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0409 Communication: Perspective and Focus of Failure Case Analysis (2)

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Discussion on "Century Cruise":
Fang Niuwa 2017-04-0807: 07: 14: Teacher or senior please help me to understand. I bought the 002558 century cruise ship in the late 0405. The reason for buying was to protect the peak, but it fell sharply for 2 consecutive days. Where is the failure? Many thanks!
Wrangler 2017-04-0809: 49: 40: Hello teacher! I don't understand the trend of world cruises. 0317, 0319 build the bottom to form a relay gold column, which means that the brakes can be shifted. 0405 Dig back to step on the precise peak line, pass the peak and protect the peak, and there are two swords to dominate the sky, why is it still falling! 0406, 0407 callback, 0407 stepped on the 0222 gold solid top, forming a support and top-bottom swap, and closed above the 0329 gold column solid bottom, it can be seen that 0222 and 0329 form strong support. Whether it is on the eve of the attack at this time, please give pointers! Thank you.
Yuan Wufeng 2017-04-0816: 24: 52: Century Cruises bought the ticket at the wrong time, right? Mr. Prince said that the best ambush to go back to buy is to pass Yin or Yang Sheng Yin the next day. Buying on stepping back is gambling. There are such a few words in Teacher Prince's book.
Moso Bamboo 2017-04-0818: 07: 09: Century Cruises, 1. The overall judgment is stronger than the wave, the reason is that there is some hesitation in falling, the bottom is only 0317, a high-quality ace directly passes the peak and enters the notch to pan for gold. weak. 2. Intervention from 0329 can do concave bottom gold rush to get a profit of a board. Because the foundation is not good, although there is a step back step, but the notch gold panning currently does not look very strong, and the gap should be clean. 3. Don't break the 0329 ace, there is still a chance to dig for gold, but you should come out first, because many times you really do n’t know where the main force will wash, and it ’s too painful to boil. Because I have been following this stock before, and two other friends mentioned it in the message, so exchange ideas, please Haihan for the inappropriateness!
Xiao 2017-04-0818: 50: 11: Century Cruises, it is not very cautious to put Niuwa to buy in 0405. Although there have been actions in Baoding, there are also suspicions of double overcasting. It should be confirmed at 0406, but from The 0406 time chart shows that the dinosaur wave was again in the early morning. Where are the tall green pillars at 9:32 and 9:38, they should not enter! 0407 stepped back to the 0317 gold bar on this day. If the price is not broken, I think there is still the possibility of unraveling! In this one is not a notch gold panning, nor is it a brake shift, 0329 is a high volume column, 5 times as much! There is still hope for high volume without breaking the bottom! Although the notch gold panning trend has a notch trend, I think it is false. One has no long Yin and short columns, the second does not fall sharply, and the third left has a critical point. Although there is a lot of land, there is a brake! There is still hope in summing this up, I don't know if it is correct.
Tianxingjian 2017-04-0909: 19: 03: Century Cruises I think that 0321 and 0317 did not form a gold column relay. To relay the shift, it should be 0329. The two price columns, 0331 and 0405, are not in the form of double swords dominating the world. The first sword is a positive pole with a large amount of upside, and the second is a female pole with a small amount. And here it is not, I wonder if I am right? I also ask you to give advice to seniors.
Prince replied: The above comments have their own advantages, but basically they can catch the key points. If you combine the above points, you can basically resolve this failure case. For the method of answering this question, please refer to Wang Zi ’s answer to Shandong Mining Machinery, which is to locate the moment, look at the overall situation, and grasp the key points.
First, positioning at that time.
The netizen stepped in the D-pillar because of shrinking Sany and accurately stepping back on the top line of Zuo Feng. In this regard, Yuan Wufeng's comment is very in place: Teacher Wang Zi said that the best ambush circle to buy back is to shrink the next day. Measure Yin Yin or Yang Sheng Yin. If you buy it once, you are gambling.
Second, look at the big picture.
The stock's round of upswing has nearly doubled from the lowest point to the highest point at the time, and this is the critical point of the dynamic equilibrium of quantification. Location determines nature. The focus of the doubling is on defense rather than offense, which shows that intervention in the D-pillar is inappropriate.
Third, seize the key points.
This is the critical point for peak protection. According to the general laws of metrology, the position of the top protection is to step back on the top of the A-pillar, and the second is to step back on the top of the B-pillar. This is the main force telling us two An important acupuncture point, the main force does not point, we will intervene, too fast.
Regarding today's discussion, you can summarize it as follows:
WB2017-04-09 08:47:24: Today's Liangyou's successful experience and failure lessons are detailed. I think step by step based on the software, and contact the contents of the book at the same time. I found some plausible problems in practice and replaced them with I will make the same mistakes and doubts when I come to trade. This aroused my vigilance, knowing that I had many technical loopholes. A few friends have insightful answers to failure cases, not only the psychological feelings of their own personal experience, but also the familiarity with the main habitual methods of the main force before. It is very exciting. I would like to thank them, thank you! I think that this form of communication and interaction is the most perfect today. One is from practice, the other is to figure it out, and the third is to mobilize the brainstorming of the masses. Thank you Mr. Prince and Xiaobian for their work. You have done a great job!
The prince would like to thank everyone!
Attachment: Jiangshan still 2017-04-09 11:31:55
Thank you teacher for your criticism and teaching! Some problems are difficult to find by myself. I hope that the teacher will criticize us more in the future. I really want to see the main tail to take a long view. I re-analyzed Jiaao shares and found that this is a bull stock that should not be lost. 0310 to 0323 and 0324 to 0405 are two very strong return carbines. I found that any group should look forward to what is going on and what is the intention? The front 1207 to 1212 and 0105 to 0116 are two sets of abnormal genes with a negative contraction volume. There are three steps from 0119 to 0310. 0310 is a peak-back carbine trend that has met the ambush requirements. 0327 is another peak Go back to the carbine, and the position is on the fourth step that is about to start pulling up. When the fifth step of 0405 starts to appear, I do n’t see what is going on. I confirm that my vision is too narrow. After two days of study and thinking, I found that the dead point of the returning carbine was firstly the false fall of Dayang's receding amount 3121; then the position of stepping back was top, waist, and foot. Each main village has its own personality in Inside, you can refer to the previous stepping back method, and you will find that many shapes are similar; finally, look at the current position and stage, and find the main intention from the previous transaction genes. Tongli Cement used six Dayang Dayang return carbines on the fourth-stage shock warehouse stage of 1206. It was really strong, strong and cunning. "If you learn without thinking, then you will learn, and if you don't learn, you will learn". The teacher's teaching method is very good. As the saying goes, "The master leads the door and practices as an individual," he cannot really get started without "learning well." Thank you teacher!

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