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Tell your child what's important (suggest to keep it forever)

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

01. Travel is more important than class;
02, opinion is more important than obedience;
03. Interest is more important than achievement;
04. Conscience is more important than right or wrong;
05, happiness is more important than perfection;
06. Belief is more important than worship;
07. Growth is more important than winning or losing;
08. Self-examination is more important than legal person.
I. Parents
01. Spend half an hour with your child every day.
02. Use civilized terms at home with your child, "Good morning, please, thank you, good night" and so on.
03. Let the children develop a good habit of loving hygiene.
04, listen more to the voice of children! -With patience, love, and happiness, the heart has eyes!
05. Don't always expose the child's scars in order to remind the child.
06. Seriously point out the child's mistakes!
07. Don't always take your children seriously, laugh more with your children: Because laughter can make children love life more; guide children to take an active, relaxed and happy look at things.
08. Tell your children stories that you need to be patient, and stories have educational significance.
09. Don't impose on the child the ideals that were not realized in the past, and let the children realize them.
10, caring for children but appropriate punishment at the right time is also needed, do not protect the short of children.
Second, growth
01. Give your child some private space.
02. Give your child the opportunity and right to choose.
03. Let the children choose their partners and friends freely.
04. Let the children do what they want to do.
05. Let the child do some housework within his or her ability, such as washing his clothes, cooking water, etc., to make him realize that he is a member of the family.
06. Prepare a display rack for the child, and let him display the items he made on it.
07. Take your child's serious questions and opinions seriously.
08. Treat your child as an adult, get along with him equally, and treat your child as your own friend.
09. Discover the child's progress in time and know how to appreciate the child.
10, remember to say to the child: I love you, you are my baby!
Third, life articles
01. Give your child some money so that your child can learn to manage money.
02. Don't read the child's diary and letters without permission from the child.
03, often outing with children.
04. Tell a story to your child before bedtime, let your child fall asleep with a smile!
05. Give the child a room or part of the room where he plays.
06. If possible, take a walk with your child outdoors after dinner every day.
07. Happy to share with children!
08, smile at the little guy happily, and hope that he (she) also laughs often!
09. Help children to interact with children from different social and cultural classes.
10. Encourage children to interact freely with people of all ages.
4. Learning articles
01. Reading books with children, parents can read the newspaper, a good learning partner is very important.
02. Children study at home. Parents must not engage in some recreational activities. A comfortable learning environment is important.
03. Don't force children to learn things they don't like.
04. Don't scold your child for their achievements.
05. Don't think that your child is unproductive because of low scores on your child's test paper.
06. Teach him or her enough knowledge to bring about a sense of accomplishment: ancient poems, numbers, stories, housework, play, and make friends.
07. Educate children to read good books.
08. Don't pay too much attention to your child's academic performance, because it will cause the child's learning tension and increase pressure.
09. Don't compare your child's performance with other children, analyze the reasons for this phenomenon, and reflect on whether you have your own responsibility.
10, the child's room must have their own desk, there should be a few books you like to read, such as "Green Fairy", "Aesop's Fables" and so on.
V. Entertainment articles
01. Watch the cartoons he likes with the children, listen to the stories he loves, etc.
02. Play games and exercise with children.
03. Control the time for children to watch TV, between half an hour and an hour every day.
04. Let the children watch some children's programs: cartoons, puzzle programs, etc., and less action movies and serials.
05. When the children are watching TV, parents will accompany them in a timely manner and give some explanations and discussions on the contents.
06. You can go cycling with your children in the spring, go swimming with the children in the summer, and go to the picnic with your child in the fall. In the winter, a family of three plays snowball fights and builds snowmen.
07. Allow children to collect all kinds of waste.
08. Children's friends are welcome when they come to visit.
09. Play chess with your child, let your child know that he has no regrets, and educate him to be responsible for what he has done. At the same time, if he loses, he must admit it. Parents sometimes also let the child win a game or two. This is very important for the child. .
Tell your child (very important)
01. People who are not good to you, don't take too much care. In your life, no one has the obligation to be nice to you, except your father and your mother. To those who are good to you, you must cherish and be grateful.
02. No one is irreplaceable. Nothing must be owned. After seeing this, even if you lose everything you love in the world, you should understand that this is not a big deal.
03. Life is short. Maybe it is still wasted today. Tomorrow will find that life is far from you. Therefore, the sooner you cherish life, the more you enjoy life, and expecting long life is better than enjoying it sooner.
04, love is just a feeling, and this feeling will change at any time and mood. If your so-called favorite leaves you, please wait patiently, let the time slowly rinse, let the mind settle slowly, and your suffering will gradually fade. Don't overestimate the beauty of love, and don't over-exaggerate the sorrow of broken love.
05. Although many accomplished people have not received much education, it does not mean that they can succeed without studying hard. What you learn is the weapon you have. People, you can start from scratch, but you must not be defenseless, keep in mind!
06. You can ask yourself to be trustworthy, but you cannot ask others to be trustworthy. You can ask yourself to be good to others, but you cannot expect others to be good to you. What you do to others does not mean how others will treat you. If you do n’t see through this, you will only add unnecessary troubles.
07. Your loved one has only one fate. No matter how long I will be with you in this life, please cherish the time together. In the next life, whether you love or not, you will never see you again.
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