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Celebrity Eight Characters Disprove the Value of Name Learning

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

——Take Zhang Zhichun, Li Hanchen, etc. for example
1.A real celebrity character
Characters of contemporary celebrities are hard to find. The author does not agree with the eight characters of entertainment stars in writing thesis. Obviously, the entertainment industry likes and hides the real age most, especially women, and they always want to be younger and change their age. Therefore, I saw some "Bloggers" bloggers tirelessly playing "Three Columns" based on the birthday of the female star, guessing the hour, I couldn't help laughing. The accuracy of these female celebrities' birth dates cannot be guaranteed, let alone the hour.
As a name researcher, if you collect the eight characters of such entertainment stars from the Internet, and study the rules of the combination of the eight characters and names, it is wrong and wrong, and it is not in line with the Yi Xue methodology.
Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious when studying the classic examples of name studies.
Below is the four pillars of Mr. Zhang Zhichun.
Dry making: Gengchen has ugly Bingzi Jiawu
2 12 22 32 42 52 62 72
Geng Yin Xin Yi Renchen Guiye Jiawu Yiwei Bingshen Dingyi
This eight-character character was disclosed by Xu Weigang in the "Ziping Combat Guidelines." Xu Weigang said that this is the eight character of the author of "Magic Door", which is to say that the destiny is Zhang Zhichun. Everyone knows that Zhang Zhichun has cited Xu Weigang for reference. The relationship between them is extraordinary. This eight character can't be wrong.
Xu Weigang also carefully approved some important passing years, which further emphasized the authenticity of this character.
I will use Mr. Zhang Zhichun's eight characters to experiment with several popular names nowadays to see which one really matches the eight characters.
2.Five-frame cross section appearance
Let's try the five-cell profile method first. In the context of the five-case method (in fact, the five-cell method takes wrong cells):
Tiange 12 (wood)
Personality 18 (Gold)
Grid 17 (gold)
Total grid 28 (gold)
Outer grid 10 (water)
Everyone knows that the five grids forcibly stipulate that 1, 2 belong to wood, 3, 4 belong to fire, 5, 6 belong to soil, 7, 8 belong to gold, and 9, 0 belong to water. The mantissa determines the attribute of the number. From this point of view, the name "Zhang Zhichun" is focused on gold, and the name is supplementary.
Let's look at Zhang Zhichun ’s life creation. Does gold provide the “medicine” needed for life creation? Does the name ’s emphasis on the five elements coincide with life creation ’s love and God?
In fact, the three sentences above mean one thing, is it in place?
Mr. Zhang Zhichun's eight characters, the Japanese Lord is C, is obscured by the wet soil ugly, Chen, happy wood fire. Xu Weigang said in the book: "This four-column looks at the pattern of hurting the official style and using the wealth seal. It is famous for the book when the star is in power, and the name and the fortune when the triad is conquered by Bingdingbi!" Determined that wood fire is preferred.
The five-cell profile method provided Zhang Zhichun with a lot of gold to make Zhang Zhichun's fate worse. In the original game, the injury caused by the use of the god wood was weakened, and there was a tendency to break the root of the wood, so Zhang Zhichun's fate would become very bad.
If the five-section profile method is true and effective, then Zhang Zhichun's name is full of jealousy, and the god Jiamu is severely suppressed. Not only do we have to ask: Is this consistent with Zhang Zhichun's achievements in life?
According to the five-piece masterpiece "New Name Study", there is another way to use the five-frame character to match the eight characters, which is to use the number of cells and five elements to suppress the Liunian Nayin. Unfortunately, Mr. Zhang Zhichun does not comply with this rule. Gengchen Nian Na Yin is Bai Lajin, and Mr. Zhang Zhichun's personality 18, land 16, total 27, not only failed, but gave birth.
The conclusion can only be one of the following two:
1. The five-cell profile method is not a real name study, and cannot be matched with a character.
2. The power of complementing the five elements of the name is very small or not. It has no effect on the eight characters. It is not necessary to study the study of names. It is enough to study the eight characters themselves.
3, eight grid name study is also here
After understanding the "power" of the five-cell profile method, we proceed to verify the eight-cell name science.
Zhang 11 12
Chi 7 18
10 spring 9 16
One of the characteristics of the Eight Names Study is that there are more elements. The number of cells is transformed into the zodiac. The eight cells are in turn (this is what the eight cells call the "big luck"). . This is the smoothness of the eight squares. Therefore, Ba Ge likes to take the name of the person who said the accident. Based on the Grand Canal on duty, look for the cooperation of the previous transportation, the cooperation of the next transportation, and the cooperation of the Nayin or the airborne in Tongliu Look for it. If you don't find it, go to Sancai to find it. If not, then the five elements of the Heavenly and Earthly Branches are more concentrated (or single), and this concentration is also fierce in the context of the eight-box context.
Eight cells also inherited the five-cell number 81 and the three talents configuration, coupled with the role of passing years, subject to double restrictions. An eight-box method is used to analyze names, and there are dozens of examples. A web page is full of torture. It is rarely scarce to say a word, and it is accompanied by a dazzling scarlet letter. It is really scary.
Therefore, the eight grid faction likes to discuss how the victims did not spend a certain year, and is unwilling to discuss how the successful people spend several years smoothly and happily.
Another feature of the Eight Names Study is the introduction of the concept of "empty death", which uses "empty death" as an important basis for matching with the eight characters. The five elements of the dead should not appear in the number box of the name. Mr. Zhang Zhichun was born in Bingziri. Forms designed according to the Eight Names-
17 27 37 47 57 67 77 87 (Geng Shenjin)
18 28 38 48 58 68 78 88 (Xin Zhijin)
Based on Zhang Zhichun's life, as long as each number of the name hits the end of the number 7 or 8 is empty. The result was really incredible. Mr. Zhang Zhichun's innate personality, acquired personality, and general personality were completely lost! According to the law of male yanggan and yanggan dying in a vacuum, and yin and yanggan dynasty in a false air death, Zhang Zhichun's acquired personality is false air death, and congenital personality and general personality are vacuum death.
In order to thoroughly clarify the thought of the Eight Names Study, I read several articles on Eight Name Scholars on the demise of names. One of them is "The importance of air death to name". When listing the cases, the four columns corresponding to the name are not issued. It is just a matter of which cell is empty, so it is fierce. Writing articles like this is not rigorous enough to make people believe. Now we really take out the character of Mr. Zhang Zhichun, but we find that Yi Xue masters like Mr. Zhang are also in the air. Are the founders and enthusiasts of the Bage School unaware of such problems?
Eight cells stipulate that the death of several cells in the name is a horrible one. He claimed: "The name should be avoided to avoid airborne death." With Zhang Zhichun's achievements, there were actually three cases of "airborne death". It can be seen that airborne death is not terrible, and the eight lattice theory is problematic.
After writing here, I have repeatedly read the article of the founder of the Bage School on air death, saying that the air death can be filled in some cases, but the conditions of the fill are unwilling to be disclosed, and deliberately kept one hand. There are three dead in Zhang Zhichun's name. I don't know how to fill it out? Does it take 3 permafrost to fill it up? It's not that easy to fill in.
4. See also Zodiac Names
In the third pass, let us verify the names of the most sought after zodiac signs in Fujian, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Zhang Zhichun is a dragon. According to the name of the zodiac, the zodiac name is like:
Born in the year of Xiao Long, the name should be "氵", good luck, soaring to the sky, successful prosperity, prosperity and prosperity, enjoy Fulu throughout his life;
There are "gold" characters, "jade" characters, "white" characters, "red" characters, shrewd and fair, knowledgeable, and good fortune;
The word "month" is gentle and gentle, self-denying and helping others, goodness and virtue, and grandchildren;
There are "fish", "酉", "亻", diligent and thrifty construction, home sounds victories, and nobles appear;
There are the characters "soil", "field", "he", and "clothing", which are unsuccessful and disadvantageous to the family.
Have the word "soil", "忄", "日", sexual congo is broken or worried;
The words "stone" and "艹" are plain and ordinary, nobles are obvious, and they are prone to misunderstanding because of love;
"Li" and "knife" are not good for families;
There are "糸" and "犭" characters, working hard;
With the word "fire", there is no place for self-reliance. Cars are afraid of water and are not good for health.
Born in the year of Xiao Long, you must pay attention to the years of the dog, the year of the bull, and the year of the rabbit, until the years of the year of the mouse, the year of the monkey, and the year of the rooster.
(1) Zodiac signs according to the principles of Liuhe, Sanhe and Xiangsheng: Zi (rat), Shen (monkey), pheasant (chicken)
Like to use:
① Zizi root: Sun, Li, Xue, Meng, Chun, Guo
② Shen radical: Gentry, Hou, God
③ Root root: Zheng, Hong, Qian
(2) Zodiac signs--Tiger (Yin), Rabbit (卯), 戍 (Dog), Wei (Sheep)
① Yin word root: Biao, Yan
② Root root: 昴, Liu, Qing, 茆, Yi, Mian
③ 戍 root: Cheng, Xian, Ran, Di, Meng
④ Roots: Jasmine, Sister, Taste, Beauty, Kindness, Antelope
(3) Territory of Dragon and Five Elements
Favorite: water, fire
Avoid: Earth and golden dragons are deified animals and do not eat human fireworks.
Avoid: Beans, Rice, He, Wheat, Liang, Tian, Fu, Fu, (Meat) Moon, Heart
(4) Long should have the word "water", soaring into the sky. Trapped in caves and other places, unable to play.
Favorite use: 氵, water, rain, cloud, sky
Avoid words as follows:
Cave: mouth, 宀, 冖, 冂
Home: Door, Household, Hiroshima, Hagi
Fence: Booklet, 聿, (Fengfeng)
(5) The dragon is a symbol of the emperor. If you use snakes (little dragons) to suggest words, you have the idea of demoting.
Favorite use: Jun, Emperor, Emperor, Lord, Chang, Wang, Da, Tian, Jing, Shou, Shao
Taboo: Shi, Ji, Xiang, Gong, Chen, Shao, Xiao, Zhe, Gong, Li, Min, Dao, Worm, Mao, It, Dao, Dao, Bow, Gui
When Xiao Snake is born, he should have the word "艹" in his name.
There are "worm" and "fish" characters, both brave, sincere and gentle;
There are "wood", "he", "field", and "mountain" characters, which are worthy of credit, knowledgeable, successful, successful, and forever fame;
There are "gold" and "jade" characters, versatile and clever, self-denial and help others, goodness and virtue;
There is the word "month" and "soil", integrity and integrity, and there is a word "忄", sexuality or worry;
There are "stone", "knife", "blood", and "bow" characters, which are not good for families. They are too late to marry late and are afraid of water.
The word "fire", "字" and "糸" are harmful to health.
Seeing the text above, do you feel familiar? Yes, this is copied from a web page promoting the zodiac.
The name "Zhang Zhichun" seriously violates the principles of zodiac nomenclature, and symbols such as "shi", "heart" and "day" that are banned by dragons appear in the name. Mr. Zhang Zhichun violated the Chinese zodiac name study, which was generally favored by southerners, but achieved such great achievements. It can be seen that the Chinese zodiac name study is not based on evidence, it is not even a name study, it is just a folk custom.
The author wrote an article critical of the study of the names of the Chinese zodiac 5 years ago, and here is an excerpt for reference:
Those who belong to the dragon will also have floods; those who belong to the rabbits will also have wood disasters, because whether they are dragons or rabbits, they are basically people. The four pillars comprehensively show humanity. If the eight characters are reduced to a single character, then only the beastly nature can be seen. The horoscope is only one of the eight characters. There is no need to make a big deal. Just like the primitive man, worship the horoscope, and let the horoscope determine the structure of the name. After all, names are human, not animal.
This passage is clear enough, but there are too many scholars who use folklore and hold folklore to eat soft rice. They have formed a mighty trend in southern places such as Fujian and Guangdong. Above. It is not enough to just criticize the article for the original source. In the future, I will continue to write articles to criticize the name of the zodiac, and then compile them into volumes.
5. Real name synchronism with four columns
To get back to the topic, this article has successively enabled three names, five grids, eight grids, and zodiac names, and found no trace of Mr. Zhang Zhichun's name support and help in life creation. One cannot help asking: Is the name science itself not valuable, or is it because the above three names are not standardized and not in line with reason?
Fortunately, there is another name study.
After scouring the sand, I saw the real gold. Now let's take a look at the name of Zhou Shensong I created.
Five grids and eight grids are inaccurate because of the difference in size. It can also be said that they do not understand the five elements. Five grids and eight grids do not understand the five elements? It was scary to say it, but it felt like it was pleasing, but it was true.
What are the five elements? The five elements are the popularization of sixty Jiazi. It is the fundamental and core symbol of the operation of heaven. It is not a marginal product even if it touches the edge. Only the core can determine the fate of people! The ten days, the twelve Earthly Branches, have their own position and luck, connected to unlimited time and space, once vigorous, they can exert a lot of energy. But 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 0 are just abstract, empty numbers, without their own major positions and luck, and their reaction force to sixty Jiazi is almost zero.
Therefore, 1 is not A, 2 is not B, and 1 and 2 are not crucified. They belong to the East. Five grids directly regarded 1 as A, 2 as B, and 3 as C ... The rigidity of its statutes can be called the peak, which is not only contrary to reason, but also to any traditional skill.
Eight grids are unaware of this shortcoming of five grids, and continue to use numbers instead of branches, and use them rigidly. Although some additional things are added to each other to restrain each other, changing the soup without changing the medicine is still the core and the edge are indistinguishable, unconditionally replacing the numbers and the heavenly branches with each other.
The five elements of a number cannot be determined by the number itself. Taking 9 as an example, what are the properties of a solitary 9? The 9 in the river map is located in the west and belongs to gold; the 9 in Luoshu is located in the south and belongs to fire. The same number is 9 and the orientation is different. The number of adjacent pixels is different and the five elements are also different.
Therefore, using the marginal 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 0 to directly communicate with the core methyl ethyl butyl pentyl pentoxanthine and hexanoate is an impossible task.
The common defects of the five grids and the eight grids are that they do not understand the five elements, and the edges are not separated from the core. They unconditionally convert and replace Tiangan and numbers with each other. There is no place where the name is connected to the eight characters, and no force is found.
It has been more than seventy years since the Chinese preached the five-cell dissection method in 1936. The study of names has always been this idea. The core is not distinguished from the edges, and the ends are not distinguished from the trunk. This lesson is profound enough!
In the final analysis, the key to the key is the secret of the name—the name must interact with the stream, and it must rely on the heavenly branches; the name wants to change the destiny, it is still the heavenly branches. The most worrying thing is how to transform the zodiac or earthly branches that can really interact with the sixty Jiazi? This step can be considered as the core layer, and such a name study has the significance of transforming fate!
This core technology is still difficult. No matter how many river maps and Luoshus are used, it will not work. Because Hetu and Luoshu are a whole, river diagram is the body, Luoshu is used, if you use river diagram, it is lost, if you use Luoshu, you lose the body, dilemma! I have tried this system. It is as rigid as the five-cell dissection method, lacks agility, and is inaccurate in actual combat.
I have worked so hard to write so much that readers should realize when they read this-the core issue of this digital transfer is definitely a historical problem. There is no ready-made thing for you to transfer directly. The five cells are turned when they are taken, the five cells are wrong; the eight cells are turned, and the eight cells are also wrong! If you turn according to the river map, 1, 6 water; 2, 7 fire; 3, 8 wood; 4, 9 gold, 5, 0 soil, it must be wrong!
In 1992 (17 years old), I began to study the name science, and in 1994 (19 years old), I lost confidence in the five-cell cross section during my normal education, and began to work on another problem of coordinating the transformation of the stove and the stream. When studying Qimen's theory in 1996, he unexpectedly discovered a method for combining the image and number into the sky stem. Using the Qimen's armour theory, he skillfully solved the incompatibility between the river graph number transformation and the Luoshu number transformation sky. To find out the name Tianqian who can really interact with the fleeting years. I was too young at the time to be 21 years old. I just started working and no one wanted to believe my theory. It wasn't until 2008 that I formally published "Zhou Shensong's Name Studies", which released the theory of changing names.
Then talk about technology. Why does the name Zhuan Tiangan take "combination of elephants and numbers" as the guiding ideology? Numbers are connected to elephants. The numbers 16, 18, 27 and so on in Zhang Zhichun's name are numbers in Zhang Zhichun's combined number board. The theory cannot be separated from the overall situation, and its principle is like topological mathematics.
Zhang Zhichun's number of rounds is characterized by Zhang 11, Zhi 7, and Chun 9, all of which are singular, occupying one line by one word, and the whole happens to be a gossip. Under the impetus of the Gua Qi, the sum of the number of "Zhang Zhi" in Qian Gua is 18, the sum of "Zhi Chun" is 16, and the total number of "Zhang Zhichun" is 27. It is filled with Gua Qi and combined with Gua Qi. Realized, transformed into sky dry.
The number of dry gossips (note, non-ordinal number) is nine, and the dry number is the largest positive number. When encountering 9, it becomes a forma, retrograde (Originally in the Yi Jing: Yi Reciprocal Number also). In the case of 60% Ding, 18, 27, and 16 were converted into Ethyl Ding in the environment of Qian Gua. Epitin, isn't this Zhang Zhichun's life-loving God of Love!
This method looks like the "fly-dry" in Qimen Jiajia. Take the name of Tian Qian, what you want is this sense of flow! Only those who move have strength and are effective. Tiangan flew from the name after condensing hexagrams, with the melody of the Harmony Universe, and the whistling of the broken Danding, who was born out of the sky. This is a lively Tiangan who can adjust the fate of the transitional years!
Due to space limitations, this article does not systematically introduce the methods of taking Tiangan and Earthly Branches from names. This school of name science fixedly took four heavenly stems from the name, called the four stems. The method of taking four steps can be found in my blog:
How to start a hexagram from a name
Tiangan in the name (three grids to four cadres)
Mr. Zhang Zhichun's four cadavers are EBR. This is the core of his name to follow the passing years.
Let's analyze the relationship between the four cadres, the fate, and fleeting years.
First of all, the four cadres must be divided into two parts, one for profit and one for nothing. Eprodyne is connected with momentum for profit; Gui has no vitality and is empty. When it is named, profit is the growth point and the vitality point. It should coincide with the created and used God, so that it can amplify the power of God.
Eprotin, the four stems, combined with the flow of time, when the sky of the flow was made of wood fire (A-ethylpropene), taking Mr. Zhang Zhichun as an example, God is used for the name and God for the life creation. It can produce synergy, and increase the penetrating power and release degree of the flow of the moon to the moon to maximize the benefits of the four pillars.
Among the ethoxylated butyl decyl, decyl is empty, which is the point of low momentum. Can't help. As Mr. Zhang Zhichun's example, when the heavens in the fleeting years were renguishui, the name met the gods, and the life creation also met the gods, and the career development was slow. Xu Tiangan in the name is suppressed in the Four Gans. The hostile Ying Tiangan can absorb the power by using the moon and the flow of the sun when the flow is not favorable, and fight against the sky, and try his best to curb its strength in the years when the gods are flourishing. Can be flat or close to flat (note that the name Sigan's theory of transforming destiny is limited to the role of Helien, less than the Grand Canal).
If it is misplaced, the name of Tianqi, which is used by the name, is also forbidden by fate. If it is not high or low, a sprint power is eliminated, it is difficult to form a encirclement of positive power, and it is difficult to achieve great achievements.
The mystery of naming and matching the eight characters is to maximize the overlap between the "profit" part of the name Tiangan (also a part full of vitality and kinetic energy) and the God of Favor and Use. Efforts to avoid letting Tiantiangan break into the realm of hi-use gods, confuse the purity of hi-use gods, and weaken the strength of hi-use gods.
Note: The principle of good luck synchronization of names and eight characters does not necessarily require complete coincidence, but the most important use of God must be taken care of so as not to be discouraged.
The names of some celebrities combined with the eight characters will also reflect this pattern. For example:
Dry making: Guizhang Jiazi Ding Zhijiachen
People in the industry know that this is the eight characters of the founding leader, the seven killings of Imprint, the god of fire is wood fire, and the biggest god of fire is Koki. Avoid God is gold.
Name structure: 4——17——8
Transformed into four stems: Acetin
Jia Ding is profitable, Xin Jin is empty.
The whisky in the name and the fortune-making whisky are basically synchronized.
Because of the synchronicity, the positive reciprocating power can enclose. When a good Liunian Tiangan arrived, the most needed Tiangan among the eight characters and names also came to help. Or from another perspective, it has long been a resonance and resonance bureau, waiting for the best time to come in and let it play its biggest role.
Another example:
Dry making: Eo Gengchen Wuwu Jiayin
This is Li Hanchen's eight characters. The joy of using God has been clearly studied by my colleagues in Yi Xue. Using God is fire. Li Hanchen's later "Bazi Predictions of the True Sect" were all made with red skin. According to Li Hanchen's disciples, this was because it was confirmed that using God was fire. If you have any questions as to why God is on fire, you can refer to the web page http://www.yida00.com/thread-2037-1-1.html, which will not be explained here.
Li Hanchen's name was transferred to Sigan: Bing Bing Ji Ji
This four is more strange, only two lines of fire and soil. Fire is profit, and soil is nothing. Fire is the god. Only by increasing the fire can the earth not consume the fire. Fire must be weakened so that fire can be self-sustaining and constitute the meaning of the show.
Under the control of this four cadres, Li Hanchen particularly likes wood and fire to dry, and avoids water and soil to dry.
In 1997, Ding Chou, Ding Gongwang and Bing Huo were the years of Li Hanchen's fame.
The name of Li Hanchen (which was changed later) changed well, using double C fire as Yingtiangan to maximize the role of Ding Huo at noon (Of course, Mr. Li Hanchen didn't think of this idea when he changed his name, but reached objectively The effect of Zengwang with God).
There were two cases of self-exhaustion, so in 2008 and 2009, they were ugly, their luck was low, and their lives were more difficult.
Relative to Ba Zi, the name has some independence. In many cases, the name can also be used to roughly cut off the current year.
Since the Huang Sheng case, internet enthusiasts like to discuss Huang Sheng's character and name. The author also experimented. Because the character cannot be verified, only his name is analyzed.
Huang (12) wins (12) turns into four cadres: Jia Bing Geng
Jia Bing Bing is surplus, Geng is dry.
Huang Sheng was investigated and dismissed in 2011. 2011 was the year of Xin Yi. The previous days in 2007 were diced, which is a favorable time (please check with Baidu yourself).
Now it is during the Olympics, I will combine the Olympics and comment on two new examples: Zhou Jun, Li Xiaoxia
Four stems of Zhou Jun's name: Ding Wujiren
Ding Wuji is profitable, Ren is empty.
This year is the year of the Renchen, and he has done nothing in the way, playing abnormally in the London Olympics, and under great pressure.
The name of Li Xiaoxia's Sigan: Ren Ren Ren Yi
The four cadres are very concentrated, Ren is surplus, B is virtual, and the vassal soil can restrain Renshui. This year Renchen, Renshui is flourishing, surplus and dry, and time is running. With the help of "good luck", Ding Ning, who has always been unable to defeat, won the Olympic women's singles championship. In contrast, Sigan in Ding Ning's name is mepronyl, and Renshui is isolated and unhealthy, which happens to be Xingtiangan. This year coincides with the year of Renchen, which is unfavorable.
The role of Sigan in the name for life creation and fleeting years is really "daily use but not known", and it always has a significant impact. Those gentlemen who say that their names are not as good as those of eight characters and have great feng shui effects are not easy to understand. The name and the eight characters are closely linked. They are inseparable and cannot be separated. Those who blatantly demeaned their names, blindly touted the eight characters, and Feng Shui would surely take their humiliation.
6. Don't criticize the five-cell cross section method
Nowadays, more and more people dare to criticize the five grids, but very few people can really criticize them in place. There are many people who approve while continuing to make five mistakes; while approving, they make more mistakes than those who make five lower grades; they only approve of others, and there are hardly any researchers who dare to show their theories positively. Therefore, I wrote this article "Celebrity Eight Characters Reverse the Value of Names", bayonet verily verifies the names of various names, and disclosed the method of using this name to learn from the names to provoke the eight characters to use God. .
Name-name enthusiasts who believe in five, eight and zodiac signs are welcome to argue with me.
In the past, I have been engaged in the criticism of the five-box dissection method, which has caused a trend of criticism of the five-box and ignored the criticism of other names. As an adjustment, this article was conceived deliberately, and the goal of critique was turned to the Eight Names and the Zodiac Names, and a few words were appropriately spoken for the Five Numbers.
Looking at the current state of confusion in the Chinese name academia, I now have some sense of identification with the five-cell profile. The ten-day stem system adopted by the five grids is at least synchronized with the passing years. You can try to make a judgment first. If you make a mistake, you can reverse it at once, so that once you use God, you can find many things. Therefore, the master of horoscope is willing to accept the five-box method, and will not accept the eight-box method or the zodiac method. This is the secret that the five-box method can be used by some easy-to-learn professionals. (Of course, they also know in their hearts that this method is only a clever way of using name prediction, not real name learning.) The more concise the system is, the easier it is to use, and the easier it is to adapt in the application process, but other techniques must be used in the application process. It is impossible to cooperate with the Four Pillars as the "Grand Canal" like Ba Ge. The Grand Canal of the Four Pillars and the Grand Canal of the name will definitely "crash" and conflict with each other. So I dare to assert that the vitality of eight cells must be worse than five cells.
On the whole, five cells are more valuable than eight cells. Because Wuge understands the principle of positive pressure and evil, leaving an ideal picture for posterity from the front. Although the way is not true, I know that the ideal state can be reached by Yi learning as a ladder; Duoge is playing with Liu Nian Nayin, which makes people look like a sinking sea of suffering. Xing Chong overcomes the harm again and again, and is shocked by the steps. He always has a rationale for the murder. From five to eight is like "Homer's Epic" to "Ulysses", losing the hero complex and moving towards mediocrity and helplessness (in this case, it is easy to learn what to use). However, the eight cells are stronger than the zodiac. The eight cells also know that the decisive force of the science of names is to take numbers. The name needs to be converted to Najia. The reaction depends on the numbers (or the bureau of the numbers); the zodiac completely loses the easy numbers. I eat soft rice in folk customs.
However, the five grids and eight grids are not as practical as the zodiac signs. They are desk products, for reasons already mentioned above.

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