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Top 10 delicious snacks in Qingdao

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1.Spicy fried clams
"Ha beer, eat clams" has become popular in recent years, and food has become another business card in Qingdao. The best season to eat seafood in Qingdao is spring, summer and autumn, because the seafood at this time is tender and fat, smooth and refreshing. Of course, in addition to Qingdao, there are many delicious snacks, and each one can make you cry.
Qingdao people love clams so crazy that they eat them almost every day. Spicy stir-fried clams and raw soup clams are the two most commonly used methods of roasting in Qingdao. Spicy stir-fry is more representative. Perhaps due to regional influences, the clams here are very delicious, they are uninterrupted all year round, and it seems that the cooking method is not important. How to cook clams is so delicious. The spicy stir-fried clams are rich in flavor, moderately spicy, and have a strong aftertaste.
2. Seaweed Jelly
It uses authentic local cauliflower, which is finely cooled, boiled, and carefully filtered and refined. It is supplemented with more than 10 kinds of seasoning accessories. It has a unique flavor of fresh, hot and sour, tender and instant at the mouth.
This jelly is different from normal jelly, it is not so strong and crunchy. Stone cauliflower jelly is a bit fishy, but still acceptable. When Qingdao people mix jelly, add garlic, sea rice (dried from small shrimp), and chives.
3. Anchovy dumplings
Before and after Guyu is the best season for catfish. In the daily life of Qingdao people, catfish can be eaten in many ways, but the most special feature is the minced fish, mixed with minced meat, mixed with leek, and wrapped in dumplings. Sturgeon dumplings are made from the skin. Sturgeon dumplings are soft and moist, with a little leek for flavor. After eating the dumplings, let's have a bowl of dumpling soup with noodles. The so-called "original soup is transformed into the original food". This dumpling is relatively complete.
4, oil explosion conch
Based on the black-skinned sea snails of the local Red Island shallow sea, the oil-explosive conch is very delicious with Qingdao characteristics. The conch meat is tender, delicate and delicious. Although it is oily, it is absolutely not greasy.
5, fried oyster yellow
Oysters are rich in protein, as well as zinc, iodine, iron, calcium, phosphorus and other trace elements necessary for the human body. The meaty green oyster fried is selected, and the oyster yellow retains the original flavor because of the paste, which is really delicious.
6. Prawns with cabbage
Prawn and cabbage is a specialty of Qingdao. Because Qingdao is full of seafood, this dish is very good at making even the average family. The combination of shrimp umami and cabbage is more delicious, reminding you to taste the cabbage first.
7, seafood noodles
Seafood noodles is one of Qingdao's top ten snacks, which is characterized by its soft and smooth noodle entrance, outstanding seafood flavor and beautiful color.
8.Grilled squid
The grilled squid in Qingdao is expensive and fresh, and one point is old and one point is raw. Qingdao's grilled squid has a beautiful fragrance, tender meat, and is very biting.
This dish basically retains the original style of fishermen's dishes. Green onions, tortillas, and fried mohe are foods that fishermen often eat. The mohe is very fresh. The fresh mohe has a strong smell of seawater. Stir-fry it with green onions to make it more intense and crunchy. It is said that the name of Mohe comes from its shape, it is very similar to the grinding slag produced by push grinding, so it got the name of Mohe. Spring is the peak season of Mohe every year. Although other seasons are also available, it is much less after all. This dish changed the shape of the corn tortillas into small sticks. It was made by mixing white flour and corn flour, and it had the fragrance of corn. When we ate, we took a bite of scallions and a mouthful of milk, and then a small corn cob, which was quite delicious.
10, grease residue
Fat residue, as its name suggests, is a residue of fat, also known as compressed meat. In the past, the fat residue was left over when refining with fat meat. Now the raw materials and production process of fat residue have changed. It is not for refining. Generally, it is fried with pork belly or even lean meat. It takes about 3 pounds of pork belly to make a pound of fat residue. After pressing to filter out the fat in pork, all that remains is fleshy fiber, which is usually lean meat.
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