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Beauty pageant, a group scrambles to insult women

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Beauty pageants, model women based on male eyes, and put them in a sleeve.
Beauty pageants use brutal questions to force women to admit their greed and vanity.
Beauty pageant, what exactly do you want to prove humanity?
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I never thought that I would go to Beijing to be a judge of a beauty contest.
Ten years ago, just after graduating from middle school, a few good friends and I brought a stack of self-made leaflets to criticize beauty pageants to a beauty pageant, preparing to distribute and protest. The result was of course driven out, so I had to stuff the leaflets to passers-by outside the door.
As for the well-dressed gentlemen and ladies in the venue, they did not flirt with us, and they talked and laughed beautifully.
Why protest?
Of course it is because beauty pageants insult women.
Anyone who has read a little bit of feminism knows that "a woman is not born a woman, but is a woman" (Simon Povova). The main force that shapes women is the eyes of men.
The beauty pageant is a classic example of creating a model woman based on male eyes.
Every girl tried every means to go through all the training so that she could put herself in a set of grids designed by men, and then fight for life and death, and then produce a so-called "beautiful equal to wisdom and beauty".
Ten years later, I understand that even some feminists who are considered radical are no longer insisting on a monotonous anti-beauty pageant. Instead, they treat beauty pageants as a phenomenon to be analyzed, rather than a negative object.
But I still instinctively disgusted, avoiding beauty pageants, and when I couldn't, I turned a blind eye.
Therefore, when I had to be a judge of a beauty pageant because of the company's relationship that day, I was in the mood: I turned a blind eye and I didn't exist.
At 10:15 that morning, at the hotel, I received a call from a girl named "Pony", saying that the original meeting time of 11 o'clock must be half an hour in advance.
I am very dissatisfied and think that an unpleasant beauty pageant actually has to start in this way. At the lobby, the pony kept apologizing and ran to fetch coffee for me.
I muttered to my colleagues, "I hate beauty pageants the most. Don't you think every girl in the beauty pageant looks similar?"
Colleagues winked and whispered: "The pony is the third place last year." The pony must have heard it, but still smiled and was sincere.
It was a long day, and our work was delayed until two in the morning. The pony was always busy.
Due to a problem with the air conditioner, we in the outer suit Sven were more sultry. Whenever it was time for a break, she took a magazine as a fan and helped me cool.
I stopped her, but she said it was work.
Then, seemingly inadvertently, she said softly: "In fact, the current situation of beauty pageants in China is also a rare opportunity for ordinary girls."
So I look at these girls a little differently.
Under the choreographed dance steps, I saw everyone's original walking posture; in a very standardized dialogue format, I tried to hear the origin of each voice.
How can I turn a blind eye to them?
How can a person pretend to be invisible?
The game must be cruel.
However, the cruelest part of beauty pageants is not yet in the results, but in the mentality of everyone waiting to see a good show.
For example, Miss Hong Kong, every year, there are always a few people with constant news.
People would say, "Deserve it, this lady is too motivated and always thinks she will win."
People also said, "Everything is just out of her place."
This is cruel. We have designed a competitive environment and asked them to compare and see if there are any intriguing discord rumors in it to confirm the ugliness of human nature. We also hope to see in this Vanity Fair game Who wants to be "out of place" to prove people's unscrupulous means; we like to laugh at their mistakes and dullness in answering questions, to prove that beautiful women are stupid.
My colleague drove me on my way back to the hotel. We talked about the pony's participation last year. She recalled that the judges at the time asked a question: "If you let you be the champion, would you give up your current boyfriend?"
Pony tells emotionally how she and her boyfriend came to Sichuan from Beijing to work hard to make a living, how could she give up?
Colleagues praise it, everyone thinks this is really a good kid.
When I returned to the hotel, I was so bad that I was even more sad.
Yeah, it's just a child, why ask such a question?
Isn't this question the presupposition of all our beauty pageants?
After the beauty pageant is an extremely dazzling star life, do you want to enjoy all this beauty alone, or go back to the old days of the young couple?
Come, tell us, you are the kind of gold worship girl we have long expected, and you are the kind of material woman who dreams of climbing up to become a phoenix!
Why else would you come for a beauty pageant?
It turned out she wasn't.
So everyone in turn praised her character and her affection.
But why do we throw one into this situation?
What do we want to prove humanity?
I think I'll never forget the girls I met that night, I can't forget their nervous expression and how they look when they cry.
I will never be a judge again.
Not because of a social proposition, but because I can't bear to go through it all again.
But I will watch the beauty pageant. I have to look at the faces of the children and see what we did.
Original title "Brutal Beauty" from "Ego"

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