88hg com magnet Persuade Jun Mo to have eighteen injuries to his body! (Keep in mind!)

Persuade Jun Mo to have eighteen injuries to his body! (Keep in mind!)

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Persuade Jun Mo to have eighteen injuries to his body!
Eighteen injuries
1 long-term visual impairment
The blood can be seen in the eyes, and the essence is transformed by blood, so it hurts the essence.
2 long listening to hurt
God nourishes the kidneys, and the kidneys pass through the ears, which hurts God.
3 long lying sick
When you lie down, open your mouth to breathe, and close your mouth to hold your breath. "Mixed Classics" says: Sleep is qi lagging behind one hundred knots (Jiu and Yang, He and Yin are combined, many are strong souls, long time is strong, strong souls are born, strong souls die and also).
4 sedentary injury
Pulse should exercise, sitting does not stretch, so hurt the pulse.
5 Jiu Li broken bone
The backbone is used as a stand, so it hurts the bone.
6 long running wounds
Lines use muscle strength for their injuries.
7 Liver Fury
The liver is made of wood, and the anger shakes like a storm, so it hurts the liver. In addition, the liver is the main blood, and the liver injury is the blood that is disgraceful, and it will be cramped.
8 think about hurting the spleen
When thinking, the spleen will move, if too much, the spleen will be tired, so it hurts the spleen.
9 extremely sad
The heart belongs to fire, but Yuwei is bitter, and worry is bitter, so it is sad.
10 over sad lungs
The lungs are gold, and the main voice is mute, so it hurts the lungs.
11 full stomach
It is difficult to satiate the food, so it hurts the stomach.
More than 12 fear of kidney injury
The kidney is water, the main north is black, and the face is black when people are scared, so it hurts the kidneys.
13 laughs and hurts the waist
When laughing, the kidneys will turn and move the waist, so it hurts the waist.
14 words of wounds
Many words are bitter and bitter, so the wound fluid.
15 more saliva
Jin was born in Huachi, scattered for moisturizing, irrigating a hundred veins, saliva was lost, so he was injured. In addition, "Xun Dian" said: Jin does not vomit, while others have swallowed it, so that people stay and let light.
16 sweaty sun
Sweat kills the sun, and the sun comes out with sweat, so it hurts the sun.
More than 17 tears and blood
Blood is hidden in the liver, and crying often causes liver damage and dryness, so it hurts blood.
More than 18 intercourse
The masculinity of man is full of veins, and he acts with fire, grabbing one's blood marrow as far as the gate of life, turning his essence into a leak. I do n’t know about abstinence, which causes the bone marrow to dry up.
Always rub on one side
As before, the work of rubbing the face can make the face shiny, so you must rub it often. Taoism is called Xiu Shenting.
2 heads always
You can always close your eyes when you are still, rubbing your back with two fingers, rubbing two phases, squeezing your eyes to eliminate the fire, and never have eyesight, so you have to keep your eyes closed.
3 ears
That is rumbling. Avoid ear problems, so play frequently.
4 teeth should always be
The teeth are moving, so they must be stubborn.
5 Keep your back warm
The lungs are near the back, and warm is not affected by wind chills, so keep warm.
6 chest to always guard
The chest is the heart socket, so you should always take care of it.
7 belly to be often mounted
Ge Yun: After eating, I walked for more than a hundred steps. So rub it often.
8 feet to rub often
Such as forefoot work, rubbing the soles of Yongquan, can go to rheumatism, and walk well, so rub often.
9 Jin to swallow often
As before the tongue work, often take the fluid to fill the mouth, snoring and swallowing, can declare a hundred pulses, so often swallow.
10 sleep to be a regular song
Stretch your feet on your back to sleep, fear of losing sperm, so sideways should be used. Also said: sleep is qi stagnation in one hundred knots, the health family sleep shrinks, feel appropriate stretch.
Ten taboos
1 avoid getting up early
As early as the wind reveals the air, the head is cold and evil into the brain, so avoid it. (Head, no hat)
2 avoid vulvar cruelty
The room without the sun shines heavily on the yin and hurts people, so avoid it.
3 avoid sedentary wetlands
Moist air is the main cause of sores, so avoid it.
4 avoid cold clothes
Sweatshirts must be cold when wet, and invade the back and hurt the lungs, so avoid them.
5 avoid hot clothes
The long-sleeved clothes have heat poison, and they are in the body without cooling down. They will be poisoned, so avoid it.
6 bogey sweat fan
When the sweat comes out, the hair and the hair open, and the fan invades the wind and evil, so avoid it.
7 bogey sleep
God is uneasy, so avoid it.
8 bogey sex
Yang was born and died, once winning ten degrees, so avoid it.
9 avoid summer moon cold water wipes
The winter moon is hot and the clothes are cold and wet, and the heat is poisoned. If you take it for a while, you will get sick for a long time, so avoid it.
10 bogey watching performances
If you listen and listen for a long time, then God and injury are hurt, so avoid it.
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