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Hu Xishu talks about typhoid fever-71 ~ 80 (on)

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Article 71
Sun disease, sweating, sweating, dry stomach, irritability can not sleep, and those who want to drink water, and drink it with less, so that the stomach is more harmonious. If the pulse is floating, urination is unfavorable, and those who are slightly hot and thirsty, Wuling Sanzhu.
Then the first half of this article follows the previous one, saying that sun disease can of course sweat, and if sweating is illegal, it will cause sweating. This sweating, I said before my head, do not sweat, this is also related to nursing, you do not cover your cover so much, you will not sweat. If it is illegal, pointing to sweating, the body loses too much water, then the stomach is also deprived of water, and the outside is also deprived of water, so the stomach is also deprived of water, so the stomach is dry. When he did, he wanted to drink water, and his stomach was dry. Then at this time, there are no other illnesses, no dry stools, and so on. There is no slang disorder, just people are irritable and thirsty. At this time, you can "less drink and drink less", he is the stomach dehydration. "Small less and drink it" is the key point, don't be too big. This dry stomach means that one wants to drink water. If you restrict him, he will drink badly and it will break. The person must be asthma because of his thirst. Water is trapped in the stomach, and the diaphragm is breathless. Give him so little, give him little by little, his stomach is moisturized, and his stomach is not only thirsty, he is not irritable anymore. We often encounter this clinically, so after sweating, sweating a lot, the disease is okay, but because of the dry stomach, he has such a reaction, people are irritable, sleepless and thirsty to drink water. Then you do n’t have to take medicine at this time, give him less water, and he will be okay. This is one. Well, the bottom section is different from this one. The bottom section is the sweat of the water stopper in the wrong place. According to the head, is n’t there? Guizhi goes to Shaoyao and Poria atractylodes soup. I feel that the urine is not good. Sweating is puzzling, you must urinate.
Then even if the sweat is sweating and the pulse is still floating, "If the pulse is floating, the urination is unfavorable." "Slightly hot thirst", this expression is puzzling, and there is a slight heat. Thirst is to drink with thirst, called thirst. Then this thirst is different from the top. The thirst above, just drink some water, this is not right. If the urination is unfavorable, the pulse is slightly hot and thirsty. This is because the urination is unfavorable and there is no water in it. So how thirsty is there when there is no water? There is no water in the thirst, for example, there is no water in the stomach, and no one is thirsty. The only reason for this is that there is no water in the urine because of unfavorable urination. This is also well understood. Due to the unfavorable urination, the waste water on us should not be discharged, so you can't absorb it if you drink water again. This object is inaccessible. For example, our veins are full of This kind of waste water is decomposed into the kidneys and cannot be discharged to the urine. Then it reaches a saturated level. You can't absorb it if you drink water again. However, the lack of nutrition in the tissues made him thirsty, and he was thirsty when he responded to the appetite. This thirst is quite fierce. It is called thirst. How do you drink this water is still in the stomach and intestines, it does not absorb it, and this tissue still needs water, so it is quite thirsty. This Wulingsan thirst is two internal causes, this is one, due to unfavorable urination. The other is that the heat does not get rid of it. If there is heat, then the cells of each tissue lack the nutrition of water. He is thirsty. At the same time, he is thirsty. These two have been added together, so the formation of this slight heat and thirst is the Wuling Sanzheng. We use Wuling San on the one hand to solve the table and hydrolyze the table, then it will be heated one by one. At the same time, Tongli urinates, including the complete recovery of water metabolism, the old water is gone, and the new water is naturally absorbed, so he is not thirsty.
There are a few words in the back note, "Ji Ling San", which is wrong. Zhu Ling San is included in "The Essentials of Today", the three medicines of Zhu Ling, Poria, and Zhushu are Baizhu. This is called Zhuling San. Probably also quenches thirst, but not Wulingsan. The first five words are probably wrong, and "Ji Ling San is" is wrong. You go back and look for the article "Today's Essentials and Spitting the Turbulent", which contains Zhulingsan, which is vomiting and thirsty, and eats Zhulingsan. He was thirsty for water to drink. The water stopped and the place vomited. This vicious circle. So what does this do? This Zhuling Sanli urinates and quenches thirst. If he isn't thirsty, and the water isn't stopped, there won't be any more inside. Look at "Today's Apocalypse, Sorry for the Best". Then the five words at the end of this section are wrong. This Wuling San, Poria, Zhuling, Zexie, Atractylodes, these are all diuretics, and Wu Yigui sticks, compatible with Guizhi, a small amount, you can see that Guizhi is only half a couple. Then this prescription, Guizhi also treats qi and swells up, Guizhi soup is the main medicine, and it also defuses the table, decomposes the table to heat. Our urination is not good. Often, due to the rush of qi, diuretic drugs are placed on Guizhi, and the qi is washed up, so that qi is not allowed to come up, and qi is urged on, which often induces water to go up. under. Then send another group of diuretics to achieve urination and diuresis. This is quite a recipe for diuretics. So although these medicines are diuretics, their clinical application is different. This medicine has a very strong diuretic effect. At the same time, this medicine also has thirst quenching. It is a cold diuretic. If you think it is a diuretic, if you are thirsty, you can find it. This diarrhea is a medicine for Gan Han, and is also a cold diuretic. Gan Han, it enters the stomach, so the stomach has stopped drinking (just use it), this Atractylodes also enters the stomach, Atractylodes is warm, and this diarrhea is cold. , Then suppose the stomach has no water, not so cold, but it is hot, use Alisma. This diarrhea, if there is water in the stomach, causes dizziness, diarrhea and atractylodes, this medicine treats dizziness, so it is also a diuretic, it also treats dizziness. Clinically, dizziness is caused by stopping drinking, so we use the same diuretics, unfavorable urination, dizziness, I usually use Atractylodes and Alisma. As for this Poria, we have already talked about it. This Poria is used to treat heart palpitations, heart palpitations, upsets, and flaccid flesh. All of them are used Poria, which also diuretic, and it also enters the stomach. Poria has the most peaceful nature, so it is commonly used in general diuretics, especially we are now talking about neurosis. Regarding neurology, polyporia is commonly used due to water withdrawal. Look at sleeping pills, sour jujube soup is also used in large quantities. It doesn't work. It has the most neurological diseases, especially palpitations and heartbeats. Not only palpitations and heartbeats, but also other places, it also cures. So these medicines have a common effect-the special effect is not the same, just like the one I just said. Therefore, Wulingsan, with less cinnamon sticks, can relieve fever, diuretic, and thirst, and of course dizziness. This kind of diuretic is more comprehensive. We also use pasta, but often use decoction. We use decoction, generally speaking, the four flavors of medicine can be used 9 grams, Guizhi can be used 6 grams. But this Shui Niu, drinking water spit, called Shui Niu, there is behind. This is better with noodles, and the decoction is not very suitable. This is based on clinical observations (conclusions). Now we commonly use soup medicine, this amount can be roughly like this, 9 grams each in front of the head, 6 grams of cinnamon sticks. Wuling Sanfang Zhuling eighteen baht (peeled) Zexie one or two six baht atractylodes baht eighteen bait strain Poria cocos baht eighteen baht Guizhi half two (peeled) on the five flavors, pounded as loose, white drink kimono square inch dagger, Three servings. Drink more warm water and sweat more. Just follow the law.
Article 72
Sweating has gone, the pulse is floating, those who are thirsty, Wuling Sanzhu.
That ’s what I just said. Anything that is not good for urination, there is water in it, and sweating is incomprehensible. Then this is repeated. This is very important. In clinical practice, a person has a cold. He has a bad urine. You give him a solution. Medicine is never good. Water must be used. He repeats this paragraph again, he said that after sweating, the pulse is still floating, which is inexplicable, but now he is annoying and thirsty. Also annoying, annoying is hot annoying, but also thirsty. This is because you have mistakenly urinate, and there is sweat in the water stopper. Then you just give Wuling San. Of course, you should pay attention here, he should have a bad urine, because he said in the previous paragraph, this paragraph is abbreviated. Suppose there is no disadvantage in urination. If you look at this pulse card, it may not be necessary to use Wuling San, and the pulse floating number makes you thirsty. This is almost the same as the white tiger soup card, especially the white tiger plus ginseng (soup card). Thirst for drinking, that's not White Tiger and Ginseng Soup. He has a bad urine, so this paragraph means that, let you compare it with Baihu Tangzheng. Bai Hu Tang Zheng's tongue is dry, thirsty, and his pulse is floating, but he has no urination. This Wuling San card has urinary disadvantages, although he is also thirsty, the pulse is floating, he has urinary disadvantages, then there should be a urination disadvantage in this section, because the first one is detailed, then this one will be abbreviated.
Article 73
Typhoid, sweating and thirsty, Wuling Sanzhu. Those who are not thirsty, the owner of Fuling Licorice Soup.
This paragraph is more simplified, and it is also based on the previous one. It was typhoid fever and no typhoid fever, and then after sweating and sweating, but thirsty, that is, inexhaustible and thirsty, there is still urinary disadvantage. With this, he is the owner of Wuling Sanzhu, and he will let you read it before, this is his book. Suppose there is no such words, then it is typhoid, sweating and thirsty, use Wuling San, that is wrong, especially the bottom sentence, not thirsty, then drink Poria licorice soup, even more wrong, just Incomprehensible. The main paragraph is given to Wuling San and Fuling Gancao Decoction, which will allow you to identify. The method of identification is based on the relationship between thirst and non-thirst. Well, according to this statement of Wuling San, you still need to use Wuling San according to the statement in front of you. So if the Shanghai Stock Exchange is not thirsty, you can give Fuling Licorice Soup, that's what it means. This Poria licorice soup is also an addition and subtraction recipe of Guizhi Gancao Soup, plus Poria and Ginger. The amount of Poria is very heavy. This two or two is wrong. In the "Yu Han Jing", it is three or two, and the minimum is three or two. Because this prescription has such a paragraph in the Jueyin chapter, he said typhoid fever. Then, you should give this Poria licorice soup. If he said otherwise, if the water enters the stomach, it will be beneficial to you. What does this mean? If you look at this drug organization, you can see that there are both cinnamon sticks and ginger. The water gas is repulsed, the water is replenished with gas, and the heart is full of heart, and the heart is the appetite. This water and qi are going up, and even the person is going to vomit, so his heart trembled, so this did not say clearly in this paragraph, the main meaning of this paragraph is the identification point of Wulingsan and Fulinggancao is Thirst and thirst. We use this prescription, just use it when we are not thirsty. It is wrong. We mainly have diarrhea, irritability, diarrhea, or vomiting. Well, this ginger is not good for urination, but also has urinary disadvantage. Use Poria and Licorice Soup. He is not thirsty, not only does not have Poria cocos, but at the same time the effect of diuresis is much worse than Wuling San, and he does not affect the degree of thirst. Well, this recipe is also very commonly used. Poria and licorice soup generally has insomnia because of water in it. This recipe is also very good. Adding this keel and oyster to cure heart palpitations and insomnia, I usually use this recipe. Make good use of. Suppose he encounters a stubborn insomnia card, then he has such a bad heart, and cannot use other medicines. You often use this medicine, and it works. The keel and oyster can hold 12 grams, and the same 12 grams. This Poria can be aggravated. If treating insomnia, Poria should be left at least for 4 or 2 and 4 or more for 12 grams. It can also be added. Poria has a lot of neurological symptoms. The comparison of these two prescriptions, the others are similar to Wuling San card, Wuling San also has a heart, and also Poria. Then at the same time Wuling Sanzhi quenches thirst, this is not thirsty. Poria licorice decoction Fang Poria 22 guilin 22 (peeled) licorice 1 2 (burned) ginger 32 (cut) with four flavors, 4 liters of water, boil 2 liters, remove scallops, and divide into three servings.
Article 74
Stroke fever, six days or seven days incomprehensible and annoyed, there are internal and external evidence, thirst for drinking water, who vomits when the water enters, named Shui Ni, Wuling Sanzhu.
He said, "June 7th is incomprehensible and annoying." The original person had a stroke certificate. There was no fever without a stroke. During such a process on June 7th, of course, it was secretly that Guizhitang had been served. This person is annoying. I was puzzled and said, "There is a card in the table." The card is a puzzle that is explained above, or a card with a fever. The card in the card points to the water inverse below, and the water spit in the water. He said that "there is evidence in the table". This is also an inverse sentence. Let's put the conclusion aside and explain it in detail below. "Thirsty to drink water, vomiting when water enters", this Wuling Sanzheng is thirsty, thirsty, drinking still thirsty, this is called thirst, how do you drink without absorption, this stomach will stop vomiting Therefore, "the person who spit in water is called Shui Ni." If you do not spit when you eat, it means that the water stops in the stomach and does not go underwater, so you only spit water, but thirst, spit when you drink, then this is called Shui Ni Card, of course, also used Wuling Sanzhi. The beginning is thirst, unfavorable urination, fever, slight heat, so just eat Wulingsan at this time, so as not to get water reverse, at this time delay again, unfavorable to urinate, drink this water all the time, If you drink again, you will vomit. This is called Shui Ni. This Shuini is a continuation of Wuling San syndrome, so Wuling San is still used.
Article 75
When the pulse is not held, the patient braces himself with his hands, and the teacher coughs but not coughs due to the teaching test. This must be deaf and the two are deaf. After sweating, drink plenty of water and breathe; irrigate with water and breathe. "When the pulse is not held, the patient braces himself with his hands crossed, and the teacher does not cough because of the teaching test. This must be deaf and the two are deaf."
This is one paragraph and the following should be another. "When the pulse is not held", it is the patient who has arrived and has not been diagnosed with the pulse. Looking at the situation, then this person "forked his own heart" and crossed his hands and pressed the part under the heart. This is very clear, Guizhi The licorice soup was spoken before, and the gas rushed up sharply, and his heart was beating fiercely. He felt more comfortable pressing this place. Then we look at this patient and we can see this situation. We do n’t need to diagnose the pulse to know that he is sweating too much. He lost too much fluid. He died of fluid and blood. The rush is also great. "Teacher makes cough because of teaching test", he looks at the level of fluid loss. If he wants to be severe, he is deaf, so he wants to test, "cough because of teaching test", you cough. He is deaf, he can't hear, and he doesn't cough. From this, it can be clearly seen that sweating is too bad. Not only must the heart have to be pressed, but the ear fluid can't be poured on it, so the blood is not proud. It's not good, he's already deaf. This is what the traditional Chinese medicine talks about. You don't need to diagnose the pulse. Under this situation, you can see the result of this mistreatment. This is a section, which is mainly caused by sweating too much, dying fluid, blood, qi, heart palpitations, and deafness. I suffered from this disease, and my ears were half deaf. He had to recover fluids and gradually healed. Below is another one, "After sweating, drinking too much water, you will breathe; irrigate with water, you will also breathe", according to that article, "Dry stomach, irritability, sleepless, those who want to drink, few and drink ", That's where it came from. Because of sweating, too much water is lost, and the stomach is also deprived of water, and the stomach is dry, then give him water at this time, give him a little drink, do not irrigate, "Drink more water, you will breathe", this is according to that Come. So he drank violently for a while, but he was thirsty, but this water got into the stomach and didn't absorb it halfway, especially the patient's stomach was not good. Then stop the water in the stomach and press the diaphragm, and it was difficult for him to breathe. Just panting. "Irrigation with water, but also panting." Irrigation with water is a method for the ancients to cure disease, pouring water into the body. This is now the western medical ice pack is a method. He originally had water in it. He came from Wulingsan. He was sweating, confused, and feverish. Well, this method of removing heat, the ancients used watering methods to irrigate it with water, this is not enough. For all this testimony, if you do n’t understand it, consider the reason why it ’s incomprehensible in detail. The ancients had the method of irrigating with water. When it is irrigated, the heat cannot go out, and the heat must be breathless. So this is an illegal treatment, and now there is no water in Chinese medicine. His disease must be classified according to the clinical table. Then the patient has fever. He is an evidence. You must explain it by interpretation. There are many ways to interpret it. If he has a bad urine, you can urinate. This table is also solved, isn't it? You have to cure from the outside, the worse the worse it is. What we often encounter clinically, you have a disease like rheumatism, it is also on the surface, you should take medicine from the inside, and let it be solved from the outside, so this baking electricity, I am not just casually opposed to Western medicine, this This kind of treatment is against the principle of treatment. You can observe that everyone who treats arthritis from the outside has few good ones. The cure and the cure are the more and more the disease gets cured, and other problems come out. It ’s a testimony. This testimony is about sun disease. We talked about it for the first time. What this testimony means is that the disease is in the body's good power. It is a disease that is willing to use the table to relieve the disease. This happens. Kind of evidence. Then the doctor should be guided by the situation. The disease must be explained. You must try to make it understandable. You have to cover it up, and the worse it gets, this is against the principle of treatment. Therefore, the method of irrigating with water is not right, so he is panting. His heat must be suffocated from the outside, and he must be panting.