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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

TCM psychiatry illustrations, you can understand at a glance
(2017-03-01 17:55:41)
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Original Address: traditional Chinese medicine clinic essence illustrations, one can understand the author:
1. Symptoms around the eyes
l Eyelid edema-reduced internal organs (kidney, stomach, heart) function leading to accumulation of water in the body
l Dark circles-When the blood contains too much old waste, it will make the eyes around the eyes darker (kidney)
wrinkles under the eyes-one of the signs of aging
Orbital depression-Excessive consumption of body energy
Whitening of inner eyelids-symptoms of anemia
l Small yellow and white acne on the eyelids-too high cholesterol
2. Problems with the eyes
l Eyes yellowed-warning of liver and gallbladder problems (jaundice)
l Bloodshot eyes produce white blood-excessive strain on the liver, causing blood vessels to become congested and enlarged
Eye needles-warning signs of weakened immunity
3. Impaired eye function
l Eyes cannot be completely closed during sleep-poor gastrointestinal symptoms lead to systemic muscle decline
l Easily fatigued eyes-poor liver function
4. Eye secretions
l "eye feces"-yellow eye feces are "pus" (inflammation)
l Dry eyes-easy to cause eye disease
Excessive tears-easy to shed tears when liver function is weakened
1. Around the mouth
Rupture of mouth corner-false appetite caused by stomach inflammation
Acne around the corners of the mouth-weak stomach function
l Dry lips-rising body temperature can make lips dry
l Lip color is too white-warning of insufficient blood
l Lip color is too red-too much heat is accumulated in the body
2. Symptoms and secretions in the mouth
stomatitis-evidence of decreased immunity
l bad breath-there are five causes (excessive gastritis, indigestion, rhinitis, gum disease, tartar)
l Feel dry and sticky-drooling
l When I wake up in the morning, I find a puddle of saliva flowing from the pillow-weak stomach
1.The shape of the tongue
l Tongue marks on the edge of the tongue-puffiness caused by excessive water
Cracked tongue surface-insufficient water
2. Tongue movement
Skewed tongue-signal of cerebrovascular disorder
l Tongue tremor-indicates weakness
3.The color of the tongue
l Red tongue-temperature rise
l pale tongue-weak system
Purple tongue hair-signal that the blood is too thick
Varicose veins at the back of the tongue-a red flag for blood flow irregularities
4, the size of the tongue
Large and thick tongue-too much water in the body
l Small and thin tongues-insufficient water in the body
5. Thickness of tongue coating
l Thick tongue coating, barely visible tongue surface-gastrointestinal disorders or major illness
l Tongue coating is so thin that it is almost invisible-weak or allergic
6.The color of the tongue coating
l Whitening of tongue coating-body temperature is too low, and body function is reduced
l Tongue coating turns yellow-indicates "hotness" in the body
l Dark tongue coating-indicates extreme physical loss
1.The state of the nose
l Nose size-strength of breathing function
Nose flaps-breathing is not smooth
2. Skin condition of nose
Acne on the nose-there may be a problem with the respiratory tract
Red nose-a sign of excessive drinking
3. Nose secretions
L can see the body temperature from the nose-treat colds according to the type of nose fluid
Nasal congestion-if left alone, it will lead to hypoxia throughout the body
l Easy nosebleeds-mostly caused by gastrointestinal weakness
1. complexion
Red cheeks and fever-temperature regulation dysfunction
pale cheeks-insufficient oxygen supply in the body
2. Skin condition
l Wrinkles at the cheekbones-UV is the main cause
Acne on the cheeks-watch for overeating or constipation
Large cheek pores-reduced sebum is the main cause of enlarged pores
1. The state of the teeth
Easy tooth decay-a precursor to osteoporosis
Teeth gray-cavities are forming inside the teeth
2, the state of the gums
l Swelling of the gums-gastritis or fatigue
Easy bleeding of gums-inflammation of the gums or weak stomach
l Hair thinning-have anemia tendency or aging
l Juvenile baldness-excessive fat intake can make hair dry (reproductive organs decline)
l Too much hair loss-the signs of disease can be seen from the hair loss
l Juvenile white-the relationship between calcium and hair
l Curly hair-thinning hair
l Bifurcation and excessive breakage-anemia of hair during physiological period
2, the state of the scalp
l Excessive dandruff-divided into "dry" (iron supplement, protein) and "oily" (improve lipid metabolism, supplement Vit-B)
l The scalp is soft and inelastic-it is a symptom of edema
1.Shape of nails
l Nails have longitudinal cracks-"wrinkles" formed by aging
l Horizontal cracks on the nails-a record of "past" (discomfort)
Nail easily breaks-anemia or poor liver function
Spoon-shaped nails—signs of distress for the body (severe anemia, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, it is best to do a detailed examination)
l Pediculous nails (the feeling of compression and deformation spreading forward)-easy to appear in people with heart disease
l The white half-moon shape at the base of the nail disappears-physical decline
l Mica nails-nails appear dry
Color of nails
Nails appear red-blood is too thick (note the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular)
Nails appear purple-black-blood is cloudy or heart is poor
l White nails-anemia tendency
It should be noted that human body and mind have their own rhythms and rules, which is the coordination and unification of man and nature. If you don't make time to rest and raise your body, you will have time to be born sick; if you don't make time to pure mind and heart, you will have upset time. Stopped in a hurry, soothe the restless mind, and ask yourself every day: What is the most precious thing? What is the most meaningful thing? Cherish and take care of the most precious things, and do it with limited time The most meaningful thing!

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