hg88306 com Recommended | People who ca n’t grow flowers, then raise a tree, do n’t worry about it for 1 month!

Recommended | People who ca n’t grow flowers, then raise a tree, do n’t worry about it for 1 month!

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Too difficult to grow flowers? It ’s better to raise a tree and put it in the house. It will easily and quickly create a large area of green for you. You can water it once a month.
Qin Yerong
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Qin Ye Ban has violin-like leaves, has a very high ornamental value, and is an ideal indoor decoration plant. If you often browse foreign home furnishing websites, you will often find that it is used to decorate rooms, and the design feeling is soaring, especially the small artistic and fresh.
Maintenance points:
Half-day or full-day sunlight can be maintained. The living room, bedroom, and study can be placed at random. Maintain a good ventilation environment, moist soil, and often clean the dust on the leaf surface. Qin Yerong will definitely bring you a difference. Surprise, do you want to hurry up?
Rubber tree
Rubber tree and Qinye ficus are both plants of the genus Ficus, but there are some differences in the leaves. Both leaves are thick and shiny, but the leaves of the rubber tree are mostly oval, darker in color, and the decorative effect is no less than that of Qinye ficus.
Maintenance points:
Rubber trees are more shade-tolerant than Qin Ye Ban, but it is better to maintain sufficient light. Usually, you should also pay attention to cleaning the dust on the leaf surface, maintain moist soil during growth, and properly control water in winter.
Safe tree
The safe tree is an indoor cultivated tree species that we often see in the flower market. It symbolizes wealth, peace, and good luck. It is also a favorite tree species for many flower lovers.
Maintenance points:
Pay attention to ventilation, the air is not easy to cause the leaf to sag and lifeless, spray more water to increase the humidity of the air, once you find the yellow leaves of the safe tree, check the pot soil immediately to see if the root system is rotten, and change the pot in time.
Rich tree
The fortune tree is also a plant with green leaves throughout the year. The dense leaves grow on the top of the trunk. It is very beautiful. The young branches can be shaped into various shapes. The flower buds who like it may wish to raise a fortune tree. Less luck.
Maintenance points:
The fortune tree is not resistant to water and humidity. Generally, watering it once in the next two months is sufficient. Do not expose to the sun in summer. The delicate leaves are easy to be sunburned.
Happiness tree
Happiness branches have lush foliage and green leaves. If you put a pot in the room, you will feel relaxed and energetic with your eyes full of greenery.
Maintenance points:
Happy trees like warm and humid environments. Pay attention to ventilation when the summer is hot, and when the ventilation is not good, it is particularly prone to germ infection and disease. In addition, it is best to ensure sufficient light. When there is insufficient light, happy branches are easy to grow.
The shape of Nantian Bamboo is elegant and clear, and the decorative window sill and foyer are also very good. When the autumn fruit is ripe, it will be flourishing and very beautiful.
Maintenance points:
Nantianzhu likes warm and moist environment. It also has certain negative tolerance, strong cold resistance, very easy to maintain, not strict water requirements, humidity and drought resistance, it is suitable for novice flower growers.
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