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I changed the ingredients of Mapo Tofu, it was so delicious! Swallow your tongue!

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Mapo tofu, with a pale yellow color and tender and shiny white tofu, has a taste of "malay, spicy, hot, fresh, tender, fragrant, crisp, and live." one. In fact, it is just a home cooking. What is "homely"? "Family" means that every family does it; "Family" has its own understanding and practice; "family" means that there is no authentic formula at all.
Understand the characteristics of the finished product, match the necessary ingredients, master the basic steps, plus your own understanding and preferences, anyone can make beautiful and delicious Mapo tofu! The difficulty is slightly higher than the scrambled eggs of tomatoes. You will know by looking at the steps-this is also the characteristic of home cooking!
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Look at my approach-
Focusing on my selection of materials, many of them are my own understanding. Maybe some friends feel that they are not authentic or even ridiculous, but still the sentence-delicious is the last word, "authentic" must have its own understanding.
First of all: tofu, I choose south tofu, also known as tender tofu, that is, tofu made of "gypsum" as a coagulant. Its characteristics are white color, soft and delicate texture, and delicate taste. Among Mapo Tofu, it can best reflect the characteristics of white, tender, hot and lively. North tofu, also known as old tofu, although the tofu is richer, but the texture is too old and hard to make Mapo tofu; the lactone tofu is too moist and will break when touched, even thinking about it.
Second: minced meat, I use pork with shrimp. This is probably the least "authentic". Generally, minced beef is used in recipes. After I tried it, I found that pork is more fragrant and smoother, especially pork with a little fatness. Add a few shrimps and mince to add extra fragrant, more complex and comprehensive, and more popular than using ordinary minced beef. There is also that I never buy ready-made meat fillings. I have to chop the meat fillings myself. Fortunately, I ca n’t use much meat fillings in a mapo tofu, so I do n’t need much effort.
Third: The classic seasoning ingredients of Sichuan cuisine-Shexian Douban, Sichuan flavored tempeh, flower (hemp) pepper powder, and there are recipes that will use Sichuan pepper or Sichuan pepper powder, so I can save the spicy flavor of "Ye Gong Hao Long" . However, the numbing, spicy and fragrant ingredients of Mapo Tofu are all in the seasoning! Shexian Douban and Doudou have nothing to say, just buy it. Only pepper powder or hemp pepper powder must be fresh and full of flavor, so it is indispensable for fresh roasting.
How to make peppercorn powder? Simple: Dry the peppercorns until browned and crispy. After cooling, use a rolling pin to grind to the ground or use a cooking machine to grind the powder. Strictly speaking, Sichuan pepper is more authentic. Hey, my taste, pepper is enough. Spicy, of course, Sichuan pepper plus hemp pepper!
Finally: Water starch is necessary. I've seen a lot of families who don't like to grumble and think that water starch will increase the calories of dishes. However, in this dish, tofu and minced meat will be separated without tangling. Not only is the soup clear, but the taste is greatly reduced, and it is appetiteless at first sight. It is the best condition to control the concentration of thickener, a small amount of time, so that the soup is thick and the minced meat is evenly attached to the tofu. Don't pour it in all at once. You can add more if it is not enough. Once it is too sticky, it will be finished.
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1. South tofu 500g, pork 100g, shrimp 50g, 8 cloves of garlic, 3 garlic shoots;
2. 1 tablespoon of watercress in Shexian County (2 tablespoons for spicy food), 1 tablespoon (or 2 tablespoons) of Sichuan flavor tempeh, 100ml rice wine, appropriate amount of water starch, appropriate amount of pepper powder, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, a little salt Many watercress and tempeh can be used without salt), 1 bowl of chicken broth (you can also talk about water), 2 tablespoons of peanut oil
1. Wash and cut the tofu into small pieces of 1.5cm square, soak in the salt water for 15 minutes;
2. Drain the water for future use;
3. The pork and shrimp are chopped into minced meat together;
4, chopped garlic, washed and chopped green garlic seedlings;
5. Lift the wok, add peanut oil, and stir-fry the minced meat with hot pan and cold oil;
6, until the moisture of the minced meat is dry and the surface is golden yellow, put the Shexian bean paste, change to medium and low heat, and slowly stir-fry until the red oil;
7, into the Sichuan flavor tempeh, continue to stir fry until the aroma;
8. Add half of the minced garlic and stir fry until it is fragrant;
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9. Add chicken soup;
10. After the soup is boiling, add soy sauce;
11. Add a little salt to season, if you use more watercress and tempeh, don't put any more salt; I only use one spoon for each, I only put less than 1/3 of a small spoon;
12. Stir the soup, boil it and add the tofu; at this time, don't use a spatula anymore, shake the wok to make the tofu evenly distributed. After the pot is boiling, change to low heat and cook for about 5 minutes;
13. Add water starch slowly and repeatedly in small amounts to bring out the suitable concentration or favorite concentration.
14. When the soup is slowly concentrated, shake the wok again to make the soup evenly distributed;
15, turn off the heat and bring the pot to a pan, sprinkle with a layer of pepper powder;
16. Sprinkle the other half of minced garlic and an appropriate amount of minced garlic, and then serve.
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1. Tofu is soaked in salt water for more than 15 minutes, it can remove the smell of tofu, and it can make the tofu more stiff and easy to cook;
2. Stir fry minced pork, be patient, it must turn golden brown, and it will have a crispy taste;
3. Add every ingredient into the pot and stir-fry it;
4. Adjust the taste of the tofu before putting it into the pot. Do not stir the tofu after you put it in the pot. Instead, shake the pot. When it is out of the pot, please pour it directly into a large bowl. Do not use a spatula or a spoon. If you try to add tofu after seasoning, stir fry ... Hey, "Ma Po Tofu" is also very delicious.
5. To be honest, it is very spicy without paprika. Finally, we must control the sprinkle of peppercorn powder. The taste of freshly ground peppercorn powder is very sufficient. Some people can eat spicy but may not eat hemp. According to your taste, don't mess around, haha ...
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