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Jiaodong Coastal Flavor-Haicaifa Bread Seeds (40-course Chinese Style Pasta with Stuffing)

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In the previous blog post comments and meager comments, I received several bloggers who are interested in big buns in the background.
As soon as everyone reminded me, I remembered that the buns really took pictures. At that time, because I was in a hurry to send the locust flower buns, I put these pictures on hold and later I forgot.
This responded to the request of the blogger, turned out the old picture, organized and posted it.
I already have a lot of buns, dumplings, and pies in my blog. Just because I and my family like the stuffed pasta, I usually make it more often. Northerners, most of the staple food is mainly pasta, and bun dumplings and pies 馄饨 these stuffed pasta, a food can have both noodles, vegetables, and glutinous fish, which can be used as rice and vegetables You can get a meal, and it is nutritious, delicious, palatable, and suitable for all ages, so it is loved by the public. These stuffed pastas may seem tedious, but they are actually very easy to make. If you have enough time, you can make the noodles. When the time is short, you can make hot noodles or cold water noodles.
Speaking of these stuffed pasta, in fact, the dough and seasoning have not changed much. What can be constantly changed is the inner filling.
As for fillings and tastes, families and individuals have their own habits and preferences.
My family likes to mix and match vegetables, meat and seafood to make fillings. The fillings are minced by hand, except beef, mutton and fish. The rest of the meat, seafood and vegetables are cut by hand.
The seasoning of the stuffed pasta in my house is very simple. Only oil, salt, soy sauce and MSG are used. If you use fresh ingredients such as shrimp, shellfish, and clams in the filling, MSG can be omitted. taste. Although the seasoning is simple, as long as the amount is properly controlled, it can fully stimulate the delicious and rustic taste of the ingredients themselves.
Whenever I eat my own stuffed pasta at my own table, I feel very satisfied and enjoyed. In fact, it is the homely taste that I am used to, but let me go back and tirelessly and repeatedly sigh: "Who makes the buns (dumplings) Not as delicious as my own bag! "
Hey, the words are too full, not too humble.
However, it is really only you who can best understand your own tastes and preferences, but this is true.
The meals in restaurants and hotels cannot be home-made, because the mouths and tastes of diners are different, but no matter what the occasion, and in front of anyone, your own meals can say: "I did the best!"
The one that suits you and meets you is worthy of the title of "best"!
Dedicated to my favorite 40 delicious Chinese style pasta with stuffing in my home.
(The yellow color of the skin is because you add a little seabuckthorn oil when you face it)
Hai Cai, introduced in a previous blog post.
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1. Rinse the shrimps and soak them in warm water until there is no hard core;
2. Remove the drained water and chop it up;
3. Cut fresh pork into small cubes, add ginger and soy sauce, mix well and marinate for 20 minutes;
4. Wash the leek clean, soak it in brine for 20 minutes, rinse it, drain the water, and chop it;
5. Pick and wash the seaweed (Suaeda), and simmer in boiling water until it changes color;
6, remove the shower, then soak in cold water for 1 hour, change the water once;
7. Remove the soaked seaweed, squeeze out the water, and chop;
8. The above raw materials are mixed;
9, add peanut oil and mix well, then add salt, soy sauce and monosodium glutamate to taste, and finally a few drops of sesame oil and mix well.
10. Dilute the yeast with warm water, add flour and stir into wet flour, then knead into a smooth dough, cover with a damp cloth and burst;
11, until the dough is fermented and fluffy to 2 times the size, take out and knead and vent, and divide it into equal-sized dough;
12, roll and stuff;
13. Cover the wrapped buns with a damp cloth and continue to curl until the dough is fluffy and light.
14. The pot can be boiled in hot or cold water. The fire is boiled. Turn off the fire 15 minutes after SAIC, steam it for 5 minutes, and open the pot.
The specific steaming time depends on the size of the buns.
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