hg9078 .com The army has newly adjusted and formed 84 military-level units. Look at what the news network did not say

The army has newly adjusted and formed 84 military-level units. Look at what the news network did not say

Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:43:46

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Watch "News Broadcast" depends on the meaning behind the news
Press Review: Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 18th (Reporter Li Xuanliang) Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, State President and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, received the newly-adjusted and formed military-level unit chiefs on the 18th, and issued a training order to each unit, emphasizing the need to firmly implement it The CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission made policy directives, guided by the party's goal of strengthening the army under the new situation, implementing the military strategic guidelines under the new situation, adhering to political building of the army, reforming the strong army, and administering the army according to law. In this work, we concentrate on forging the elite soldiers who are called to come, to fight, and to win, and make new and greater contributions to the realization of the dream of the Chinese army.
This news was definitely one of the most important news in the country yesterday. What an important law? Most of you are from Xida who attended and spoke, the single news lasted for a long time, was in the top position of "News Broadcast", and so on. These are all right, but for the really important meanings, we must also ask discerning people to point us out.
Interpretation of experts from the Army, Navy and Air Force
The evaluation of the J-10 chief test pilot Xu Yongling said in one sentence: "This is the end of the theater reform."
Naval expert Wang Yunfei also commented: "The main deployment of military reform is in place."
Air Force expert Xu Bingjun's evaluation is still a sentence: "The military reform system architecture has been completed."
What a hero sees alike. In order to facilitate understanding, Army expert Luo Fuqiang further explained: "The formation of 84 military-level units is the basic sign of the phased victory of the two-year military reform. The Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission with Xi Jinping at the core The major achievements of the modernization of our army also mean that the military reform below the neck is basically completed. Obviously, the next step will be to carry out local adjustments, changes in the deployment of relevant troops, improvement and cadre digestion, and complete the new era of our army Military reform. "
Military-level units in the PLA
Everyone knows that the army is a first-level establishment in the army, but the army-level unit is far more than the army in the army. Naval Fleet Aviation, Test Training Base, Air Force's 15th Airborne Corps, Experimental Base, Rocket Army Base, Training and Experimental Base, Strategic Support Force Relevant Units, Provincial Military Region System Guard District, Guarding District, Provincial Military Region, and some Military academies, the PLA General Hospital, the PLA newspaper and other leading institutions directly under the leadership of the unit, the National Defense University, the military science academies under the jurisdiction, units, departments, departments in the southern theater under the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Army, are all military-grade units.
In CCTV yesterday's news, representatives of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Rocket Army, Strategic Support Forces and Provincial Military Regions spoke at the meeting. Therefore, the military-level units formed by the adjustment are mainly in these systems: namely Army Group Army, Naval Air Force, Airborne Force, Rocket Army Base, Cyber Warfare of Strategic Support Forces, Military Aerospace and Electronic Warfare Forces, and Provincial Military Area Commands.
According to Wang Yunfei's analysis, the newly adjusted 84 military-level units are the backbone of our army. In the next 5 to 10 years, the army will rely on these new talents to fulfill its mission and development.

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