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Lin Yilian's "Singer" won the championship, but she almost did not go to the stage because of her ugly appearance more than thirty years ago ...

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The singer, which lasted several months, ended last night (in fact, this morning). It is estimated that many editors have the inner os: "It is finally possible to write from the bed without having to get up from the weekend ..." Well, this is by no means a ringing voice ...
For the final grading, the singers invited their "comrades in arms" one after another. Among the combinations expected by many audiences, Xiao Yueyue and Li Jian's musical combination always made people play in minutes.
Even Teacher Liu Huan couldn't bear it.
Soon the picture below exploded the circle of friends.
Not only is the song title extremely incomparable, "Tang monk expresses his eyes in his daughter's country and then looks into the eyes of his daughter king" (what a ghost ...), the two are on the stage, and the two little hands are unwilling to hold the audience.
As for this championship, many people have chanted Lin Yilian, the queen of non-Chinese music circles. However, they are also well-deserved. On singing skills and popularity, other contestants simply accompany the whole process.
Last night, she also invited Zhang Huimei to do a chorus. Word obedient, this is called the strength singer ...
After 2 super strong days, 4th Golden Song Awards,
Over 50 classic albums, 600 hit hits,
450 world tours ...
I'm afraid I want to see these two on the same stage after last night.
I do n’t know what year ...
Of course, Lin Yilian also won the championship trophy with overwhelming votes.
She used to win prizes and was soft-hearted. When she heard that the champion was her name, she was still very excited. "Since participating in the show, I never thought it was a competition or ranking. Singing is a very simple thing. Everyone here is the king of songs."
As early as the beginning of the year, when Lin Yilian attended the Hunan New Year's Eve Party, the news of "Singer" was spread.
For other singers, the audience has long seen that this is the usual hype routine of Mango Channel. But only met Lin Yilian, everyone took a small bench to sit in a row and looked forward to it.
Lin Yilian, who debuted at about the same time as Faye Wong, is equivalent to her, and Faye Wong was pushed to the altar, but she gradually disappeared from people's perspective due to third party involvement, marriage changes, and other reasons. Come back again.
Tao Zi once said that she heard Lin Yilian's voice in a taxi for the first time. When "In Love with a Man Not Going Home" came out from the car radio, she was almost dead and couldn't believe that there was such a good voice in the world. sound.
Singers in the 1990s could not have released movies without hard power, such as Zhou Huajian and Ye Qianwen. But among the singers in the 1990s, Lin Yilian was the best.
But in fact Lin Yilian was not the one who could sing at first. She and her classmate, Chen Huixian, released the film at the same time. The popularity was not as good as Chen Huixian, and her early voice was slightly immature. It's hard to imagine that after the song, I also walked through the Japanese sweet girl route ... Isn't that AKB48 (° △ ° ||||) ︴
But after slowly carving and practicing hard, he had his own style. Knowing the netizen "tadaru", Lin Yilian's singing is calculated by the brain, and it is accurate to follow each word.
↑ It is recommended to listen to this song and feel her detailed treatment of the song sentences.
It was really an age of strength, and this was the most boastful of Huanhuan.
Lin Yilian has been called "ugly and weird" because she has small eyes. There is such a stalk, saying that Lin Yilian's eyes are small, because her mother tied her hair too tightly to Le ...
Her looks are going to be released now, which company dare to sign her debut? She has small eyes, a small nose, and looks like a small girl. She must not open the corners of her eyes two feet, and her nose bridge two feet? ? ?
In fact, Lin Yilian is fine. She is dressed up and tidal. Did she not feel that she hit her face with a supermodel? ↓↓↓
But her appearance did not become a stumbling block for Lin Yilian's development. Lin Yilian made her debut through a radio DJ at the age of 16. Her 16-year-old voice was lazy and low, with a slight hoarseness, and she listened at night. With this voice, it didn't take long for a record company to come and sign her. With her strength, she broke into the music scene.
To talk about Lin Yilian's music development history, she must be based on her love history. There is such a metaphor: Lin Yilian is like a sponge-like woman. Each relationship nourishes her personal development. After waving and breaking up, the accumulation left is her own.
Feng Jinghui, the producer of the first album "Love I don't know", and the image consultant of the third solo album "Yi Lian", wished to be Lin Yilian's former boyfriend. There is also the gossip boyfriend Li Diwen of Singapore, and Lun Yongliang, who has been working together for many years. Lin Yilian is indeed a sponge.
But the most puzzling thing was her relationship with Li Zongsheng. Apart from Liu Ruoying and Chen Sheng, she and Li Zongsheng are the best known for "Master and Student Love". It's just that a paragraph never became true and became a cinnabar mole, and a paragraph fell into the habit of "love to the end, hard to cover with water".
When the two met in 1993, Lin Yilian was 27 years old, the day after the love song, Li Zongsheng was 35 years old, the godfather of music, and the two were pretty much the same.
Li Zongsheng created the album "Love Sandy" tailored for her, including "Scar", "Blow for You and Me", and "I heard that Love Has Returned" are included in it. This album pushes the career of both of them to the top. Perhaps love is the source of creation. These songs and lyrics are like needles that stab people in love ↓↓↓
"Love Sandy" made Lin Yilian start from Hong Kong to Taiwan and became the first female love song in the city. Later Liang Jingru and other singers were more or less affected by her.
But also at this time, Lin Yilian was blamed for falling in love with his wife, Li Zongsheng. In the end she relented, cut off everything, sold the mansion, and went to Canada alone.
In 1997, Li Zongsheng pursued Canada after a peaceful divorce with his wife.
This relationship is not praised.
Even the parties were unclear. Li Zongsheng's wife Zhu Weiyin later said: "Divorce should be two people playing 50 boards each. I was really not a mature wife before." For Lin Yilian, she said, "I don't blame her."
In 1998, Lin Yilian and Li Zongsheng were married to a daughter. Seeing that the lover finally became a dependent, the drama was about to end. In 2004, the two even divorced.
The two each issued a statement with lyrics:
Li Zongsheng said: "If our love is wrong, may you not suffer in vain. Sandy, I wish you happiness and find what you want and what you think is worth it."
Lin Yilian said: "Love is a rush of wild wind / The scent of a summer rose / A whistle blowing down the distant track / And when it goes, it goes ..."
No one knows the real reason for the divorce, neither of them said. But it can be seen that Li Zongsheng is still nostalgic, Lin Yilian has moved forward.
After being kicked out of the relationship by the media that year, Lin Yilian decided to leave. No matter whether she was married or had a child, she would not explain to the outside world. This marriage change is even more so. Li Zongsheng also sang "When Love Is a Past" with her at a concert, and she burst into tears, but she rarely raised these in the public.
After divorcing Li Zongsheng, Lin Yilian had reunited with her first love, Chen Huihong, but when the man proposed marriage, she broke up because of fear of marriage.
In 2011, Lin Yilian fell in love with a musician 11 years younger than herself. After so many relationships, she still has high expectations for love. They agreed not to marry or have children, "don't miss the past, fear the future, and enjoy the present."
Many people feel that they really can't figure out what Lin Yilian thinks, and what they are after. She is very different from the woman in the traditional concept.
But in fact, she can be seen from her musical attitude.
Earlier music review articles have written that the days after that, Lin Yilian was the most discerning, hardest, and hardest to manipulate, and was also packaged in business. She was too personal, too thoughtful, and uncontrolled. Her pursuit of music is from the bottom of her soul. She said: "Playing Safe Is Boring."
This is exactly her attitude towards love and life.
It's so cool, so chic, too much to do.
It is said that Faye Wong's concert is cold, she is colder. The aura is so powerful that fans dare not approach.
Because she only makes music, nothing else. The concert live is the level of recording CDs, how many people?
Anita Mui is gone, Chen Huixian's heart is no longer here, Ye Qianwen returned to the family. She is probably the only one in so many Hong Kong queens in the 1990s who has a passion for music.

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