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Talking about the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine Vulcanism from the hidden effect of prescriptions [original]

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[Abstract] The hidden effect of prescriptions is based on the complexity of prescription components and the polymorphism of the objects of action, so that the effects after entering the body are variable. The TCM Vulcan School explores the origin of disease from the yin and yang, so that the ever-changing disease is beyond manifestation. This article explores Sini Decoction, Guizhi's prescriptions and clinical cases, and explains it with modern science. It aims to explore the scientific nature of Vulcanism and the importance of Fuyang theory to human health.
[Keywords] Hidden effect Zheng Qin'an Traditional Chinese Medicine Vulcan Sini Tang Guizhi Tang
As we all know, the characteristic of TCM is dialectical treatment. "Fang comes out of the law", "the law is established with the evidence", and "there is evidence for the use of the side" are all important for the corresponding evidence. However, in recent times, especially in modern Chinese medicine, the identification of diseases is particularly important, so many special medicines have been derived, which has also revealed some rules that people are easy to ignore: Although the pathogenesis of patients varies, However, using the same prescription for different syndromes can achieve good results, and some patients with the same syndromes have different treatments and prescriptions without different treatments after being diagnosed by different doctors. According to Zhong Jing "You Chai Hu Zheng, but the first evidence is that you do n’t need to know it ”, and TCM clinically proves that Xiao Chai Hu Tang is widely used in the sense of exhaustion of blood and qi, positive feelings of fighting with evil, and also applies to unfavorable cardinal, qi depression, spleen and stomach loss Internal and internal trauma with poor and triple focus, and the same main symptoms treated with different prescriptions undoubtedly revealed a latent rule. Therefore, the hidden effect of prescriptions is proposed, which is due to the complexity of the prescription ingredients and the polymorphism of its target. After the formula enters the body, the effect eventually manifested is not fixed, and there is variability in a certain range. That is to say, in addition to the traditionally recognized efficacy and the traditional formula, it also has its potential Effect. [1]. I quite agree with this, especially in recent research and practice of Vulcan healing. I am not too embarrassed, and I will briefly describe his experience as follows.
1. The hidden effect of prescriptions from Sini Decoction and clinical cases
Sini Decoction is the first major prescription of the Vulcan School of Chinese Medicine. It was first seen in "Treatise on Febrile Diseases". It consists of Zhigancao, dried ginger, and aconite. Inverse, cold chills, lying down, vomiting, thirst, abdominal pain, fainting, tongue white, slippery pulses, or sun disease, sweating and dying, and seeing limbs inverse, pale, fine pulse [2], total Take Yang Weiyu Tuo as its syndrome characteristic. Vulcan Grand Master Zheng Qin'an can not only return to Yang, but also help Yang Buyang and rule all the evidence of yang deficiency. It is said that "this prescription has many functions, and if it is the most important one, one party can cure hundreds of diseases. As the disease is increased or decreased, its function is more infinite (" Medical Method Yuantong · Sini Tangyuantong Application Method "). The analysis of the four famous medical cases of the gods:
1.1 Zheng Qin'an re-uses Jiang Fuhe's vomiting case. The wife of the prefecture of Chengdu Prefecture suffered from vomiting hemorrhage for many years, and it has been invalid to call a famous doctor. As the result gets worse, it gets worse. Later, the famous doctor Zheng Qin'an was examined. I saw a pale face. Although it was the summer solstice, the bed was still covered with leather blankets, covered with silk quilts, the tongue was pink, and the fur was white and greasy. That is, the yin is cold and the yang is floating, and the medicine is used: making two or two tablets, dried ginger four or two, and licorice two or two. After treatment, his body is cool, his chest is smooth, hematemesis is stopped, and he can eat. The patient was bumpy and healed.
1.2 Wu Peiheng Dafang Sini Decoction cured a patient with severe lung abscess Haimou, 19 years old. Due to excessive blood loss during caesarean section, after the blood transfusion, she suddenly had a high fever above 40 ℃. After treatment with penicillin and streptomycin, the body temperature decreased, the general situation worsened, the consciousness was faint, the breathing was difficult, and the white blood cells were as high as 20 × 109 / L or more. Because of his critical condition, he did not dare to move and did not perform X-ray examination. On January 3, 1959, he invited Wu Peiheng to consult him. The patient was unconscious, her face and lips were dark blue and purple, her tongue was green and dark, her nose was inflamed, her breath suddenly fell, her nails were dark, her pulse strings were hard and tight, and she felt weak and empty. It can be seen that the yang of the heart and kidney is weak, and the yang has disappeared. Zhiwei Fuyang suppresses yin, strengthens the heart and strengthens the kidneys. The main agent is Sini Decoction with cinnamon, medicinal: 150g of tablets, 50g of dried ginger, 10g of cinnamon (refined, soaked in water), 20g of licorice. Patients are advised that if there is a vomiting reaction after taking the medicine, and the sputum does not sound and the breath is short of breath, there is still some vitality. The spitting and spitting caused by the medicine, the consciousness is clearer than before, and the lie is insatiable, the tip of the tongue has been seen red, the moss is white and thick and greasy, the nose is no longer agitated, and a large amount of purulent sputum is coughed. Addition of 10 grams of summer, Poria 20g, licorice reduced to 8g. At the third consultation, she was clear, her lips, tongue, nails, and bruises receded. Afternoon hot flashes, she still had cough, a large amount of pus and sputum, and her pulse strings slipped. Front access: 200g tablets, 100g of dried ginger, 10g of cinnamon (refined, soaked in water), 5g of citron, 10g of orange, 5g of asarum, 5g of licorice, 8g of licorice. Since then, the disease has gone smoothly, and all the symptoms have decreased. On X-ray examination, there were multiple holes in both lungs, and most of the contents were empty. Bacterial culture, drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus was detected, and finally diagnosed as "resistance of drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus to severe acute lung abscess". Still with 150g of attached tablets, 50g of dried ginger, tangerine peel, almonds, and 8g of ephedra each, after 1 week, healed. (Wu Peiheng Medical Case)
1.3 Fan Zhonglin's Treatment of the Fever and Cold Reality Case Che, male, 74 years old, Chengdu, Sichuan. I felt wind chill in early April 1975 and my body was unwell. Taking the self-prepared Wenbutang decoction, the disease did not abate, and he was barely able to go for a walk, and his condition became worse by the wind. Dizziness, body pain, red and hot face, consciousness. Check the body temperature at 39 ° C. She was diagnosed as having a cold and high fever, and was injected with gentamicin. Her fever still persisted, and she was critically ill. She was invited to her home for emergency treatment: she was unconscious, and her pulse was waning. She has had a high fever for three days. Although her body temperature is abnormal, she is covered and still feels cold. Without eating, they will be blocked. The double ridges are flushed, the tongue is light and smooth, and the moss is thick and black. Differentiation: The patient has high fever, dizziness, red face, black moss, and two will not pass, as if the sun is hot. However, despite the high fever, the body is covered by anti-aspirations; the body is hot and the face is red, and the limbs are cold; the second is not accessible, but the abdomen is not suffering; the moss is dark and thick, but the tongue is moist; the fever is faint and there is no delirium And the pulse is now sinking slightly. The year of participation is rare, weak and weak, and when the faction of Shaoyin Guyang flew over, he was angry and wanted to leave, and died in oblivion. Although it also serves as an indicator of the sun, it should be saved first, and anxious investment through the four pulses and inverses plus whiteness, and chasing away the desperate sun. Prescription: 60g of Fujian (Jiujian), 30g of raw licorice, 60g of dried ginger and green onion. After taking 2 doses, the heat faded and the black moss was significantly reduced. The yang returned and the haze disappeared, and the rejection of yin and yang was resolved. However, the symptoms of headache and body pain are still present; the kidney yang is debilitating and cannot be gasified, so it is still unfavorable. The ephedra radix licorice soup was used to expel its coldness and solidify its yang, and add onion white to produce Shaoyang, prescription: ephedra 10g, systemic flakes (Jiujian) 60g, raw licorice 20g, onion white 120g. Take 4 doses on the top, do not feel faint on the head, the second will be Tongli, the black moss is exhausted, but the pain is not removed. Although Yang explained, he still had a pale tongue, cold limbs, and yin and cold inside, showing signs of yang deficiency and body pain. It is advisable to raise the temperature of Yuanyang and dispel the cold evil, and use the four inverses to add Liao asarum to the main. Prescription: 60g of Fujian (Jiujian), 20g of Zhigancao, 30g of dried ginger, 6g of Liaoxixin. Take 2 doses, the rest of the card is clear, and it is conditioned in tang. ("Selected Cases of Fan Zhonglin's Six Classics").
1.4 The case of Li Kezhong's four-inverse therapy hiccup Guo, male, 40 years old. Within five minutes from entering the room to the pulse, hiccups were repeated seven times. His voice was high, his face was like makeup, his tongue was fresh and smooth, his veins were thin and painful. Inquiring about the beginning and end, according to Yun's operation of a small coal kiln, he has a laborious mind, often feels his tongue dry, and has Venus in his eyes. Roughly knowing medicine, I think I have a fire certificate, take Sanhuang Gypsum Decoction half-dose, half-night hair, er, it has been 3 days and nights now, and Chinese medicine has no effect. Judging from the pulse evidence, this exhausted internal injury body, the kidney element has been stagnant for a long time, the fire does not return to the original, misusing the actual fire, causing bitter cold and yang, the middle coke and ice, preventing the yang from reaching the air. I have seen the signs of yang floating, but fortunately in the middle age, there is no danger of danger. Fayi big dose returns to the sun and breaks the yin, and the agent to open the ice and thaw: 60g of licorice root, 30g of aconite, 30g of dried ginger, 30g of dogwood (wash 7 times with boiling water) ), Cloves 10g, turmeric 10g, ginseng 15g (stewed separately), raw pinellia 30g, fresh ginger 30g, ginger juice 20ml (dip) 20 jujubes, add 1500ml cold water, take 500ml juice, take a small amount of multiple servings . In addition, the patient was ordered to cut his nails into filaments, put them in a cigarette, and ignite and suck. Later on the street, informed that taking 1/3 of the medicine has been healed, but felt mentally withered [3]. The author also treated a 50-year-old male patient, who had the disease three years ago, but the symptoms were very mild and healed after treatment by the doctor. In the past six months, the disease has changed. ((It even made more than ten consecutive sounds at the time of diagnosis). A little cold food caused abdominal distension and diarrhea. The veins were thin and weak. The tongue was white and greasy and slippery. Diagnosed as deficiency of Zhongyang, deficiency of both spleen and kidney, flavor of Fuzi Lizhong Decoction: 15g of red ginseng (fried for another hour, mixed with), 60g of aconite (fried for 1 hour, tasted as if not tasted), dry Ginger 60g, Atractylodes 30g, Cinnamon 25g (below), 15 g of vermiculite, 10 g of clove, 1.5 g of agarwood, 60 g of licorice root, 30 g of ginger, 8 jujubes of jujube, 3 doses, decoction. And told him to take medicine to avoid cold, sticky, greasy products, but also to drink alcohol, cold temperature, shelter from the cold. A few days later, Yu Yu was reported, and her illness stopped after taking the medicine.
The above cases have different clinical manifestations and different types of syndromes. From their clinical characteristics, they have more or less yang deficiency. However, yang deficiency is the fading of fading, yang fading is very faint, and dysfunction is the drama of fading. Vulcans are not bewildered by the ever-changing appearance of disease, but seek essence from yin and yang in essence, grasp the characteristics of yang deficiency, break from yang deficiency, and reuse Jiang Fuwen to help the true Yuan fire. The true method of curing the disease is very effective, and it shows that Yangxu is the symptom characteristic of the hidden effect of Sini Decoction, so all the syndromes of Yangxu can be explored on Sini Decoction. The hidden effect of the prescription is guided by the righteousness of the human body, so that a prescription has a multidirectional regulating effect [1]. Modern pharmacological research shows that Sini Decoction has a variety of pharmacological effects such as strengthening heart, anti-shock, protecting the damaged cardiovascular system, anti-blood lipid, and immune regulation in the pathological state [4], especially its effects on T and B The opposite effect of lymphocyte proliferation, that is, it can promote the T cells of the body in normal and immunocompromised states, and raise the latter to normal levels, and at the same time it can inhibit the proliferation of B cells [5]. From the modern scientific research It has confirmed that Sini Decoction promotes the righteousness of the human body, and thus can promote the hidden effect of its prescription.
2. The hidden effect of prescriptions from Guizhi Decoction and clinical test cases
Guizhi Tang is another major leader of Vulcan. Zheng Qin'an described it as "the first party to reconcile Yin and Yang." The book "Treatise on Febrile Diseases" has been published, which has the functions of releasing muscles and reconciling camp guards. It treats exogenous wind and cold, headaches caused by discord between camp guards, fever, bad sweats, nasal nausea, vomiting, white furry, thirst, slow pulses, or Weak people; modern commonly used for colds, influenza, unexplained low fever, postpartum and post-ill fever, abnormal sweating (wetting, spontaneous sweating, yellow sweat) rheumatoid arthritis, cervical spondylosis, arrhythmia, pregnancy and vomiting , Nocturnal emission, allergic rhinitis, erythema polymorpha, frostbite, urticaria and other dialectical diseases belong to a variety of diseases between camp and health [6]. Zheng Qin'an said that "this side is not designed for the sun, but it is designed for yin and yang imbalance ... People who do not tune for yang, use this side, Gui, Gan, Ginger, Jujube should be heavy, and a little white pupa to converge the yin For those who are not yin, it is better to use peony, gan and jujube, to adjust yin, and add laurel to Xuanyang. Those who are short of yin and yang should be divided into two levels, and they should not be biased towards each other ... "At the same time, it can be used for all sores I believe that "all the sores are caused by dysphoria, qi and blood are too strong, and stagnation and epidemic are not smooth ... This is a wonderful way to reconcile qi and blood, and it was not in Qi, Lian, Yinhua, Shan A, rhubarb and the like, specializing in clearing the fire. To know that qi and blood stagnation, only to become sores, qi regulation is qi, qi regulation is qi, Guizhi focuses on yang, Baizhi focuses on yin However, when there is more than Qi, Yin is vulnerable to loss, so Beiqi medicine adds Zongzi, and if Qi is insufficient, Yin is more vigorous and Yang is weaker. Therefore, Beigui is added with aconite. "
2.1 Papular urticaria Chen, female, 39 years old, consulted on 2007.09.18. Suffering from pimples-like urticaria, the disease has been for more than ten days, the injection and infusion are ineffective, and recently it has worsened. Some doctors continued to infuse anti-inflammatory drugs and other infusions, and the disease became more serious. Instead, the rash was blistered and collapsed. Diagnose the pulse slowly and tightly, press it weakly, the ruler is thin and the inch is slightly larger. It is known that he is afraid of cold in winter, and the broken Yangyang camp is not in harmony, and should be treated by Wenyang to adjust its camp guard: Guizhi 30g each, 30g red peony, 30g aconite (fried for 1 hour), dried ginger 30, 15g cinnamon (below), 10g of ground skin, 10g of cicada, 15g of windproof, 15g of licorice, 30g of ginger, 8 jujubes Alas, 3 doses.
2.2 Dirty Cold Neck Pain Zhang, female, 42 years old, was seen on March 10, 2006. It is known as neck disease, which caused a cold the day before yesterday, which makes the neck pain worse and it is difficult to turn to the side. It needs to be hit with a heavy object or step on its back to relieve it. Carved diagnosis: Tongue coating is white and greasy, pale white with tooth marks on the edges, the left hand is floating slowly and tightly, and the right hand is thin and weak. This is caused by yang deficiency, extreme cold, internal vigor, and re-external sensation. It should be treated with warm and cold wind, returning to the sun to rescue the innocence, and use Guizhi combined with Ephedra aconitiata and Asarum Decoction: Angelica 10g, Astragalus 30g, Guizhi 30g , Paeonia lactiflora 15g, Aconite 60g (fried for 1 hour first), Ephedra 10g, Asarum 10g (below), Dried ginger 30 g, Cinnamon 10g (below), Zhihuo 10g, Zhigancao 30, Ginger 5 slices, Jujube 8 Pieces, 3 doses. After taking one dose, the pain is reduced. If two doses are lost, three doses will be healed.
2.3 Hyperhidrosis Lee, male, 50 years old, Second Artillery Guest House. 2007.5.28 Initial diagnosis, with sweat more as a cure. At the consultation, I saw sweat on my hand, such as oil, which is usually the case, and sweat all over my body. I have suffered from this disease for many years, and I have high blood pressure and diabetes. Check his tongue for slippery and greasy skin, showing tooth marks; diagnose his veins are tight and weak, and his feet have astringent elephants. Ask him if he also suffers from benign prostatic hyperplasia. Now Jiaoyinhan and Shengwei and Yingwei disharmony, it is better to warm the kidney yang to eliminate yin and yin, and Yingwei to solid surface to sweat, Guizhi Hemahuang Aconite Asarum Decoction flavoring main: Guizhi 30g, red white tincture 30g each , Ephedra 6g, Aconite 60g (fried for 1 hour), Asarum 6g, Cinnamon 20g (later), 30g each of Longmu, 60g of cooked land, 15g of turtle plate (fried together with aconite), 30g of mangosteen meat, 6g of pangolin , Panax notoginseng powder 10g (Chongfu), Zhigancao 30g, ginger 30g, jujube 8 tincture, 3 doses. 2007.6.2 Second visit. His sweat has been significantly reduced, and only a slight sweat on his hand was seen at the time of diagnosis. If the medicine is already in use, it is still treated with a flavor in the front: Angelica 15g, Astragalus 90g, Cinnamon 30g, 30g each of red peony, 100g of aconite (fried for 1.5 hours first), 25g of cinnamon (downward), 90g of cooked land, 30g of turtle plate ( Fry first), Longmu 30g each (Fry first), Substitute ocher 30g, Asarum 10g, Rhizoma acutissima 15g, Panax notoginseng 10g, Salvia miltiorrhiza 30g, Wood incense 30g, Raw hawthorn 60g, Mangosteen meat 30g, Licorice 60g, Ginger 60 g jujube 8 tinctures, 3 doses. Later, according to this method, the second diagnosis was slightly changed, and his sweat became worse.
Although the clinical manifestations of the above three cases are different, the pathogenesis characteristics may be discord between camp and health, or yin and yang. The principals are mainly incompatible with each other, so Guizhi Decoction is added and subtracted to reconcile. Pharmacological studies have shown that [7]: Guizhi Decoction has two-way regulating effects on sweat glands, body temperature, intestinal motility, and immune function in experimental animals. It has antibacterial, antiviral, analgesic and hypoglycemic effects, increases myocardial blood flow, improves gastrointestinal digestive conduction and solution. Pharmacodynamic effects of spasm and analgesic, and can prevent and treat arthritis, cervical spondylosis and chronic pancreatitis. The two-way regulating effect of Guizhi Decoction is the pharmacological basis of its hidden effect. A large amount of medical literature shows that [8] Guizhi Decoction can be widely used in various diseases such as cold, sweat syndrome, myocarditis, coronary heart disease, palpitations, atrial fibrillation, premature beats, multiple arteritis, Dizziness, hiccups, acute gastroenteritis, acute jaundice hepatitis, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic ulcers, appendicitis, obstructive pregnancy, menopausal syndrome, leaky milk, sliding tires, vulva , Dysmenorrhea, menstrual fever, menstrual edema, postpartum sensation, postpartum constipation, postpartum abdominal pain, pediatric enuresis, etc. These are the hidden effects of its prescription based on the reconciling yin and yang effects of Guizhi Decoction.
3 Discussion
The "Inner Canon" states: "Yang Qi, if the sky and the sun are lost, they will lose their lives." That is to say, Yang Qi is the root of human life. Do not lightly cut. The essence of yin and yang lies in "the secret of yin and yang", which is mainly based on the movement of yang, the average of yin qi follows, and the dynamic balance of yang qi is dense. If there is no yang, there is no yin qi, and if there is no yin, there is no yang qi. Vulcan master Zheng Qin'an penetrated the theory of "Treatise on Febrile Diseases", using yin and yang as the key link, with special emphasis on kidney and yang, and emphasized the role of a point of true yang in Kan, saying: "Yang also has the root of yin. Eliminate all diseases and do nothing "," If there is yang, you will be born, if there is no yang, you will die. The reason why the wife is born but not dead depends on this congenital aura. "Zhu Weiju also believes that" the yang is the hub of resistance. " Also "," If you are sick, you should use Chongyang first, if you have one point for yang, you will get one point for disease, and for one point, you will get one point for evil, and this is also necessary "; "Wen", "resistance weakened, and those who are too timid, to help heat", "qi foot is strong resistance, Yang He is resistance breeding." Zhang Jigong also attaches great importance to yang in the treatment of fever, and Gu Huyangqi mainly uses the aconite Wenyang. He believes that the use of aconite for febrile diseases is a method of contingency. Because of "a frail person, the disease is very serious and the evil is warm. As time goes by, righteousness hurts even more." When the righteousness is strong, it is alive, and when it is exhausted, it is dead. "At this time," it is important to balance the priorities, and not to adhere to the rules. " It is critical, "and" fragrant bitter cold open of the drug, and then into Shinan, "" pure with clean warm open vent, evil, and not Immediately after. " Tang Buqi accumulated "decades of clinical experience. In the case of yang deficiency, regardless of what is commonly called nephritis, hepatitis, pneumonia, myocarditis, gastritis, etc., as long as the clinical symptoms have empirical evidence of yang deficiency, the inflammation is not considered. Add flavor treatment and achieve satisfactory results. " It can be seen that yang is of vital importance to human life, especially the important substances that resist disease and stimulate human righteousness in order to promote recovery and death. What's more, today's people have the qualities of yang deficiency [9]. For the qualities of yang deficiency, it is especially crucial to recuperate qi and yang in the process of rehabilitation of their diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine Vulcanism treats yin and yang with particular emphasis on yang, and it is good to use, widely use, reuse, special ginger, Fu, Gui and other drugs to supplement the fire and help yang, just capture the characteristics of the hidden effects of prescriptions, so here Prompt results in clinical trials have made the medical doctor Lin Qixun even more brilliant!
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