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The Source of the Li River ‖ Rhyme of Qinghai

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

1. Source of the Li River
Maoer Mountain covers three counties: Xing'an, Resources, Longsheng, Guilin, Guangxi,
It belongs to the Yuechengling Mountains in the western part of Lingnan. Because the granite boulder on the peak resembles a cat's head, it is named Maoer Mountain.
Maoer Mountain is 20 kilometers wide from east to west, 23 kilometers long from north to south, and has a relative height of 1862 meters. The main peak is 2141, 5 meters above sea level.
It is the highest peak in South China and has the reputation of "the top of Wuling, the top of South China".
Walking through the canyon, sometimes the sky is a pulse, sometimes suddenly bright, sometimes the cliffs are blowing, the mountains are heavy, the rivers are winding, and sometimes the paths are quiet.
The mountains are soaring, the eyes are green, overlooking Bailijin Lake, Qingluo is charming and pleasant.
The Maoershan mountain is mainly composed of granites from the Paleozoic Caledonian early in the 500 million years ago.
The ravines of Xianchouya are deep and breathtaking, and the whole mountain landscape has the characteristics of high mountains, peaks, cliffs, and stones.
Maoershan Nature Reserve has a vast forest and is one of the largest and most virgin forest areas in Guangxi, with a forest coverage of 96.48%.
The area is scarcely visited, and most of the forests preserve the original features. The ancient trees in the forest area are towering and the sun is thick.
The flowers are in full bloom in the green mountains and green waters.
The wild flower resources on Maoer Mountain are extremely abundant, and camellia, orchids, azaleas, etc. can be seen everywhere.
"Maoer Mountain Winter Snow" is a wonderful scenery of Guilin.
The winter here came earlier than other parts of Guilin. After a cold spell, Maoer Mountain was covered with silver.
Different from the northern ice and snow, the snow scene on Maoer Mountain is unique in shape and crystal clear. Under the ancient branch and curved rattan sculpture, the changes are endless.
Or like a girl dancing in the wind, or as a child chasing and playing, looking up, it is a fairy tale world of ice and snow in the south.
As the splendid rising sun rises slowly, the sea of white clouds gushes from the ditch.
Under the sun's rays, it looks like thousands of horses, rolling and galloping, which is very spectacular.
The steep mountains of Maoer Mountain become a gentle platform at the top of the mountain, showing a typical Jiangyuan landform.
Forming a rare mountain swamp landscape in the south, the beautiful Lijiang River originated from this magical and wild primitive low forest swamp.
The night of Maoershan is very peaceful, and the stars all over the sky seem to take you into another time and space.
2, Qinghai Yun
The northeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the roof of the world's ridge of Qinghai, is named after Qinghai Lake, the largest inland saltwater lake in the country.
The unique natural scenery and culture give this land aura and background.
Nian Baoyu, located in the east of Banma County, belongs to the Bayankala Mountains, is a god mountain in the Guoluo Grassland of Qinghai.
Its top is composed of 3 perennial snow-covered hills, overlooking and looking like petals.
The valley is dominated by valley glaciers and hanging glaciers. After the snow and ice melt, they gather around the snow peaks into more than 160 lakes,
Forming a mirror of snow-capped mountains and lakes, there are thousands of natural landscapes.
The 4398-meter-high Mountain Pass is the first pass in Baoshan and Shenshen that can look at the whole landscape, and it is also the one with the best viewing angle.
Looking at the grotesque stones lined up from a distance, it looks like a city wall floats on the sky,
The gray-white hilltop only showed a faint outline, like the ink smudged slightly on rice paper.
The Qilian Mountains are located in the northeast of Qinghai and the western border of Gansu Province.
On the snow line of the Qilian Mountains with an average altitude of 4000 meters to 5000 meters, reversal biological wonders often appear.
Among the shallow snowy mountain layers, there are mushroom-shaped silkworms called snow mountain meadow plants, and the precious medicinal alpine snow lotus.
And a snowy mountain grass growing under wind-eroded rocks. They are collectively referred to as "three cold friends" on the Qilian Mountain Snow Line.
The Shandan Army Racecourse is located in the middle of the Hexi Corridor, the Damaying Grassland on the northern foot of Lenglong Ridge, Qilian Mountain.
It covers two provinces of Ganqing and Qinghai, and is adjacent to three cities (states) and six counties, with a total area of 3,295,400 mu.
The terrain here is flat, the water is rich, the green grass is summer, and the winter is golden. It is an ideal place for horses to breed and grow.
Xianmi Cailin is located in the east of Menyuan County, Qinghai Province. The entire scenery is dozens of kilometers long.
Along the long Ximi Valley, you can admire the colorful forests on both sides and the quiet river with microwave ripples.
Qilian County, located on the edge of Qinghai Province, is known as "Oriental Little Switzerland".
Every year from June to August, the colorful colors here will make you lose it by accident.
Zhuo'er Mountain is located in Babao Town, Qilian County. It is called "Zongmu Ma Glaze" in Tibetan, which means a beautiful ruddy queen.
The sunrise at Drow is spectacular. Standing on the top of Zhuoer Mountain, the view is extremely wide and there is no obstruction around it.
Opposite the mountain is Niuxin Mountain, which has four seasons scenery, and the left and right sides are Ladongxia and Baiyanggou Scenic Area.
On the back is the rolling Qilian Mountain. At the foot of the mountain, the surging Babao River surrounds the county town like a white Hada.
The beacon tower is a measure of military intelligence transmission in ancient times.
When the enemy invades during the day, it will burn smoke (烽), and at night, the criminal will ignite (燧), and will alert the parties and their superiors with visible smoke and light.
There is also a beacon on Drow Mountain, which was rebuilt according to the Xixia beacon site.
Looking up at the starry sky here, you can feel the heavy and quietness that crosses the long river of history.
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