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Hu Xishu talks about typhoid fever -40 ~ 49 (below)

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Article 47
The sun is sick, the pulses are tight, the fever is hot, and the body is sweatless.
He said that this is also the case. This typhoid fever is just that the body surface is filled with fluid, and the pulse is tight. There are also people who think that they are healed by themselves. The ancients also said that this bleed, nosebleeds, and red sweat. In fact, this statement is plausible. It is that the water in this blood vessel is filled with a lot of water, so the veins are tight, the more solid it is, the more it cannot be. Sweating, he is going to have bleeding, his body surface, loose air, but it is easy to sweat, and can heal spontaneously. This has also been encountered in clinical practice, that is, the ancients, who said that a person was half-traveled, fell down and hit his head on the stone, broke, and shed a lot of blood. Well, he was half-traveled. Some are. We talked about this section before, "Serving Guizhi Tang is annoying, first pierce Fengchifengfu, but heal with Guizhi Tang". There is a section, you look back, then this is the same He had a stroke in the sun, and there was no mistake in eating Guizhi Soup. Because of this disease, he was deeper and more practical, and he could not reach the sweat level because of the obstruction of the medicine. You need to prick the wind pool and the wind house. It's also like this, and the same as the self-assertion. Well, there is also this. The solar typhoid is empirical. It is good because of epistaxis, and this one is also available.
Then we encounter typhoid fever, the fever pulses are tight, and this kind of disease, then this person's nose is getting healed, so don't give people medicine. If you do n’t heal, you have to take the medicine. This is according to the above paragraph, "I'm annoying, the dramatist must be stunned, and Nai Jie." There is also this. He didn't take any medicine at all. He sniffed himself, and it was fine, not because he took the medicine. This is to say that this epistaxis is related to the progress and retreat of the disease, and sometimes it has something to do with it. So, generally speaking, if there is evidence of blood clotting, it is good. All in all, to find the way to the evil spirit, the evil was resolved because of crickets, and after that he sweated, not sweating.
Article 48
The second sun was ill. When the sun got sick at the beginning, he sweated, and the sweat didn't come out first. Because it was transferred to Yangming, he continued to sweat slightly, not cold. If the sun's disease certificate is not given up, it can't be lowered, and the reverse is reversed, so you can sweat a little. If the complexion is positive, the yang is sullen on the surface, and the solution is smoked. If you do n’t sweat well, you ca n’t talk about the yang. If you do n’t sweat, the person is irritable and you do n’t know the pain. Sweating is not complete, and even more sweating. How do you know that sweating is not thorough? Knowing the pulse.
"The two suns are ill. When the sun first got sick, they sweated and the sweat didn't come out first. Because it was transferred to Yangming, they continued to sweat slightly and did not get cold. For the inverse, so little sweat. " This is a paragraph, so this paragraph mainly talks about two positives and diseases. So what does it mean to be ill? Zhong Jing's book tells the story from the table, from the table, or half the table. Well, this section of the two yang is a disease, that is, the sun is transmitted to Yangming, which is passed from the surface to the surface. Then, in the pass, the testimony has not yet come out, and the testimony is found, which is called comorbidity. After the table is displayed, the table is not finished, and the evidence is available. This is called parallel disease. This merger is a merger of mergers. Let's say "Qin merged into the Six Kingdoms." Then the first disease is caused by the latter disease, so it is called comorbid disease.
Then the two suns are sick, and the sun is bright and the sun is sick. There is an explanation there. He said, "When the sun first got sick", the sun testimony that you got first, of course, you need to sweat, but you sweat and sweat Yes, but the disease is not good, this "incomplete" means that the disease has not been removed, and when the word is completely removed, it means that the disease has not healed, so it belongs to Yangming. Well, this is not to say that you should not sweat. We have said this before. If this is a serious testimony, your sweating is legal and you can reduce its illness. The illness is often bad. If it is mild, then it is fine. You have a cold like us, the sun is mild, you can drink ginger water, just sweat a little. But the real serious illness is to take medicine according to the law, which is sometimes bad. It doesn't matter, it's mostly in the half table, and it's better at this stage. This is the situation. He said that the original disease was the sun disease. The sun disease was sweating according to the law and sweating, but the disease was not good. Because of this, the disease was changed from the appearance into the sun .
This Yangming disease, he put a "continued from sweating slightly", this is a reflection of Yangming disease, we will talk about Yangming later. "Yangming disease, Fat Khan", Yangming disease is because there is heat in the stomach and intestines. It heats inside and evaporates outside, so it sweats all the time. "Continuation from a little sweat", the old must sweat slightly and constantly, this is a change to Yangming disease. Then since the disease is still there, the sun disease still exists, so we should not take the risk to take laxatives. If we see that the sun disease still exists, the main body pain, aversion to cold are still there. . Don't just look at Yangming's disease for a while, you should go, but the evidence is there, you can't go, this is the law. Then you must first solve the table. What about next? The next step is to be inverse, and inverse is to reverse the rule, but it is wrong. So what medicine should I use to sweat this? Of course, with Guizhi Tang, it sweats a little, he "continues to sweat slightly" Well, we talk about Guizhi Tang much. All such evidence after the Jin fluid has been damaged should be used with Guizhi Decoction. He didn't say it in this book, but the implication was to tell you to use Guizhi Soup. This is the first paragraph.
If the complexion is positive, the yang is sullen on the surface, and the solution is smoked. This is another paragraph. He said that during the sun disease, after sweating, some were transferred to Yangming and became dysfunctional. This does not necessarily mean that both Yang and the sick are sick. There is such a section under him, which he has learned before. He said that if this person "has a red complexion, his whole complexion is red. This is still a mystery. This is a problem of yang qi sullen on the surface or not sweating. Yang is not ill. "When the solution is smoked", the solution is to use a small sweating method to solve it. We will talk about the Guizhi ephedra and half soup, and the Guizhi ephedra and soup. It can also be smoked. In order to achieve that little sweat, the ancients also smoked neem and mugwort (medicine), and cooked them with a pot of soup. When hot, the body was covered and smoked. , Can also have a little sweat. "Xie Zhi Xun Zhi", the solution is a small agent (sweat medicine) method of sweating, to solve its sorrowful external evils, it does not matter inside. Or smoke it, just sweat a little, this disease does not matter. This is another paragraph.
"If you do n’t sweat well, you ca n’t talk about the yang, and when you do n’t sweat, the person is irritable and you do n’t know the pain. In the abdomen, in the limbs, you ca n’t get it. It ’s because sweat does n’t work out, and even more sweating. Why do you know that sweat does n’t work out? You know with a pulse. ”Then in this paragraph, it ’s because you do n’t sweat at home, so you ’re sick. This "inadequate speech, Yang Qi cannot be overwhelmed by depression", (the person with a complex facial condition and a red margin, Yang Qi Buddha Yu on the surface) is a minor illness that cannot be proved at all, this disease is not, you cannot say enough This is an irresistible yang, which is much heavier. This is when sweat is not sweating, and it should be sweating. You see, this man is also impatient. Impatient, mainly impatient. This explanation is very irritable when you are puzzled, which means that when you sweat, you cannot sweat. He hurts everywhere and doesn't have a fixed position. This is proof. He probably has soreness. He doesn't know where he is, sometimes on the limbs, sometimes in the abdomen, but when you touch it, it doesn't matter. Not available. Well, because the table is incomprehensible and cannot sweat, this breath is flowing upwards, so the "short breath but seated person" is breathing without sweating, he can't get up when lying down, and the heat is soaring upwards, so this situation Yeah, you have to sweat again. In this case, we can see that it is the Daqinglong soup card. We must use Daqinglong soup without sweating and getting irritable. This is the big blue dragon soup we said before. So how do you know if this is sweating? Because of this "pulse, I know it". Everyone is based on this scripture. This pulse is not as good as some, because some evil spirits hinder this blood line, but not fluent, but astringent. This is a general explanation, but let me see this pulse. Yeah, there are always problems. His pulse is astringent and can't sweat, how can you sweat, and this astringent pulse is a popular reaction to blood, and all astringent pulses are empty. I really see very few pulses. Is it true that the pulse is tight or floating? I think it is correct, maybe it is a typo, but now everyone is explaining according to this article, saying It is really too powerful. When sweating or not sweating hinders the smooth flow of blood, this is also astringent, but it is absolutely powerful. This is explained by all companies, and it can be explained by such an explanation, but in fact I have not encountered this situation. Taking my personal experience, the real evidence of this kind of manifestation is pulsed. In theory, it doesn't make sense. I am afraid this should be a pulse, because his pulse is still on the table. Is right. There is a lot of typos in this book, and this book has a lot of typos. I'll leave it here for the time being. Look at the notes of each family. All of them are the ones I said before. This vein is hindered by such a kind of astringency. He has made this astringent, not as astringent as ordinary ones, and has less fluid, which is not the interpretation. I think this is a perfunctory ancient saying. This Not necessarily right, but this is not important. This situation in front of my head is not sweaty and irritable, and there is no sweat at all, then this kind of situation is just good for sweating, and it does not matter that the two suns are sick. It is the first section. Then started the sun disease, and later treated according to the law, sweating, although the sweat first came out, but the disease did not go away, then what happened, so it turned into Yangming. If the evidence does not go, there is already Yangming disease, so the continuation of sweating is a foreign evidence of Yangming disease. So how to cure this and get sick at this time? Of course, if you do n’t know the symptoms, you do n’t understand the table first. Just look at this and see what the symptoms are. He is secondarily ill, it is a combination of sun disease and yangming disease. If he has evidence outside, he is a kind of debilitating cold. You can see that Shao Yin disease and Tai Yin disease are not your disease. You can't figure it out first.
Then there are also sun diseases that spread to the overcast, and some also. Then you can't read the table first, but you should save the first. Then go to Li Qinggu, but the body is painful, then you have to save Li first, and then treat the body pain. Body pain is a testament to nothing. This is in his book, which is very important clinically. This is also a law. We are also clinically. This person does not have a lot of bowel movements for a few days. It is very clear in his life, but he still has a fever Afraid of cold, this is not the case, you should not give him laxatives first, but also give him a solution. After you have solved the table, you can give him another shot, so the ancients had a saying, "It's not too late to go down," it said it should be a disease, and it didn't hurt much to ease it. If there is a debilitating disease inside, there is evidence to show it, and it is also necessary to give it up. This is a clinical law. If you do n’t follow this method, it ’s rebellious, and you wo n’t get sick. We need to know this. As for this pulse, it should be a typo in my opinion, but no one would say that he was wrong, just such an explanation. It is too true, the blood is blocked, so the pulse is also astringent, such a view.
Article 49
Those with a floating number of pulses will heal when they sweat. If it is next, those who have a heavy heart must not sweat, but when they are sweating, they are relieved. Therefore, the middle of the ruler is slightly weak, and the inside and outside should be solid, and the body fluids are self-contained, and they will heal from sweat.
The pulse of floating numbers, this should be proof. According to the law, when sweating and getting worse, according to the method we treat, it should be sweating, as soon as the sweat is out, this is a general proof. The pulse floating number is floating on the table, and the number is hot. The disease of this table with heat is sun disease. Then the doctor will not take the sweat medicine, but the laxative, if it is the next, this is a reversal. Then this one has multiple lesions. This is one of them.
If you make a mistake, you can't sweat anymore. Well, we have talked a lot before this head. After that, the qi is up and down. Then the testimony still exists. We still have to solve the watch and use Guizhi soup. He said all this time and again, don't hold on to one, it's not right to hold the individual situation as a whole. There are also such things. After I went down, I hurt the inside and lost it, so the sullen outside was wet and the body weight was that the head was a little wet, and the water stopped. The camp guard on our body is always popular on the body surface, then it will become wet when the water stops, and it will sink when wet. Then the deficiency of blood is insufficient, and the blood is not enough to support the heart, and then jumps.
This heart palpitation is different from the heart palpitations. In this book, the heart palpitations all point to the stomach's heartbeat, and the heartbeat is all water in the stomach. We also talked about it before. If there is water and gas in my heart, I will stop drinking. This is in the "Golden Sweep Essentials", so there is a drink in the stomach, and the short breath is short. This oppresses this, presses upward, the diaphragm is obstructed, and the person is short of breath. This is a lot of water stoppage. What he said was not palpitations, but palpitations, or heartbeat. This blood passes through the heart. Because of its deficiency, the stomach is qi deficient, and the fluid and blood are all deficient, because the stomach is the sea of water valleys, the source of the camp. If he breaks down, he won't be able to do this. This is to give him laxatives. If he is not sick, he will be given laxatives. When he is inside, not only the outside is wet and wet on the surface and the weight, but the blood is weak inside and the heart is palpitating. Don't take sweat medicine like this, don't sweat.
"When spontaneous sweating is the solution," he wants fluid to gradually recover, and he naturally sweats, and the disease is better. Why has to be this way? After this, he said, "The pulse in the middle of the ruler is micro". This micro is the lack of qi and blood, and the pulse is micro. "This Li Xu", he was caused by Li Xu. "Because of the facts, when the fluid is self-contained, you will sweat out of it." Xu, when sweating out, he has another whisker, which is implicit. Is he a doctor waiting for him to recover? It's not. Here he tells you not to interpret your watch anymore and stop sweating. You should pay attention to these aspects. He is guilty, and the main one is guilty, so he reconciles. So he put it on as a sweat, he must show the truth, there is one in this that allows you to consider the treatment, but this symptom is only a sign of weight, such a symptom, of course, he has not done it all. This shows that due to internal deficiency there is dampness on the outside, palpitations inside, and insufficient blood. Then there are some after this treatment, you should use this like this time, probably Xiaojianzhong Decoction is better, Xiaojianzhong Decoction is good for upset, and there are also Guizhi and Peony Ginger Ginseng Xinjia Decoction. All in all, we have to find a solution. If you make up for the deficiency, he will naturally recover the blood and fluid, and then there will be, so here it is just to tell you not to sweat anymore, you should restore fluid to him, you must be on the surface, he will be fine.

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