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Longevity flower breeding Raiders, for you! Never worry about raising longevity again

Source of information: Time: 2020-02-21 02:41:45

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Longevity flower, long flowering period, rich and colorful color, with great luck, longevity and longevity. It is a good choice to raise a pot at home or give it to friends and relatives.
Recently, a flower friend asked and bought a longevity flower, but I don't know how to raise it? Is there anything to pay attention to?
Let's answer this question today, a comprehensive guide to longevity flower breeding, for you! Never worry about raising longevity again.
1. Spring maintenance
In spring, the longevity flower is in a period of vigorous growth. At this time, it can be maintained in accordance with the method of "two waters and one fertilizer", that is, watering twice and fertilizing once, mainly nitrogen fertilizer, and two to three times a month. At the same time, pay attention to calcium supplements, which can make the branches grow luxuriant.
The maintenance in autumn is the same as the maintenance in spring.
2, summer conservation
In summer, the temperature is high, and water can be sprayed on the leaf surface on a hot day to increase the humidity of the air. Fertilization should be stopped in summer. Longevity flowers will enter a semi-dormant period when the temperature is higher than 30 ° C, and their growth will be slow. When the summer temperature is high, they should be properly shaded.
3. Winter conservation
From October to November, the longevity flower is in the stage of flower bud differentiation, so less nitrogen fertilizer and more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be applied. Fertilize 2-3 times a month on average.
At this time, to reduce the frequency of watering, watering once every half month is almost enough. If watering is excessive, it will cause vigorous growth of branches and leaves, which is not conducive to flower bud differentiation.
In longevity flowers, the growth is stopped under the temperature of less than 10 ° C, and the leaf color is red when the temperature is lower than 5 ° C, and the flowering period is delayed. Below 0 ° C, frost damage will occur. In winter, we must take measures to prevent cold!
Finally, pay attention to the longevity of the longevity flower. If you find that the plant has a crooked neck, you must timely turn the pot to make the longevity flower grow evenly!
If you have questions about the plant breeding process, please leave a message and exchange!

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