hg7018.com 6 junior high school English textbooks: nothing more than these 12 key points, you can't run away with high scores!

6 junior high school English textbooks: nothing more than these 12 key points, you can't run away with high scores!

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Words and grammar must be firmly grasped in English learning. Words as the foundation of the foundation must be a strong mountain we have overcome. In the process of memory, both students and parents have tried various methods, but the results are not so pleasing. But it is more difficult to say that one month later, and another improvisation dictation can still be written correctly.
Unless such words are frequently used in ordinary times, it is impossible to remember such a point if they are not reviewed at any time. Therefore, remembering words still requires repeated "chewing".
Then, let ’s talk about the most recently asked questions by parents on WeChat, which is English grammar. In fact, grammar is a rule of group sentence. He is like a line. Only by straightening out this line will the sentence be complete. Yes, at some moments, we can also understand sentimental grammar through spoken language. Grammar requires more than just memory, it also requires understanding. Some proficient spoken English proficient students always analyze sentences through their ability to understand English. In fact, if you can't understand it, you can also use some template sentences to infer inferences, which is also feasible. The most stupid method is to memorize the rote. Although this is not recommended, some knowledge points need to be memorized.
Then, all the grammar knowledge about junior high school English is summarized here. I hope parents remember to keep it for their children. It is best to understand it well. The test sites are all here. In addition, if parents need other subject materials or learning methods, they can communicate with me on WeChat!
Dear parents, I focus on the learning, growth and companionship of children in elementary and junior high schools, sharing educational ideas, learning skills, parenting methods, and today's content is shared here. I will share some learning methods,
Articles on scoring tips and educational methods can be viewed by interested parents. A really good teacher is not to teach children how much knowledge, but to teach good learning methods.
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