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A story to show you how the poor start their business

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As the saying goes, "Long Sheng Long Feng Sheng Feng, mouse children will punch holes." Although this sentence is about genetic issues, but we have taken the matter to start a business, it is also true-rich people start business easily It's easy to get richer and richer, and it's hard for the poor to start a business. What Xiaobian said here is just a general phenomenon, and it does not rule out the case of the poor's successful counterattack. Next, let's take a look at the way of the poor's entrepreneurial success:
Borrow money to start a business
Old Sun is an honest farmer in Leizhou, Guangdong, but likes to do business, he always feels like a businessman. But it wasn't until he was 40 years old that Sun earned enough capital to start his own business. He used the money to buy a motorcycle and started a business in Leizhou City. His business was actually a customer on the street. Among the passengers in Leizhou City, the grandson is almost the oldest and the one who makes the least money.
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At the age of 42, Lao Sun ’s passenger business failed. The reason for the failure was, in Lao Sun ’s own words, “the business was done too obliquely. Lao Sun who wanted to“ make the business bigger and stronger ”sold the motorcycle to another Relatives borrowed money, and then made friends with two friends. Finally, they collected 40,000 yuan, and bought an extremely dilapidated CMB to start operations.
At 44 years old, Sun's operating business failed. At this time, Sun Sun was actually bankrupt, and in Sun Sun's own words, he was "unable to make a living". The desperate old man sold CMB and borrowed another 80,000 yuan to run for the third time in Guangzhou.
Just like many people who have earned the first bucket of gold from small businesses, they have tried to do multiple businesses before success, although they have not accumulated wealth, or are poorer than before, and owed debt. But they have a different fortune than people who have never done business-a sense of the market and a unique understanding of risk.
2. Do poor business
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To open a shop, one needs to know where his customer base is. The old man said that he was a poor man in his family. He knew the psychology of the poor to buy things. When he opened the store, he wanted to do business for the poor. The business of the poor is hard to do on the surface, but it is best to do it. The poor see less of the world, they are not very picky about product quality and style, and they like fashion. Shopping is nothing more than cheap and fashionable. As long as your goods are cheap and fashionable, they must be easy to sell, so Lao Sun has been operating low-end shoes from 20 to 50 yuan and mid-range shoes from 60 to 100 yuan. Old Sun said: People in the city need to prepare everything from sandals and leather shoes to sports shoes and slippers. They need four or five pairs of shoes a year. With so many people in Guangzhou, the shoe market has something to do.
Old Sun said that a 20-square-meter shop in Shoe City costs 9,000 yuan per month for rent plus miscellaneous electricity and water; purchases at the wholesale price at the shoe wholesale market, each purchase of 100 pairs of shoes, so the working capital must be prepared for 40,000 to 50,000 yuan The operating cost is only RMB 89,900,000. As long as the business is successful, there is no problem in recovering costs in two years.
3. Avoid vicious competition
Old Sun was helpless in Guangzhou. When I heard that Zhanjiang in Xinshi Shoe Industry City was crowded, he went to Xinshi Shoe Industry City to get together and warm up. People who have been soaking in the fish market for years have fishy smells when they do n’t eat fish For those who have been walking at night, they can see the road clearly without lighting. After a few months in the shoe city, Lao Sun wanted to understand one thing. The professional market in Guangzhou Chengxingcheng is thriving because, compared with a market with greater demand, the number of small-scale operators is large, but they are mutually related. It is difficult to generate vicious competition, and everyone finds a living space in various market segments.
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Just as many small business operators interviewed by reporters have succeeded in doing so, due to the weak capital, these small business operators not only actively seek competition, but also do their best to avoid vicious competition before they can exert their respective advantages. Space to survive. Old Sun said: The professional market is the best space to avoid vicious competition.
Lao Sun rented a shop in Shoe City. The goods were approved from the Jiefang South Road Footwear Wholesale Market in Guangzhou. At the beginning, what kind of shoes are good for sale and what shoes, a pair of shoes can earn 5 to 20 yuan, usually one day can be sold. 30 pairs of shoes, can sell more than 100 pairs on holidays. A year later, Sun started to customize various styles and colors of shoes to manufacturers in the wholesale market according to the market information feedback from the shop, and the business became more and more active. Now, Sun has three stores in Guangzhou and rents a shoe store. This year, the 48-year-old grandson is going to open a few more shoe stores and engage in chain operations. To this end, the warehouse has already stocked tens of thousands of pairs of shoes. The grandson bought a house in Guangzhou, and his wife, children, brothers and sisters came to Guangzhou. Old Sun said: Compared with 4 years ago, life now has a "world in heaven" feeling. Follow the micro-signal for entrepreneurial consultation: 185305836, share dry goods daily, help Internet entrepreneurs guide the direction of entrepreneurship, focus on the core of the business, take less detours, save time, and start a successful business!

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