http://www.hg623.com After Wang Yizhi's effort, Sun Guoting still couldn't catch up!

After Wang Yizhi's effort, Sun Guoting still couldn't catch up!

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

No. 723; new friends, please pay attention to "Introduction to Calligraphy" (shufarumen)
猫 局 @ 开讲
-(Exclusive debut)-
Wang Xizhi's Yuan Yuan Post
South Tang Li Houzhu
Evaluate the word of Daling to the word of 羲
"Everything is a panic, there is no borrowing attitude."
Li Houzhu is really eye-catching.
"Zhong Borrowing"
All in the nuances of old age.
Send a few "distant post" transcripts and prints,
The red circle is the taste of cricket that I personally understand,
That's where Koji's real effort lies.
Calligraphy writers know what to write,
I can't write such subtle changes in one stroke.
I know people have been doing this for years.
The word Kung Fu,
Not enough to think those fantasy
"Chao writing but twilight coincides" said.
Also compare
The word Zi is the same word in Sun Guoting's Book.
You can also see where Kung Fu is.
Sun Guoting is already trying to get closer to Ji Zhi,
But helplessness is limited by their own skills,
Unsuccessful pen wishes ...
Scholars are usually low-handed.
Kung Fu is actually an expression of true disposition.
Calligraphy is written by the heart, and practiced by the heart,
The deeper the kung fu, the more subtle,
It is connected with meditation meditation.
The word "borrow" is explained in the dictionary as
Be subtle and uncovered.
Chinese traditional poetry, writing, painting, painting, music, garden, Kunqu, tea ceremony ...
All the beauty is implicit.
Implicit changes are endless and evocative.
Charm is more expensive than ever.
"Introduction to Calligraphy" (ID: shufarumen) Note: This article is published exclusively with permission from @ 猫 局; we will continue to publish the author's column series, so stay tuned.
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