mm.hg0088.com Does anyone know what delicious snacks are in Chibi?

Does anyone know what delicious snacks are in Chibi?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Old Tongcheng Beancurd
"Old Tongcheng" is the name of a large restaurant located at the intersection of Dazhi Road and Zhongshan Avenue in Hankou. It is famous for its famous snack Sanxian Dou Pi, and is known as "Dou Pi King". This restaurant was founded in 1931. It was originally located outside the Dazhi Gate of the ancient Hankou Castle. It is an urban-rural passageway. It was named Tongcheng Sweets. It was reopened after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War and changed to your old Tongcheng Sweets. This shop is modeled after the traditional snack bean skin of Hubei folk, and it is sharply improved to match the sweets. It is very popular. "The method is to mix mung bean and rice and grind it into a thin skin in a pot. It contains cooked glutinous rice and diced meat. The fillings are well fried. The super chef Gao Jinan keeps improving and makes fillings based on fresh meat, eggs, and shrimps to create three fresh tofu skins. The bag is golden and shiny, and the mouth is crispy and tender. It is even more popular. Mao Zedong tasted it four times and praised it twice. Foreigners and foreign guests came to Wuhan to eat the old tofu skin.
Four Seasons Soup Bun
"Four Seasons Beauty" is the name of a snack bar located near the junction of Jianghan and Zhongshan Avenue in Hankou. It means that there are foods available all year round, such as spring fried spring rolls, summer cold food, fried crabs, winter crackers, etc., 1927 Opened in 2012, the business is booming; later, special chef Zhong Shengchu and others produced Jiangsu-style Wuhan-style Xiaolong Tangbao Yingying in the store, which was well received by customers and was hailed as "King of Soup Buns", making the shop a major supplier. Noodle soup house in a cage. They are particular about the stuffing and strict selection of materials. First, chop the fresh pork leg into a puree, then mix with aspic and other condiments, wrap it in a thin noodle, steam it in a basket, and cook it into a soup. Fresh and tender, seven in a cage, served with ginger silk vinegar, are extremely delicious. In order to meet the needs of different customers, in addition to fresh broth, they also make crab-yellow soup bags, shrimp soup bags, mushroom soup bags, chicken soup bags and assorted soup bags.
Little Taoyuan Soup
"Little Taoyuan" is the name of a snack bar located at the Lanling intersection of Shengli Street in Hankou. The shop was founded in 1946. Tao and Yuan hawkers set up stalls here to sell snacks such as fried dough sticks and soy milk. Later, the two co-operated to run the soup and the shop name was "Xiao Tao Yuan". For "Little Taoyuan", it is a well-known "Baotang expert". The main varieties operated by the shop include crock pot chicken soup, pork rib soup, hoof soup, eight-boiled soup, foot fish soup, beef soup, duck soup and so on. The crockpot chicken soup is the most famous. The raw material is Huang Bo Xiaogan's fat and tender hens that weigh more than one and a half pounds. They are chopped into chicken pieces and fried with a chainsaw before being poured into a crock pot with boiling water. The cooked food is cooked, the small fire is cooked through, the soup is rotten, the original taste is rich, and the nutrition is rich. It is a nourishing top product for the elderly, patients, and mothers. Bafeng soup and other grain soups are also unique in each county, and they are delicious and delicious.
Talking about Yan Kee Dumplings
Tan Yan Kee Dumpling House is located at No. 384 Zhongshan Avenue, Hankou, not far from the intersection of Liji Road. Founded in 1920 by Huang Zhiren Tan Zhixiang. Specializing in dumplings for nearly 80 years, it has unique skills in making dumplings. From meat selection, ingredients, flavouring, filling, system to packaging, soup, cooking and other processes, there are strict standards, such as Fresh pork leg, yellow beef leg stuffing, pork trotters and soup, with shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, coriander, spring onion and other condiments, make the dumplings tender, soup fresh, beautiful, thin skin, refreshing and moisturizing. The mouth is full of fragrance, leaving a aftertaste after eating, which makes people want to eat. In addition to the traditional fresh meat dumplings, the famous teacher Tan Yinshan has also developed new varieties of winter mushroom dumplings, factory rice dumplings, three fresh dumplings, chicken dumplings, and shrimp dumplings in recent years to adapt to the taste of different diners.
Cai Lin Ji Hot Noodle
Cai Lin Ji Reqian Noodle House is located at 854 Zhongshan Avenue, Hankou, facing the water tower. The business is booming, with daily sales of about 15,000 bowls and more than 10,000 diners. Hot dry noodles, Shanxi knife noodles, Liangguang Yifu noodles, Sichuan Dandan noodles, and northern fried soy noodles are also known as China's five famous noodles. It is different from cold noodles and soup noodles. The method of making it is to first cook the noodles and cook them together, then drain them to cool down in the oil. When you eat them, boil them a few times in boiling water, drain them, add sesame sauce, shrimp, and spring onion , Sauce radish diced, sesame oil and vinegar and other sexual ingredients and mix well. The nose is fragrant when chewing and chewy. Li Bao, a soup noodle that originated in Changdi Street, Hankou, in the early 1930s. He was afraid that the unsold noodles would become stale, so he took it out and hung it on the case. He accidentally knocked down the oil pot, and he poured it out. Mix sesame oil into the noodles. The next day, he put these noodles in boiling water and blanched them a few times. He took them out and mixed them with seasonings. The steaming, fragrant aroma made people scramble to buy food. What kind of noodles is this? He blurted out, saying "hot noodles." People say that hot noodles are good, and he has been selling this noodles ever since. Some food vendors saw him doing business, learned from him, and sold them hot. At present, there are hot and dry noodle restaurants and stalls everywhere in Wuhan's streets and alleys, which is one of the early snacks that Wuhan people love to eat in the morning. Cai Linji is one of the most characteristic and famous.
Lao Qian Kee Beef Beans
Lao Qian Ji is a flavor snack bar located at the entrance of Wuchang Simen. It mainly sells shredded beef and beans, and also manages beef soup dishes. Bean shreds are made from mung beans and rice. They are ground into a pulp, spread into skins in a pot, and cut into shreds. Wuhan people love to eat them. There are soup bean shreds, dried bean shreds, and fried bean shreds. . Lao Qianji operates fried beef and bean shreds. According to customer requirements, when fried, it can be fried or soft-fried. Each taste has its own advantages, and the difference is only in the heat. The main raw materials are yellow ox brows, wet bean shreds, shiitake mushrooms, magnolia slices, etc., plus seasoning, and fried in a hemp fryer. The beef is crispy and tender, and the bean silk is soft and moist. The taste of beef and bean silk blend together, which has a unique flavor.
Noodle nest
Noodle nests, like hot dry noodles, are also one of the early eaters in Wuhan. They are simple to make and spread all over the streets and alleys of the three towns of Wuhan. They are mostly operated by stalls or managed by restaurants. There are no representative shops. The noodle nest is unique to Wuhan and was founded in the Qing Dynasty (1875-1909). At that time, there was a pancake seller named Chang Zhiren near Jijiazui, Hanzheng Street, Hankou. When he saw that the sales of pancakes were not good, he tried to create new varieties. After repeated thoughts, he asked the blacksmith to make a dry iron spoon with a convex shape in the nest, and poured rice flour mixed with rice and soybeans, sprinkled with black sesame seeds, fried them in a pan, and soon made one by one. A round rice cake with a thick, hollow, yellow and crispy edge. People think it's very chic, it tastes soft in the thick part and crispy in the thin part. Chang Zhiren called it noodle nest, and it has been circulating for more than 100 years, and it has become a cheap and good feature earlier.
Places of Interest:
Yellow Crane Tower, Guqintai, Guiyuan Temple, Changchun Temple;
Chu Culture Series:
East Lake Chu City, Chu Tiantai, Hubei Provincial Museum, Wuhan Ethnic Culture Village.
Three Kingdoms Series:
Guishan Three Kingdoms City, Chibi War Panorama Gallery.
Revolutionary Culture Series:
Red House, Zhongshan Ship, Uprising Gate.
Landscape series:
East Lake Scenic Area, Mulan Lake Ecological Tourism Area, Daoguanhe Scenic Area, Longquan Mountain Scenic Area.
Leisure Series:
Wuhan Forest Safari Park, New World Aquatic Park, East Lake Bird Language Forest, Han River Bungee Jump, Guishan Rock Climbing.
Urban series:
Wuhan River Beach Scenery Belt, Zhongshan Park, Yangtze River Bridge, Second Yangtze River Bridge, Guishan TV Tower, Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center.
Eco-tour series:
Wuhan Agricultural Ecological Garden, Wuhan Botanical Garden, Ma'anshan Forest Park, Wuhan Zoo.
Industrial tourism series:
Production lines of large modern enterprises such as Shenlong Automobile, Coca-Cola and Master Kong.
Shopping Series:
Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street, Zhongshan Avenue, Hanzheng Street, Wuhan Square.
Ma'anshan Forest Park can be reached directly by taking terminal 703, which is generally suitable for barbecue;
There are many ethnic performances in Wuhan Ethnic Culture Village;
The East Lake Scenic Area is next to the East Lake and next to the lake. It feels more comfortable to walk in it. Mr. Yuhu Lin from East Lake visited and saw many photos of the birds he had taken, and felt that there was another paradise for birds, near the East Lake Scenic Area;
The Wuhan River Beach scenery belt is more beautiful after the transformation, especially at night, and the scenery is different during the day and at night;
New World Aqua Park Hehe, our class has been fun,
The Wuhan Zoo is located in Hanyang. The animals inside are very cute, but they often feel a little sad after watching them. It looks like the animals are imprisoned like that, without freedom, huh, but they are really clever;
The beautiful Mulan Tianchi in the Mulan Lake Ecological Tourist Area is here to pull, there are many mountains;
The scenery in Wuhan Moshan Botanical Garden is first-rate, the green is really seductive, and it is suitable for classmates to spend the night there with the Luoyan Island across the lake, there will be a bonfire party at night, and there are many fun DD;
Zhongshan Park, near Tongji, Hankou, is particularly lively on summer evenings, with roller coasters, etc., suitable for fun with friends;
Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street, Zhongshan Avenue, Hanzheng Street, Wuhan Square are all well-known places in Wuhan. Oh, when you are free, stroll with friends and buy something.
Wuhan used to have four famous brakes:
Guiyuan Temple, Baotong Temple, Lianxi Temple, Good Temple
Guiyuan Temple will not say much. It looks like a money-making machine and it is very boring. Unless you want to study the art of statues, the Luohan in it is a representative of the late Qing Dynasty.
Baotong Temple is undergoing major repairs, and Hongshan Pagoda is still barely visible, telling everyone that the temple can be turned in from the hill behind the tomb of Shi Yang Martyr. There are no walls, and tickets can be saved.
Lianxi Temple is near Dingziqiao Road. I have not been there. It is currently the only Buddhist female jungle in Wuhan.
Good Temple is even harder to find. In a small alley called Huangluo Road on Huangpu Avenue, anyway, if you want to go, just watch the alley and drill. Do n’t be afraid of garbage. There is no road name on the house number, but it ’s on the pole The mark will give you the right instructions. The Great Hall of the Great Temple is an extremely rare Burmese building, which is the only orphan in Central and South China. On April 8th of the lunar calendar, the Buddha's birthday is free of charge.

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