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45 Reasons To Have English Memorization

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Memorization is a shortcut to learn English well, and it is also the only way to learn English well. Therefore, to learn English well, you must recite, you must recite, you must recite! (Three important things to say three times)
1. The best and most advanced way to learn a language is in China: First, read a book hundreds of times, and see for yourself. Second, I have read 300 Tang poems well, and I can chant without poetry. Third, read 10,000 books, and write with a spirit. Fourth, once born, twice cooked! I believe that everyone knows these famous sayings, but unfortunately, few people can do it! Therefore, successful people are always a minority!
2. "Reciting" is the "only way" to learn English well, there is absolutely no second way out! Every month, even every week, a teacher and student recitation contest will be held!
3. My life has changed because of recitation! In 1988, I made up my mind to conquer English three times in a row, so I found an article and began to recite it. I did not expect that the article with more than a thousand words contained more than 300 new words, but I did not flinch. I gritted my teeth, madly checked the dictionary for two days, and then madly carried it back for six days! I can still recite this article now, this article has completely changed me!
4. Why is it difficult to fill in the blanks, to read, or to write, because you have never "recited thoroughly"! Without "reciting thoroughly", there is no sense of language!
5. The sense of language is equal to the number of readings and recitations!
6. Children hate memorizing the text for the following legitimate reasons: first, it is difficult to memorize the text; second, forget it after the memorization; These reasons are good!
7. Five Tips for Memorizing:
A. Don't stop every day, just like eating; so your sense of language is improving every day!
B. Be sure to follow the recording to ensure the best results;
C. If the back is cooked, it will be back again until it is incorporated into the blood;
D. Carrying crazy backs with fragmented time is the best; F. Copy them down and carry them with you.
8. The best state of recitation: first, have confidence in your memory; second, don't care if you can memorize it, just repeat it enough! As long as it is repeated enough, even the most difficult text can blurt out!
9. The text cannot be memorized and has nothing to do with IQ, just because it is not enough to repeat! As long as the crazy repeat, the pig can recite the text!
10. The method I admire is: Repeat it repeatedly, and recite naturally! Just ask for hard work, not for harvest! Success comes naturally! It's so much more difficult to forget! Don't be stressed!
11. Do a thorough recitation! "To recite thoroughly" is to repeat it a hundred times or even a thousand times, so that "anytime, anywhere" can blurt out, and it will be unforgettable for life! Just like those martial arts masters!
12. Do "reciting" at least one article every week!
13. The success of English is actually very easy: as long as you read through and read an article every week, one year later is absolutely fluent in English. Of course, the exam has become a piece of cake!
14. I disapprove of memorizing the entire text! Too much time! I agree: read the full text and memorize only one paragraph! Every unit must memorize one of the paragraphs. Better to write it out! This is a huge help for the exam!
15. The learning method that just reads books and thinks that understanding is "extremely wrong".
16. Learning methods that only understand but do not recite will not change our "brain quality", and understanding can only stay on the superficial level. Understanding is important, recitation is more important!
17. Success in any field depends on recitation! People who speak good English are successful by "hard recitation"!
18. Liu Xiang is actually "reciting every day" because he repeats the same movement every day; Yang Liwei is also reciting every day because he is training every day that he has "familiar movements"; the singer is reciting every day because they I have sung so many songs over the years! But because of repeated drills, they get better and better!
19. Memorization can "greatly improve" memory! Those great people in history have obtained extraordinary memory "by recitation!"
20. Always bring a book, read and recite "anytime, anywhere" crazy, and your memory will change dramatically. As long as you stick with it for a while, you will get "super abilities that you will never forget."
21. Recitation is the key to language skills! Only recitation can really master the language and reach the realm of blurting out!
22. Recitation can activate words and grammar! Memorizing gives life to words and grammar!
23. "Romance" is the basis of creativity training and quality education, because only "dead" can "live"!
24. Repetition is power. Repeat to create miracles.
25. Jewish education has cultivated many Nobel Prize winners. Their education is “centered on memory learning”, emphasizing “repeated reading”!
26. Recitation has a huge effect on improving understanding, memory, and expression. After hearing the good news, you should start recitation right away!
27. Memorize a "difficult" article "far better than" reading a hundred simple articles.
28. Be sure to pinch the hard bones with confidence, which is a difficult article! The article can no longer afford to repeat 20 to 30 times a day. The more you read the deeper the feeling, the easier it is to read, and finally it becomes a piece of cake!
29. The book has been read a hundred times, and its meaning is self-evident. Those who can read it a hundred times become geniuses, but unfortunately most people only want to read it or only know to read it once or twice, so they become ordinary people!
30. The reciting of most students belongs to “being memorized but not memorized”. It is not thorough and reluctant at all. The number of repetitions is “far from enough”. This does not help English much and wastes time!
31. The memory formed by “repeated training” thousands of times is called “muscle memory”. Memorize thoroughly to form a great "muscle memory."
32. At the beginning of recitation, it was "quite difficult", but memory "gradually improved" during recitation! You will get smarter with your back! Don't doubt yourself! (Never doubt yourself!)
33. As long as you "stick" to recite for three months, you will get "extraordinary memory"! You will never have to worry about memory for life!
34. Do not recite more than five minutes at a time! The secret of recitation is: eat less and eat more! Eat less at a time, and eat more times!
35. Don't force yourself to memorize it all at once, you only need to do it when you have time! Of course, it is best to repeat "more than 20 times a day" using "piecemeal time"!
36. The busier people are more suitable for recitation, because busy people have a lot of fragmented time, and they use time efficiently! On a business trip, between meetings, before and after three meals, and more.
37. Using recitation to adjust mathematical and physical and chemical learning is particularly effective! Tired of mathematics, tired of physics, tired of chemistry, you can do "crazy recitation"!
38. It can be crazy or quiet when recitation! You can jump back, run back or silently back!
39. Teachers who do not recite text are not "qualified teachers"! I hope the teacher doesn't get angry when he sees it! Teachers who recite text can not only teach English well, but also speak fluent English!
40. In order to “continuously improve” your English level and to give students “a glorious example”, the teacher must take the lead in memorizing the text!
41. Before the class, the teacher must recite a short essay or a paragraph of the article aloud, set a shining example for the students, and let the teachers and students enter the crazy "English state" together! If this can be done, this school must be the best English school in China!
42. Recitation can greatly enhance a person's "temperament"! To be an extraordinary person is everyone's dream! Start crazy recitation!
43. Memorizing is a great habit, and once you develop it, you will benefit for life!
44. Memorizing makes every day's life full of joy! The beautiful text is constantly washing your mind, constantly forging your eloquence, constantly improving your self-confidence, and of course, constantly increasing your examination ability!
45. Finally, I want to tell you: persist in creating miracles! Be sure to stick with it! The motherland needs us to persist! Parents need us to persist! The teacher needs us to persist! Our future achievements need us to persist!

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