hg0822com A summary of the commentary on the re-appraisal of the stone of Zhiyanzhai by Jiaying (4)

A summary of the commentary on the re-appraisal of the stone of Zhiyanzhai by Jiaying (4)

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A summary of the commentary on the re-appraisal of the stone of Zhiyanzhai
(Vol. 4. 25 to 28)
There are 308 approval words in this volume, including 91 in the 25th, 89 in the 26th, 59 in the 27th, and 69 in the 28th:
Twenty-fifth magic sisters meet the five ghosts
If you want to call him by name, you are afraid of attacking others.
1269 [Side batch] It is Baoyu's thought, not assault.
Second, I don't know what kind of behavior jadeite is, if it's good, just give it up.
1270 [Side approval] I do n’t know how to say “good”? Answer: You can tell by looking at the words "What kind of behavior". Brother Yu is indifferent, what's the matter?
All rubbing rouge powder, arranging flowers and willows.
1271 [Side batch] The eight characters are written stupidly, and they are set against red jade, as well as gold and silver with rich and luxurious decoration, and also lined with Baoyu and Daiyu.
But hate that there is a begonia flower in front of it, it is not real.
1272 [Clip Criticism] The so-called magic of this book, all of which are from the poems, are all such pen and ink. May I ask the viewer, isn't this "the flower is far from the earth?" It can be seen that the last few times were non-remnant imagination.
Suddenly he beckoned to call him.
1273 [Side batch] Here the attack is written, which is a patch method.
They only said that he was unhappy for a while and was not theoretical.
1274 [Side batch] The text is so cunning.
Eyes widened for a day.
1275 [Side approval] The person who Biyun "showed his eyes for a day" is against ruby for a moment like a summer, know?
Mrs. Wang did not go when she saw Mother Jia.
1276 [Side grant] The so-called dual-use is also available.
When Mrs. Wang saw Jia Huan getting out of school, she ordered him to copy a "Vajrayana" and chant it.
1277 [Side batch] Use the "Vajrayana" to draw five ghosts.
The Jia Huan was sitting on Mrs. Wang's concubine, ordering someone to light a lamp, and making a copy of it with ostentation.
1278 [Side batch] The villain Chadian, let's play together.
Only Caixia came with him.
1279 [Side batch] There is another wind and moon gap in the dark.
It is the dog with no conscience that bites Lu Dongbin and does not know people's hearts.
1280 [Clip Criticism] The feeling of wind and moon is related to each other's karma. Although Yun "sorrows," he comes from a career barrier. Foolish wives are talented, and there is a lot of solidity in the world; The so-called karma enchantment is no longer a matter of talent.
But he said a few words properly.
1281 [Side batch] looks like everyone's children.
Then he rolled into Madam Wang's arms.
1282 [Side batch] I cried out a few times.
Mrs. Wang rubbed him with hands and face.
1283 [Side batch] Those who lost their mothers all over the world cry together.
Baoyu also carried Mrs. Wang's neck and said it was short and long.
1284 [Side batch] Cimu Jiaoer wrote everything.
Although he didn't dare to say it, he calculated it secretly.
1285 [Side grant] Fu Jinzhen has returned.
Sister Feng ran in three steps and two steps.
1286 [Side batch] A Feng appeared on the paper.
Several times, I didn't make the theory.
1287 [Side grant] Make up for vegetarians.
Anxious to count Aunt Zhao again.
1288 [Side batch] Always text for the wedge tightly.
Sister Feng laughed.
1289 [Side batch] Two smiles, bad.
He said he had burned it himself, and he had to scold someone for not looking at it.
1290 [Side-approved] Brother Yu is sighing because of his younger brother.
What do you say to Minger.
1291 [Side batch] Bad. Always adjusting the tone, Zhao Shining doesn't know?
Knowing his sexuality and joy, he could not see these things.
1292 【Clip batch】 Writing Baoyu characters, these formulas are tightly pen and ink.
Lin Daiyu herself knew this habit.
1293 [Clip batch] Written in Lin Daiyu's writing. Therefore, although there are many characters, there are also a lot of sombre writing, so the viewer can't see it.
Knowing that Baoyu's heart was afraid he was dirty.
1294 [Jiabiao] Combining the two together really writes about their two hearts, exquisite seven tricks.
It is inevitable that Mother Jia scolds the followers again.
1295 [Side batch] This original is not the text, so it was scribbled.
He also said to Mother Jia: "The old ancestors knew that the benefits of the classic dharma."
1296 [Side batch] An unreasonable and unreasonable utterance, but every sentence is heard and witnessed, not fabricated. The author and Yu pass through.
There are many wishes, one forty kilograms of oil, one pound of rush grass.
1297 [Side batch] The thief first tried it in the shop.
Mother Jia listened and nodded.
1298 [Brow batch] "Nodding in thought" is the size of the matter, and it is not astringent. Forty-eight kilograms of daily sesame oil, more than 250 kilograms of oil per month, and more than three hundred bunches of money, how to serve the public for a child? Taijun is careful.
If it ’s for the parents, it ’s better to give it up; like the old ancestor is now Baoyu, if it ’s too much, it ’s not good.
1299 [Side batch] The thief and thief came up from "Taijun thinks", and then collected it with such words, so that Taijun will be sincere and willing. Thieves, Thieves, waste my writer many thoughtful writing also.
Then I went to each room and house to hang out. Came to Aunt Zhao's room for a while.
1300 [Side grant] There are "houses and rooms", and then the party suddenly felt it.
But I'm out of shoes.
1301 [Side grant] There are some points to see.
He is still a little child's family. He looks so good, and the grown-up loves him a little bit.
1302 [Side-approved] Zhao Yan said a few words, we can see the identity of Brother Yu, the situation is behind the words.
I just disagree with this Lord.
1303 [Side batch] Living Zhao Yan.
On the one hand, two fingers extended.
1304 [Side grant] A Feng emerges.
Go to the door, lift the curtain and look out at nobody.
1305 [Side batch] is afraid of breaking.
If you don't dare to do it, you will do it secretly.
1306 [Side batch] The thief has the right to win. Zhao Yan has fallen into the street, so he dares to speak out plainly, which is terrible.
I know these things there. Sin sin.
1307 [Side batch] One step further but one step closer, thief and thief.
What can you do to impress me?
1308 [Side grant] The size of the thank you ceremony is so terrible.
He called a confidante and whispered a few words under his ears.
1309 [Side approval] The so-called fox group dog party, everyone unavoidably, look at the officials.
The woman went out, and came back at once, and she wrote a five-two oath, and Aunt Zhao printed the hand mold.
1310 [Side grant] Slutty woman.
Regardless of indifference, should be full of mouth.
1311 [Side grant] There is a Taoist lady as a maid, look at this sentence. The word "don't care" is afraid of stabbing people, and thousands of evil things are born from the word. It is terrible and awesome, and it can be kept forever.
He pulled out ten paper-hinged red-haired ghosts.
1312 [Side batch] So readily available, even more terrible.
1313 [Brow batch] Bao Yu is the name of a thief, what about Feng Feng? This is the case with the three aunts and six wives. That is, the goddess of the mother Jia, can not help but, the other lady who only knows how to eat fasting Buddha, how can you come back with regret? The author is in a state of intimacy and does not avoid suspicions, he wrote it specially. The officer looked again. My children and grandchildren, beware of caution.
Leaning against the door, he returned to God.
1314 [Side grant] The so-called "xianyi embroidery room blowing catkins" is also.
Look at the newly born bamboo shoots under the order.
1315 [Side batch] Miao Miao. "No one has seen the bamboo shoots." Today, I have to see you now.
Looking around the garden, no one looks around.
1316 [Side grant] I am afraid to drop the garden willow flower willow, so there are ten numbers as well.
I only saw the flowers and willows and the sound of birds and streams.
1317 [Side batch] Purely written with an artist's pen.
They are bathing around the thrush on the cloister.
1318 [Side grant] The daughter in the boudoir is happy.
Lin Daiyu laughed: "But I forgot."
1319 [Side grant] The cloud "I'm watching" Huizhen Ji "." A smile.
Lin Daiyu said, "I eat well."
1320 [Side approval] Qing Ain's taste is also light. How can Qing afford the taste?
Why do n’t you eat tea for our family? Everyone heard it, and all laughed.
1321 [Side-approved] Two jade things, all the people in Jiafu, that is, the book-reader, the book-approver, all believe in a good husband and wife, often in the book, why not? Sigh.
What witty? It's just sloppy and disgusting.
1322 [Side approval] This sentence is still pending.
Look at the characters, the door is not worth it, or the basics are not worth it.
1323 [Side batch] Greatly dizzy, ready for later.
Here Baoyu pulled Daiyu's sleeve, just smiled hesitantly, there was something in her heart, but she couldn't say it.
1324 [Side grant] It has been accepted by the town. You can't tell, don't get it wrong.
Baoyu suddenly made a scream, saying, "It's a headache!"
1325 [Side grant] Since reading on behalf of Yu Yu, it has been written in three paragraphs. Such as the dark clouds around the summer, flashes of thunder and endless, I do not know when the rain fell, suddenly thunder, poured a big bet, so fast as it is, how happy it is, it's more than nothing.
Suddenly numb, no idea.
1326 [Side Approval] Writing Brother Jade is alarming. If many people are busy, he is writing about Tai Jun's favorite ear. Do not hide the officer.
See chickens and kill chickens, see dogs and kill dogs, and kill people when you see people.
1327 [Clamped batch] Chickens and dogs are used here? Although splendid and splendid, it is not a common practice at home; chickens and dogs are idle, and they have begun for thousands of years. Therefore, the word "chicken and dog" must be used here.
Others are arrogant, and needless to say, Xue Xun is so busy than everyone else.
1328 [Side batch] Write the dumb brother busy, the more busy he feels, and avoid the annoyance of the text. Well written, can write.
He also feared that Xiang Ling would be sloppy, knowing that Jia Zhen and others were doing kung fu on women.
1329 [Side batch] From the mind of A Dao, write Jia Zhen and so on, wonderful.
Suddenly a glimpse of Lin Daiyu, gentle and gentle, has collapsed there.
1330 [Side grant] Busy to the point that the needle can't, like Tang Tu, but it is a person who can't forbid love, and knows that the child's god is like a fairy.
1331 [Clip batch] Write busy while busy, really big eyes, big rules.
The next day Prince Teng came to see for himself.
1332 [Side approval] Write foreigners, and avoid the complexity of the text.
So he carried both of them into Mrs. Wang's upper room.
1333 [Side batch] Packed up cleanly.
Jia Zheng was really annoyed at not seeing the results.
1334 [Side approval] Four characters write the old man.
They thought God should do the same, so they had to go.
1335 [Side-approved] The learner should speak as he should.
Aunt Zhao and Huan Jia rejoiced in their hearts.
1336 [Side grant] Bu Ming Zhao Yijin Yihong, also as a practice.
Opening his eyes and saying, From now on, I'm not in your house.
1337 [Side approval] "The words are not surprisingly endless".
It's not that you are tempted to force him to write or study.
1338 [clip batch] strange words. The so-called addict is unknown, but it must be a text.
At one point someone said back and forth: Both coffins were ready.
1339 [Side grant] Partially written articles that cannot be read one after the other, but articles that are really tight.
He could only hear the faint sound of wooden fish.
1340 [Side batch] Without too much reluctance, gently collected hundreds of words, and the power of "Stone" is all here. Make the illusion true and the illusion true, and the reader should also look at it as it is.
Why want to listen to such a deep house?
1341 [Side batch] The author is a magic pen, and the house is a phantom ear.
Heart is also very rare.
1342 [Side approval] The political elder is also in the illusion.
It turned out to be a gimmick monk and a lame man.
1343 [Clamped] Sister Yin Feng, Tao Yin Baoyu, everything is chaotic.
The sir need not say much.
1344 [Side approval] Avoiding routines.
Because now I am fascinated by sensuality.
1345 [Clamped] Shi can be fascinated, we know that its harm is not small. Focusing on the viewer, "Stones" can be read.
So it didn't work out.
1346 [Side approval] View of the reader.
Time is so fast, and the fate is full of sun, like a finger.
1347 [Clip batch] Seeing this sentence is astounding.
But after practicing psychicism, he turned to the world for right and wrong.
1348 [Brow batch] The less intelligent the happier the so-called.
Shen Yan must wake up in a dream.
1349 [Side grant] No centennial feast.
The grievances cleared up.
1350 [Side batch] Three exercises, can't you become a ancestor?
In the evening, the two of them gradually woke up.
1351 [Side grant] It is so effective because it can lead the chant.
Mother Jia and Mrs. Wang are like treasures.
1352 [Side grant] How can Ha Tian be rewarded? Cry to kill young and bereaved.
Lin Daiyu said "Amitabha Buddha" first.
1353 [Side batch] For the sound when sick.
Breguet laughed: "I laugh as Buddha is more busy than people."
1354 [Brow Criticism] The lingling monk listened to the lazy monk Sanying immediately, and when he arrived, he returned to the Zhuangzi's verse recording machine Feng Xunzi.
1355 [Brow batch] Sighs can't see Yuxiong Cliff's hand-off text for hate.
1356 [Back to the last batch] First write the ruby number lines to lead the text.
1357 [Back to the last batch] The lamp oil attracts the great light to shine on the Buddha, and the great light shines on the magic of the five ghosts.
1358 [Back to the last batch] The psychic jade eliminates evil, all of them only see one at a time, but they do not work. When encountering a monk or a tired monk, a little spirit should be met. The harm of writing lust is so.
1359 [Last batch] This time it was meant to prevent the harm of the three aunts and six wives from entering the door, which is difficult to prevent.
Twenty-sixth bee waist bridge to set up a story
It was just when he was still in doubt, and he heard the question outside the window.
1360 [Side batch] diverging the text, but quoting the text.
Baoyu called to send tea to Girl Lin.
1361 [Side grant] Explain that there is a good way.
The girls who are being assigned to them.
1362 [Side batch] Xiaoxiang often comes from the mouth of another hospital, and it is fresh.
Girl Lin is weak, and he often takes medicine, so you and him want some to eat, too.
1363 [Side batch] The weakness of Daiyu and the gray line of grass snake are described in the gossip.
What to fear is better to die earlier than clean.
1364 [Side approval] This sentence is discouraging and always comes up helplessly.
Thousands of miles to build a long shed, there is no endless feast.
1365 [Side approval] Writing these words at this time was tearful.
It looks like it has been suffering for hundreds of years.
1366 [Jiabiao] But it was a tasteless comment in the mouth of the younger daughter.
Ruby listened and sneered twice before Fang wanted to speak.
1367 [Side Approval] The text repeats.
1368 [Brow Criticism] Hongyu complained indignantly. She was in Yihong and couldn't make up her mind. Don't mistake the officer for thinking that Yuner hurts Acacia.
1369 [Brow batch] The jade temple Hongyu Qianxue wrote a lot of words, but she was lost without a draft.
The little girl just said out of the window, "It's Sister Qi."
1370 [Side-approved] It's inconsistent language again.
Raised his feet and grunted and ran away.
1371 [Side batch] Living text, living text.
Talking while thinking.
1372 [Side batch] Always painting.
I saw Baoyu's mother-in-law Li Yan coming from there.
1373 [Side approval] Qiwen is really unpredictable.
Take good care of that tree again.
1374 [Side batch] Puzzling.
What kind of brother Ye Yuer.
1375 [Side batch] Qiwen Shenwen.
Minger called to the room to hear, but it was not good.
1376 [Side batch] even more puzzled.
Your old man really called after him.
1377 [Side batch] is Sui Xinyu.
How about it?
1378 [Side batch] Miao. It's old Lao tone.
If that one knows anyway, he wo n’t be able to come back.
1379 [Side batch] even more puzzled.
1380 [Clip batch] is a selfish word, wonderful
It's not good to come back and ask him to mess around by himself.
1381 [Jiabiao] It is always a selfish word. If you ask it directly, you dare not to use it. You just use these words to make a sensation.
Stand still and don't fetch the pen.
1382 [Clip batch] Always keep his expression and show something different.
Ruby looked up and saw the little girl falling.
1383 [Clip batch] Those who fall, too. In the world of life, it is already a wart, and it has many debts of injustice, sigh.
Here, Ruby just walked to the entrance of Fengyao Bridge and saw Jia Yun coming down.
1384 [clamp batch] wonderful. Do not say that Ruby does not leave, nor do you want to leave, just say the words "just arrived", we can see that Ruby has selfishness. If you say that you must go, you must go, the text is rigid, and the edges and corners are exposed. It is also not a pen to write a daughter.
Ruby blushed.
1385 [Jianbiao] At this point, the official must conceal the volume and think about the last thirty times. The red dots in the text can be compared with what you think here.
It turned out that the words "恁" were on the plaque.
1386 [Clip batch] Wounded, and the eyes will be red and thin and thin. Sigh.
I was thinking, just listening to it and smiling across the screen, "Come in."
1387 [Side batch] is the finishing touch dragon of Wenruo Monk.
I saw gold brilliant.
1388 [Side batch] Stacks of utensils.
Article flashed.
1389 [Side grant] furnishing barriers.
But he couldn't see Baoyu there.
1390 [Side batch] Wuyi Jiuqu.
Leaning on his shoes, leaning on the bed and holding the book, when he saw him in, he threw it down.
1391 [Side batch] This is a style designed for Yun to watch. I really read a book and put it down while talking through the screen. If the brother Yu sees this batch, Bi Yun: old goods, he does not relax me everywhere, hate hate. Thinking back, I compared Yu to 钗, 颦, and so on. Smile.
Uncle Da'an is also the creation of our family.
1392 [Side batch] Irrespective of catering to the words, the tone is forced to laugh, ridiculous.
The Jia Yun talked to Baoyu in her mouth, but her eyes slipped away.
1393 [Side batch] I didn't dare to look straight ahead, but I wrote it again this time. I use tea to keep my mind, so I stood up when I picked up tea.
Not others, but attacking people.
1394 [Side batch] The grammar of "Water Margin" is used properly, in the eyes of Yun Brother.
He remembered the famous population half.
1495 [Jia Pi] Jia Yun is always a caring person all the way.
Let me do it myself.
1396 [Clip batch] always write Jia Yun obediently, without any clutter.
Uncle Sisters, how dare I be arrogant.
1397 [Side grant] What makes ruby?
That Baoyu talked to him without care.
1398 [Clamped] It is wonderful. What can Kuang Baoyu say?
Who has the strange goods, and who has the foreign body.
1399 [Clipping] Several "who's", from the time of King Beijing's waiting for everyone, including as much as possible, write all the words.
How many years have you been in Uncle Bao's room?
1400 [Side grant] Gradually enter Hong Kong.
He took the handkerchief, sent Jia Yun, and came back to look for Ruby.
1401 [Clip batch] At this point, it is very cunning. Those who were not in the text of the book wrote Menser.
Shocked and laughed: Get up.
1402 [Side batch] Not answering.
I saw two little deer arrows running over the hillside, Baoyu was puzzled.
1403 [Side grant] Yu was puzzled.
I saw Jia Lan chasing down with a small bow in the back.
1404 [Side batch] The foregoing.
Don't study at this moment, what are you doing idle? So exercise drill riding shot.
1405 [Side batch] Qiwenqiyu, meditate, Fangyi will write for the brother Jade, only knowing that Anfu is honored.
I saw Fengwei Sensen, Long Yin was thin.
1406 [Jiabiao] and the following "fallen leaves Xiaoxiao, Hanyan Momo" a pair, sad and regrettable.
Looking up at the door, I saw the word "Xiaoxiang Pavilion" written on the plaque.
1407 [Side batch] There is no trace of heart, but it seems like a newcomer.
Feeling a faint fragrance, secretly revealing from the blue screen.
1408 [Side batch] can be written, written.
When I look in, I hear in my ears.
1409 [Jia Pi] Hearing before seeing, God.
Daily family feeling sleepy.
1410 [Side batch] Forgetting love with emotion, deified text.
I saw Daiyu stretch on the bed.
1411 [Side grant] There is a sense, really drawing.
I saw Daiyu's mother-in-law and two women who followed her and said, "Sister is sleeping."
1412 [Side batch] is not leaky, and avoid some biting wax articles.
Daiyu stood up and sat up, smiling, "Who sleeps?"
1413 [Side batch] wonderful. It is known that Daiyu is afraid of Baoyu going.
Good girl, "If you are a sympathetic young lady, why are you willing to make a bed?"
1414 [Side batch] Really unintentional.
Lin Daiyu immediately lowered her face.
1415 [Side grant] I am also annoyed.
Baoyu listened, and felt like Jiao Lei.
1416 [Side batch] Not only the brother Yu was shocked, but the grandma was unafraid. The author only cares to write the articles of Eryu, and forgets the children. I think the author also resembles the sentence of Baoyudao's "West Chamber", and forgets his feelings.
When I looked back, I saw Xue Yan clapping his hands and laughing.
1417 [Side batch] So teasing, no dumb brother. If you want to release Eryu, you can't explain it without teasing. I don't know how many mastiffs are in the author's chest.
You coax me another day and say my father is over.
1418 [Side batch] Write a rough and careless person, Bi Xiao.
I'm going to eat it myself, I'm afraid I'll be lucky.
1419 [Side batch] The dumb brother also has this phrase, and the author of the book so far, chants "Going to the Curse" to the Gangesa sand number.
Apart from me, you alone are worthy of food.
1420 [Side-approved] This language makes people cry, laugh, and really speak.
If it comes to what silver money eats and wears, it's not mine yet. It is only mine if you write or write a word and draw a picture.
1421 [Side grant] Who can tell? The passerby can tell. Sigh.
Just look at the models that were painted by Geng Huang.
1422 [Side batch] Qiwen Qiwen.
1423 [Brow Criticism] Gossip and gossip. Sigh.
I saw Feng Ziying joking all the way, has come in.
1424 [Side grant] A style of British spirit, such as on paper, especially for the golden lady.
This time, he was lucky again.
1425 [Side batch] It seems that another big thing is happening. The heroes are so tired, it is conjecture.
That Feng Ziying stood, exhaled in one go.
1426 [Side batch] It is joyous.
The crowd returned and Yi Xi drank Fang San again.
1427 [Side batch] Packed well.
Assaulting Zhengji hanged him to see Jia Zheng, I do not know if it is a disaster or a blessing.
1428 [Side-approval] The life-saver of the students is unforgettable.
I know my fate is small and unworthy to eat that.
1429 [Side batch] Secretly talk to Baoyu with Baoyu.
I was worried for him.
1430 [Side grant] This is a matter of personal concern.
Wen Debaoyu came and asked him to discuss how it was.
1431 [Side grant] The dumb brother is more than the seat. Smile.
See Bao Bao went into Bao Yu's courtyard.
1432 [Side batch] "Stones" is the best place to look, these chapters.
It's all right, and ran to sit.
1433 [Side approval] This is how the guilty princes wrote.
Tell us not to sleep in the middle of the night.
1434 [Side batch] Specify the person, then secretly write.
Qingwen became more angry and didn't ask who it was.
1435 [Side approval] This is how the guilty jade stated.
Then he said, "They all fell asleep, Minger will come again."
1436 [Side grant] If you do n’t know anyone, write it down.
So he said loudly, "It's me, isn't it open?" Qingwen hadn't heard it.
1437 [Side approval] I want to speak louder for Jade, but you and I usually speak like ears. How can you tell a person who is impetuous and angry? At this moment, the author must sing the throat of "Going to the east of the river" and yell "It's my Lin Daiyu calling the door". Then I thought: if the door is open, how can there be many good words and good articles in the back?
Although it is the mother-in-law's family, just like their own, it is the guest side.
1438 [Side grant] Looking at the boarder, who is it?
Regardless of the coldness of the green moss, the flower path is cold, and under the shade of the corner of the independent wall, the sorrowful whimpering.
1439 [Side grant] Poor killing, painful killing, Yu Yi tears.
On hearing the sound of the resident bird crow on the flower of the willow branch nearby, when they heard the sound, they flew up and fled away, avoiding listening.
1440 [Side batch] The sinking fish, the wild goose, the moon closed, and the flowers came to cry. Smile.
I wonder which one is coming. And look back.
1441 [Clip batch] Every time someone who reads this cover book, I can't bear to read it, I think the author cried like a peacock at this time.
1442 [Back to the end of the batch] This time is the text of the child, so I borrowed Xiaohong's many tortuous pens for quotation.
1443 [Last batch] Yi Hongyuan saw Jia Yun, and Bao Yu's heart seemed to be absent, and Jia Yun's eyes were overwhelmed.
1444 [Back to the last batch] The characters "Fengwei Sensen, Long Yin is thin", "A faint fragrance oozes out of the blue screen window", and "Slight sigh", etc. "Xuan Xuan" fairy sound wonderful sound, all purify time.
1445 [Back to the end of the batch] The text of Eryu was also written by the author unintentionally. Pack up the two jade words, write nothing but cry jade, cry again, and jade is only careful to accompany, soft and begging slowly, the two just stop smiling. And if there are too many in this book, it may inevitably lead to the same illness. Therefore, the dangerous words have ended, so that Eryu has to let the current matter be thrown away, each with surprise, and then the following.
1446 [Back to the last batch] Previously, the four chivalrous writings of Ni Er, Zi Ying, Xiang Lian, and Jade Pagoda all had to be faxed and portrayed, but Wei Ruolan's shots on the garden were lost and unwritten. Sigh.
1447 [Back to the last batch] Qingwen's anger is a regular ear, written on the body of Dai and Dai Erqing, and kicking people, playing Ping'er essay, where is the pen conceived.
1448 [Back to the last batch] Dai Yu Wang Yi's tears came up, "Daily family feeling sleepy and drowsy".
Twenty-seventh Di Cui Ting Yang Fei plays with colorful butterflies
Who knows how often this is in January and January.
1449 [Side grant] Chang Xiao also makes up Xiaoxiang Museum.
Lin Daiyu leaned on the railing of the bed, holding her knees in both hands, her eyes tearful.
1450 [Side batch] Secret drawing of beauty.
It looks like wood sculpture clay.
1451 [Side batch] The wood is sandalwood and the mud is sand.
The garden is full of embroidered ribbons, and the flowers and branches are fluttering.
1452 [Side batch] A few views of the garden, once won by the Provincial People's Republic of China. In the garden, all of them enjoyed leisurely pleasures. Only Yuanchun was idle.
Moreover, the peach-skinned apricot dressed up by these people also made Yan and Yan jealous.
1453 [Side batch] Peach, apricot, swallow, and oriole are used like this.
With that said, he went to Xiaoxiang Pavilion.
1454 [Side grant] Insert one place to write one, and it is difficult to say two words in one mouth.
Two Daiyu suspects, it is wonderful to come back.
1455 [Side batch] Dao Jade's jade is always small, not all on Baodi.
Breguet rushed to play.
1456 [Side grant] But blindly knows the ritual masters. It's not uncomfortable to write a poem.
Just listen to someone talking in the pavilion.
1457 [Side batch] This is the case with no idle paper and idle writing.
Hearing this, I was surprised.
1458 [Side grant] The four-character writing Baodi defends itself like this.
Talking while walking, my heart was funny.
1459 [Side batch] Really make babies, so light, even if I have so far, I have to laugh.
Who knew that Ruby believed it when she saw Baodi.
1460 [Side grant] Breguet identity.
He heard that he did not speak for a long time. Ruby said, "What about it?"
1461 [Side grant] The second sentence is the identity of the jade.
If it is not complete, the grandma is wrong, and the grandma will punish him.
1462 [Side grant] Exercise the right to win. Honger Jizhizhizhi, knowing that she can respond to the order of A Feng.
Alas, you were originally in Baoyu's room, weird.
1463 [Side batch] The words "嗳” "and" 怪 道 "are the incompetent of Brother Yu. In the previous article, the four words "clean and pretty" were forgiven, and Xiao Hong appeared on the paper.
Bichen said: "Where is the tea stove?"
1464 [Side grant] Asking one by one, it was unintentional.
The grandmother just called me to get something.
1465 [Side grant] Fei Xiaohong boasted that it was forced by the department. Li Yihongyi has been settled.
Speaking, showing them the purse, Fang had no words.
1466 [Side grant] Why are the daughters asking for themselves?
As soon as grandma came out, he put away the silver.
1467 [Side batch] explain that it is no longer under the shelf.
Sister Feng laughed: Why did he pass on my idea?
1468 [Side approval] It can be seen that the former Hongyu Yun "threw the idea of pressing grandma". The idea was to be frugal, but I was afraid of adding extra trouble.
Our grandma called grandma five to visit grandma.
1469 [Side grant] another door.
And my aunt and grandma here look for two pills to prolong the magical experience.
1470 [Side batch] another door.
When Minger was there, he took it to Grandma's grandma over there.
1471 [Side grant] Another door.
Before he finished speaking, Li said: Oh, I do n’t understand this.
1472 [Side grant] Ruby today, Fang Sui wished, but was behind Baoyu.
This girl is just fine.
1473 [Side grant] Did you hear Ruby?
Although he didn't talk much, he would simply listen at that tone.
1474 [Side grant] Ruby thought at the moment, but unfortunately Qingwen was not there.
He is the daughter of Lin Zhixiao.
1475 [Side-approved] The housekeeper's daughter, but Qing Qing crowded it out, and the mischievous matchmaker also.
Oh, it was his girl.
1476 [Side grant] Expressive.
My adult family said that they were a married couple and they were deaf and dumb.
1477 [Side batch] Used well. A Feng quarreled.
Ask the name again.
1478 [Side batch] Really unknown, regrettable.
Minger and Baoyu said.
1479 [Side grant] The heart of my younger brother.
Do you know if I want to?
1480 [Side grant] Always writing about Red Ruby very much.
If we are willing, we dare not say.
1481 [Side approval] Good answer, we know that both are the masters.
There are also things that can be seen and gone, both big and small.
1482 [Side grant] and the original intention, the prison temple returned.
Good sister, can I sue me yesterday?
1483 [Side grant] Knowing that nothing is right and have to open it.
Lin Daiyu turned back and called Ziju Road.
1484 [Side approval] Without seeing Baoyu, Grandma has no such gossip. She always wants to say something, can't stop it, but the body of the sentiment also.
Also considered as a matter of yesterday's negligence.
1485 [Side batch] Bi really good.
How is Bo Bao? I haven't seen each other for three days.
1486 [Side grant] Hengyun cuts the ridge, great, wonderful. Eryu Wenyuan is not easy to write.
Yesterday I heard that the master told you to go out.
1487 [Side grant] The master is called Baoyu, and there is no good thing, and the house in the old garden is known.
That was because someone else heard it wrong.
1488 [Side grant] It is not a lie, it is also a good way to avoid it.
You pick that prestige, straight and author.
1489 [Side approval] It is a discussion of things, a discussion of people, focusing on officials.
Brothers tightly, nobody sees shoes and socks.
1490 [Side batch] Why is it so, write the jealous woman letter is funny.
I shouldn't say him about him, but it's not like I'm so dizzy. There are jokes.
1491 [Side batch] Take a step, Miao Miao.
Bao Yu disappeared because of missing Lin Daiyu, so he knew he was hiding elsewhere.
1492 [Side approval] Although the brothers and sisters talked for a long time, their thoughts never stopped and they were well received.
The more late he is, the more he waits for his sigh.
1493 [Side grant] The writer teased me?
Flowers of various colors fell to the ground.
When I sent it, Minger asked him again.
1494 [Side approval] Fang Xiangzuo Fang is not far-fetched, it makes sense.
Speaking, I saw Baodi asking them to go outside.
1495 [Side batch] Packed clean.
When the two of them went away, they took the flower.
1496 [Side batch] Afraid of people laughing.
One line counts down, so sad to cry.
1497 [Side Criticism] Exotic texts of different styles appeared in "Stones", and the more strange texts were read.
I don't know if it was the girl in that room. After being aggrieved, she ran to this place to cry.
1498 [Side batch] Bifurcation line, lively.
Thinking for a while, stopping at the foot, listening to him cry.
1499 [Clip Criticism] Poetry and Song Fu, so written in the book?
Hua Xie Hua Fei filled the sky.
1500 [eyebrow batch] New life, set up a new field, is a lot of books. However, here is a renewed experience. It is difficult for the author to listen to the fact that Fei Erer judges Wu Jiayin and Fei Xier judges Wu Yi.
1501 [Back to the last batch] I read "Funny Flowers" to March 4th, and the feelings are so impressive that they are forgotten twice. A guest said: "Mr. is not a precious jade, why can I write? That is, the words are double-circled, and the words are approved, and it is difficult to find the meaning of the child. I look at the brother and then authorize it." I want to also come from "Stone", so I waited.
1502 [Back to the last batch] Regardless of the allusions or candids, the preserved flower Chen only takes its charm to make fun.
1503 [Back to the end of the batch] The butterfly by the pool, occasionally suitable; outside the pavilion, anxious and husking, and it was written that Baodi was unruly and unruly.
1504 [Back to the last batch] Sister Feng used little red, and it is clear that Qingwen and others have not been around for a long time, no wonder they have selfishness. Behind ruby, there is a powerful place for Baoyu, which is also a thousand miles away.
1505 [Back to the last batch] "Stones" uses the cut method, the fork method, the abrupt method, the volt line method, the near-to-far-distance method, the complicated method, the simple method of wiping, and the virtual application method. All kinds of methods are always unexpected, and there is no trace of far-fetching. The so-called "completion of everything" is also.
1506 [Back to the last batch] How did Baoyu burst into the burial incense house because she didn't see the flowers;
1507 [Back to the last batch] Buried incense burial flowers are the origin of Zhu Yan.
Twenty-eighth Jiang Yuzheng presented Qian Xiangluo as a gift
I didn't want Baoyu to be on the hillside, I heard the voice of Daiyu.
1508 [Brow Criticism] Speaking words without words and words, working with awkward words, just thinking about feelings, thinking about things, repeatedly pursuing, sadness and emotion, it is the nature of Brother Yu's life, and there is no such thing as a true child . Yesterday's resistance to the guests of the "Buried Flowers", undoubtedly the incarnation of Jade Brother. A few points of Jin Chengtie. Stupid.
I really do n’t know why at this time and so on, wait for the fool, know nothing, and escape to create a dust net, so that this sadness can be explained.
1509 [Side approval] Non-Dashan knowledge, can't say this sentence.
The flower shadow stayed away from the body, and the bird sound was only in the ear.
1510 [Side batch] The two sentences are used as Zen ginseng.
1511 [Brow Criticism] A large piece of "Funny Flower Yin", but so packed up, it's so amazing to think about it, it's amazing.
Is there another idiot who fails?
1512 [Side grant] How dare you dare.
Just talking about the word "short-lived", he covered his mouth again.
1513 [Side approval] Love. Can't bear to say the word "".
Shaking the soil, going down the mountain to find the old way.
1514 [Side batch] Fold well, and swear not to write the words to open the door.
I will only say a word, and have started to work from now on.
1515 [Side approval] Without these three characters, it is difficult to stay in the lotus position, the opportunity of the brother Yu has changed.
Bao Yu laughed. Two words, did you listen?
1516 [Side batch] The distance is still far away, use this sentence to fill the gap, so close to Grandma.
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