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Qimen Panjia's General Tips and Order

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Kan Ju is Peng Xiu, Rui Si Kun Palace second-rate.
There were even three injuries in the rush, and Fu Du was always the head.
The bird star died five hearts and six hearts, and Zhu Jing often swam from seven to seven.
Only Ren Xingju Baliang, Jiuxun Yingjing asked.
Three odd six instrument order
Liuyi has six positions: Wu, Ji, Geng, Xin, Ren and Gui. Liujia consists of Jiazi, Jiayi, Jiashen, Jiawu, Jiachen, and Jiayin, and they are placed among the six of Wu, Ji, Geng, Xin, Ren, and Gui. Geng, Jia Wuxin, Jia Chenren, and Jia Yingui. Liujia is the six generals, of which Jiazi is the marshal. Three odds are B, C, and D. They are the three most powerful assistants around the marshal.
Ten days to hide the armor, leaving the remaining nine to match the nine palace gossip array. Liujia was hidden under Liuyi, and it occupied Jiu Palace with B, C, and Ding Sanqi. They have a fixed order and formation. The order and formation are: E, Ji, G, Xin, Ren, Gui, Ding, C, B. According to the impotence of the first to the ninth house, the impotence of the ninth to the first house is the reverse. The different arrangement order of Sanqi Liuyi in Jiugong is the main basis for determining the different positions of Qimen Panjia.
Six, Iori order, attributes and good and bad
The Eight Gods are the eight mysterious powers that the ancients found in the heaven-human interaction that correspond to the Jiugong Eight Diagrams. They are Zhifu, Viper, Taiyin, Liuhe, White Tiger, Xuanwu, Jiudi, Jiutian. The eight gods are the gods, the order of the eight gods is unchanged, the impotence is arranged clockwise, and the yin is arranged counterclockwise.
Direct note: the central soil, the god of Tianyi, the head of the gods, wherever evil goes.
Viper: The southern fire is a god of deceit, soft and bad-mouthed, but something terrifying can happen. Taiyin: 禀 Western gold, the god of yin and blessing, and sexual obscurity.
Liuhe: 禀 Dongfangmu, for the god of protection, peace of mind, the introduction of marriage and transactions.
Bai Hu: Xi Xijin, a fierce and fierce god, kills sex well, Si Bingge fights to kill and die. Xuan Wu: sacrifice northern waters, the god of treacherous thief, conspiracy to kill good sex, the thief fled and talked about.
Nine places: the image of the earth, the mother of all things, the god of solidity, gentle and quiet. Nine days: The image of gold, the father of all things, is the mighty god, and the nature just moves. Seven, eight door order, attributes and good and bad
Eight gates represent personnel in the pattern of heaven, earth, and people in Qimen Jiajia, so it is extremely important in the prediction of Qimen, especially with the gate of God and the value of the gate. The eight doors are: open the door, close the door, give birth to J, hurt the door, Dumen, Jingmen, dead door, startle door. The eight gates are human disks, and the order of the eight gates is the same. The impotence and the impotence are arranged clockwise.
Open the door: Jugan Liugong belongs to Jin, which is prosperous in autumn. It is similar to the end of the four seasons, resting in winter, imprisoned in spring, and died in summer. Representing factories, companies, stores, jobs, fathers, superiors, leaders, judges, cities. Open a shop, ask for money, Shangguan, go to office, etc.
Closed door: Jukan Yigong, belongs to the water, is prosperous in winter, compared to autumn, rested in spring, imprisoned in summer, and died in the last four months. On behalf of civil servants, staff of department, leisure. Reception, marriage, and fortune.
Birth Gate: Jugen Eight Palaces, the territory, flourishing in the four seasons, relative to summer, resting in autumn, imprisoned in winter,
Died in spring. On behalf of financial profits, profits, real estate, farming. Making money for housing, Shangguan going to office, etc. Injury door: Juzheng third house, which belongs to the wood, flourishes in spring, compared to winter, rests in summer, imprisoned in four seasons, and died in autumn. Representing vehicles, competition, and games. Debt collection, capture, gambling, pan hunting, etc. Dumen: The fourth house of the dwelling, is a tree, it is spring, it is in winter, it is in winter, it is in summer, it is imprisoned in four seasons, and it dies in autumn. Represents the direction of confidentiality, occlusion, and hiding. Facilitate disaster shelters, flood prevention and flood embankment construction. Jingmen: Ju Li Jiu Gong, belongs to the fire, flourishes in summer, compared to spring, rests in four seasons, imprisoned in autumn, and died in winter. On behalf of schools, gorgeous, bloody, downtown, cultural and entertainment venues. Lixian strategy, selection of scholars recommended, fire attack and kill.
Dead gate: Jukun Palace, belonging to the territory, flourishing in the four seasons, related to summer, resting in autumn, imprisoned in winter, and died in spring. Represents plots of land, dead people, graves, fierce disasters, and unhappiness. Lee hanged himself for funeral and torture.
Shocking gate: Judui second house, belongs to the golden age, is prosperous in autumn, compared to the four seasons, resting in winter, imprisoned in spring, and died in summer. Representing verbal lawsuits, terrors, lawyers. Lidou lawsuit, arresting thieves, bewildering the chaos.
Open, close, and give birth to Sanjimen, Dumen and Jingmen are flat, dead, shocked, and injured are fierce. The above-mentioned good and bad is that in general, in practice, specific analysis should be made according to the meaning of the door, and it cannot be generalized. Eight, nine stars order, attributes and good and bad
Jiuxing represents heaven in Qimen Panjia, that is, the influence of celestial movement on the earth and human beings. From the common planets, the ancients chose nine representative ones according to the positions where they operated and rested, corresponding to the nine gossips on the ground. The nine stars were: Teng Peng Xing, Tian Ren Xing, Tian Chong Xing, and Tian Fu. Star, celestial star, celestial star, celestial star, celestial star, celestial heart star.
Jiuxing is a sky disk, the order of Jiuxing is unchanged, _5 peers and Yinji are arranged clockwise. The prosperity and decline of Jiuxing is different from the prosperity and decline of Bamen and Jiugong. The secret is: the month of my life is sincere and prosperous, and it is the same as walking with me. For example, the canopy star falls in the third and fourth houses as Wang, the first house is in phase, the sixth and seventh houses are inactive, the ninth house is off, and the second, fifth, and eighth houses are prisoners.
Celestial star, Celestial star, Celestial star, Astral star are auspicious stars, Celestial star, Celestial star are flat stars, Tianpeng star, Celestial star, Tianzhu star are fierce stars (Jixi refers to the general situation ). 1. Canopy star: Jukan's first house belongs to water, which is prosperous in spring, compared to winter, rested in summer, imprisoned in four seasons, and spent in autumn. Representing a thief, breaking money, and also representing an entry into a big cause. Li appease the border.
2. Tianruixing: Jukun Palace belongs to the territories, prosperous in autumn, compared to the four seasons, resting in winter, imprisoned in spring, and wasted in summer. Representing sick stars, students, and Buddhist altars. Lee dating.
3. Tianchongxing: Juzheng is in the third house of wood, prospering in summer, compared to spring, resting in four seasons, imprisoned in autumn, and waste in winter. On behalf of the samurai, doing things resolutely. Conquer battles, revenge, and benevolence.
4. Tian Fuxing: Juyi Four Palaces technique, prosperous in summer, compared to spring, rest in four seasons, imprisoned in autumn, waste in winter. Represent culture, teacher, beautiful. Facilitate education, business, marriage. 5. Astral Star: in the middle of the fifth house, it is strong in autumn, it is similar to the four seasons, it is resting in winter, it is imprisoned in spring, and it is spent in summer. On behalf of Founder, kind people. Seeing superiors, doing business, getting married. 6. Tianxinxing: Jugan Liugong belongs to Jin, which is prosperous in winter, compared to autumn, resting in spring, imprisoned in summer, and spent in four months. On behalf of a doctor, a round, thoughtful person. Benefit medical, business, marriage, seeking, seeking leadership, and moving teachers.
7. Tianzhu Xing: The gold of the seventh house belongs to gold, and it is prosperous in winter, but in autumn, resting in spring, imprisoned in summer, and spent in four seasons. It represents fierce calamity and ruin. To build camps and train soldiers.
8. Tian Renxing: Jugen and the Eighth Palace belong to the territory, flourishing in autumn, compared with the four seasons, resting in winter, imprisoned in spring, and waste in summer. Represents auspicious, kind people. Li Anmin, officials are valuable, business, marriage.
9-day Yingxing: Ju Li Jiu Gong belongs to fire, flourishing in the four seasons, compared to summer, resting in autumn, imprisoned in winter, and waste in spring. Represents strong, brick kiln and so on. Li Shangguan is expensive, he should report a book, go in and out, and have a banquet.
"Qimen Panjia's Tips"
Yin Yang is invincible. Second to return to the nineteenth house. If you can reach Yin and Yang.
Heaven and earth come in one palm. Xuanyuan Huangdi battle Chi You. Mule deer does not end after years of war.
In the dream, God gave the rune. Ascend to the altar to worship and pray. Shenlong negative map out Luoshui.
Caifeng title book Biyunli. Written after the fate. Armored Qimen starts from here.
One hundred and eighty times. The public test is seventy-two. Caught in Zhang Zifang of the Han Dynasty.
Eighteen innings are fine arts. First of all, there must be nine palaces in the palm. Fifteen horizontal photos of the fir.
The gossip is divided into eight sections. One style is three authentic. Yin and Yang two points divided up and down.
Unpredictable three yuan. I will pick up one yuan for five days. Breathing Super God is the criterion.
Recognize Jiugong as Jiuxing. Eight gates traveled by nine palaces. Jiugong Fengjia is the value symbol.
Eight gate values make it clear. The gate on the rune is valued. Ten o'clock embarrassing credentials.
Values are often left to dry. It is necessary to make Shunniu go to the palace. The name of Liujiayuan.
Sanqi is Ethyl Propylene. Impotence Shunyi odd cloth. Yin Yin Qi Yi goes straight.
Jimen occasionally meets three odds. Everything matters 30,000. More checkpoints from the side.
The Yugong must not be imperfect. San Qi was so honest. There is no small supplement in Liujia.
Yifeng dog horse squirrel monkey. Six Dingyu women ride dragon and tiger. There are three strange tour Liuyi.
No. Jade girl keeps eyebrows. If it's a private relationship. Push from Jun Dan to this.
There are four families in the sky. Ask Jun how to deal with this method. Tian Chong Xiaoji and Congkui.
This is a private way out of heaven. Local households are fixed and opened in addition to danger. Everything goes from here.
Liuhe Taiyin Taichangjun. Sanchenyuan is a private door to the earth. Even more amazing.
Pepsi is always happy to go out. Tianchong Tianma is the most expensive. Sudden difficulties should be avoided.
But can ride Yuma. The sword is scary. Three are angry and five are dead.
Win in three and decline in five. Be able to recognize travel three times and five hours. Good fortune must be recorded.
Fu Yin is the fiercest. The canopy adds ground canopy. If the canopy reaches Tianying.
Notice is to return to Yin Gong. This is true of the eight gates. Life is alive and death is alive.
It's a strange place to stay. Everything is fierce. Liu Yi's torture was too fierce.
The value of Jiazi is sad. The jail sentence was not filed. Yin Jichen Chen noon sentence.
Sanqi should push carefully into the tomb. Jiari Nakan entered the Kun Palace. Bingqi belongs to Huohuo Tomb.
Things are not appropriate at this time. Also cum odd Qi coming six. Ding Qi Lin Ba is also at the same time.
And sometimes into the tomb. Avoid meeting each other in class. Wuchen Renchen and Rengui.
Gui Wei Ding Chou is also fierce. When five do not meet, the dragon is not refined. No. is sun and moon damage.
Dry at the moment to dry. A day to know when the bogey. Qi and Menxi are too cloudy.
All three are rare. If you still have two, it is good. Actions will be hidden.
It is worthwhile to make a profit. Soldiers are the most expensive. Often hit from here.
Hundred battles must be remembered. The god of Tianyi is in the palace. General Livable Hedge.
The fake value is out of place. Tianying sat to attack the canopy. Acetoprofen and valprofen.
God and man report to the king in heaven. Fighting must be done in heaven. The same is true when it is cloudy.
If you see Sanqi in Wuyang. Preferential guest is high strength. Suddenly met the five Yin position.
It should be good for the master. Values are in the first three or six positions. The god of the overcast is in the first two.
The next house is nine days. The last two gods are nine places. Nine days have been good to raise troops.
Nine places can be camped. Ambush but to the Tai Yin position. If Liuheli escapes.
Heaven and earth are divided into three names. Tensei Moon Essence Cover Pro. The next day to Ziyun shelter.
People should know that it is overcast. Health gate Liu Cing He Liu Ding. This is self-evident.
Open the door and Qi Qi comes to his place. This is the natural promenade of the land. Xiuting Liuding is total Yin.
Desires lie in this. To know what the three concubines would do. The Tibetan-shaped trace is beautiful.
Geng is Taibai Cing for Ying. Geng Bing who will get together. Liu Geng plus Bingbai into the fluorescence.
Hexapropanthine is white. A white thief is coming. The thief went into the white.
C is paradoxical. The case is unreasonable. Bingtianyi is Fu Ni.
Sky B and C are flying paradoxes. Gengjiari is Fugan. Rigan and Geng flew to Georgia.
Add a palace to fight in the wild. The same palace battled in the country. Geng added Fu Tian Yi Fu.
The value Fu Jia Geng Tian Yi Fei. Gengjia Guixi is a big cell. Adding one's sentence is the most inappropriate.
When he added Ren, he was on the grid. Also suspected that the time of year. There are more general geigers.
Liu Geng, please don't add three odds. If at this time also march. Horses have no return period.
Liugui Jiading snake demon Jiao. Liudingjiaguique casts the river. Liu Yi Jia Xin Long escaped.
Six Xinjia Yihu mad. Please see that the four are fierce gods. Pepsi is unprepared.
Cingjiajia birds fell. Jia Jia Bing Xilong returned. Only these two are lucky gods.
Good luck for everything. If Bamen meets with a break, he will die. Everything is in love.
The wounded should be hunted eventually. Du Hao invites cover and invisibility. King casts a book and breaks.
Jing can capture the thief's reputation. If asked where the dead gate is. Hanging and torture should only be done.
Peng Ren Chong auxiliary bird Yangxing. Ying Ruizhu's heart is overcast. The auxiliary bird heart star is Shangji.
Resigned as Xiaoji Weiquanheng. The fierce fierce Feng C can't bear it. Little fierce Yingzhu is not smart.
The little fierce turned into auspiciousness. The fierce fierce but flat. Ji Su is more able to come to Wang Xiang.
Every effort will be made. In case of detention and abolished. Persuade the monarch not to go ahead.
To know nine stars with five elements. Need to ask the Eight Diagrams to test the Yi Jing. Campo Mercury is leaving the British fire.
Kungen soil in the palace is the camp. The dry exchange is Jinzheng Alder. Wang Xiangxiu's prisoners are given priority.
Walking with me is me. The month of my life is sincere and prosperous. Wasted by parents to rest in wealth.
It's not arrogant to be trapped in a ghost. Let's make a water canopy canopy. Phase in early winter and midwinter.
Prosperity is closed on the second and fourth five. The rest followed this path. Hurry from God and slowly from the door.
Three or five days repeatedly Tianhengheng. If you add the wrong one, you can add it. He was gravely suspended from the grave.
Doujing is the most expensive. Qi Gong Tian Yi used it. Tianmu is the ear of the land.
There is no reason to push the six. Persuade the jun to not lose this mystery. Dong Che Jiuxing assisted Mingzhu.
The official system is not urgent. The gate system is imperious. Four Skynets did not walk.
There are roadblocks at the bottom of the net. The third to fourth houses are difficult to avoid. Eighty-nine Gao Zhang was appointed West East.
When the solar terms pass, it is fixed. Yin Yang should be proficient in Shunni. The ternary product counts into the sixth century.
The heavens and the earth fail to make sense. Watch the magic in the song. It ’s not true and true.

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