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He only said 22 words, but he achieved 4 eternal generals

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

During the Warring States Period, on a mountain called Qingxi Ghost Valley (now Hebi City, Henan), an old man (real name Wang Xi) known as Guiguzi lived in seclusion. He read books, meditated, and meditated on the mountain every day. He did not interact with the world. Live an isolated life.
However, for more than two thousand years, warriors have honored him as a sage, and warriors have honored him as the ancestor, fortune-telling and divination have respected him as the ancestor, and Taoism has ranked him with Laozi, and respected him as the father of Wang Chan.
Guiguzi has only ever passed down the mountain once in his life, and has only received four apprentices: Pang Juan, Sun Yan, Su Qin, and Zhang Yi—they were all unknown soldiers before entering the mountain, and each one of them shined and became famous after leaving the mountain.
These four men used the military strategy and strategy of Gui Guzi to explain the situation of the Warring States and the chaotic world. All of this must be attributed to Guiguzi's precepts and deeds.
World situation
The so-called time of the world is the general trend of movement in the world. The so-called trend of the world is the various forces that promote the trend of the world.
If the world is compared to the sea, the wind is in the right direction, and the tide caused by the wind is the trend. To grasp the current situation is to get the tide. The current situation in the world is confusing and unpredictable. The sage knows the time and the situation, and uses the situation to govern the world. The traitor is in a state of contradiction, and thus is in trouble.
2. the world
Love is a measure of the heart of others. If you are a tadpole, you must check his words, watch his color, smell his voice, see his behavior, and then infer his heart's tendency.
If it ’s the world, you have to look at the national conditions, see if there is money or goods, how many people are, how easy the terrain is, how strong the military is, how virtuous are the princes and princes, the blessings of heaven and earth, the back of the people ’s hearts, and then you can infer that the national transport is Prosperity is decline, prosperity is death.
3. Plan and move
Yiqi is inseparable from the chess pieces. The one hundred and eighty pieces that each of you masters will always be dead chess in the box. Only when placed in the game will it be vivid, and you will have me among you and me among you. .
If it is a mistake, it will lose ground and lose soldiers, and in the other case, it will lose the whole situation. With any mistake, it must be determined and then move.
4. Movement and Taoism
Attentiveness is surgery. If there is no Taoist dominance, the higher the surgery, the more biased you will be. In the end, it will not only be difficult to become a great device, but you will not be able to protect yourself.
How many people in the world are obsessed with it, harming themselves and others.
5. The Four Realms of Enlightenment
There are four realms of enlightenment. The first is to hear the Tao, the second is to know, the second is to see the Tao, and finally the Tao.
During the Spring and Autumn period, Zhong Ni heard from Lu, but he didn't know why, so he went to Luoyang and asked the old man.
On the three days of pre-holy talk, Zhong Ni knew how to realize the truth of the world and established the words of Confucianism. It can be seen that the word "know" is remarkable.
6. Surgery and Tao
Any knowledge is divided into tactics. As far as military science is concerned, the technique of using soldiers lies in victory, and the method of using soldiers lies in fighting.
Therefore, those who make good use of soldiers are not warlike. The way of using soldiers lies in the soldiers who do not fight and humiliate others.
7. What is good words
A good-speaker is eloquent when he speaks, and is solicited by others, which can make people want what they want and what they don't want;
If you don't say anything, then God will be like a mountain, and if you can't let it go, it will make people uneasy, like falling into a cloud of five miles. This so-called speechlessness is better than silence.
8. View the world
Viewing the world is like watching this distant mountain. You cannot rely on your eyes alone. You must use your intuition and your heart.
You don't have to go up the mountain to watch Yuanshan, you don't have to go down into the valley. On the other hand, if you really go to the distant mountains, you will only see the distant mountains and not the deep valleys.
It's like drilling into the forest, but seeing trees but not Mang Mang. If you want to see Lin Mang, you can only stand here, look down with your eyes, look down with your instincts, and look down with your heart. "
9. Heaven, Holy, Man
The Tao of Heaven is the Tao of Nature, which is the principle of the birth and death of all things in the universe; the Holy Tao is the Tao of this world, which is the principle of Anbang and the country;
Humanity is the way of life. These three things complement each other. Distant Heaven, the Holy Path is sleepy; Distant Holy Path, the humanitarian is difficult.
10. What is Mochi
The so-called fascination is to do what you like and seduce him. For example, if the other party is honest, if it is said to be upright, the person will be pleased, pleased, and will vent his affection;
The other person is greedy. If he is rich, the person will be happy, pleased, and will vent his affection.
Therefore, people who are good at fishing, such as Lin Yuan fishing, as long as the bait is properly used, the fish will be hooked.
11. Martyrdom
Martyrdom has Xunyi. If speculation is done and the pros and cons are in place, you can decide how to speak. Generally speaking, when it comes to people. Talk to the wise, Yibo; Talk to the wise, Talk to; Talk to the wise, Talk to; Talk to the noble, Talk to potential; Talk to the rich, Talk to high; Talk to the poor, Talk to li; , Yi Qian; speak to the brave, Yi Gan ...
12. Rule of Heart
The world is dead because the heart is dead. The dying heart lies in desire. If you want to rule the world, you will first rule the heart; if you want to rule the heart, you will rule the chaos first.
Controlling chaos is only a means, and governing the heart is the way of doing things. If I wait for the chaos and the chaos, and only unite the world with force, even if it succeeds, the world will not only die, but it will only be more chaotic.
13. Balance of Power
The so-called synergy is to maintain a balanced force. If the Qin people are powerless, they will not succeed.
Only when the Qin people kept their strength and kept strong, the Three Jins would have a sense of crisis and be willing to reconcile themselves. Only when the Three Jins are united, Qin talents will have fear, and they will try to make themselves stronger. The stronger the Qin people are, the more the three Jins are combined; the more the Qin people are, the stronger the Qin people are, so the world can maintain balance and balance.
14. Decide
Everything in the world is because of choice. The beauty of life is here. There are only two kinds of decisions involving everything, one that is easy to decide and one that is not easy to decide.
The things that are easy to decide are the things that can be decided now, and most of the things in the world belong to this.
There are five things that are easy to decide: one is worth doing; the second is noble and beautiful; the third is to succeed without effort; the fourth is to do something that is laborious but has to be done; the fifth is to avoid evil. Fierce things. For things that are not easy to decide, the two evils and the right of the two are the most important.
15. delusion
In this world, there are only two kinds of people who have no delusions, one is the dead, and the other is the man of God. Neither of you, have this delusion, why control it?
16. Kendo
As far as Kendo is concerned, there are only three swords in the world. The holy sword is also known as the sword of heaven, with the Tao as the back, morals as the front, yin and yang as the qi, and five lines of handle. The upper part can break the sky, and the lower part can be Jedi.
Yin Jian is also called the sword of heaven. It takes the people as the back and the wise men as the front. It should respond to the heavenly path, follow the geography, and neutralize public opinion. Popular swords are also called human swords. They use steel as the front, alloy as the back, and Lengsen as the gas. They can chop the head on the top, chop their feet on the bottom, and break the viscera in the middle.
17. The world is split
There are two types of division and integration in the world. The King of War is divided, and it is a real name.
In the early years of the Western Zhou Dynasty, the general trend of the world was that Zhou Tianzi presided over the Quartet. Zhou Gong systemic ceremony, the princes were ordered by the king, courtesy and music in an orderly manner.
However, after King Ping moved eastward, the situation changed. The Zhou room diminished. The princes sat down. The general trend of the world began to move towards the right name and the right point.
18. Review the situation
A person must grasp his own destiny, and must be "trial and judge the situation", when the world is judged, the world situation.
The so-called time of the world is the trend of the movement of the world; the so-called trend of the world is the various forces that promote the trend of the world.
To grasp the current situation is to get the tide. The current situation in the world is confusing and unpredictable. The sage knows the situation and knows the situation, so he manages the world;
19. The Art of Falcon
The art of 捭, 开 is open, that is to say; 阖 is closed, that is to say. The technique of cricket is the technique of opening and closing the mouth.
Where is it difficult? It is difficult to know when to open your mouth and when to close it; you must know how to open your mouth when you should open it, and how to close it when you should open it. As the saying goes, blessings come in from the mouth, disasters come out of the mouth, and this is the truth.
20. Love and Dao
Love and Taoism do not actually collide. Tao exists in all things, as well as in the worldly feelings. Heaven and earth have yin and yang, beasts have male and female, and the world has men and women.
It is common sense that yin and yin meet, male and female match, and male and female match. Feeling is Taoism, and Taoism is feelings. Love and cultivation have nothing to do with them. Unconscious, difficult to understand. Fate arrives, love arrives, fate stops love; fate arrives at heart, love ends at heart.
21. Everyone has a heart disorder
As the saying goes, no one is perfect. What this means is that everyone has a heart disorder, or behaves as such, or behaves as one.
No one in the eyes, brags about themselves, doesn't seek to understand, is so high-minded, jealous, and clever. All kinds of heart disorders are conceited; they are lonely, rarely speak, and rarely mingle with others. The essence of spirituality is to remove the heart barrier.
22. feel him
The removal of heart block lies in consciousness, and consciousness lies in consciousness of him. Consciousness is not easy, and it is even harder to feel him.
In other words, his barriers are easy to remove, but his heart barrier is difficult to remove. If a person has no self-confidence, how can others make him confident? Those without self-confidence need to realize and cultivate the mind; those who are conceited also need to understand and cultivate the mind.
The mountain is not high, it is immortal; the water is not deep, it is dragon; the book is not much, it is refined, it is comprehended, so it can cultivate its way.

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