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[Book of Life] The magical use and efficacy of pearl powder, taboos

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The magical effect of pearl powder
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The magical effect of pearl powder
Pearl powder is a fine powder made from pearls. Traditional Chinese medicine is used to soothe the nerves, calm the liver and eyesight, and relax the muscles. Pearl powder can not only be adjusted internally, but can also be used for external use, because pearl powder has the effect of makeup, beauty and whitening, as well as the function of hemostasis, healing and skin care. It is one of the favorite autumn and winter health beauty cosmetics for many beauty ladies.
What are the effects of pearl powder?
According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica", pearls have the effect of anti-acne treatment. The so-called anti-acne treatment is to treat all kinds of skin injuries and wounds, such as bloated, sore, water and fire burns, knife wounds and shingles.
The "Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China" and "The Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine" both point out that pearls have the effects of calming and calming eyesight, detoxifying and detoxifying muscles. Modern research also shows that pearl powder is improving human immunity, delaying aging, freckle whitening, Calcium supplements have unique effects.
Boost immunity
The immune system is the body's barrier to prevent disease invasion, and it is also the resistance system after the disease invades the body. If the immune system is dysfunctional, it will lead to a reduction in disease prevention and disease resistance, especially the resistance to epidemic and infectious diseases. Pearl powder contains 18 kinds of amino acids such as leucine, methionine, and alanine. Amino acids are necessary for the growth and maturation of lymphoid tissues and organs, and have a significant effect on the rate of intracellular protein synthesis and the type of protein synthesized. Long-term adherence to pearl powder can effectively increase the activity of T and B lymphocytes in the human immune system, thereby enhancing immunity and disease resistance. After taking pearl powder for a long time, some people look much better than their peers. Pearls are weakly alkaline, and have the effect of regulating human pH such as gastric acid, uric acid, and uric acid. Long-term use can make the blood weakly alkaline, not afraid of mosquito bites, improving skin immune function, neutralizing gastric acid, and playing a role in strengthening the stomach. Anti-allergic effect due to increased blood calcium.
Calcium supplement
Studies by modern nutritionists have proven that the daily amount of calcium required by modern humans is seriously out of balance with the actual amount of calcium consumed. As a new type of calcium supplement, pearl powder is increasingly favored by consumers and is known as "pearl calcium". Pearl powder contains 90-92% of active calcium, of which the amount of pure calcium reaches 38-40%. If you take 600mg per day, it is equivalent to 220-240mg of pure calcium. The amount of pure calcium in pearl powder is 4 times larger than the regular calcium supplement gluconate, and it is pure natural calcium, safe and healthy. Pearl calcium has a high digestion and absorption rate. At present, the calcium supplements on the market are divided into organic calcium and inorganic calcium. Their absorption rates are between 25-32%, calcium gluconate is 27%, and calcium citrate is 30%. The absorption rate of ordinary pearl powder is 29%, and the absorption rate of nano-scale pearl powder is higher. If you are already taking pearl powder, then there is no need to take other calcium to supplement calcium.
Hunchun Beauty
Free radicals are an important trigger for aging. As you age, your metabolism slows down, your ability to resist free radicals will decrease, and your skin and body organs will age prematurely. Pearl powder itself contains three trace elements, such as manganese, copper, and zinc, which are components of SOD. Coating with pearl powder can promote the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in human skin, inhibit the synthesis of melanin, and maintain fair skin. , Delay human skin aging. In addition, because SOD has the effect of scavenging free radicals, coating with pearl powder can prevent skin aging and wrinkling. It is worth noting that pearl powder should be conditioned internally and externally for continuous conditioning. Long-term use can make your whole body fair, and morning and evening, use tens of milligrams of pearls as a skin care powder to massage the face. After 1 year, the skin can be obviously white, and the face appears transparent and white. Applying pearl powder to the navel eyes daily can also reduce facial spots.
improve sleeping
According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica", "Pearl, calms the soul and calms the soul", and "Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China" also records that pearl has a soothing and calming effect and is used to startle and insomnia. Pearl powder contains a variety of amino acids and trace elements that can play a soothing and calming role in the brain's center. After being absorbed by the human body, it can nourish and calm down the cells that are over-excited and cause fatigue. It is also the same for children with epilepsy. Be applicable. Of course, pearl powder is not a magic drug. For insomnia caused by emotional disorders, excitement, anxiety, depression, etc., it is necessary to perform mental self-adjustment first. On this basis, taking pearl powder can effectively improve sleep, so that The body is fully rested. Pearl powder can soothe the nerves, nourish the yin, quench the wind, clear the heat and sputum, and “soothe the soul, stop the nocturnal emission, white turbidity, and cure acne toxins” for a long time can keep the mind awake and improve the quality of sleep. For the treatment of heart disease.
Treat ulcer
Mouth ulcer is a kind of localized ulcer damage of the oral mucosa which is characterized by recurrence periodically. It can occur in any part of the oral mucosa. It is more common in the lips, cheeks and tongue. In severe cases, it can spread to the mucous membrane of the pharynx. Pearl powder has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying and converging wounds. The average particle size of special nano pearl powder is as fine as 40-100 nanometers, which is equivalent to 1/60 of pores. It can contact the ulcer surface with the largest surface area to exert its effect. At the same time, pearl powder has the effect of clearing stomach fire and reducing heart fire, and can cure both symptoms and symptoms with oral administration.
Use pearl powder in time for skin damage caused by various reasons, such as: knife wounds, abrasions, burns, burns, eczema, chicken pox, etc., which can stop bleeding quickly, close the mouth quickly, grow meat quickly, eliminate inflammation, and leave no scars. Oral pearl powder can be used to stop bleeding quickly if women take too much menstrual fluid, but those with normal menstrual periods cannot take it during menstruation.
Liver eyesight
Pearl powder has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, and it can clear liver fire. Oral pink pearls take the liver, and topical treatment of eye diseases has a clear purpose. The liver is the main head, and the liver-huo-wang is the eyes, and the vision is blurred. Studies have found that selenium in pearl powder can strengthen the conduction of the optic nerve and improve vision. The zinc in trace elements can promote the axonal transport of the optic nerve and improve the metabolism and function of the retina and retinal pigment epithelium. The "Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China" states: "Pearl has the function of clearing eyesight and treating eyesight, so many scholars use pearl powder as" eye medicine. " Taking pearl powder for a long time may improve your blurred vision.
Auxiliary buck
Hypertension in traditional Chinese medicine theory is caused by hyperactivity of liver yang. The results of modern medical research prove that pearl powder, a treasure of Chinese medicine in China, has the effects of calming and soothe the nerves, nourishing yin and quenching wind, and the effect of suppressing liver dysfunction, so as to reduce blood pressure. If the blood pressure is not too high, you can use pearl powder to reduce blood pressure, which is natural and safe; if the blood pressure is too high, use western medicine to lower blood pressure, supplemented by pearl powder.
In addition to the above-mentioned major effects, oral pearl powder also has the effects of treating pharyngitis, treating constipation and detoxification, treating arrhythmia, adjuvant treatment of type 2 diabetes, and treating gynecological diseases. These effects have been obtained in modern medicine. Confirmed. Oral administration must adhere to long-term, regular, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced.
According to the theories of maintenance and physiology, and long-term research and investigation by experts, in fact, taking orally and externally using pearl powder at the same time, both internally and externally, is the best way to use the extreme efficacy of pearl powder.
The efficacy and magic of pearl powder for external use:
It can be used to make masks, wash your face, moisturize, fix makeup, etc. It also has good whitening, oil control, acne removal, blackhead removal, blemish, and muscle growth.
If you just use pearl powder, there is no way to achieve a good cosmetic effect. The pearl itself only plays a supporting role, sending nutrients in smoothly, and then removing impurities into the skin. Therefore, pearl powder needs to be used together with some other beauty products with medicinal effects in order to exert good effects.
Solve the problems of facial oil and dead skin. Whitening the skin can effectively make the skin radiant and beautiful. Specifically, it can play an anti-aging role by enhancing the activity of SOD, leaving the skin fresh, smooth and fair. So pearl powder is a variety of cosmetics additives, can be made into pearl paste, cream, milk, facial cleanser, hair dye, hand cream and so on. Can be used with face wash to wash your face.
1. Powder method: Every morning, apply daily skin cream after cleaning the face. Use a powder puff to dip an appropriate amount of pearl powder on the face and keep it okay.
2. Whitening method: Blend a small amount of pearl powder with moisturizer or sunscreen every time. Apply five points to facial whitening and nourishing skin.
3. Acne removal method: Before going to bed, thoroughly clean the skin. Apply water and pearl powder to the acne area. Cover the acne and keep it until early in the morning.
4. Mask method: clean the face and apply it with a hot towel for five minutes. Apply half egg white and pearl powder to face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and wash off with water.
5.Pearl powder whitening mask
The whitening effect is remarkable, and it has a good nourishing effect on the skin.
Raw materials: Use cheap pearl powder (different from edible pearl powder). practice:
Take 3 scoops of pearl powder, one crushed vitamin E, and then use pure water to make a paste.
After washing the face, apply it on the face, wait for 20 minutes to dry, then rinse off.
Reminder: Pearl powder can be used in addition to food. For external use, you can choose lower-priced pearls, grind them into powder and apply water to your face. After several uses, the skin on the face will have a noticeable whitening effect. If you have excess powder on your face, apply it to your neck or arm.
Honey Pearl Powder Whitening Mask
Efficacy: whitening, nutrition, moisturizing.
Things to prepare: Masking paper, skimmed milk powder, pearl powder, honey.
Making and using method:
Blend milk powder, pearl powder, and honey together, soak the mask paper, apply the mask on the face, remove it after ten minutes, and wash with water.
6. Wash your face with pearl powder
Shop for high-quality nano pearl powder.
Take an appropriate amount of pearl powder into a small dish, add an appropriate amount of water, and adjust the pearl powder into a paste.
Apply the blended pearl powder evenly on the face.
Massage the face with the massage method until the pearl powder on the face becomes dry, and then wash the face with water.
This method can be used twice a week for good results, and it can well remove aging cuticles and blackheads.
In the theory of Chinese medicine, melasma, freckles and pigmentation have a lot to do with yin and yang disorders, qi and blood disorders, and Western medicine believes that these symptoms are related to endocrine disorders. However, both Chinese and Western medicine believe that localized stains should be treated through the adjustment of the whole body state of the human body, and should not be limited to the treatment of localized plaques like most cosmetics.
One of the methods used by western medicine to treat chloasma, freckles, and pigmented spots is to treat it with vitamin C, which is known as a cosmetic vitamin. This is mainly because vitamin C can prevent the formation and precipitation of melanin. However, the treatment of these skin conditions with vitamin C is still very limited, because the appearance of facial plaques is often a symptom of abnormal lesions inside the body. It is only a symptom that treats pigmentation by inhibiting melanin deposition. No cure.
Traditional Chinese medicine treats the disease with a focus on its root causes. "Compendium of Materia Medica" has long regarded pearls as a cure for skin pigmentation. The book records: pearls, except for darkening the face. Darkness is the collective name of melasma and other skin plaques in Chinese medicine. And modern medical research shows that the excellent effect of pearl powder on facial plaques is achieved through the adjustment of the whole body.
7, muscle growth, repair wounds without leaving traces
In addition to aging and various lesions, the skin may also experience accidental trauma, such as scratches, scratches, cuts, burns, burns and other accidental injuries. As long as it is not a serious trauma, general pearl powder ointment for external use can be cured without leaving traces and has a good repairing effect. Because pearl powder can promote the growth of collagen cells in the human body, and collagen cells are the main contributors to skin regeneration. At the same time, pearl powder also has a relatively significant anti-inflammatory effect, which can inhibit the regeneration of inflammatory cells and prevent further deterioration of the wound. External use of pearl powder can fill tissue gaps, adhere to vascular tissue, exert its anti-inflammatory, promote collagen cell growth, and promote body cell regeneration.
According to clinical experiments, before treating with pearl powder, you can carefully clean the wounded area with physiological saline, hydrogen peroxide or purple potion, and then apply pearl powder or topical ointment containing pearl powder evenly on the wound, changing the dressing once a day. The effect is better. Water and fire scalds and knife wounds can be sprinkled with pearl powder directly on the wound, coated in a thin layer, so that the dressing is changed once a day, and taken with pearl powder.
Treated in the above way, various wounds and wounds will heal quickly. Patients are particularly pleased that after the wounded area is restored, the skin can be restored to its original smooth state without ugly pigmentation, and it will not leave any scars that can interfere with the eyes.
Attention should be paid during the course of treatment: First, to treat external trauma with pearl powder, the most important thing is to use a two-pronged method of external application and internal administration. Because pearl powder can not only directly supply wounds with nutrients needed for recovery, but also can take various trace elements contained in pearl powder into the blood through internal administration, helping the body to eliminate the accumulation and accumulation of wounds. In this way, the injured site can continue to play a role in eliminating pigmentation and residual scars during the recovery process. Secondly, if blisters appear in the wounded area, it must be remembered that the blisters must not be broken, and the skin above should not be torn off. The correct way of treatment is to wash the wound gently with physiological saline or anti-inflammatory medicine, and then gently apply a thin layer of pearl powder on the wound, and start taking pearl powder 3 times a day, each time about
About 0.3 grams. If the blister is accidentally broken, the epidermis of the wound should also be retained, and pearl powder should be applied to the epidermis, so that the ruptured epidermis can still protect the underlying skin tissue.
For stab wounds and scabies, if pus has appeared on the affected area, you should perform pus drainage before cleaning the wound and then applying a thin layer of pearl powder.
8. Pearl powder can be used as baby powder:
External application of pearl powder can solve many skin problems of infants and young children, such as eczema, rash, red buttocks, etc .; pure natural pearl powder is both safe and healthy. While moisturizing delicate skin, it can effectively dispel itchiness, reduce itching, prevent red ass effectively, avoid skin discomfort caused by various irritation, and keep baby's skin fresh and comfortable and healthier at all times.
According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica": "The pearl tastes salty and sweet and cold. It is non-toxic. It can calm down the eyes. It can be moisturized and coated with a good color. "..." It has been confirmed by modern science that the main nutrients such as serine, methionine, lysine, pearl protein amino acid, alkaline phosphate, and taurine contained in pearls have a unique effect of improving and protecting the baby's skin.
Here are 8 ways to use the pearl powder introduced by the Metropolis Daily for your reference:
It is said that pearl powder has a cosmetic effect, but few people can say clearly how to make it beautiful. In fact, pearl powder needs to be used in combination with other medicinal beauty products to exert its effects.
First, find a used beauty bottle or a small cup, pour some pearl powder into the container, and mix with a small amount of milk. In order to prevent the pearl powder applied on the face from falling off, you can add a little honey to it, and do not add too much. Then, wash the face with warm water, apply the adjusted pearl powder mixture evenly on the face, and massage the freckles for a while. Wash off with warm water after 20 minutes, and do best every night before going to bed.
2, cure allergies, acne
Material: about 4 grams of pearl powder, egg white. Stir well and spread as thick as possible. Wash off after 15-20 minutes, can cure allergies, and can eliminate acne.
3.Pearl nutrition cream
Use warm water to clean the face, then pour half of the pearl powder and daily skin care products to fully blend, apply evenly on the face, gently massage.
Role: Form a protective moisturizing layer on the face, nourish the skin, isolate external stimuli, and naturally whiten.
4. Makeup with pearl powder
Pour an appropriate amount of pearl powder and apply it evenly on the makeup face. After 10 minutes, brush the pearl powder on the face with a makeup brush.
Function: Make the face makeup lasting, and make the skin white and tender, rich in texture.
5.Pearl lotion
Before going to bed, thoroughly cleanse the skin, reconcile 0.3 g of pearl powder with lotion, and pat on the face.
Role: Provide sufficient skin nutrients, so that the skin is completely relaxed and rested.
6, pearl banana mask
Smash a peeled banana, then add 2 spoons of cream, 2 spoons of strong tea and 0.3 grams of pearl powder, mix thoroughly and apply to the face, and wash with water after 10-20 minutes.
Role: Can eliminate wrinkles and keep skin shiny.
7. Pearl Aloe Mask
Stir 2 spoons of aloe vera juice, 2 spoons of flour, and 1.5 grams of pearl powder into a paste. Then apply evenly on the face and neck. When it starts to dry, apply a second layer and wash with water after 20 minutes.
Function: It can prevent skin sagging and delay skin aging.
8.Pearl tea
Pearls, tea leaves are each equal, brew tea with boiling water, and serve pearl powder with tea juice. It has moisturizing, youthful and beauty effects, and is suitable for skin that is starting to age.
Oral pearl powder
Oral efficacy: Enhance immunity, supplement calcium, prolong the decline of Hunchun, improve sleep, treat ulcers, nourish the liver and eyesight, and help lower blood pressure.
Oral administration can be swallowed or contained, and they all have different functions. At present, most of the pearl powders for oral administration on the market are made into capsules for easy taking.
The products are mainly divided into three categories:
The first type is pearl powder capsules ground in pure physical methods, which are mainly for clearing heat and detoxifying, improving sleep, improving constipation, and supplementing trace elements needed by the human body.
The second type is water-soluble pearl powder capsules that have been subjected to acid hydrolysis or enzymatic hydrolysis of pearl powder. Since the properties of pearl powder have changed, calcium supplementation is the main function.
The third type is the product of pearl powder combined with other raw materials. The efficacy also varies depending on the compatibility.
Oral law:
1.Containing law
Before breakfast and before going to bed, swallow 0.3-0.6g (1-2 spoons) of pearl powder under your tongue or with warm water.
2.Milk method
Before breakfast and before going to bed, pour 0.3-0.6g (1-2 spoons) of pearl powder into milk, mix thoroughly and drink.
3.Honey method
Stir the pearl powder with an appropriate amount of honey to form a fine syrup, then add warm water and mix thoroughly before drinking. This method is not suitable for users who hate the fishy smell of sea pearl powder. In addition, sleep can be adjusted to the right amount of milk to promote sleep.
Use of pearl powder
Pearl powder is a cool drug. Only those with a hot body are suitable for taking pearl powder internally. Taking it without authorization will not only have no effect on beauty and anti-aging, but also may bring hidden dangers to human health.
Many women have cold constitutions. If they take pearl powder for a long time, they may cause symptoms such as indigestion, diarrhea, cold extremities, and yellow complexion. In addition, patients with cold constitution, cold stomach, and stone disease are not suitable for taking pearl powder. Therefore, before taking pearl powder, you must first seek medical treatment to determine what kind of constitution you belong to before deciding whether you can take it orally.

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