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The sexiest voice in the world is the sound of tapping your soul

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

When I was in school, I accidentally read "Dream of Red Mansions" and was fascinated.
In "Dream of Red Mansions", every time the poems in the Grand View Garden, Lin Daiyu beat the crowd. Others need to think hard, but she "waits for everyone to write almost, she just lifts up the pen, and with a stroke, Long Fei Feng Wu writes a poem."
Jia Zheng also commented on the Xiaoxiang Pavilion where Lin Daiyu lives: "If you can read under this window on the moonlit night, you will not be alive."
Hold the volume by the window, or groan with a low eyebrow, or help with meditation, full of radiance, quiet and refined. Even if this trivial life is trivial, even if life is full of helplessness, even if you are busy and toiled, as long as the window of your heart is clear, you can have a vast and rich universe beyond the humble world.
It's like a gigantic empowerment, and I know from this world that in such a time and space that I can't go, there is such a beautiful soul and such a full-hearted woman.
Now think about it, that should be the earliest enlightenment about "beauty"?
After growing up, I chose Chinese as a major because I liked classical literature. But for "Dream of Red Mansions" and Hongxue, I turned away from it. Rather than placing it on the dissection table to find out, I prefer to see it as a complete work of art, because I always retain this private emotion in it.
There is a saying in "The Bookstore on the Island": "Everyone's life has the most difficult year, and it will make life beautiful and vast."
In the year when I first entered the workplace, I was doing a job that I didn't like. Because of the stress, I was in a state of insomnia and depression. In that year, I had a hard time.
Fortunately, during that time, I accidentally heard Mr. Jiang Xun reading "Dream of Red Mansions" on Dragonfly FM. My childhood memories and childhood emotions were instantly resurrected. I fell asleep in Jiang Xun's voice like a baby. ——Between the peaks and the bottoms, my life began to be suddenly bright again, and I found the joy of life again. It was enough to make me resist the unpleasantness of the real world.
Jiang Xun's voice had a sense of picture. The moment the intro music was played, the intro music sounded. I closed my eyes, the wind blew through my ears, and the cars and horses drifted away from the fireworks into the nose.
The real world is closed, and another door of imagination suddenly opens. I pushed inside and saw a poetic world, a pure world, and so many living and moving souls. In this world, there are dreamlike scenes that I have known, there are delicate Daiyu funeral chanting words, and rich Baodi Shuiting fluttering butterflies.
Many people say that the Red Mansion is with likes and dislikes of the characters. For example, Lin Yutang hates Miaoyu, and his words are fierce.
But Jiang Xun is different. With the greatest sympathy, he understands every character in "The Red Mansion" and understands every choice they make.
He said: "We all have Lin Daiyu and Xue Baozhen in our personalities, and we will always be in conflict between the two. Lin Daiyu died with an uncompromising insistence. Xue Baozhen should know how to live in harmony with this world and survive. We have to My perseverance, being able to get along with people outside, and being able to balance between the two, is great wisdom. "
This is exactly the style of Cao Xueqin's writing of this book. There are not so many mundane, prejudices, and conspiracies. Instead of making moral evaluations, he just presents the characters and expressions of the characters and their souls.
When Jiang Xun was a child, he flashlighted and read "Dream of Red Mansions" while hiding in the bed. That kind of life experience made his understanding of "Dream of Red Mansions" also more emotional. He bet his personal emotions on Dream of the Red Chamber, just as Cao Xueqin bet his great compassion on the characters in this book.
A book is read by the person who knows it best with the most pleasant voice. This interpretation makes people calm and warm. Such a sound is trustworthy. We allowed it to take us into the corners of Grand View Garden, followed by Jiang Xun to calm down, closed our eyes, and felt what the real "beauty" was.
Jiang Xun repeatedly read Twenty or Thirty Times of A Dream of Red Mansions for more than half a century. He excavated the unique human connotation of A Dream of Red Mansions from the perspective of humanity and literature, and restored the true literary connotation of A Dream of Red Mansions. We are no longer caught in the mystery of research, argumentation, and the Red School. He showed us a real "Dream of Red Mansions".
This is why Jiang Xun's voice and words keep attracting me. ——He is not preaching or criticizing. He just talks about his life experience in the interpretation of the works, just like a beautiful soul meets another beautiful soul, and a poetic heart senses another. A poetic heart.
It is no wonder that Lin Qingxia regards Jiang Xun as the only idol.
There was a time when Lin Qingxia was insomnia every night because her father was seriously ill. A friend gave her a set of CDs of Jiang Xun's "A Dream of Red Mansions." class.
She said, "How could there be such a nice voice? ... I was very calm when I heard the teacher talk about" A Dream of Red Mansions. "
I have always been glad that in my life I can meet the Red Mansion and Jiang Xun.
In the past six months, I still like to listen to Jiang Xun on the dragonfly, and this place has become my spiritual home.
From "A Dream of Red Mansions", "History of Chinese Literature", "Six Lectures on Solitude", to "Contemplation of Beauty", now listen to "Faith of Beauty". When you are the saddest, when you are the happiest, when you are the calmest, you are accompanied.
I'm no longer a teenager, but I often think of the jade butterflies that attracted Breguet. "The pair of butterflies flew up and down, come and go, wear flowers and willows, and would like to cross the river." And today, I still stomp my feet, trying to find such beauty.
In this age of fragmented information, people seem to get used to staying away from words, but Jiang Xun tells us that the charm of literature can be exchanged for inner peace, which has not changed.
"There is always a paragraph that affects the growth of your life; there is always a cold night that warms your lonely cold night." Thank you for such a gentleman in your life, with a wise and peaceful voice, to open a truly beautiful for me The world, a world of art.
The world is so tumultuous, but I am glad that I can still hear such a warm voice in Dragonfly, which accompanies me to sleep and warms me.
Jiang Xun and Dragonfly FM, an audio broadcast platform on the entire network, presented audio compilations of eight works for all culture-loving friends:
He made every lonely soul no longer lonely. Make every lonely night no longer lonely.
"Jiang Xun talks about the Dream of the Red Mansion": I studied a Red Mansion half a life, and talked for 160 hours;
"Jiang Xun's Private Collection: The Beauty of Chinese Literature" allows literature to bridge the gap between the world and the heart and achieve a richer self;
As a student of the Chinese Department, the school's traditional teaching is accustomed to analyzing literature from a theoretical perspective. The original interesting subjects have been taught boringly. The complete literary works of art have been fragmented, let us stay away.
But after listening to Jiang Xun's "The Beauty of Chinese Literature", I once again ignited the passion for this subject.
"Six Lonely Lessons": Six lessons that cut into loneliness to complete loneliness and reshape cognition of loneliness;
When I was young, I always felt that "the lonely person is shameful" and could not tolerate my love for being alone. In Six Lectures on Solitude, Jiang Xun told me, "There is nothing wrong with loneliness. You make loneliness bad because you are afraid of loneliness."
He said that loneliness is a state of life that everyone should enjoy. "Loneliness is the beginning of a successful life. I do n’t have the experience of being alone and I do n’t know how to get along with others." This state of loneliness, and see yourself more clearly in loneliness, and become more calm about life.
"Jiang Xun's Trilogy of Chinese Literature"-from the Book of Songs to Tang Poetry; from Tang Poetry to Yuan Qu; from classical Chinese to vernacular: presenting calm wisdom in literature from the perspective of historical aesthetics;
"Jiang Xun's Chat with the Master of Art": Reproduce the life course of a literary master and realize the bitterness behind the bright works.
"There is always a text that affects the growth of your life; there is always a voice that warms your lonely cold night." When you saw this sentence, the first moment that came to mind was Mr. Jiang Xun.
Xi Murong said: "He (Jiang Xun) opened for us not just a door and window in his heart, but all the sad and joyful truths in the long river of culture and history. Time will eventually pass, but beautiful memories will last."
The clean sound and the beautiful soul are enough to be perceived. In Dragonfly FM, Jiang Xun's album has accumulated over 100 million listeners, and the number of subscribers has exceeded 100,000.
It turns out that in this world, there are so many lonely souls and so many people who feel love and beauty. We are alone, but we are not alone because we read and listen.

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