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Comprehensive Analysis of "God Eater" by Advanced Numerology

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

What is the god of food?
To the "I" of the Lord, the God of Food is a kind of self-giving. I give, free, carefree, gentle, reasonable, and loving. In numerology, it represents a kind of vomiting function, something that your body leaks.
The God of Food also refers to the blessing of the food. If the God of the Food reveals that he can eat and vomit, then he will become fatter and fatter.
The main image of God of Food is: rich and wealthy, generous, self-sufficient, blessed and longevity, good manners, filial piety to parents, but its nature is self-interested, like to compete with others, self-interest but different contamination, secretly absorbing the essence of others, and integrated. For introverted cleverness, I like to make inscriptions.
The God of Food is a manifestation of a person ’s elite, a manifestation of talent, but it ca n’t be too much. Too much will hurt the god and become a wounded official. The sharp edge will easily be aggravated by the envy of others, and most of them will become smart and cold. Makes it difficult to get along. "Three Destiny Meetings" said that "the god of food should only be one, not too much, to steal the spirit of the element." There is an ancient saying that "eating more and more becomes hurt", if a person's character has four gods, the fate is Those who do not belong to "children's personality" are mostly poor, ill and ill. They have a weak relationship with their parents. Seeing tadpoles when you are happy with food, if you only see a god of food in Ba Zi, you are most afraid of meeting tadpoles.
Like the wounded officer, the god of food is a star of wisdom and talent, but if a person is too hurt by food in a character, that person must be a boastful person who has all his emotions on his face and has words in his heart Can't keep it, can't keep secret for others, like to spread other people's secrets to the west, and to talk with others like to talk about things. No matter what they do, they are anxious to achieve success, but there is no mind in the process of dealing with people.
The god of food is mainly to help the fortune-teller, to restrain the official killing and venting of the Lord ’s anger or robbing anger.
If a person's character is strong, the god of food is strong, and the original body has a strong seal, the digestive function of this person must be very good, he likes to eat, eat everything, dare to eat anything, and he is still a big fat man. sing and dance. Such people usually become rich overnight and become big bosses and tycoons.
If a person's character is weak, the god of food is strong, or the vitality is too strong, then the person will be sick all his life, gorgeous and empty inside, embroidered pillows, happy to be smart, like to be fashionable and handsome A kind of talented feeling, there is no goods in the belly, in the years of luck, you can reach a balance when you meet a powerful seal or help the Japanese Lord, and you can use your intelligence and wisdom better.
Characters: Refers to juniors, grandchildren, female children, grandmothers, male son-in-law, grandchildren, religionists, artists, musicians, lawyers, economists, actors.
In terms of things: refers to food, mouth food, snacks, body fatness, multiple children, religion, art, eloquence, travel, performance, good singing and dancing, talent writing, etc. The human body refers to the mouth, nostrils, ears, and clear eyes. Any organ with a hole in the body can be represented by food wounds. The excreta, breath, students, and animals of the family are also food wound stars. .
Mind: Refers to implicit literary, orthodox, traditional, morally educated, mentally smooth, well-informed, and modest. God-eating people don't like dictatorships and are willing to be democratic. If there are too many food gods in Ba Zi, it is good to be fantasy and emotional, but it is easy to get horny.
On the whole, the God of Food is sensual, gentle, intelligent, knowledgeable and gifted, fine, elegant, not good at arguing with others, paying attention to the mood of life, having a preference and talent for literature, performing arts, singing and dancing, like free and easy, unconstrained, Youfu is good at cooking and cooking, and paying attention to diet is its advantage. Disadvantages are too much spirit and neglecting real life, good fantasy, often detached from reality and become utopian, sometimes also cranky with neurasthenia, high-minded and pretentious, ignoring worldly norms, ignoring the law, doing everything on his own.
In the characters, if the Indian is lighter than the robbers, the over-eating man is self-willed, sentimental, and screams when he is happy, and crying when he is unhappy. This situation is special for girls. obvious.
The nature of the God of Food is warm and kind. Girls encounter strong God of Food, most of them are wives and mothers, and they are beautiful and cute. Women are energetic, their fortune-telling husbands are developed, and their children are smart and filial. If you see mixed injuries, your husband and children are cowardly.
Note: If you eat too much, you will become an injured official when you are strong.
God's use of other gods
· Seven kills by the god of food: make killing be gentle, not authoritarian, not extreme, more blessed, more longevity, no major disasters, fine governance, and strategic.
· Church the partial impression of the God of God: Only make the partial impression more affluent and longevity, in order to be able to make full use of it, the measurement can become magnanimous, not lonely and self-respecting, treat others kindly, but irritable and sloppy.
· Shenshengsheng is partial to wealth: Only when the ability to manage wealth is improved, can the activity of dead wealth be circulated, and investment and greater success can be achieved after investment, which can make people become singing, dancing, and lascivious. , Strong execution ability.
· The god of food leaks and robs the wealth: makes the robbing of wealth not to be greedy, careful, well-thought-out, thinking, and individual, making the robbing of wealth a fantasy, dislike of restraint, and good performance.
If in the pattern, there are people who are eating God, the official, the Seven Killers, and the Japanese are not weak, it is not suitable for running factories, suitable for the work of public or doctors, teachers, numerologists. If one of the eight characters in the character of the god, the wounded official, the fortune is weak or missing, then it is a toil, a fortune to go, and no savings in old age. If a person's eight-character seal is heavy and strong, and there is no esophageal injury in the whole world, or if it is seen, but it is far away from the Lord of Japan, when the year of the seal is a good year, the Lord will be deprived of poverty, and severe cases will lead to death.
Saying that the god of food sits on the ground and supports the ten gods:
· The god of food sits on the shoulders: Geely often becomes the children or adoptive sons of rich families (the shoulders are adopted children, and the god of food is eaters). In the character, if the god of food sits side by side, he has the financial talents, and can get the help of nobles and get great success (food gods are economic talents, shoulder to shoulder is the help of nobles). ), Good fortune, Yan Fujia (the God of Food is the source of wealth, for the woman and Yan Fu).
· The god of food robbing and robbing the wealth: Great fortune, the god of food can release the evil of money robbing and make the evil be kind and profitable. If he encounters a broken edge, he will gain a profit. , But will benefit), the inheritance of the death of the next of kin (rich money for the next of kin), or may be forced to buy property because of the downturn of life, and instead gain high profits.
· The God of Food and Food: The rich and noble destiny, the richness of the rich, the cooperation with others will be a great success (compared to a common cause, but you can earn money by eating God and earning money). There will be no disaster in your life. Encounter a bandit bandit (the god of food can make a seven kill robber). But eating God is not an official material. If you are an official, there are too many right and wrong, and there are many evils (God eating is against the official).
· Eating God seated wounded officer: Although it can be developed, it has many difficulties and often stops halfway. (Men's life hurts food and kills officials and kills child stars. Scholars pay attention to: see children's stars, men's life and officials, and women's food to eat injuries, if there is no official killing star in female life, you can also think of food injuries as husband star).
· The god of food is rich and rich: you can get great wealth, you can get love from up and down, good fortune, good fortune for women (good fortune is for women, good fortune, success in business), A woman meets the god of food and has children who are virtuous and filial.
· The god of food sits in good fortune: Great luck and great benefits, can get the care of the elders, can get the promotion of superior leaders, and often can get great benefits, great benefits.
· Eating God's Partial Officials: It ’s bad for you, easy to have disasters, implicated by people, all things are bad and unsatisfactory, your life is the life of your descendants, you are toiled and tortured all your life. It is easy to get angry and not cultivated. (The god of food is a god of moderation, but he cannot play when sitting in the Jedi.
· The god of food is sitting upright: making people behave properly, keeping oneself safe and secure, gaining the trust of everyone, and blessings are considered acceptable (the god of food and justice are stars of integrity). Female life can find a good husband, the family can get happiness and happiness (official husband).
· The God of Food is sitting on a partial print: The evil is bad, the God of Food is restrained by the print, there will be disasters, attrition, disease and other disasters, and it will be more or less defeated (The God of Food is restrained. No blessing, short life, no wealth). To partial wealth and partial India, or meet noble people can go fierce and good fortune.
· The God of Food is sitting on the seal: Great luck, good character and honesty, can be praised by everyone (the characteristics of the God of Food on the seal are showing), can get the help of the noble, the business is prosperous and the financial resources are good, everything is smooth (the seal is the elder of the noble, seeing the food is the business is prosperous developed).
Whispers represented by the God of Food in the Four Columns
The god of food in the eight characters represents the mood, the health of the gastrointestinal system and the mouth blessing. In the eight characters, there are those who rob wealth and help the gods. Generally, the ancestors were mostly laborers or engaged in food-related industries.
It is common to start from scratch and make money from scratch, earning legitimate money, and not earning bad money by corrupt methods, but it is not advisable to cooperate with others and to invest solely.
There are gods and wounded officials in the character. They are mixed for the wounds, and the career is not too smooth. Generally, they start by borrowing money from others or banks. Finance, material resources, and manpower are all beyond their ability to love. Excessive labor makes poor health.
In the eight characters, if the god of food encounters a partial seal when using gods, or when he uses the god of food to meet the punishment, it is "grabbing of food by partial prints." For people who are poor, cheap and prone to catastrophe, it is difficult to do things, and it is difficult to start a career.
If Ba Zi is strong and prosperous, his career can be successful, but his body will be very bad, and his life will be too frugal. If there is partial money to save, there is no danger. If there is no partial money to save, there are nine disasters.
If you see mixed food injuries in the character, you will have a great success in your career. If you are weak, your career will be unsatisfactory and your body will be poor. You will often get sick due to overworked work. inverted. People with mixed injuries will be framed by villains in general life and lose money in fortune.
Those who eat food in the character have a good heart, can support their parents, and honor their parents. People who eat hurt and have a lot of money have good eloquence. They laugh at three-pointers. They are good at telling others what to say.
People with trauma in the character are born to learn numerology. There are those with official and Indian characters in the eight characters, who learn slowly and meticulously when they learn numerology; in the eight characters, the officials kill the mixed ones, but they learn more but are not good, but they can make money. Injured officials see the officials, and the injured officials are unregulated.
If the character in the character is from the child, the moon order must be eclipsed, and a fortune star must be released, but no official killing and Yin Xing or Yin Xing have no root. In the years of the Universiade, it is most jealous to avoid printing stars. It is the worst to see fortunes from children. It is the worst to get rich first and then become poor. The Japanese branch is a Congge of Jiabingding, and I like to see Jinshui in order to reconcile the great luck. If you do n’t see Jinshui in the eight characters, you will be sexually immoral, die early and divorce.
The character in Ba Zi is weak, has no roots, and suffers from serious injuries. He has no wealth to divulge. He is generally unable to run a business alone, and he likes to share with others or rely on others to do business. The wounded gas, and the fortune's strength, this person likes to associate with the husband (woman).
The character has a weak body and no roots. When the great fortune encounters food and injury, it is easy to lose its way. When it is not normal, it will eat pesticides and kill itself. If there is a printed body in the character, there will be normal actions and development.
In the character, the god of food kills and kills. He is proud of the spring breeze. He is relaxed and free of thought pressure. He likes to play. He is strong, Japanese master Tonggen, the god of food, kills the wounded official, and eats the wounds to make money. The character is generally not expensive but rich. He is a big boss or entrepreneur.
The character has a weak body and no roots, and it is easy to get lost when it comes to food and injury.
Six-parent relationship shown by partial wealth in the four columns
In the past year, the gods have better conditions and have industry. In the year when the god of food sits on the fortune, the ancestors have the right to have power. In the year, the god of food sits in a place where the Lord can enjoy the blessings of his ancestors and the help of his parents to promote his own career. In the middle of the year, the god of food sat on the land of death or the partial printing of the sheep blade. The lord did not get the help of his ancestors, and nothing happened in his life.
On the moon order, there are four or five brothers. He suffered many injuries on the month. When his father was born, his parents worked in agriculture or public office, and his income was not high. The fate of the father and his siblings was weak. Yuejian was injured, and he was wealthy, and he was born to a poor family.
From time to time, the god of food sat on the sheep's blade, and the fate of the Lord and his son was weak; the predatory devotion to food, the life director taught his children to be too strict, to blame too much, and his son was rebellious.
The moon branch is the root of the god of food. This person does not like to care about others, and is kind and optimistic and economical. However, if the moon order, heavenly stems, and earthly branches are all food-eating gods or the original food-eating stars are too strong, they will be poor when they are young. The moon order sits on the noble for the god of food, and the parents of the destiny help the deity greatly. On the moon, every person who eats God, Fortune, and official star will be blessed as an official. If the food and wealth official sits on the longevity Emperor Wang, he will be in good health and obesity, and his family has a lot of money and reputation.
Every month, the dry god of the gods died in the air, partial prints, and the Seven Kills, but the Lord was more likely to have dark diseases, which would lead to illness and death.
Nichichi sits and eats food. His spouse is obese, docile and easy-going, has plenty of food and clothing, and is kind-hearted and wise. But if you do n’t see the partial printing of India and you do n’t see the fortune printing of India, you will become impetuous and less intelligent. Sit down on the birthday of the God Eater, male life Yi son, female life children filial piety. Birthday sees a god of food alone, female life is noble lady, male life will be chief officer. The eight characters avoid eating too much, stealing the vitality of the Japanese Lord, ordering the Lord to look at each other, being three or four people lower, and most of the female lives being "three accompany" occupations.
The character has a root in the prosperous day, and the roots of Shi Shen Tong have the energy to make money. He has a good family relationship with his father-in-law. He can get the love and help of his father-in-law and live in his father-in-law's house after marriage. Mother-in-law loves her daughter but not the Lord. The Lord of the Sun sits and eats God, and the Lord is gentle and humble, but he has the disadvantages of false politeness and stubbornness.
During the birth, the god of food sits on the lucky star or Emperor Wang, and the Lord can enjoy the blessings of his children, and he has a long life. When the girl is born, he sees the God of Food, don't support the partial prints, and he is easily betrayed by her husband and stays alone. During his life, the God of Food was killed in an empty air, and the Lord was desolate in his old age, and his children were helpless. When she was killed, she saw the god of food, and her first child was mostly a son. In her old age, she had great wealth to enjoy the blessings of her children. Most of his daughters were born when he was born, and he will be a rich man in his old age.
The people born by Bingchen are fiery earth-eating gods. They have a gentle personality, are easy to get along with, are generous, can see righteousness, dare to speak, and can be praised by people in society. Men are officials, women are blessed.
The people born on the Wushen Day are the gods of food, Wenchang, and the deities have artistic genius, good talents, can write good articles, have a business mind, can be rich in business, can get high officials in politics, most Good to leave the place of birth to develop.
The person born of Yi Wei is a wooden fire-eating god. He is not in possession of B, Zi, Ding, Wei is also a library of wood. His destiny is good, clever, and artistic. He has a poor destiny in his early years, a poor family, and middle age. Rich and prosperous, he enjoyed Qingfu in his old age, but most of the couples had similar grammar.
The people born by Ding Chouri are the gods of fire and earth. They hide themselves, deceased, sin, and ugliness in the ugliness. They can kill the stars and control the system. They can be big officials and earn a lot of money. Cai (the ugly tomb for wealth) was plagued by disasters in the early years, made his fortune in the middle, and became rich in his later years. You can succeed with the help of your nobles, you can enter Fang's fortune, you can win big prizes when you buy lottery tickets, and you can get big stocks.
The people born by Ding Weiri are hot and savory, and the destiny is an acute child. They like to be fierce and fierce when they do things. It's most important not to see goodbye to India, you will have more labor and disasters in your life, poverty will fall, disasters will continue in the early years, middle-aged transport, leaving the place of birth for development can make a fortune, and become rich first.
Those born on the following day, the earth and the god of food, commanded the Lord to be clever, commanded the military, commanded both military and military, the male life was the backbone of the country, and the female was the wife.
People born in the ugly days, the earth and food gods, the docile personality of the Lord, good fortune, good food for the gods, business is booming when seen as a shoulder helper, not good in the early years, poor family and disaster, starting in middle age, happy in the middle ages, and enjoyable Children and grandchildren, it is best to leave the place of birth for development.
The man born of Geng Shenri is a god of water and gold, and the Lord can have the power of a good wife. If she was born in Shen Nian, she is smart, versatile, smooth, and has a good level of communication. She can get the help of noble people and achieve success in her career.
The person born in Xin Ugly Day is a god of gold and water, and the life of the Lord is unlucky and hard-working. If he can get the help of the Grand Canal, he will be wealthy. Generally, the people born in Xin Ugly Day are not developed in the early years, and become poor first , Loyal and honest, diligent and frugal.
The person born of Ren Yinri, Mizuki eats God, has a cheerful personality, rich feelings, knowledge, and writes good articles. He is talented, loves romance, and cooperates with the Universiade. He will be promoted to wealth, but he is not a military attache.
The man born of Guixi Ri, Mizuki eats God, has a cheerful personality, is knowledgeable, writes good articles, looks handsome, and is affectionate, but he must be guarded against villains and provoke officials.
In the eight characters, the god of food, seven kills, and partial printing are the same. If not poor, they are embarrassed. In the four pillars, there is a god of food or seventh kill or partial printing. There are times of illness or danger to life.
The god of food eats the toil of the sheepblade.
The god of fortune in every luck
In the Eight Characters Chinese God of Food, when both men and women are lucky, male life can make a fortune, female life can find a good husband, descendants and grandchildren, can break through environmental pressures, innovate and reform, achieve unexpected success, and work well. Colleagues get along well, and Zhihui and ability can be fully utilized.
In the Eight Characters, the God of Food is most afraid of partial prints. If they encounter partial prints, they will be lonely, poor, broken, and embarrassed. It is easy to cause wrong and right due to evil, and the cause will be disastrous, and serious illness will result in death. Better than robbery. When there are no partial prints, they have a system for killing the stars. They have plenty of clothing and clothing, and future generations are reliable and profitable.
When the Chinese character of the Eight Characters is brought to the Great Seal of the Universiade, they will be respected and trusted. The relations between colleagues will be harmonious. Wisdom can be fully exerted. It can be reused and promoted by senior leaders. It can have unexpected financial resources. Blessed and blessed, but when you encounter a penalty, you will be stubborn and unreasonable. Poor mindfulness, slow response ability, be victimized by being framed, deceived, without the help of friends for understanding and support, and accidents are prone to occur. Weak people often see a doctor.
In the Eight Characters, the God of Food is mostly unlucky when he is in the Indian Universiade. The Lord will be constrained by the older people to do things he does not want to do. There are signs of being forced. Many people who are abducted by others suddenly are the God of Yin. You will lose your freedom, you will have no beginning or end in everything you do, you will easily fail, and you will get into trouble. Female life will have the appearance of dystocia, your children will not obey, and you will often encounter unexpected disasters.
In the character, the god of food, when there is a good fortune and a good fortune, there is an accidental fortune, and he has a chance to get a good job for nothing. He has a successful career and can get the help of his spouse. His children are filial and happy.
In the Zizi God, when there is a big money fortune, there is an accidental fortune, which is earned without effort, has a magnificent career, a successful career, and is well-developed, but will run around because of the cause.
When the God of Food in the Eight Characters meets the God of Good Fortune, Fu Lu is rich, and the cause of cooperation with others will be a great success (compared to a common cause, which can be eaten by God to make money and profit). There is not much disaster, but the officialdom is unfavorable. If you eat more, it will hurt you, and you will crack down on the officials. Profits are not good for officials.
In the character, the god of food has many difficulties and misjudgments when he is injured by officials. Both men and women will be distressed about their children or their spouse. They will fail to invest. They are suspicious of their personality. They don't consider other people's standpoints. . Female life will have emotional confusion, serious divorce, regardless of the career of men and women, the body is not smooth.
In the character, when the god of food is in luck, he has financial talents, can get the help of nobles, friends, brothers and sisters and achieve great success. He has a good fortune, and those who are not married will have a happy event. Siblings will have better development in their careers.
When the god of food in the character is robbed of wealth, the god of food can release the evil of money robbing, make the evil be kind and profit, and encounter a broken edge to gain profit, can have unexpected fortune, and be fierce when he is punished by punishment Then Ji.

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