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Essentials of Taijiquan Station, as long as you do a good job of these points, you will succeed naturally!

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

First, facing south: According to the theory of heaven and man, the theory of unity of heaven and man (that is, man and nature), heaven and earth are big universes, and people are small universes. In the natural world, the south direction is away from Zhongxu and belongs to yin, the north direction is Kanzhong and it belongs to yang. There is a vein on the front of the human body that belongs to yin, and a line on the back has a vein that belongs to yang. The governing veins oppose the position, repel the same sex, attract the opposite sex, pay attention to the direction when standing on the pile, and the gas field when people practice is not sucked by the cosmic field, so it stands south. Don't think of yourself standing on the ground, but think of the earth holding your feet up, then you have a sense of fluttering.
Second, the curtain: eyes closed at seven minutes, three minutes open, God should restrain Dan Tian inwardly, blind to outside things.
Third, the bridge: the tongue abuts the root of the teeth, Ren Du's second pulse is interrupted in the mouth, so the bridge is connected to Ren Du's second pulse.
Fourth, pull the chest and pull back: I want to pull out the Zhongzhong acupoint and pull out a foot, two inches, which is the distance of three punches. Intended to be acupuncture point underwear. "Xishan Xuanjing" refers to the lung meridian, which requires an empty chest.
Fifth, sinking shoulders and elbows, clasping both hands on the chest: the palms of your palms are 10 cm apart, and the palm of your hand is facing away from the nipple acupuncture point one inch below the nipples. The cylindrical body centered on the middle point is tightly held tight (without intention). I thought I had a self in front of me, and gently hugged myself. Finger forward secretly with ten fingertips, then the inner strength is sufficient.
6. Chuanzi step: With both feet and shoulder width, the two-shoulder well point meets the two Yongquan points, the two feet are parallel, the waist is cylindrical, and the two kidneys and Shu meet. (The eight-character step is the waist)
7. Breathing: Inhale, the life gate sucks the navel, and the lower abdomen is concave. I think there is a ball at Dantian, turning backward and upward, the center of gravity will automatically move to the heel, and the gas will follow the inner penis of the thigh to the lower abdomen; exhale Life gate reminds the navel. The lower abdomen is convex, the Dantian ball turns forward and down, the center of gravity automatically moves to the soles of the feet, and the gas moves downward along the sun pulse on the outside of the thigh. The ancients said that "guan shu zhe shou" means that it is intended that Guan Yuan (guan Yuan is an acupoint below the belly button) to breathe is good for health.
Eight, get rid of miscellaneous thoughts: break ten thousand thoughts with one thought, and keep the miscellaneous thoughts broken. During the initial training, there are frequent distractions, which must be overcome immediately. This is a long-term exercise process, with distractions ranging from more to less, to nothing, to nothingness.
Nine, time: three quarter minutes (ie 45 minutes).
X .. Taboos:
1. Don't practice under great sadness.
2. Do not practice when sulking.
3. Do not practice when there is major bleeding.
4. There are couples who do not practice when they have sex.
5. No practice at noon (11-11: 00 noon).
6. There is no practice during thunderstorms.
7. Do not practice after drinking.
There are the following wrong practice methods for beginner qigong station piles. Based on the literature and personal experience of the station practice piles, I put forward my own opinions.
First, stand upright:
The standing stakes should bend their knees slightly, even for highly positioned standing stakes. Such as erect knees, easy to fatigue, not easy to endure, over time can cause varicose veins in the calf.
2. Squat up immediately:
Beginners are afraid of sore legs, often squatting up. In this way, the effect is not obvious, and there are some essentials for standing. Need to know standing pile, a crotch, also known as Ma Bu. If the crotch is not rounded to varying degrees, it is impossible to practice crotch exercises; if the knees are not bent, the legs are not squatting, and there is no tendency to ride a horse, it will lose the meaning of horse steps. If you are weak, you can reduce the requirements, increase your posture, and shorten it.
3. Super long standing piles:
It is not easy to practice standing piles for too long. It is wrong to think that "the longer the standing piles are, the better." As a result, people will barely stand up and deviate. In general, beginners should start from 2 to 3 minutes and gradually increase to 5 minutes in the first month, 10 minutes in the second month, and 15 minutes in the third month. You can then follow your personal situation And flexible to master, but generally enough to practice for about 20 minutes.
Fourth, stand against the wall:
Some people practice standing piles because they listen to some legends and like to face the wall. In fact, the practice of face wall is more disadvantageous. Because the current practice environment cannot be absolutely quiet, and the walls can reflect sound waves. People facing the wall are closer to the wall, with their eyes closed and quiet. If external interference is reflected by sound waves, it is easy for the practitioner to be surprised and deviated.
V. Aspiration of exhaust gas:
At present, the pollution of exhaust gas in major cities is relatively serious. The practitioners inhale deeply and suffer more than those who do not practice qigong. Therefore, the site and site chosen for the station piles must avoid exhaust gas.
Six, stiff:
The body is stiff, mostly because the muscles, tendons, and knuckles do not relax when standing. Standing in this way is very laborious, a little leg pain, knee pain, fatigue can easily cause upset and shortness of breath. Therefore, we must pay attention to being calm and natural in the practice of standing piles, so as to be loose, smooth, calm, and stable.
In short, we must persist in practicing station piles, and do not pursue near effect. As long as you do the above, you will succeed. There are many schools of qigong stations. As this article is my opinion, it is appropriate to ask Gao Ming to correct it. I think this article is good, remember to share it with other boxers ~

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