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Professor Wu Lianzhong's "Five Heart Points", diagnosis and treatment of refractory insomnia, simple and quick

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Intractable insomnia, known as the "psoriasis" in the spirit, often heals and recurs frequently, which makes the doctor helpless. This article details Professor Wu Lianzhong's unique "five heart acupoints." Diagnosing and treating intractable insomnia is simple and quick, and it is worth promoting.
Insomnia, also known as "unconsciousness", is a common sleep disorder. With the development of social economy and the acceleration of the pace of life, more and more patients suffer from insomnia. Those with mild dizziness, headaches, anxiety, depression, and even anxiety, which affect people's daily lives; those who do not heal will develop into persistent insomnia . Although western medicine treatment has certain effects, long-term use is prone to side effects such as drug resistance, addiction and withdrawal reactions. With the improvement of people's self-care awareness, it is gradually unacceptable.
Acupuncture treatment of insomnia is usually based on the combination of syndrome differentiation, moxibustion and other therapies. The effect is obvious, but there is still no simple, fast and reliable method for clinical intractable insomnia. Professor Wu Lianzhong's unique combination of "Five Heart Points" has solved this problem well in clinical practice.
Wu Lao has multiple mental adjustments. Starting from the heart, he believes that insomnia can cause insomnia, and insomnia can cause insomnia. There are many causes of insomnia, such as internal emotional injuries, excessive thinking, excessive room labor, panic and kidney damage, and inadequate diet. In the end, the yang does not enter the yin, and the god does not keep the house. Therefore, the principle of treatment is to rest and calm the mind.
Wuxin Point Introduction
"Five Heart Points" refers to Shuangyongquan (foot center), Shuanglao official point (hand center) and Shuigou point (head center).
Yongquan is the well point of the kidney meridian of the foot, Shaoyin, and the roots of the two yin and yang are from the bottom up. The water rises and falls, and the upper and lower levels are consistent. The virtual fire and the flames can strengthen the water to make the fire. "Lingshu · Meridian" said:
"The veins of the kidney, foot, and yin ... their branches, from the lungs to the heart, into the chest."
Shuigou, among the people, belongs to the governing veins, the meeting of the hands and feet of Yangming, runs through the heart and the kidneys, passes through the brain, and intersects with the veins of the gingival, connecting the two lines of yin and yang. "Huiyuan Acupuncture" said:
"Those in the ditch ... In the long ditch below the nose, there are hands and feet in the Yangming Sutra, the soil is inlaid with Jinbang, and the water is called the ditch."
Gongshuigou points can be calmed down, refreshed and enlightened, heaven and earth meet Thai, yin and yang meet, qi and blood flow, the temple can be raised, and the soul and spirit will be in each department. "Su Wen · Gu Konglun" said:
"Dumai ... don't go around your hips but at least yin ... run through the center of the umbilicus and run through the heart."
Lao Gong is the acupoint of the pericardium, and the nature is pure and good. Qing Dynasty Liao Runhong's "Integration" said:
"My main body is hot, and my heart is evil."
The acupoint treats the heart disease, the heart belongs to the fire, and the body heat is one of the main symptoms of the hyperthermia. The heat-wounded god is upset and insomnia. The heat of cricket, soothe the peace of mind. "Lingshu · Meridian" said:
"The difference between the palms of the hand and the name is within the day ... It is tied to the heart through the scriptures, and the mind is covered."
The author was fortunate to learn from Wu Lao, listen to preaching, learn deeply, benefit a lot, and use the "Five Heart Points" to treat 50 cases of refractory insomnia clinically, the effect is very good, all cured. Of the 50 cases, 5 were male and 45 were female; the youngest was 23 years old, the oldest was 72 years old, and the course of disease was as short as half a year and as long as 40 years. ,parefull.
Acupuncture method of "Five Heart Points"
Acupuncture the "Five Heart Acupoints" and Shuigou Acupuncture points 7 to 12 mm obliquely upwards with the degree of eyeball moistening;
Yongquan point, pierce 12 ~ 25 mm, the needle can feel pain;
Laogong acupoint, pierce 7 ~ 12mm, the needle can feel pain.
The methods are mainly based on a moderate amount of bird pecking method, leaving the needle for 25 minutes.
After treatment, sleep was maintained for more than 6.5 hours as a cure. Among 50 cases, 45 cases were cured once, 3 cases were cured twice, and 2 cases were cured 7 times.
A few cases are listed below.
"Five Heart Acupoints" Trial Case
1 Stroke Insomnia
Patient, male, 44 years old, Hui nationality, was seen on October 10, 2005. During the recovery period of cerebral infarction, he stayed in the night for more than a month, his expression was indifferent, his speech was unclear, his tongue was dark red, his moss was thin, and his pulse strings were thin.
Dialectics: Liver and kidney yin deficiency, heart-burning fire, heart-kidney disunity, restlessness.
Acupuncture in the ditch and Yongquan improved the sleep the same day, and then only took Shuangyongquan points. After 2 treatments, the sleep was normal. After 3 months of follow-up, the sleep was normal.
2 Tinnitus and insomnia
Patient, female, 36 years old, Uyghur nationality, was seen on March 6, 2006. In 1996, the inner ear was damaged due to a car accident, which caused traumatic tinnitus, mental irritation, unhappy mood, often depression and unhappiness. In the past six months, he was unable to fall asleep all night due to work problems. God is timid, scary and easy to panic, dizziness, tinnitus, swelling, lack of appetite, memory loss, red tongue, thin fur. A few pulses.
Dialectical evidence: internal emotional damage, panic injury to the kidney, yang does not enter yin, and God does not keep home.
Acupuncture in the gully and Yongquan improved the symptoms of sleep and palpitations, fatigue and timidity after 2 times. After 1 week, he could fall asleep for 7 hours, satisfied and refreshed. After 3 months of follow-up, all symptoms except tinnitus disappeared.
3 Dizziness and insomnia
Patient, female, 59 years old, Han nationality, was seen on March 26, 2007. Due to cervical spondylosis, dizziness, tinnitus, and insomnia have been caused for more than ten years. Now people are struggling, and even sleepless all night, upset with dry mouth, red tongue and less moss, and pulse count.
Differentiation: Deficiency of kidney water, hyperactivity of heart yang.
Rule: Zhuangshui makes fire, traffic heart and kidney.
Take bilateral Yongquan acupuncture once to see improvement in sleep, normal sleep after 2 times, and no recurrence after 1 month follow-up.
4 headache and insomnia
Patient, female, 23 years old, Uyghur nationality, was seen on May 4, 2006. No obvious inducement of headache, dizziness, insomnia, often accompanied by palpitations, more than half a year, red tongue, thin fur, thin pulses, except for ECG, sinus tachycardia, all other tests are normal, treatment in cardiology20 Yu Tian invalid to acupuncture.
Dialectics: Excessive thoughts, spleen and spleen, loss of heart, and disobedience.
Acupuncture the acupuncture points to Shuiyongquan, Shuangyongquan, Shuanglao Gong acupoints, and treat them once. The headache and dizziness were alleviated that night, and he could fall asleep for 3 hours. After 4 times of treatment, his sleep was normal. The remaining symptoms were eliminated.
5 Simple insomnia
Patient, male, 72 years old, Han nationality, retired teacher, visited the clinic on January 13, 2006. Insomnia has been in use for more than 40 years. I have taken various sedatives and gave up. I often do not sleep all night. I can fall asleep occasionally, but it is difficult to fall asleep after waking up. My waist and knees are weak. I feel dizzy, tinnitus, forgetful, Naco. The moss is thin and white with fine pulses.
Differentiation: internal fatigue and fatigue, heart and kidney discomfort.
The patients were treated with Shuangyongquan and Shuanglao Gong acupuncture once, and they were able to sleep for 3 hours that night and 5 hours for 2 treatments. The patients and their families were very happy. After 1 week of treatment, they could fall asleep for 7 hours without waking and dream disturbance. No recurrence was observed during 1 year follow-up.
Lessons learned
"Wuxin Acupoint" is a group acupuncture point, which can be used alone or in combination. Yongquan Point is the main clinical method, and the combination of Laogong Point and Shuigou Point according to the condition is more effective.
Strokes and emotional disorders should be matched with Shuigou acupoints to enhance the sedation and tranquillity. Menopause or irritability can be matched with Laogong acupoints. The two are well matched, and they can diarrhea their sons, and supplement their mothers. The relationship is in accordance with the principles of yin, yang, yin and tai, and mutual roots.
Note: Because the "Five Heart Points" are all acupoints of Tongzhi Tunshen, the patients should be explained in advance that the needles in Yongquan and Shuigou points are sharp and painful, and the acupuncture points in Laogong are sensitive to avoid causing patient fear.
During the treatment, the primary disease should be treated at the same time, flirting with emotions, avoiding strong tea, saving fat and sweetness, rationally scheduling work and rest, and developing good sleeping habits.
Refractory insomnia is common clinically, especially disturbing, and its pathogenesis is that the yang does not enter the yin and the god does not abide. "Five Heart Acupoints" has a few but precise points. Based on the meridian theory, it summarizes and strikes the pathogenesis of insomnia. It not only reflects the treatment of syndrome differentiation in traditional Chinese medicine, but also combines syndrome differentiation with disease differentiation. The method is simple, the effect is obvious, and it is easy to master and Promotion.

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