the act of personality, the use of morality is called the golden mean. Actually, where is this body? For example, the Buddhism states that the mind is transparent, and the ontology is called Zhenru. Where is the body? If you go to find a body, not only can't you find it for a lifetime, people who learn Buddhism from ordinary husbands to buddhas must be robbed by three major monks, and you can't find only eight major monks. Where is the body? The body is only seen in use, and the body is seen in all things. In other words, where is this Tao? All things are the way of the Tao, all things are the way of the Tao. The body is in phase, use, medium, and out-of-phase, and there is another individual. This body is also a phase, and is also used. Therefore, Confucius said in the I Ching: the metaphysical means the Tao, the metaphysical, the unknowable and invisible, the metaphysical means, the philosophical term, is metaphysical in the I Ching, Confucius said. Western philosophy turned over and called metaphysics, is Confucius a word.
Where is the body of this Tao? The way of a gentleman, you have to see the Tao, see the truth clearly, it ’s easy, it ’s easy to hide, the Tao is everywhere, take the Buddha ’s words, and go all the way to the law, your hair goes to the toes, under your soles, underground Mud shit is there because he is everywhere. But you can't find him. Therefore, it is called Rulai Tibetan in Buddhism and is omnipresent. But you are looking for a Rulai Tibetan, you said that I meditate now, my eyes closed to hide the Rulai Tibetan, where exactly are you using it, are you busy and ca n’t find it. Therefore, "the gentleman's way is hidden and hidden", omnipresent, that is, you can't find it and find the present way. Zi Si made a special note in this place, which shows that he realized the Tao and proved it.
Where is the Tao? "Fool's fool", between men and women, "can talk to each other", the mental behavior between men and women, all kinds of behavior, that is, between people, is Tao. But you say that this is the most common. There are people in the world, there are men and women, and men and women fall in love. Falling in love does not leave the Tao, but it is a problem that love is not in harmony with the Tao. "A couple's folly can go with it," but is it so easy to say? For example, how easy it is for "the foolishness of a couple" to reach a living person. We are all born. How the living person was born so far is still a major medical problem and has not been studied yet. Therefore, scientific research now does not rely on human beings. Being researched, people are made in the bottle, and they are ready to be made in the air in the future, scientists' illusions. If you say that fantasy will become a fact, you will not know. Even if a glass bottle creates a person, it is not surprising to create a person with one finger in the air. From the perspective of Chinese culture, there are people in the air, "the gentleman's way is hidden and hidden," and people are in the air.
It is easy to explain Chinese culture without scientific explanation. "The gentleman's way is hidden and hidden", and people are in the bottle. This is literary, then it is not science. But the truth is indeed such a truth. You know, the Word is everywhere, do you say it is everywhere? You have to be clear about sex, you have to see this Tao, "It ’s so great," "Although the saints have some ignorance," to the deepest, most mysterious, most truthful place of the Tao, the saints of the Tao also It is impossible to understand thoroughly, "Although the saints have some ignorance." Chinese culture speaks of sages, and even Lao Tzu, Shakyamuni Buddha are included. I still don't know, these two sentences killed someone. As far as I know, only one person answered best, these two sentences. A master of Zen in the late Ming Dynasty, Master Miyun Wu, answered these two sentences very well, only he. Therefore, many Confucians in later generations believe that the only reason is to study the Dharma and study the Confucian books after returning to them.
Therefore, Master Laoshan of the Ming Dynasty noted "University" and "The Golden Mean" for this reason. How did Master Miyun Wu answer? Miyun Wu is also called Tiantong Wu, because he also presided over the abbot in Tiantong Temple. At that time, the abbot was hired by the government, and he realized that the monk is a proper monk. The story of Master Mi Yunwu is almost the same as that of the Sixth Ancestor. He has never read books since he was a child. He was bitter and chopped firewood. He later became a monk. He became a monk to learn meditation. Later, his conversion disciples learned a lot of Buddhism from him, and learned a lot. A great Confucian came to him and asked him what books he would learn after he realized it. He said: "You have all taken the test for your name. Haven't you understood this after reading a lifetime?", "I understand the text. This way? Master, I really don't understand." He said this sentence, which shook ancient and modern times, and hasn't known it since ancient and modern times: "I do n’t know if the saints are full of sages and the saints are saints. If the saints are known, they are saints, and if they are sages, they are saints." Clear and clear.
The reason is that if we have read the Sixth Ancestry of the Altar, you know, "There was nothing, and where did you get the dust." The real enlightenment was that the five ancestors later asked him to enter the room again. When he told him the Diamond Sutra once, and when he said that he should be born without a place to live, the six ancestors came to realize it. He said a few words: What period is self-sufficient. This nature has the law of heaven and man, and the law of hell evil spirits. In itself, a man can be a saint, he can immediately become a devil, he can immediately go to hell, and he can also go to heaven immediately. So, have everything. Master Mi Yunwu replied that the foolishness of a couple can be associated with it. We, the ordinary men, always had the word, but they were sufficient. We ordinary people did not know. But in the same way, he is a saint who is relatively saints. He is fully aware of the Tao and possesses the saint law. There is another person who has got the Tao. I got the Tao. Like a child, my Tao can't be dropped. Do n’t move. I have a Tao. I ca n’t touch it. Your Tao is worthless.
The Tao is immutable and omnipresent. Therefore, he said: If the sage knows, if the sage has an enlightenment, he feels that I am enlightened, then he is not a saint. Just the leftovers. If a sage knows that he is a common man, the sage has the word and that taste. You ignore it, and there is no word. There is no real understanding. If the ordinary man knows that he is a saint, if the ordinary man knows this, then I am the Tao now, and the ordinary man becomes a saint and realizes the Tao. After realizing this, there will be no realm of realizing it, and you want to keep it. Do n’t touch me, eat, I do n’t eat anymore, I have a way, it ’s important to practice, that ’s not it. The answer is so thorough that no one has exceeded that since ancient times. He didn't mean to comment on The Doctrine of the Mean, others were very good at learning and couldn't understand. As soon as this was answered, the class of scholars opposed Buddhism, and both knees became soft, and they knelt down. Extremely brilliant.
Therefore, the following "what a couple does is not bad, they can do it, and to the extent that it is impossible for the saints to do it." The same reasoning. One is "knowledge" and the other is "action". Wang Yangming later talked about "knowing and doing". The practice is the bodhisattva practice. Only those who understand the Tao can practice it. However, Confucians are sages in terms of Confucianism. Sages are very ordinary. There is no bodhisattva in the so-called Bodhisattva path. Being a man should be a thing, and loving someone is a thing that a man should do. Saving people is a thing that a man should do. Man has achieved the extreme of being a Buddha. Buddha and man are just different names. So, do n’t read it together here. Couples can be stupid. Men and women are extremely stupid. Men and women are stupid. Love is the most stupid thing, the stupidest thing is the happiest thing. This is incredible, it's called the couple's way of doing things and it's hidden. The couple is not bad, the behaviors between men and women are inexplicable. But the behavior of the saint is also inexplicable. He knows that all sentient beings can't finish, he wants to cross all sentient beings, and he can't go through. I ca n’t become a Buddha if hell is n’t empty. You see this is not foolish. One is acting, the other is knowing. After Master Yun Miwu ’s explanation of these few sentences, the Golden Mean does not need to be explained, that is, his two-sentence explanation.
Ordinary men are saints if they know, and saints are ordinary men if they are known. The sage's way of life looks like that, for a dime, you can buy it. A person who has the word will not look like the word, it is ordinary. Fanfu knows that he is a sage, that is, a Buddha, and that all beings are Buddhas. After realizing it, he becomes a human. Fanfu Ruozhi is a saint. This meditation Zen is called transference. In this way, the whole truth is made clear. Ji Feng's remarks are the truth. Now some people are learning Zen, and they are not able to go out after turning around for a long time. What's the use? Master Miyun Wu gave a transfer phrase to "The Golden Mean", and everyone understood it, and then realized it. Speaking of this Tao, why is Tao hidden and omnipresent? We were originally in the Tao, but we could n’t find it, why ca n’t we find it? Big and nothing but, "The world is big, and people still have some regrets. So gentlemen have a big language, and the world can't suffocate." He said that the world, the universe, is unlimited and infinitely expandable. Zhuangzi was so big and nothing but so big. You say big, this is called big, the world is big, the universe is bigger, the galaxy system is big outside, big, there is always a side, no side.
Therefore, no exception, no exception, the smallest. Small but no inner, small can't be too small, can't be too small, it's empty, it's big. Therefore, size is an artificial assumption, and true size is no size. The truth in The Doctrine of the Mean is the same as that of Zhuangzi. When it comes to the Da Dao, the void is everywhere in the legal world, as described in the Buddhist scriptures. Think about these two sentences. How big is the Quartet? The bigger the Buddha says, the better. It's better not to see the shadows. It's incredible. It cannot be said how big it is. Therefore, in a big way, the Tao is large and the body is large. The Buddhist scriptures, "Fan Guang Hua Hua Yan Jing", is large and metaphysical. In your heart, if you see your own nature, you see your own nature, and the void is born in your heart, as a cloud is too clear, it is equivalent to a cloud floating in the void. The entire universe is so small on your mind and body, you see how big the mind body is. Many of you are sitting here to learn Buddhism. You have to know that this is what the Buddha said. It ’s the same as the mean. But everyone meditates with their eyes closed and plays there. They close their eyes and play in the inside. They ca n’t play in it, they ca n’t catch any thoughts, press there, then catch them by breathing. It ’s unclear how you catch it, how you can learn it. Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism are all the same.
Therefore, the language of the world is "the world can not be ridiculed", the language is small, "the world is not ridiculed", not too small, not too small. Learn the Tao, learn the concept of Buddhism, observe the bright spot, observe the light, and observe how small it is. I say that it is not too small. Xiaoda is only opposite if the two sides are opposite. There is no real absolute when the two sides are relative. This is the mean. There is an absolute, absolute and relative two, "I am absolute", "really?" "Absolute!" You see that he is relative, because the concept of absolute is opposite to the relative two. It is equivalent to saying, "I am absolutely not subjective", "You are not subjective?" "Objective" "Your very objective?" "Very objective" has been subjective. Subjective objective, objective subjective is this thing. Therefore, none of them are acceptable, and one of them has been missed. Therefore, the small language "The world is unable to break through", then told us all the Tao.
This time tells us very clearly where the Tao is to be repaired, where to see the Tao, find a golden mean, in other words, use a Buddhist saying, where do you go to see the truth, go and find, the fool of a couple can go against it, Tao During a meal. Zhuangzi is more thorough, saying that there is a way in urine and urine. But don't get your stool tested. That is to say, is the behavior moving, thinking moving, just look for it here. It ’s the way to eat and dress, and to fall in love with Buddha. Fei Yinyin, so when taking the Zen case, many people fell and became enlightened, and many people encountered enlightenment. Why is it so fast? Is the gentleman's way hidden and hidden? You can't find it everywhere. Therefore, saying this principle tells us that you are going to find it, although the saints do not know it. All of us follow the path of clever cleverness to find and build a path, so we cannot find it.
That's really feeble and hidden. The original thought is very clear. It's hidden away for you. Where is the Tao, he quotes our ancient culture in the Book of Songs:
Shi Yun: "The kite flew to the sky, and the fish leapt to the depths." Yan Qi also looked up and down.
"The kite flies in the sky, the fish jumps in the abyss", the bird flies in the air, and the fish jumps in the water. This is the Tao. In other words, the vitality and vitality are lively. The Tao is not a board. You close your eyes and sit there and cross your legs. It is to practice your meditation and change your mind and habit. It is not the Tao. This is not the way of seeing the Tao. This is just a gesture of learning to practice the Tao. Where the Tao is, the universe is omnipresent, and the void is everywhere in the void. Therefore, the Zen ancestor said: The green and green bamboo is the Dharma body, and the melancholy yellow flower is nothing like that.
Li Yun, Han Yu ’s disciple came to see Master Yaoshan. Finally, the old monk gave him a finger. In fact, the old monk must have read the doctrine, "Is it flying in the sky, and the fish is leaping into the depths?" come out. Later Li Li asked, "Master, I don't understand, you can tell me clearly," Yaoshan said, "the clouds are in the sky, and the water is in the bottle." Li Yan thought that he realized it, and immediately after he got down, he wrote an article called "Refolding Book" to restore his nature. After the publication of this book, Song Confucianists turned around in Li Zhi's renaissance books. The origins of Confucianism and Song and Ming Confucianism are as follows. Therefore, these two sentences of the mean, that is, said by Master Yaoshan, "Yanqi also looks up and down", look up, look down, Tao is everywhere and Tao is everywhere. You know, you stare to death, and you wo n’t see it when you change your mirror. Is the word always open and closed? He said everywhere. This article gives us the conclusion, this article of the Golden Mean is central, preaching:
The gentleman's way is about couples. It is also extremely close to the world.
He said that where the golden mean is, it is in life, between male and female couples, between yin and yang, and ordinary life. It is very ordinary life, extremely simple and low-level life, ordinary and moral basic here. Cultivation is two sides of life, and it is not the same. The path must be entered into the mountain, that is not the path. Where there is a road in the mountains, there is no road in the mountains, where is the road? The road is right there-the road, the road. The gentleman's way is about couples, that is, the life standard begins. You have realized enough of the life standard to understand yourself, that is, the Buddhists say that they know themselves, that is, they have a clear mind. Look at the world and finally pass the legal realm, and you will understand the whole. Get to know your own mind first. This is the Tao. The realm of the Tao really has the realm of the Tao. The boldness of the Tao, "the kite flies in the sky, and the fish leaps into the depths" includes the universe. The mind is the universe, and his own mind is the universe. While learning the Tao, sitting there meditating, frowning, then the head, teeth, legs are sore, the teeth bite the eyebrow headache, that is not Tao.
The Tao is very free, very broad, and lively in the spring breeze. The realm of Tao followed with quotations from Confucius and explained it profoundly.
子曰:道不远人,人之为道而远人,不可以为道。 "
告诉青年同学们,读书不能马虎,像这些书也不是老师(教的。)我当年老师教我只晓得背,管他违道不违道,只要背了不错、不打手心就好了!为什么看到一个“违”字啊,管它(呢!)什么都不管。中年以后,自己慢慢懂了,哎呀? !!怎么“忠恕违道不远”,这是干什么的呀?古人写文章不乱用一个字的,换不得的!所以“违道”这里是画龙点睛一只眼。所以他说“忠恕之行,违道不远。”
“所求乎臣以事君,未能也。”让我好好做人家一个大干部、高级干部,我没有做到,很抱歉! how to say?鲁国叫他做了三个月的司法行政部长,他上来把鲁国第一名人“少正卯”就杀掉,因此引起大家政治上的攻击、排挤他,三个月就下台。他想为鲁国真正做一点根本文化,治国平天下,他结果做不到,因此他只好离开自己的国家,周游列国,所以他觉得“所求乎臣以事君,未能也。”他说我也够不上,没有做到。

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