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How to hang the earthworm bait

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"Dilong" is earthworm, which smells extremely fishy and can be used as medicine after baking. Earthworms have the reputation of "universal bait". They have the size of red and black. Fishing with red earthworms is a classic bait. Fishing with earthworms should pay attention to bait (hanging bait) skills. The size of fish species and fish are different. The form and method of feeding the bait are also different. The earthworm hooking methods mainly include knot hanging, winding hanging, tube hanging, waist hanging, tail hanging, etc. The following six pictures and papers introduce the six types of earthworm fishing hooks.
1. Hanging earthworm method
The section hanging is also called section hanging, and optionally a red earthworm is placed on the palm to stun, and the fingers are used to form a number of small sections. One section (section) is hooked at the tip of the hook for fishing, and the length is determined by the size of the hook. In most cases, small earthworms are used for hanging, which is mainly used for small hook fishing, and its length is about 5-10 mm. A red earthworm can be divided into three parts: the head and neck, the waist, and the rear tail. The head and waist are the reddest, followed by the tail. When fishing for catfish, the use of earthworm's head and waist is better than that of the tail. There are two ways to hook the bait on the head and neck of the earthworm: one is to hang from the tip of the worm on the hook tip; the other is to pierce through the tip of the earthworm's mouth and hang on the hook tip without leaving the hook tip exposed. Hang it from the stump to the tip of the hook. The tip of the hook cannot pierce the tip of the mouth. Use a fingernail to puncture the tip of the earthworm's mouth. Red spots appear and the tip of the hook cannot be exposed. Breaking the tip of the earthworm's mouth seems to be a trivial matter, but the effect of breaking and not breaking the lure of a fish bite is different and cannot be ignored.
Earthworm method
If you want to catch small catfish in wild ponds and wild water, you need to hang bait, especially for small catfish in the clear water of silk grass ponds and lotus leaf ponds. Use thin hooks and thin baits. Grains are long. Therefore, the festival hanging is also called rice grain hanging, which is about the same length as fishing white food and flour rice grains. Earthworm fishing is also called fishing for red food and fishing for small catfish. Red food is better than white food (the Taiwan fishing powder bait is not included in this list).
Hanging bait in the knot can be used for single hook or double hook. The main fishing is clear water and shallow water, but not deep water or muddy water. In clear water and shallow water, it can also be used to fish such as swimming fish (white pheasant) and tender fish. It is easy to take off the bait and bait, and the bait is frequently loaded, and the demand is large. You can pup the small earthworm into many small pieces and keep it in a wet towel to keep it fresh. Fishing in summer, use this method to store the earthworm to prevent the bait from being blown by the wind dry.
2. The method of hanging earthworms through a tube
Hanging through the tube is also called bag hook. According to the size of the hook, select an earthworm and place it on the palm to stun. It is divided into two sections from the waist, and the bait on the head is taken. The tip of the hook is penetrated from the stump and wrapped around the hook. The hook is bent. The head of the earthworm is stopped, and the tip of the hook should not pierce the tip of the mouth. As with the knot hanging, the tip of the earthworm's mouth is broken with nails, exposing the flesh, which can increase the effect of attracting fish.
Barrel hanging is a widely used bait method. It can catch many kinds of fish, such as catfish, carp, catfish, grass carp, and other fierce fish such as catfish and diesel. Because the shape of the tube hanging is very similar to shrimp, it is easy to cause fish to chase it, and it has excellent concealment and easy to be sucked into the fish mouth. The preferred method of bait. The tube can be used for shallow water or deep water; it can be used for fishing rods and hooks. Use shallow hooks and baits for fishing in shallow water with a pole, and use big hooks and baits for deep water. Regardless of fishing depth and fishing depth, it can be combined with brine fishing bait, and continuous repeated use of brine powder can play a role of filling the nest and attracting fish. Soy flour is the main ingredient, so the effect is better. Hanging fishing string hooks are mainly used for clear water during the day, but not for deep water and at night. Hanging through the tube is dead bait, static bait, fishing in muddy water and night is not good.
Earthworm method
Fishing in deep water or big fish with a barrel can be combined with the technique of funny fish to lure fish to bite the hook. For big catfish, you can use up and down moving (fishing carp, grass carp, catfish and other fish, you can use left and right to move back and forth. Hook movement radius is about 10 cm, you can move back and forth twice, and also twice Move back and repeat repeatedly), the speed of movement should be slow and uniform, like the movement of shrimp and insects in the water body, to attract fish to bite the hook.
3. Winding hanging earthworm method
Wrapping the earthworm on a fishing hook is called winding hanging. There are two kinds of hanging methods: one is to wind from the tail to the head, and the other is to wind from the head to the tail. Regardless of where you hang in, the head and tail of the earthworm keep on the hook and squirm. Therefore, the parts of the fishhook that cross the earthworm's body need to be well grasped. After crossing the earthworm's body with a fishhook, entangle the earthworm and repeat it many times, so that the waist of the earthworm is wrapped around the bottom of the fishhook. When winding, prevent the earthworms from being broken, causing re-bait and wasting time.
Entanglement is live bait and moving bait. Fishing in muddy waters and deep waters has obvious advantages (the visibility of muddy waters and deep waters is reduced, and creeping earthworms can attract fish's attention). In deep water fishing, it is inevitable that the bait is lowered and pulled up, and the entanglement can prevent the bait from falling off and the bait is lost. Especially for large catfish and big carp, it will feel particularly suitable.
Earthworm method
The effect is very obvious when using a fishing hook. Because it is a live bait, you can catch many kinds of fish. In addition to catfish, fish such as white fish, catfish, herring, grass carp, and catfish can be caught. In late autumn and winter, when fishing for catfish with string hooks, it is necessary to hang bait on a twine (cold catfish, prefer live bait). Fishing in running water in summer, it is safer to hang bait with winding.
It is worth noting that the entanglement is not suitable for fishing in clear water or shallow water, especially for small catfish. The entanglement of the entanglement is relatively large, and it is difficult for the entrapment to enter. Furthermore, the movement of the head and tail of the earthworm on the hook will cause the bite of the small catfish, which will cause false information, but will not be good for fishing. Shallow water and clear water are more suitable for tube-hanging and knot-hanging fishing.
4. Lumbar hanging earthworm method
Take any earthworm and cross it from the waist with a fishhook, and hang it only once. This form of bait is called waist hanging. Waist hanging is also live bait fishing, which is mainly used to fish catfish and carp in muddy waters, and can also be used to catch fierce fish such as catfish and diesel.
As long as the earthworms hanging on the waist do not die, they will continue to twist. This kind of live bait can attract more fish's attention in muddy water, especially for large carps and catfish that are more than 500 grams, which is very stable. This is related to the common bait that carp and catfish like to move.
Lumbar hanging earthworm method
Waist hooks or suspensions are used to catch ferocious fish. Fishing hooks, earthworms should not be too large or too long. If it is too large or too long, the fish will only bait away, and the hook cannot enter the mouth of the fish, and it is prone to empty hooks. Therefore, the size and length of the earthworms should be selected with the waist-hanging fishing hooks. Use the waist to hang the suspension, the main fishing whitefish, diesel, etc., can be used to hook large earthworms. There are particularly many water bodies of woodfish, and even big black earthworms can be used for fishing (the woodfish has more preference for black food). Use the waist to suspend the fish. The action of the brake fish must be delayed. Do not lift the fish at the sight of the buoy sinking in the water. Allow sufficient time for the hook to enter the fish mouth before braking the fish.
5. Method for draining earthworms
Row hanging is also called stacking hanging. Three or five large earthworms are hung on the large fishhook in a waist-hanging manner, and the heads and tails of the earthworms will twist into a ball. Therefore, hanging bait is also called bait bait or dumpling bait. Paihang is mainly used for fishing for catfish in running water. You can use rods or sea rods for fishing. Use a pole to catch bait, the brain line should be long, the bait should be able to swing in the water, and its length should be no less than 20 cm; when fishing a sea pole in a deep lake, the brain line should be shortened to prevent bait entanglement when throwing the pole On the main line, its length is determined by the hardness of the brain line. Pay more attention to this problem when binding the hook with a flexible cord.
Earthworm method
The rowing is mainly to use the shape and smell of the bait bait to lure the fish to bite the hook. Most of the catfish are caught at night (you can also catch muddy water during the day). Since the catfish is the bottom fish, the visibility of the bottom of the water at night is quite low. The bait is a large bait or a group of bait. It is large in shape and has a strong smell, which makes it easy for catfish to find hook bait (it is difficult to catch catfish with small hook and bait at night).
When fishing for catfish with bait, whether it is a car pole or a sea pole, the fish must be braked when it bites the hook. When the brake is light, the group of earthworms will be blocked at the tip of the hook, causing the fishhook to stab the fish without getting into the mouth. The use of bait bait to catch fierce fish in the upper and middle layers is not effective.
6. Tail hanging earthworm method
Take a large earthworm (red and black earthworms), remove the tip of the tail, and use a large hook to pierce through the tail tip, cover the hook body, and leave the earthworm's head and waist outside the hook tip. Twist, this is the tail hang. Tail hanging is mainly used to catch ferocious fish in large reservoirs. It can be used for suspension or sunk bottom, suspended main fish such as big white fish, and sunk main fish for catfish.
When fishing in the reservoir, the main fishing rod should be the fishing rod. When fishing for suspension, the brain line should be long (not shorter than 50 cm), so that the earthworm can freely twist in the water body. When fishing to the bottom, the length of the brain line should not exceed 20 cm. It is necessary to prevent the hook and bait from being entangled on the main line when throwing the rod, and this problem should be paid more attention when the hook is tied with a flexible cord. In the body of cultured catfish, it is possible to hang fish with a stick on the tail, and it is easy to catch them. Of course, the effect of hanging on the waist and lining is also good. Tail-hanging is a special practice, and tail-hanging fishing requires more skills.

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