hg98777.com Advanced Numerology 21—A Method of Analyzing Human Mind by Eight Characters

Advanced Numerology 21—A Method of Analyzing Human Mind by Eight Characters

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

A method of analyzing the mind from the eight characters
The analysis of mentality in the eight characters is generally analyzed from two aspects. One is the analysis of the intimacy of the ten gods and the sun-dried. The result is called "habitual mentality." The analysis of Qiang Wang is called "affecting the mind."
"The intimacy of each ten stars and the Japanese stem" represents the "habitual mind" in mind. For example: For a character, the ten gods whose intimacy with the Japanese has been analyzed are: Seven Kills, Partial Indians, and Injury Officials, then the person ’s first mind will usually enter the “Seven Kills” mind, followed by They will enter the "biased" mentality, and then they will enter the "injury officer" mentality, and these mentalities are easier for them to perceive themselves. Habituality represents the person's first thought when he encounters a problem and deals with things. It is a kind of perceptual knowledge without thought.
A certain character in the character has a strong momentum, and the person ’s thoughts and ideas are susceptible to the influence of this god, which is called “affecting the mind”, but the difference between “affecting the mind” and “habitual mind” is that “affecting the mind” may not be felt by himself, usually Most people follow "affecting the mind" and do not know his existence, unless "affecting the mind" is also known as "habitual mind", or it is very introspective. Influencing the mind is not necessarily the first thought of a person when they encounter a problem, but the person will eventually act on the influencing thought.
Regarding the difference between "affecting the mind" and "habitual mind", for example, if the wounded officer in Bazi is close to the Japanese but the strength is very weak, and the official is not close but strong to the Japanese, then this person will first deal with things Think of it: I'm going to do this vigorously to surprise others; or think of it: be romantic and more emotional (meaning the official star). However, because the injured official star was very weak and the official officer star was strong, then he rejected his previous thoughts and entered the official mind; I still had some rules, I would shoot the first bird, and I would never be wrong in doing things properly; or Romance can't be eaten, isn't it rational? And finally do it according to the idea of a positive official mind, which is the difference between "affecting the mind" and "habitual mind".
When a star is destroyed or strengthened, it represents the weakening or strengthening of the mind. If a certain mentality is destroyed and restrained, another mentality that was originally restrained by that mentality emerges. For example, the original eight character has no partial print but is destroyed by partial money. Then this eight character naturally has the characteristics of god-eating. Similarly, the injured official star was destroyed, and the eight characters naturally had a positive official mind. They are summarized as follows:
(1) The Star of God is destroyed, and naturally there will be seven killings in the eight characters.
(2) The positive fortune is destroyed, and naturally there is positive initiation in the eight characters.
(3) The partial fortune star is destroyed, and the eight characters naturally have partial imprints.
(4) The official star is destroyed, and the character of the eight characters will naturally have a sense of wealth robbing.
(5) The Seven Killing Stars are destroyed, and the character in the Eight Characters will naturally be more shoulder-focused.
(6) The Zhengyin star is destroyed, and the eight characters will naturally hurt the heart.
(7) The partial Indian star is destroyed, and the horoscope naturally has a god-eating character.
(8) The fortune-telling star is destroyed, and in the eight characters, there will naturally be positive wealth.
(9) The shoulder star is destroyed, and there is naturally a partiality in the character.
(10) The injured official star is destroyed, and there is naturally a positive official character in the eight characters.
Based on the above views, we can draw the following conclusions:
1. The ten stars are very close to the sun, but the intensity is very weak, which can only indicate that this person is used to having the characteristics of the ten stars, but it is not easy to use the ten stars as a decision direction for larger things.
2. A ten-star is not close to the sun, but the intensity is very strong, so it is not easy for the person to have the characteristics of the ten-star, but the ten-star characteristic is often the decision direction for influencing himself to engage in larger events.
3. A certain ten star is close to the sun and strong, so this person is not only accustomed to possessing the characteristics of the ten stars, but also his thoughts and concepts are often affected by the characteristics of the ten stars.
4. The ten stars are not close to the sun, and the intensity is also small, so this person has no way to express the characteristics of the ten stars, and is not affected by this star.
For example:
(1) Guizhang, Dingzhang, Dingzhang Renzi
The resulting intimacy between the ten stars and the Japanese stem is:
1. Ding Huo Ri is the official officer.
2. The partial printing of Renshui Zhengguan and Japanese branch.
3. Month-to-month, shoulder-to-shoulder, year-to-year to kill seven kills in time and seven of the branches.
4. Zhong Bingcai and Geng Zhengcai in monthly support.
5. Bingcai Cai and Geng Zhengcai in the annual support.
The lunar support dinghuo and the lunar support are burned by the annual dried decyl water, but the decyl water is weak, so it only breaks slightly. But after all, being analyzed, the analysis of the human nature is as follows:
1. Ba Zi is accustomed to the mind, tends to be conservative, obedient, obeys the law and pays attention to traditional concepts.
Sometimes it is docile, anxious conservatives, and sometimes arbitrary and authoritarian totalitarians, both of which move with the environment. Anxiety and self-control tend to be larger, but they have the urge to invade others.
(2) Ren Yin Wu Shen Jia Shen Ding Yan
In this creation, there was penic acid, so partial printing was damaged, and Nian Zhiyinmu was washed away. The intimacy of Ten Stars and Rikan is:
1, Koki partial wealth.
2. Seven kills of Geng Jin.
3, Otsuki robbery.
4. Ding Huo injured the officer and the soil was too rich.
5, Renshui partial print and Jiamu shoulders.
6, Binghuo Shishen, Jiuzhen Zhengdao, Xinjin Zhengguan, Guishui Zhengyin.
From this analysis, his mind is:
The habitual mind attaches importance to the material world, has operability, and does not like to enjoy the physical body (the above is a wooden tree with a wealth of mind, the mind, the operation is agile, and is not willing to lose), it has quite an authoritative character, and it does not like to treat others' affairs (the above is A mixture of partial wealth, seven kills, wounded officials, and partial Indians), but very compassionate (dry quilt with partial Indian prints, implied by the god of food), like to think, occasionally talk, fantasize, and manipulate objects (such as drawing, Play) interested.
I am often influenced by the following ideas:
People should be honest, people should work hard, not be afraid of hardships, and be more realistic about things and be brave. People do not necessarily have great achievements, but they must live a solid and serious life; people's material life can be bad, but they must work and work every day, and people should not be responsible for the production of visible things.
(3) Gengwu Renwu Ethyl pentamidine
Habit is to attach importance to reality, to physical well-being, to the satisfaction of desires, to be romantic and romantic, and not to be intrusive, to be gentlemanlike, to like dancing, to have good language skills, and to be obsessed with fame and fortune.
In terms of ideas and thoughts, they are often affected by the following mentality: people should help others and serve, but do n’t forget their basic well-being; people do n’t have to be too serious about everything all the time, leisurely, and naturally the past is the most natural Yes, but all physical satisfaction and enjoyment must be talented. People should have full freedom to do what they like, but they don't want to violate public law.
(4) Xin Chou Bing Shen Gui Chou Geng Shen
Habit is especially keen on people's affairs. I have a lot of fantasies. I like new things and old things. I do n’t like stereotypes. I like romance, but I do n’t want to talk too much. It is conservative and tolerant. I value others ’affirmation of myself and have more than one mind.
Ideology is often influenced by the following mentality:
Man should be tolerant, patient, and observant of the way of heaven. One thing should be eternal and unchanged; one should have some small works, but heaven and earth may have arranged the destiny of the person, as long as he can do his best; What will you get in the end? Everything is still good. Friction will cause instability and destruction.

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