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Quietness is a culture

Source: Time: 2020-01-09 06:04:51

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

1. Wind, come and go, go back. Roll low clouds, smile at red dust. Walking in the season of acacia, each other, fell into a landscape, deep, can no longer take out, those lonely, lonely time. Or maybe, they stood in the wind lightly, listening to the sound of the distant piano and gently sliding across the rippled water, touching the heart, knowing the secret of the heart, began to shoot buds and spikes.
2. Hongchen's past, entangled for thousands of years, a long time away from me, is so long! As a plain-clothed me, waiting in the vain ancient city, Ren, sorrows and joys, fluttering past in the storm. I am gentle and immortal forever! I am stunned and dazzled, and I am so lonely with a smile on both sides of the strait, that the fragrant flower that dances with the sleeves of the water also sorrows and listens to the string cry!
3. Don't turn the previous page if you can't turn it. The dust will fascinate your eyes. Some people can't tell where is good, but no one can replace it! Those who said never to be separated have already been scattered in the horizon. Pack up your mood and go on. If you miss the flowers, you will harvest the rain. If you miss this one, you will encounter the next one.
4. A song, a glass of wine. Broken the human intestine, suffering acacia. If the years are reversed, can we work together to play the world. If rebirth is reborn, it is only for Yiren to compose music. Mistakes, wrong songs and misses miss a lifetime. Nian Nian Nian, Nian Yi Nian people think of one person. Listen to it, listen to it and listen to it. If it is a woman, please sing along with the song. If it is a man, please say goodbye.
5. In the wounded place, Gao Cheng looked away, and the lights were dusk. It was another year of thanksgiving, when the sun was clear, Zhu Yan changed in the mirror. I want to live like a flower for you, I want to live for you. In the mottled shadow of the time road, with the smell of flowers, the gentleness of the summer breeze, the traces of years are gorgeous in the fragrance of flowers.
6. Clouds make tea, red dust blows into snow, a cloud of smoke and rain, fades the hustle and bustle, and fades away. The green silk is full of curls, with ten fingers slender, carrying a ray of Xiaoxiang dream, sniffing a petal of flowers, or singing with fingers; or chanting and chanting lightly; In the depths of Hongchen, Wan Cheng became tender and tender.
7. Ruoya Creek, hate spring twilight, the birds cry declared off. Xie Pei Lingbo, no one sees, talking about Guanwa Palace. Baichi Qionglou, thousands of people sing, even if the muscles are like snow. All belong to the loess, and now there is only the moon. It is regrettable that Wu Xiangyiyi is loyal and loyal to his heart. Xizi was full of passion, and the overlord hero was exhausted. Three thousand Yuejia, the beauty smiled, mountains and rivers crying blood. On the Wuhu boat, Xunfang waited for the holiday.
8. Relying on the wind, looking at the eyes, the warmth of the years goes by. Flowers are drunk, trees are swaying, spring words are clear. One tea, one wine and one clear word, listen to the wind and watch the rain, cook a pot of vegetarian lightly, and talk softly with time. In front of the window, my heart was in my arms, my heart was like a flower like a spring breeze. Look at the flowers blooming and another spring, which flowers were entered into the ancient poetry and poems thousands of years ago, and were chanted by future generations.
9. Do not sketch, the bead curtain strung by the drizzle, embellished the exquisite fragrance. Without smudging, the ripples passing by the blue radius, the soft waves ripple for thousands of miles. The old dream of Butterfly's flight is reserved for those moments that have been fixed. Throughout the years, Yan Yan faded away, but he couldn't wash away Su Yun Qing Yang. It goes without saying that it is not alone. With only a keel, stay with the tranquility and look across the other side.
10. In the dream, the flying flowers fall a few times, and the red face hurts the fragrant tears. Long sword blue shirt Tianya Road, ancient road war horses chattering. Yan Liuhua Bridge drew emotions and wrinkles. Yueming took the Zanfanfang wine, and cold stringed v. Acacia. The mists and mists, the screens chill, the candle shadows flow away, the flowers fade, the piano sounds dim, and the acacia is thin and red. The courtyard is stumped, jade pillows are sleepless, pink tears are dazzling, eyes are white, swords are in the dark, and cigarette curtains are in the evening.
11. Hengdi, in the evening, read the past aloud; write a small note, write thousands of knots; At the beginning of the meeting, Mo was lingering and lingering, and in the Linghua Mirror, who was full of worries and deep thoughts? In the depths of clouds and water, everyone is thin and thin, so why ask again, how deep is the world? How deep, a little affection, a night dream, still waking up, looking back on the past and dreaming.
12. I thought that Pingshui met, and the origin and edge disappeared in an instant. And at this moment, how many people can cultivate their fate. In the world, those gorgeous, those bland, those joyful, interpreted the life of sadness and joy. Let's face life with a simple and simple heart, smile and sing and walk, carry a ray of sunshine, feel the beauty of life quietly, twist a scent of flowers, and enjoy the sweetness of life.
13. Red dust is like a dream, dreams are also desolate, and love is like ice. A frozen heart can only be melted by your true touch. Waiting day and night is not to wait for the puppets in the sun, nor to travel in the drizzle. Just to be able to shade you in the sun, to support you in the drizzle, and to help you worry when you are lonely. Distress for you when you are upset.
14. The Iraqi people wore red makeup under the moon. The birds are still twins, and each other is busy singing. How Naiyi tears two lines. The Iraqi people sang solo with the moonlight, only the solitary shadow shared. Lying down willow skirt. People say that if they are in the same situation forever. Nei He and Jun have a dream together. In the play, the person breaks his intestine, thinking secretly in his dream. Ask yourself who is spinning for. Looking back at the solitary shadow gradually widening, falling flowers around. Ren Jun alone rewarded Yihong makeup.
15. Years have passed by a long river, and times have changed, but there will still be blossoming waves in my heart, thinking of the mountain pass of that year, Baihui, that year. If her style comes from which flower. I didn't hesitate to choose lotus. The elegant and tranquility was more of a charm. What's more, there is a poem that is particularly suitable for her natural carving, and the water is out of hibiscus.
16. At last, like the death robbery that came as expected, the thick ink stained the night as if it could squeeze out the water, but silently, but then engulfed everything. Looking back suddenly, it was already at the beginning of the lantern, the end of the lights in the city, I saw the leafy French tongs in the memory, the fuzzy score, with the faint floral fragrance, and finally full of tree stars.
17. Who is married like a fire, stunning red dust, is willing to spread red makeup ten miles, waiting for reincarnation III; who is tender like water, aroused affection, willing to lick a ray of blue silk, Xu Sansheng is not disappointed; who is like a flower like jade, hazy heart, wish Writing a love poem, Xu Sansheng stays with him; who is like a dragon, who is beautiful and acquaintance, who writes a paper story, sprinkles tears of acacia; who is clear-looking and willow, interprets the city, who brews a pot of memories, drinks a pity.
18. After the bustling period, it is time for the recession to decline. After a night of rain, the once-exquisite little flowers, the once-crowded little flowers, are now all yellow. As old and faint as the face, no longer white as immortal. The singular and lonely winds and rains of ruins will soon fall to the dust, and can no longer be amazing, even frowning for the unbearable color.
19. The beauty of the first encounter, taking the steps of Yingying, wading across mountains and rivers, coming from style to style, embracing each other, dancing the world's brilliance, dancing out of the love of the city, and once this time, I was drunk. , Stained with ink, warmed his eyes. That scent of flowers was alive one season after another, and the tenderness of happiness, the sweetness of one after another.
20. Howling winds combing incense, wearing a cheongsam, people linger in the spring. The lonely heart is always the most delicate, bright and silent. Become a flower, be a warm person, and for those who have fate, take away the message of a branch of peach. Sprout, bud, open yourself into a spring and give it to you. Blossoming, clusters, thin petals, thin stamens, take the name Huarui, just wait for you to come and hold me in your mouth.
21. Reminiscent of the illusion of poppy, smiling and dancing lightly, gathering thousands of thoughts, floating and hustle and bustle of the earth, and then thinking of purity, exuding a dreamlike experience, stranding memories in a pause In an instant, he kept his tender tenderness alone and listened to the red-drenched song of silence silently. At the end of the end of the earth, he looked at his past life, and when he thanked him on the street, he fixed his beauty.
22. One person, one heart, waiting for a lifetime. A person, a city, and his distressed. One person, one road, one life alone. When I was crying, no one coaxed, I learned to be strong; when I was afraid, no one was with me, I learned to be brave; when no one was asking, I learned to bear; when tired, no one could rely on, I learned to be independent. If a person is not strong, who is weak to show.
23. The fiber refers to the red dust. The reincarnation of the first life has become a maggot. Gently bounce off the smoke and dust from the body. Those who have exhausted the thoughts of the end of the earth, those bustling sorrows have become the past, leaving me alone to find them, and gently look for the traces of the past. A roll of westerly wind has disturbed my thoughts. In this life, who promises me half-city smoke and sand; a tree blossom tingles my eyes, and in this life, who protects me from withering. No one can understand the flower language, who is lingering with flowers.
24. At the beginning, the seasons are elegant, and the cold smoke that has also been turned away has been turned away, and the thoughts have been heavily thought, but they have turned into pity. A faint pain was attached to the fingertips, twisted in the heart, and now I don't want to leave a shallow impression under my feet. Ji Shuang will drown this shallow footprint in a short time, yelling wind and raindrops, and when I look back, I don't see the lightness under my feet.
25. Time is like water, quietly, no trace of tentacles, and it has been a long time. Born like a dew, most of the hard days, for decades, they are not euphemistic. Seeing peach blossoms in the desolation, swaying and colorful, subtle fragrance floating, lingering lingers, dancing in the spring breeze, it is difficult to retain beauty. Spring and autumn return, the stars move, often with speechless heartache, nostalgia for injury, who can look shameless. Youth is sprouting and imaginative. When meeting together, passing through the peach blossoms, thousands of years.
26. Once upon a time, in the midst of divergent opinions, there was no way to go forward; once upon a time, people were confused in the words of others, missing a pair of wings that flew away from confusion; once, there was no choice to stand or listen to the courage, and a little light in my heart The sun ahead—friends, do n’t be discouraged, do n’t be discouraged, please listen to the call of the heart to the truth, goodness and beauty, and let the lamp of the mind guide you!
27. Some people will always be engraved in the memory, even if they forget his voice, forget his smile, forget his face, but the feeling when I think of him will never change. We have had fond memories too, but we have blurred the tears. Those beautiful little fishes have their eyes open while they sleep. I do not need love, and never cry. They are our role models.
28. At the beginning of his life, everyone has a period of time, there is nothing to be nostalgic, only unstoppable dreams, nothing to rely on, only his good body, no place to go, just thinking about wandering. Life is like a journey. You don't need to care about the destination. What you care about is the scenery along the way and the mood to see the scenery. Let the soul travel!
29. When you say that you are bad, I hurt. I do n’t know how to comfort you. When you say that you are drunk, I hurt. My language is too pale. The heart hurts because of your every word. Too many cannot, unsatisfactory, want to leave, leave you who makes me pain. Instead, empathy and love, but it is too difficult, only care about the distressed, I forgot to leave, time and time, I have been used to, used to have you, used to distressing everything.
30. When tomorrow becomes today, it becomes yesterday, and finally it becomes a day that is no longer important in memory. We suddenly find ourselves unknowingly pushed forward by time. This is not in a stationary train. When trains are staggered, it seems like we are moving forward, but we are truly growing and become another one in this matter.
31. In the barren grass and the setting sun, in the long yellow sand, and in the vast snow, I step forward step by step, but Buddha said that love has become empty, and you have forgotten each other. Love is so prosperous and so unbearable. In the midst of the lights, I write all my misses for you. In the pure white years, love and not love, the years are sculpted with memories. In my memories, I will remember your face.
32. It is sunny after the rain. Don't be surprised when my footprints are covered with moss covered with stone steps. I have long missed you thousands of times in my heart, and the familiar and strange white-walled green tiles in my dreams, such as the ancient plum in the deep courtyard, slowly bloom. For you, there is always a dream that can't let go. Because of that first sight that was never invited.
33. Dusk is actually a state of mind. The landscape on the horizon is a wonderful, vicissitudes, and even a shock; the feelings in my heart, a release, a memory, and even a sentimentality; the warmth of the palm is a simple

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